Best bagless vacuum cleaners UK 2022

Those who have ever used a bagged vacuum cleaner will remember that feeling when you run out of replacement bags, your house is in trouble and your friends are on their way home. The best solution is the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuums are not only faster and more convenient to use, but many include antibacterial and allergy filters.

Our pick for the best bagless vacuum cleaners

Not all that you can buy today look the same or have the same performance so that you do not make mistakes here we bring you a comparison with the best models of bagless vacuum cleaners.

Miele Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuum cleaner

Miele Blizzard CX1

Image credit: Miele

Miele 10661300 Blizzard CX1 PowerLine Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue
Powerful cleaning thanks to Vortex technology - 900  W; Tested, hygienic emptying; Exceptional and efficient cleaning with the EcoTeQ plus floor head

The  Blizzard CX1 is a high-end bagless vacuum cleaner from Miele, a German brand renowned for its quality and which until then was rather specialized in vacuum cleaners with bags. This model is a success, with high-level performance, good ergonomics and a pleasant design.

Like all models in the Blizzard CX1 series, Miele’s first family of bagless vacuum cleaners, marketed since 2016, the PowerLine uses Vortex filtration technology, with a cyclone to separate air and dust, then a filter with GORE fine particles, and finally a permanent HEPA Airclean filter. The GORE fine particle filter is automatically cleaned as soon as a drop in airflow is detected, to keep a constant suction. Additional cleaning with water is recommended every 6 months.

Hoover Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover H-Lift 700 Pets XL 3in1 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Image credit: Hoover

The Hoover bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a device with two great virtues. On the one hand, it has great suction power. All experts emphasize how well it removes dirt in the most difficult places. And on the other the variety of accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner that allow reaching all areas of the house.

It has a multicyclonic technology that makes the air pass through thirteen powerful cyclones that filter the dirt without losing suction power. It has a quick cleaning brush that doesn’t need to go through the same area multiple times like traditional vacuums.

It has accessories to clean ceilings, a smaller brush than the normal one for smaller places and even a long and narrow tube to reach the holes that are difficult to access.

Dyson DC19T2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC19T2 Multi Floor Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Image credit: Gumtree

Dyson DC19T2 Multi Floor Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for Every Floor Type (Renewed)
Dual Mode floor tool to remove more dust and dirt from every floor type; Lightweight adjustable wand extends to the length you want

As usual with Dyson vacuum cleaners, its suction power is magnificent: few can match it. The counterpart is that its price is usually higher than the competition. This situation also occurs with this model, capable of removing any trace of dust that is optimally visible to the naked eye and surprisingly quiet.

It incorporates different accessories for this (for different types of floors, for fabrics, corners) and has no filters, so maintenance work is minimized. But this has the consequence that certain precautions must be taken, as reported by the signature in the device’s manual: it is not convenient to vacuum fine dust that could damage the motor.

Its design is very aesthetically attractive and well thought out: it has the shape of a ball that makes the movement very comfortable. Its bucket is very easy to empty, with a silicone surface that slides to drag dirt and not have to touch anything with your hands.

Hoover Breeze Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Breeze Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner,

Image credit: Hoover

Hoover Breeze Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, BR71BR01, Powerful, Large 2L Bin Capacity - Blue/Black
Bagless - no need to Buy or replace bags. The dust and debris gets trapped inside the Bin.

This is handy bagless vacuum cleaner is lightweight with triple A performance. Hoover is known for the quality of its devices and here the vacuum cleaner remains in this vein of quality. In terms of power, we are on a 700W with a capacity of 2 litres. It’s not bad but be careful, you will have to empty the dust bin more often. This product caught our attention because of its size which allows it to vacuum on the stairs by holding it with one hand. It is also a light product that does not exceed 4.1 kg. There is also a narrow nozzle for cleaning nooks and crannies, frankly practical for cleaning the car.

VYTRONIX CYL01 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Image credit: Wowcher

VYTRONIX CYL01 Powerful Compact Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
High Power Motor; Weighs only 4.3Kg; 4 Stage HEPA filtration System; Large 2L dust bin capacity

We finish this selection of vacuum cleaners with the VYTRONIX, which is very successful. Indeed this product has strong suction and an 800W motor. We also note the ergonomics of the device with a power lead of more than 5 meters which avoids being too short during cleaning. In terms of capacity, the VYTRONIX CYL01 is with 2 litres dust bin.

Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?

For decades it has been detected that the main complication of bagged vacuums is that they lose power as the bag fills up. Then you have to change it and this usually results in the dust flying everywhere and your work completely ruined. I’m being a little drastic, but it sure didn’t happen to just me. That is why bagless vacuum cleaners seem to me like a great invention that has helped many people around the world.

Many of today’s vacuum cleaners do not require that annoying step and use patented technology in the late twentieth century, and improved over the years, which allows them to do without the bag. In addition to saving you the trouble of changing bags and the risk of getting it all dirty again, you will save the planet a waste. And there comes a point when vacuum cleaner bags must be changed. Some are disposable and only for one use, and many others can be used multiple times, but all have a relatively short shelf life.

Finally, there is the matter of potency. Although over the years the brands have considerably corrected the problem of loss of power of vacuum cleaners with bags, this persists to a greater or lesser extent. With bagless vacuums, you won’t have to worry about it. At most, by emptying the tank before it is full. That said, I leave it up to you whether bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners are better.

