Best 11 Air compressors in comparison

Selection of Best Air Compressors

In almost every workshop, but also in many private garages, hobby cellars or tool shed you will find an air compressor. The devices are very versatile in both the commercial and the private sector and accordingly many different models are offered on the market. If you want to buy a compressor, you can lose track of it. We have summarised the most important information about the compressor for you.

What exactly the compressor does, what can it be used for and what makes a good compressor? Which compressor is needed for a different purpose and what do you have to pay attention to when buying a air compressor? In our detailed guide, we answer these and other questions and present you the best 11 compressors in a detailed comparison.

1. Metabo compressor Basic 250-24W

Metabo Basic 250-24 W Compressor
  • Powerful , robust compressor for simple commercial applications
  • Oil-lubricated piston compressor
  • For single-phase AC

With a boiler volume of 24 litres and a power of 1,500 watts, the Metabo compressor Basic 250-24W is a powerful and powerful compressor. The maximum pressure is 8 bar and the unit brings it to a suction capacity of about 200 litres per minute and an effective delivery rate of 100 litres per minute. This makes the Metabo Compressor Basic 250-24W ideal for all compressed air work in the hobby and leisure sector. Although it weighs only 24 kg, it is not exactly a lightweight, but it is equipped with rubberized wheels and a practical handle, making it easy to transport and, despite its rather heavyweight, mobile and flexible.

Overload protection ensures that the motor is protected against overheating and thus ensures a long service life. The Metabo compressor Basic 250-24W is operated oil-free and is maintenance-free. At just under 100 decibels, the device is not exactly quiet.

The powerful compressor has a pressure switch with a relief valve. Thus, a cold start is easily possible and the Metabo compressor Basic 250-24W is ready for use at any time.

2. Einhell compressor TC-AC 190/6

The Einhell compressor TC-AC 190/6 has a capacity of 1,100 watts, a maximum pressure of 8 bar and a suction capacity of 185 litres per minute. With a weight of less than ten kilograms, the device is easily transportable and flexible. A boiler volume of 6 litres ensures that there is always a compressed air reserve for smaller jobs. Only when this reserve is consumed, the device jumps back on, which is not exactly silent at an operating volume of 97 decibels. For smaller work around household, hobby and leisure such as blow-out or the inflating of air mattresses or balls, the device is very well suited.

The compressor is equipped with a cable rewind, a manometer with quick coupling and a practical condensate drain valve. The device is operated oil-free and is therefore maintenance-free.

The Einhell compressor TC-AC 190/6 has a particularly ergonomic design, which ensures a very easy transport of the device.

3. Einhell compressor TE-AC 270/50/10

Einhell Compressor TE-AC 270/24/10 (1,8 kW, 24 L, Suction 270 L/min, 10 bar, Oil Lubricated, Large Wheels and Bracket).
  • Large pressure gauges with 2 quick couplings for regulated and uncontrolled boiler pressure up to 10 bar.
  • Maximum safety through pressure switch, non-return and safety valve and convenient maintenance through easily accessible drainage valve.
  • Vibration-damped rubber wheels and base for low noise and maximum mobility.
  • Large robust 24 litre pressure tank.

The Einhell compressor TE-AC 270/50/10 has a 50-liter pressure vessel, a capacity of 1.8 kW and a maximum pressure of 10 bar, making it a very powerful compressor. He brings a weight of 33 kg on the scales, but thanks to two rubber wheels, he still can be transported well and therefore flexible use. Due to its high performance, the Einhell compressor TE-AC 270/50/10 is particularly well-suited for professional use in smaller workshops, but even ambitious do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists will be delighted with this compressor. The device has a pressure switch, a safety valve and a check valve and thus ensured a very high level of safety. On two large pressure gauges equipped with quick couplings.

The operating volume is 94 decibels, which makes the Einhell compressor TE-AC 270/50/10 not a quiet representative of his guild.

Unlike many other compressors, the Einhell compressor TE-AC 270/50/10 is not oil-free. It must, therefore, be made regular oil changes and the device is not suitable for painting.

