Best back support belts UK 2022 – improve posture and back problems

Everyone knows the back support belt, but the health benefits and specifics of this type of product are sometimes overlooked. You have the choice between many brands, many models. Be careful, not all are created equal! To support the lumbar region, some products are more suitable than others for the prevention of the risk of lower back pain. Depending on the activity practised (sport, manual work, gardening) the need is often different. 

Best back support braces in comparison

A back support brace is mostly a product for mixed use. In other words, it can be worn by a man as well as by a woman. Besides, our comparison reveals the back support belts that correspond to this definition.

Also discover in this table the different prices of a back support belt to help you in your budgeting if you plan to possibly buy one. In addition, this comparison allows you to find a large majority of the styles of back support braces existing on the market.

1. Back Support Belt, Lower Lumbar Brace MEDiBrace II

Back Support Brace, Lower Lumbar Belt MEDiBrace II (Medical Grade) Pain & Discomfort Relief from Sciatica, Backache,... Best of 2022
  • SUPERIOR LOW BACK SUPPORT PAIN RELIEF: "I have previously purchased other back supports but this is the most comfortable one I have used and stays in place. It helps people like me with sciatica."...
  • HELPS PREVENT BACK INJURY: The unique design of the MEDiBrace II back support is able to prevent your LOWER BACK from becoming injured during exercise; Whether at the gym, taking fitness classes,...
  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN FOR 2018: After years of listening to our customer feedback, the MEDiBrace II is now a new generation back support brace. A little known secret is that almost all other back...
  • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, FASHIONABLE: Experience firm but comfortable support in the lower back region of your body without feeling weighted down or restricted. The special Neoprene material is...

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Everyone knows this: athletes are most prone to low back pain and this is debilitating for them as it prevents them from training or playing sports. If you are also in this category, we have found the right product for you!

The MEDiBrace orthopaedic back support belt is, in fact, the best product for those who practice sports and seek relief from chronic annoying pain due to back pain. This product effectively supports the lower lumbar area and will provide unprecedented support and comfort.

Some lumbar belts are heavy and difficult to adjust. With this product, you won’t have these problems, because it’s designed to give you solid support, without limiting your movements in any way.

Its secret is neoprene, light and resistant material that will allow you to comfortably carry out all the sports activities you want. Soccer, golf, even dancing or motorcycling can be valuable support.

Finally, you will feel real pain relief, without pressing sensitive areas, thanks to the innovative design of this product. You can also decide to use it as a simple preventive measure against back pain, and it will help you improve your posture by acting on the alignment of the spine.

This back support brace is definitely the most suitable for your athletes, to guarantee years and years of active pain relief. Try it and you will love it!

2. Clever Yellow Back Support Belt, Lower Back Brace

Clever Yellow Back Support Belt, Lower Back Brace - the Only Certified Medical-Grade Belt for Pain Relief and Injury... Best of 2022
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - Research shows that 76% of all chronic back pain is due to inactivity and 68% of sufferers between the ages of 35 to 55 could have AVOIDED chronic back pain later in life IF...
  • A MEDICAL-GRADE DEVICE: The ONLY official sports back brace registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK as a Class 1 Medical Device. Great for sciatica, herniated...
  • POWERFUL BACK PROTECTION - Helps you keep active, prevent injury and boost performance during activity by keeping lower back straight and supporting proper alignment of core muscle. Slim fitting so...
  • HIGH-TECH DESIGN - Self-fastening double adjustable, double pull feature and the best premium materials ensure comfort and discretion. Inner neoprene wrap provides compression, heat retention and...

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Do you want the best back support belt on the market, but don’t want to spend a fortune to get it? No problem, just choose Clever Yellow, the product with the best value for money in our ranking.

This effective backrest is designed to guarantee maximum protection against injuries, to relieve pain and also to sculpt and slim the waist.

 In short, a product with unmatched versatility. It is an ideal product for both men and women and is registered with the “Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Products” as a Class 1 medical device. An additional guarantee of quality!

Thanks to this postural orthopaedic belt you can relieve all annoying pain due to sciatica, herniated disc, scoliosis and spinal stenosis. 

It is semi-rigid, so it does not bend or deform, but gently accompanies your movements, without hindering them in any way. It is also a thermal material that will help you burn stubborn abdominal fat and sculpt your waist.

Thanks to its high-tech design, this product will guarantee maximum comfort and discretion. You can adjust its circumference thanks to the double velcro and adapt it perfectly to your measurements. 

It really is a suitable product for all needs, guaranteed and effective, which will improve not only your posture but also your silhouette.

Clever Yellow is undoubtedly one of the best lumbar girdles on the market, at an affordable price and with unmatched quality!