Reasons to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner

Suction efficiency

In reality, the bagless vacuum cleaner offers longer suction efficiency than a bagged vacuum cleaner thanks to its filtration system, most often of the cyclonic type. Devices with a bag lose power as the bag fills with dust. 

Cyclonic filtration

 This filtration principle is ingenious and does not disturb the suction efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Once the air is charged with dust, it will then swirl in the cylindrical receptacle.

The swirl speed allows the use of centrifugal force which will eject the heavier than air elements against the walls of the receptacle.

These heavier particles like dust and other waste are retained while clean air is ejected from the bagless vacuum cleaner receptacle.

Classic bag filtration

 It is a much simpler principle and also surely less efficient as you vacuum with the same bag.

The dust-laden air is attracted by the suction generated by the engine turbine. The bag is placed just before this turbine in order to filter the dust like a colander.

The downside to suction performance is that each time the bag is filled, the large particles that clog the holes in the bag prevent the suction from being performed properly.

The device outlet filtration

 It is the last bastion before the emission of filtered air and which is supposed to be as healthy as possible. For most high-end vacuum cleaners, a HEPA filter retains the last finest particles that have not been filtered by the filtration system.

This is when we can speak of the percentage of dust emissions. For a bagless vacuum cleaner with wire, the energy label information that emission rates and is defined by a rating between A and G.

The economy

 The big advantage is that you no longer need to buy a bag to be able to clean at home. The cost price of a bagged vacuum cleaner can become high over time as you buy new bags.

Generally, brands make sure to adapt their vacuum cleaner for a single type of bag. The objective here is clearly for the brand to sell its own bags itself and to avoid any competition in this area as much as possible.

If the different brands of vacuum cleaners all standardize the type of bag of their vacuum cleaner, they could consequently no longer fix the selling prices and would be quickly overtaken by the competition.

The environmental impact

 It is an argument which can be used within the framework of a marketing strategy but which is however very real. The fact of no longer having to produce bags makes it possible to pollute the planet less.

A simple action to protect our environment, however small it is certainly not negligible. We can then say that making the choice to buy a vacuum cleaner without a bag is a more eco-responsible solution.

How do you clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

It is usually quite simple. The most common is that this type of vacuum cleaners have an easy to remove plastic tank that you just have to empty. As simple as it sounds. Of course, if you vacuum wet or complicated waste, you may need to pay special attention to the tank and wash it to prevent it from accumulating extra dirt in future uses. But this is thinking of an unusual situation.

As I said before, if you give your vacuum cleaner a common use, you only have to empty the tank. There are vacuums with very small tanks that you will have to clean frequently, while other models have large tanks that allow you to vacuum long before you have to empty the tank with everything you have a vacuum. This last option is the one I prefer because it takes a long time before I need to stop, press a button and empty the container.

Thinks to consider when choosing bagless vacuum cleaner

To find the right vacuum cleaner, you must first choose according to its power. It is the latter that determines the performance and therefore the efficiency of the device. Expressed in W (Watts), it can vary from one model to another. The higher it is, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner will be.

However, the important thing is to find a model with a good consumption/power ratio. This is why it is also necessary to take into account the energy class classified from A to G as well as the annual electricity consumption measured in kWh / year.


The tank or bin is also an essential criterion to consider when purchasing a bagless vacuum cleaner. This is the place where the device will store all the dust vacuumed before it is discharged into the bin.

To find the ideal model, you must choose according to the area of ​​accommodation. If you live in a spacious house, it is better to opt for a device with a tank with a capacity of at least 2.5 L so that you do not have to empty it too often.

On the other hand, in case you live in a studio, a vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1 to 2 L can do the trick.


This is an essential point in choosing a bagless vacuum cleaner. Expressed in kPa (Kilo Pascal), the vacuum determines the capacity of the vacuum cleaner to lift the air and therefore the efficiency of the equipment.

The higher the value, the more efficient the device. Regarding filtration, know that the majority of current models now use cyclone technology.

However, we recommend vacuum cleaners which are fitted with a HEPA filter trapping the finest particles for healthier use away from dust allergies.

Easy to handle

A good bagless vacuum cleaner must be comfortable to use in order to avoid fatigue and back pain. The first thing to check is the weight of the equipment.

Different manufacturers nowadays offer lighter and lighter vacuums with a weight that generally varies from 4 to 10 kg. It often depends on the size of the equipment. Be aware that lighter bagless vacuums are the most practical. You can make them go upstairs more easily.

Besides the weight, you also have to take into account the manoeuvrability of the vacuum cleaner. It is important that the handle of the brush is ergonomic and that it slides pleasantly. Also, don’t forget to find out about the range of a device. Variable from 8 to 11 m, it must be chosen according to the size of the apartment.


Do not neglect the accessories if you want to find the right vacuum cleaner. Your choice here will depend on your needs and expectations.

Some devices have a two-position head and a squeegee to easily clean hard-to-reach places.

The most advanced models like the Hoover Breeze are equipped with more elements, such as a multi-purpose brush and an electric brush to effectively remove animal hair from carpets and sofas.

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