4. Black + Decker Air compressor 11 bar / 160PSI

Black + Decker Compressor, 11 bar / 160PSI, Air Pump, ASI300, Multicolor (Red / Black)
  • In BLACK + DECKER we believe in enterprising people from their inspiration to their perseverance for a job well done to build a life of moments full of pride

Small, flexible and mobile to use is the Black + Decker Air Station compressor. It can be operated both via the socket with 230V AC and 12V DC with the 12V socket in the car. This makes it possible to use the small device, which has a power of 115 watts and is only 2.76 kg a real lightweight, anywhere, where it is needed. The low weight results mainly from the fact that in the Black + Decker Air Station compressor was completely dispensed with a tank, which can pump up, for example, larger paddling quite a bit of patience. With a maximum pressure of 11 bar, which can be adjusted individually, the small compressor is however optimally suited to the tires of a car, bicycle or lawn tractor inflate or fill air mattresses, small dinghies or balls with air.

The Black + Decker Air Station compressor is operated oil-free and is therefore maintenance-free. It is ideal for holidays and leisure and with 84 decibels, the operating volume is limited.

The handy compressor has a backlit digital display so that the device can also be used easily in the dark.

5. Air compressor – Air Press 460W

Compressor Silent 0.6 PS 6 Litre L6-105 Type 36738
  • 460 Watts (0,6) output | 220/230 V (50 Hz) | 105 L/min air intake, 76 L/min output of only approx. 66 dB
  • 6 litre pot | max. Pressure 8 bar Working Pressure 6 bar (automatically switches off when it is 8 bar, switches on in the 6 bar)
  • Silent volume of only approximately 66 dB silent (comparable to the volume of a normal entertainment)
  • High quality, oil-free unit (maintenance free.) With motor protection and tarnish relief | pump rotation speed: 1440/min
  • Rubber feet | Dimensions (L x W x H) 465 x 170 x 490 mm/Weight 10 kg | quiet compressor from a branded manufacturer AirPress

The 480W Silent Whisper Compressor Air Compressor is the quietest among the compressors. With an operating volume of only about 48 decibels, which is even lower than the volume of a normal conversation with about 55 decibels, the Silent whisper compressor really deserves its name. The device is also technically quite impressive, as it is equipped with a 9-litre boiler, which is powder-coated inside and outside and has a maximum pressure of 8 bar. With a capacity of 480 watts and a suction capacity of 89 litres per minute, the compressor is suitable for filling tires, air mattresses or balls as well as for painting, airbrushing or bodypainting. In addition, the device is suitable for use with silicone guns, grease guns or staplers.

The 480W Silent whisper compressor air compressor is operated oil-free and has a motor protection and a starting discharge.

Thanks to the low operating volume, the 480W Silent whisper compressor air compressor can be used wherever noise is to be avoided. For example, it is very well suited for renovations or other work in multi-family houses so as not to disturb the neighbours.

6. Scheppach 50L Double Celinder Compressor

SCHEPPACH HC 53DC 50Ltr Double Cylinder Oil Compressor - 240V
  • Brand :- SCHEPPACH
  • Product code :- HC53DC
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 760 x 370 x 720 mm
  • Tank capacity: 50L
  • Operating pressure max.: 10 bar

With a capacity of 2,200 watts and a tank volume of 50 litres, the Scheppach compressor is a very powerful device, which is well suited for professional use in smaller workshops or on construction sites. But also do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists, who work a lot with compressed air, will appreciate this device. The Scheppach compressor weighs more than 40 kilograms, but can be easily moved by two stable wheels and a handle and can, therefore, be used quite flexible. At a maximum pressure of 10 bar, the Scheppach Compressor has a suction capacity of 412 litres per minute and an output of up to 272 litres per minute. It is therefore well suited for all compressed air work.

The scope of supply includes the 50L tank, a manometer, two practical quick couplings and a pressure reducer.

The Scheppach compressor is very versatile suitable for almost all compressed air work. An exception, however, is in painting, as the device is not operated oil-free and thus oil gets into the compressed air and the colour is contaminated.

7. SwitZer Air Compressor 50L

SwitZer Air Compressor 50L Litre LTR Tank 2.5HP 8 BAR Pressure 230V 50HZ 9.6CFM with Wheel Handle Grey AC001 New
  • Ideal for many applications such as spray-painting, tyre inflation, nailing, stapling, sanding, drilling, cutting and grinding;
  • Large wheels increase maneuverability;
  • High-quality bearing guarantees long life;
  • Welded tank complies with latest European standards;
  • Dimensions: 675(L) x 330(H) x 625(W) mm;

97 decibels can be heard from the SwitZer Air Compressor during operation. This roughly corresponds to the volume of a vacuum cleaner and so the compressor is a lot quieter than many other devices. The powerful compressor is equipped with a 50L tank and has a pressure of 8 bar at a power of 750 watts. He brings it to a power output of 140 litres per minute. The SwitZer Air Compressor is well suited for any use around hobby and leisure time. Its weight of about 28 kg is covered by a sturdy handle and two sturdy wheels, which help it to be brought to the place of use very quickly.