3. Back Support Belt for Men & Women by Supportback

The Winner 2020* Premium Back Support Belt for Men & Women - Patented Dual Adjustable Straps for Sciatica/Back/Herniated... Best of 2022
  • YOUR BEST BACK EVER, GUARANTEED: If you don’t fall in love within 100 days (although we’re sure you will), contact us directly to return the back belt for a full refund, no questions asked. Each...
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN FOR PAIN RELIEF: Our team of doctors and physiotherapists have developed the back brace with the optimal ergonomic contours for immediate & lasting relief from herniated disc,...
  • PATENTED DUAL ADJUSTMENT STRAPS: Unlike regular back belts, we designed ours with two fully adjustable straps, so you can customize your fit and level of compression. Make it tighter or loosen it up...
  • INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES: No need to feel self conscious about wearing a back support belt. The BPA-free adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse.

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Back pain is a nuisance that unfortunately accompanies us most of the day, and we often have to deal with it during our daily commitments. The solution? A light and discreet band, like Supportiback, one of the best lumbar bands.

A lower back support brace that prevents you from moving and that is so obvious that it cannot be worn under clothing is of no use, if not to complicate your life. With this product, however, you can move comfortably with the certainty of always having the right support for your back.

Say goodbye to discomfort and annoying irritation. In fact, it is practically invisible when worn under clothing, as it does not add volume. Its silicone supports will provide additional support and do not bother even in contact with bare skin.

Supportiback is fully adjustable, thanks to two practical velcro straps, to adjust both the size and the level of compression to your liking. A product that can be fully customized according to your needs, in short.
In addition, the straps also serve to keep it firmly on your body, without slipping or climbing again. This guarantees your comfort and safety throughout the day.

At the end of the day, your skin will be fresh and dry, and you will be sure that you have adequately protected your back. In fact, it is equipped with mesh panels to circulate air and prevent excessive sweating.

4. BeFit24 Soft Lumbar Support Belt

BeFit24 Fascia Lombare Moderna contro il Mal di Schiena - Supporto per la Sciatica - [ Size 3 - Nero ] Best of 2022
  • SUPPORTO PER LA SCHIENA: la fascia lombare regolabile ha degli chinghie speciali per mantenere saldamente la posizione. La nostra fascia ortopedica per la schiena adatta a uomini e donne, allevia il...
  • RIDUCI L’USO DI ANTIDOLORIFICI: il dolore alla schiena è difficile da sopportare e molti assumono antidolorifici per contrastarlo. Tanti clienti che hanno acquistato la nostra cintura lombare...
  • TRATTAMENTO POST TRAUMA O POST OPERATORIO: la nostra fascia per la schiena aiuta a correggere la postura, offre un aiuto contro patologie quali spondilodiscite, fratture delle vertebre lombari, ernia...
  • SOLLIEVO DALLA SCIATICA: se soffri di sciatica, la nostra fascia lombare è la soluzione ideale per alleviare il dolore mentre sei alla guida, o al lavoro. Potrai tornare così alla vita normale di...

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If in the course of your work you often have to lift weights and your back hurts, then you have to run for cover. The solution is a comfortable back support brace belt but at the same time effective and providing relief. We have found for you the best lower back support belt suitable for the job.

This lumbar support will help support the muscles of the back and relieve pain. You can finally live and work in peace, without having to worry about damaging your back. It is also an excellent aid in speeding up the healing process of any trauma, as it keeps the spine in the correct position.

It is also particularly suitable for those who suffer from sciatica. This lumbar band is best to wear while you are at work, or even driving because it dramatically relieves the annoying pain caused by sciatica. You can completely forget about this pathology, you just have to use it!

Thanks to this lumbar band, you can avoid any problems due to actions that put your back too tense. Sometimes, even when doing simple housework, you have to lift heavy weights and your back will end up being affected.

With BeFit24 protection is assured and you will carry out all your normal activities in a serene and less painful way.

BeFit24 is available in different sizes and is the fastest and most effective solution for all your back pain problems. It is one of the best back support belts on the market! Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

5. Lower Back Belt from Neotech Care

Adjustable Double Pull Lumbar Brace/Lower Back Belt, Pain Relief - Breathable & Lightweight Material - Wide Support -... Best of 2022
  • High quality BREATHABLE material for ultimate comfort!
  • Fully ADJUSTABLE with double compression straps!
  • Light and easy to carry!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY reduced packaging !

Last update on 2020-07-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising

Is a safe, effective and affordable back support belt. It is not at all, but we have found it. In fact, Neotech Care is the economic option in our ranking, a quality product at a reduced price.