The SwitZer Air Compressor works oil-free and can be used with a variety of pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches or paint spray guns.

Due to the low operating volume, the SwitZer Air Compressor is also well suited for use indoors.

8.Güde Air compressor AIRPOWER

Güde Compressor Airpower 190/8/6, 50089
  • max.Output power:1.1 kW.
  • Cylinder / aggregate:1 / oil-free.
  • suction power: approx.190 l/min.
  • max.Pressure:8 bar/shell volume:6 Litre.
  • Contents:compressor, air gun, 5 m spiral tube, tyre filler, ball filling needle, adapter for bicycle valves, adapter for air mattresses.

The Güde AIRPOWER compressor is a powerful little compressor with a maximum output of 1100 watts. With a boiler volume of 6 litres, it weighs only 8.5kg and, despite the lack of transport wheels, is therefore easy to transport and flexible in use. The maximum pressure of the Güde AIRPOWER compressor is 8 bar and therefore the handy and small device is also suitable for pumping up tires. This includes a tire inflator included as well as a 5 m spiral hose, a blowout gun, a Ballfüllnadel and adapters for air mattresses and bicycle valves.

The oil-free engine is very easy to maintain and also saves money, because the compressor oil, which is necessary for oil-powered equipment is a lot more expensive than conventional engine oil. It should not go unmentioned that the Güde AIRPOWER compressor does not have whispering technology and is very noisy during operation.

The Güde AIRPOWER compressor, with a suction capacity of about 190l per minute, is a versatile, handy device that is particularly well suited for private use. In workshop operation, however, he is limited by his boiler volume of only 6 litres.

9. Einhell Air compressor TC-AC 190 Kit

The Einhell compressor TC-AC 190 Kit is a compact and lightweight compressor. It weighs less than 6 kg and can, therefore, be easily and flexibly used everywhere. With a capacity of 1,100 watts and a suction capacity of 190 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 8 bar, the small device still has a lot to offer and the compressor can be used especially in the hobby and leisure versatile. For example, it is very well suited for blow-out work or for filling tires, air mattresses or paddling pools.

The Einhell compressor TC-AC 190 Kit has a sound power level of 97 decibels and is therefore not a quiet compressor. In addition, since the unit operates without a boiler, it does not have a compressed air reserve and must remain constantly switched on, so that noise may occur during prolonged work. The Einhell compressor TC-AC 190 Kit is operated oil-free and is therefore very low maintenance.

The Einhell Compressor TC-AC 190 Kit has a convenient storage compartment for storing the included accessories. These include, for example, a tire inflator, a tire inflation hose, an adapter set, and an exhaust nozzle.

10. Einhell Air compressor TH-AC 200/24

Einhell TH-AC 200/24 of 24 L Oil Free Air Compressor
  • Oil-free, service-free motor
  • The 6.34 gal tank offers plenty of air reserves
  • Applications from 0-8 bar can be set using the pressure reducer
  • Pressure gauge, quick-release coupling for controlled work pressure
  • Large wheels and holding bar for easy transport; 10-year warranty against rusting through of the tank

The Einhell TH-AC 200 compressor with a tank volume of 24 litres provides sufficient air reserve for smaller compressed air operations. The price is a weight of about 20 kilograms. To ensure that the Einhell TH-AC 200 compressor is still flexible and easy to transport, the device is equipped with a retaining bracket and two large wheels. The working pressure can be adjusted via a pressure reducer between 0 and 8 bar. Thus, the compressor for many different tasks such as the inflation of tires, balls, paddling or air mattresses or for Ausblasarbeiten, sandblasting or for the application of paints and colours.

The Einhell compressor TH-AC 200 is operated oil-free and is therefore maintenance-free. Condensate from the boiler can be drained conveniently and easily via a drain tap. With a sound power level of 92 decibels, the unit is not exactly quiet, but the vibration-damping base reduces noise a bit.

For safe operation, the Einhell TH-AC 200 compressor is equipped with a check valve and a safety valve.

11. Wolf Dynamite portable Air Compressor

Wolf Dynamite Air Compressor Portable and Lightweight 6.33CFM 1.5HP 230v + 10pc Air Tool Kit
  • 8 BAR / 116psi working pressure
  • Neat storage housing for the included hose and accessories
  • Oil free with a 3m power cable
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 445 x 335 x 140mm
  • Weight: 5.7 Kg

The Wolf Dynamite Compressor is a compact portable compressor. The small device weighs almost six kilos and is equipped with a practical transport handle so that it can always be transported quickly and flexibly to the place of use. Despite its low weight, the compact compressor with a capacity of 1.1 kW brings it to a suction capacity of 180 litres per minute and an effective delivery rate of 140 litres per minute. The maximum pressure is 8 bar and thus the Wolf Dynamite compressor is well suited for filling tires, for blow-out work, for airbrushing, as a nailer and much more.

The compressor has a safety valve and a convenient condensate drain plug. 
It is operated oil-free and is therefore maintenance-free.

The Wolf Dynamite comes complete with a full range of accessories such as a 2.5 m air hose with quick release coupling, a blow gun, a tire inflator, a ball filling needle, a bicycle valve and an air mattress adapter.

Why do you need a air compressor?

Compressors are used for a great many different purposes and can be used both commercially and privately. In a workshop where compressed air tools are used, a compressor is indispensable, but even in the private sector, a compressor for car tires, for example, performs well. Since compressed air can be used for many different occasions and facilitates many tasks, a good compressor can be used in a very versatile way. Among other things, you can use it for the following work:

  • Inflate car, bike, lawn tractor or other vehicles tires
  • Inflation of leisure items such as balls, air mattresses, paddling pools or swimming pools
  • Operation of various compressed air tools such as impact wrenches or compressed air nailers
  • Sandblasting
  • painting
  • Blow-out for cleaning
  • airbrush

Almost everyone who has a bike, a car or a garden, will, therefore, find one or the other use for a compressor, in the pure recreational area often only a mini compressor is needed. Do-it-yourselfers, hobby screwdrivers and industrial workshop operators usually do not get around a larger air compressor with a compressed air tank. However, depending on what and to what extent the air compressor is to be used, different criteria must be taken into account when purchasing a compressor. For example, an airbrush compressor should have different characteristics than a compressor that is used in a workshop for the operation of a striking screwdriver and a compressor that is needed only in the recreational area for inflating paddling pool and the like, will have to meet other requirements again. It is therefore important to always select the compressor according to the intended use.

Air Compressors for different uses

Compressed air technology is used in many different areas and compressors are therefore available for different purposes. For example, there is no longer just the classic compressor for compressed air, but also the air conditioning compressor, the refrigerant compressor or a compressor that improves the efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

All compressors have one thing in common: they are compressors that compress various gases. In this process, the density and pressure of the gas are increased, which may, for example, result in a change in the state of matter or leads to heating of the compressed gas. While other gases such as nitrogen or natural gas are compressed for industrial purposes such as the air compressor, the air compressor operates only with normal air. There are many different tools and when buying a compressor, it is important to select the right tool for the intended use.

Among other things, you have the choice between the following variants:

  • Portable compressor
    A compact, a portable compressor is well suited for the leisure sector. Whether at home, in the garden, at the campsite, on trips or on the quarry pond, a portable compressor is flexible and can be used everywhere. If the device is to be taken on trips or used, for example, at the bathing lake to inflate dinghies or air mattresses, it is advisable to opt for a 12 V compressor, which can also be operated via the car battery. With such a tire compressor can be filled, so it is, for example, interesting for cyclists or helps with a flat tire. Instead of a 12V compressor, a battery compressor is also a good choice if the device is to be operated without a direct current source.
  • Compressor without boiler
    Small, compact, portable compressors usually work without a boiler. The absence of the compressed air tank contributes to a significant weight reduction and makes the compressors small and handy. If the compressor is not often needed and used only in the garden, for example, to inflate the paddling pool or the pool and to fill balls and bicycle tires with air, a compressor without boiler is usually sufficient, even if the filling of larger swimming pools quite a Can take a while. Even for blowing out of PCs or for cleaning other devices, a compressor without boiler is well suited. If the device is only used at home, the normal power supply via the socket is sufficient and no compressor with 12 V connection or battery is needed.
  • Compressor with a compressed air tank
    For more frequent and longer use in the private and hobby area as well as for the professional employment a compressor with compressed air tank is necessary. The larger the boiler volume, the faster it is possible, for example, to inflate tires of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and a compressor with a compressed air tank is usually also required for the operation of compressed air tools.

How to Choose what type of Air compressor to buy?

Before buying a compressor, the future use of the compressor should, therefore, be limited as accurately as possible in order to decide on the right device.