This product, available in three different sizes, is super light and breathable, so you can use it on almost any occasion.

Thanks to the nylon band and an innovative ventilation system, you can use it even on the hottest days, without sweating and consequently irritating your skin. It is very easy to use because it has a large velcro strap that will allow you to adjust it even more and without difficulty.

Lower back support belts sometimes are compressed too much and are annoying in the long run, but with Neotech Care you won’t have these problems. The degree of compression is not exaggerated, so freedom of movement is guaranteed.

The ergonomic design of the Neotech Care lower back support belt is specifically designed to improve flexibility and increase comfort. Excellent workmanship materials further maximize its effectiveness and you will benefit from its action immediately after use.

Finally, you will feel free to move without pain, ensuring concrete protection for your spine.

After this review, you will have no doubts. Neotech Care is the best economic back support belt on the market, a comfortable and effective product for all budgets!

What is a back support brace?

Back support brace is a belt that will be used to hold the lumbar upright in order to: correct the patient’s posture, relieve permanent or occasional back pain, support the dorsal spine to avoid fatigue, etc. In this sense, it can be worn by people who: have a back defect, a back disease that has formed over time, do weight training, suffer from sciatica, and also by pregnant women.

Please note, however, the shape and configuration of the backbone differ depending on the type of patient. Indeed, for a woman during pregnancy, the belt will not provide any strong compression to the abdominal region for example. However, for a person who does a lot of sport, abdominal compression may be required.

In the trade actually, you will discover different types of back support belts. You will find the heated version to relieve major ailments of the lower back, the magnetic to treat rheumatism or the padded model for permanent wear.

In terms of configuration, the back support belt will have a width that can cover the lumbar and abdominal muscles. It may also be that his back is wider than his abdominal part. Then, the belt has reinforcements at the back to properly maintain the lumbar. The back can also be padded or heated.

To perfect its maintenance, the belt will be adjusted by a scratch system. It can also be equipped with two elastic straps starting from the back to join the middle of the belly to offer a sheathing effect. Indeed, in addition to providing relief and good back support, the back support belt can also act as a sheath.

lower back support belt

Benefits of using back support belt

For any man, the back is the most stressed part of the body throughout the day. In doing so, it happens that he is subject to pain in case of bad posture for example. To slightly remedy these pains, the use of a back support belt is recommended. What are the advantages of the back support belt for its user?

Indeed, the advantages of the back support belt revolve around three main mechanisms of action.

The “posture reminder” function: this would mean that for the user of the back support belt, this plays an important role in limiting the taking of certain postures. It thus avoids those who wear it certain movements or gestures that could harm their back.

The intra-abdominal pressure strengthening action: this strengthening promotes distribution and a rebalancing of the pressure exerted by a heavyweight throughout the body. This state of affairs promotes a reduction in the pain felt in the vertebrae and lower back.

Stimulation of the sensitivity of the muscles and nerves of the wearer of the abdominal belt: this action of the dorsal belt promotes better patient grip, thus avoiding pain and better muscle strengthening.

To date, some people believe that the back support belt results in loss of muscle in the back. So understand through this article that this received idea is not true. It is important that you know that compliance with the prescriptions given by your doctor is necessary.

After reading the various advantages that the back support belt offers to its user, you will surely want to get it. For that, it is necessary that you have a minimum of knowledge as regards the criteria of choice. Here you will find the selection criteria. To make a perfect choice, three criteria must be taken into account.

How to choose back support belt?

The most important factor to consider when choosing back support is where you want to be focused, whether it’s the lower, middle, upper back, shoulders or a combination of these areas. In addition to the specific area of ​​the back that needs to be supported, you can choose from a variety of models and materials.

Certain styles, formats and materials may be better under certain conditions and even only adapted to the body of certain people.

It is therefore important to have medical advice in order to choose the back orthosis that is best for you.

However, most back orthotics can be classified into one of the following three categories, depending on the materials from which they are made. They are flexible, semi-rigid or rigid.

How to use back support belt?

The support belt is worn at the back. To enjoy the efficiency of your back support belt, it is important to make a better choice of size and, above all, very good use. A backbone that is too large or the wrong size cannot be effective for its user. It could compress the belly if it is too small or not maintain the stability of the back if it is too large.

To know your waistline waist measurement, just take a tape measure to measure your waistline. Thanks to this measure, you would know if you should take a back support belt of size S, M, L, or XL.

Regarding maintenance, to enjoy your property longer, it is important to read the label carefully to know what type of washing for your belt. It is depending on this, that you could decide to do a hand or machine wash.

If your belt has integrated electrodes, it is imperative to remove them before washing your belt, otherwise, it may be damaged.

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