An important thing when choosing the right air compressor is the intake capacity. It indicates the amount of air that the compressor can aspirate and is usually given in liters per minute. The suction volume is always higher than the output volume because the air inside the compressor is compressed and the volume is reduced. Of course, the compressor can only work with the air that it has sucked before, so that the intake volume gives a good overview of the performance of the device. The more air the compressor is able to aspirate, the more compressed air the compressor can expel, the output volume also always depending on the degree of compression. Thus, the intake air at a pressure of 5 bar has a higher volume than the same amount of air at 8 bar and the output power is therefore a relative value. The suction power is therefore a good comparison value to compare the performance of different compression. For the operation of compressed air tools, however, often only the power output is important.

A high intake capacity is therefore not a general characteristic of a good compressor, because intake capacity and output must always match the intended use of the compressor. For example, an airbrush gun consumes well under 100 liters of air per minute while in operations such as sandblasting, several 100 liters per minute are needed. With regard to the optimum intake and delivery capacity, the future intended use of the compressor must therefore also be taken into account again.

Oil free or not?

Compressed air compressors are available in oil-free and oil-lubricated variations. When buying a new compressor, you must therefore decide which variant is better for you. In some areas, this decision is taken from the outset, because for some applications, only oil-free compressors are suitable. In the hobby and leisure sector, this is the case especially in these application areas:

  • airbrush
  • Painting and painting work
  • Blow-out on electronic devices

Oil-free compressors are also well suited for the following purposes:

  • for inflating tires
  • for inflating balls and other recreational items such as paddling pools or air mattresses
  • for sandblasting

In the commercial sector, oil-free compressors may even be required by law, for example for the following uses:

  • dental medicine
  • the laboratory
  • environmental protection measurement technology
  • the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • electrical engineering
  • the beverage and food industry

The reason for this is that with an oil-lubricated compressor oil gets into the ejected compressed air, which inevitably leads to contamination. Oil-free operated compressors also have the advantage that they need low maintenance since no oil controls and oil changes must be performed. With an oil-free compressor can also save money because the compressor oil is a lot more expensive than conventional engine oil.

On the other hand, oil-free compressors are not suitable for all applications. For example, most air tools need to be run on oil-lubricated compressors because they provide higher speeds and therefore higher output, which is necessary for many air tools. Air drills and other pneumatic tools, for example, need output powers of 150 to 200 liters per minute, which can not be supplied by oil-free compressors due to the significantly lower speeds.

Many air tools also require the oil particles in the expelled air, so that they, in turn, can be lubricated and run smoothly. Although there are compressed air accessories to buy, with which such oil lubrication of pneumatic tools over the air even with oil-free compressors can be made possible, the handling is not very convenient since they must be refilled again. For the oil-lubricated compressors also speaks the longer life.

The noise of the compressor

Also, noise is an important point in choosing the right compressor. The engine of a compressor can be very noisy, which often makes it impossible to use the device indoors. High levels of noise from the compressor can also permanently damage your hearing and your neighbours may also feel bothered by the device.

The operating volume should therefore always be considered when buying. Often, the so-called sound pressure level in compressors is about 90 to 100 decibels. This roughly corresponds to the volume of a circular saw, a chainsaw or a chamber concert. If a compressor is regularly used with such a sound pressure level, a suitable ear protection should be worn in any case, because noise can have a negative effect on the health.

While the operation of noisy machines and tools on a construction site or in the environment of a workshop is usually perceived as normal, but the neighbours in the garden, on the campsite or in the rented apartment rather not welcome, if such a noisy device, the even exceeds the volume of a petrol lawnmower, is operated regularly. Wherever a quiet compressor is to be used, you can, therefore, fall back on a whisper compressor. These compressors are equipped with special technology and work much quieter than their noisy relatives. The quietest compressors with whisper technology bring it only to a sound pressure level of about 45 decibels, while other quiet compressors produce a sound pressure level of about 50 to 70 decibels. TV, which is running at room volume and beats at about 60 decibels.

What should be the maximum pressure of the air compressor?

The compressor compresses the air and thus generates a certain pressure. This pressure is measured in a bar and can be read on most instruments via a pressure gauge. How high the maximum pressure of the compressor should be, in turn, depends on how the device is to be used. For example, different air tools need different pressures to work properly. Important for the maximum pressure is that the regularly required working pressure is below this maximum pressure, otherwise, the compressor can be quickly overloaded if it always has to work in maximum operation. In general, the pressures of a compressor for the private sector between 6 and 10 bar.

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