The best barbecues for your garden UK 2022

Those lucky enough to have a patio or a garden at home can make this space a perfect place to enjoy their leisure time. And it can be installed in an inflatable pool to shape a gazebo, a solarium or create a chill-out area. All this without forgetting that, in the same way, can undertake the placement of a portable barbecue with which to enjoy the air of family meals and with friends.

Does that latest proposal convince you? Keep reading, we will help you to make it come true.

Tips for buying a barbecue

If you dare to buy that indicated article, which is where you can prepare all kinds of vegetables, fish and meat to enjoy an exquisite meal, it is important that you first know what you will find in the market. With this we refer concretely to the fact that it is necessary to be aware of the aspects in which you should check that you have the mentioned product so that it can adapt completely to what you need:

  • Your operating system. In this case, we must know that there are three types of barbecues: the traditional coal, which offers the most exquisite food; those that work connected to the electric current, which is fast and dirty less; and those that use natural gas, which is more complete but has the difficulty of requiring exhaustive installation.
  • Its size. It is important that you look very well at the dimensions you have because it is the way they can fit perfectly into the hole in your yard or garden where you want to place it.
  • Your materials, which should ensure both your strength and quality.

The accessories you can include, your design and the brand are other issues in which you must pay special attention before proceeding to opt for one model or another.

Comparative portable barbecues

Needless to say, another resource that can be very helpful when acquiring the aforementioned article is that you are aware of what are the most successful proposals of that type at that time in the market. Proposals that we are going to present to you now through the ranking of the best portable barbecues, according to the opinions of the users that already have them and based also on the great relationship they maintain between quality and price:

1. Landmann barbecue

Landmann Patio Barbecue Round Chrome-Plated Grill Enamelled Fire Bowl 34.5 cm Black
  • An easy, classic, height-adjustable grill
  • With chrome-plated grill rack and enamelled fire bowl
  • Grill surface diameter: 34.5 cm
  • Great value for money

Simple not, very simple. This is how we can define the model that occupies the first position of the table. And it does not have multiple accessories or great features, is a basic and very economical item, affordable to any pocket it is now on sale at Amazon.

It is a traditional barbecue, which works with charcoal, which has a cooking surface diameter of 34.5 centimetres and which includes a grill that is chromed. To all that we can add its enamelled wall, which is made of metal and is equipped with dimensions of 50 x 38 x 54 centimetres.

It is designed for “beginners” in these culinary games, for those who can not afford a high investment at the economic level or for those who have a small space to install it, whether it is a patio, a terrace or even a balcony.

2. Barbecue Grill Chef 0566

Landmann 0566 Charcoal Wagon Barbecue
  • Enamelled Firebowl
  • Height adjustable chrome plated cooking grill
  • Wood side and base shelves
  • Windshield
  • Mobile via two wheels

The second position of the ranking that we have ahead is occupied by a model with a higher cost than the first one. This value is due to the fact that it has some more remarkable and improved features such as a vitrified steel stove, which incorporates a stable table on the side that allows you to have the kitchen utensils at hand to prepare the food and that has a wind protector.

It should also be taken into consideration that this article that now occupies us works with coal, includes two wheels so that it can be carried from one side to another comfortably, has a lower shelf and has a surface of 48.5 x 29 centimetres in which you can prepare without problems food for up to six people. 
If you are interested in your garden, you should know that its size is 44.5 x 84 x 87 centimetres.

3. Barbecue TecTake

TecTake BBQ Charcoal barbecue smoker with heat indicator - different models - (Smoker model 1 (big 400821))
  • Multifunction Grill BBQ - different models -
  • Including cooking thermometers on the lids
  • Please read the description below for more informations!

One of the best barbecues in the current market is, without a doubt, the one that we are now going to present to you and that, therefore, could not be missing from our list. It is available in the Amazon online store and this is completely adjusted to the fact that it is very complete.

Among the main technical specifications that are worth knowing about are its central folding grill, which helps the coal can be placed without having to remove it; remarkable ease of cleaning, two wheels to transport in a simple and comfortable way, and a protective cover that safeguards the food from the wind and other weather conditions.

But there is still more. Of this proposal, it is worth highlighting other characteristics as well as allowing three types of cooked foods (direct cooking, smoking and indirect cooking), which has a high-quality finish, which is equipped with four ventilation slides and It has several grills and accessories, such as tweezers.

Its size is 81 x 45 x 120 centimeters .

4. Notebook Folding Grill

Direct Designs - Notebook Folding Grill - Portable Picnic BBQ with Chrome Plated Cooking Grid (Black)
  • The Original Portable Fold-Away BBQ by Direct Designs
  • Heat-Resistant Painted-Steel Construction
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Grids
  • Convenient Carry Handles
  • Cooking Dimensions: 44cm x 27.5cm, Height: 30cm

Its different design, modern and original, reflected mainly in its crossed and foldable legs, is what surprises first of all this other model that is presented under the umbrella that is ideal for picnics. It is made of steel, has dimensions of 45.5 x 30 x 30.5 centimetres and works with coal.

It weighs about 4 kg approximately, is equipped with handles and includes a tray for the mentioned fuel, which helps in a remarkable way to make the cleaning process really simple and fast. In the case that you consider that it may be a good option. Hence, it is one of the cheapest portable barbecues in the current market.

5. Barbecue TecTake

TecTake BBQ Charcoal barbecue smoker with heat indicator - different models - (Smoker model 2 (small 401172))
  • Multifunction Grill BBQ Smokers - different models -
  • Thermometer on the lid
  • Please read the description below for more informations!
  • Including cooking thermometers on the lids

We are already entering the final stretch of this list that aims to help you greatly to enjoy the terrace of your home to the fullest. And we do this by presenting this model.

It also uses coal as fuel, it has been manufactured with resistant material, absolutely guarantees its stability and has two wheels to be transported without difficulty. To all this, we must also add its adjustable air intake and outlet, which includes a decantation grid, which weighs about 13 kilos and the surface of the grill is 46 x 35 centimetres.

But there is still more. To be able to know if it is the one you are looking for, you must take into consideration its dimensions of 123 x 85 x 48 centimetres and that it has several interesting and useful accessories, such as the thermometer that it has in the upper area.

6. Barbecue Tepro Toronto

tepro Toronto Trolley Grill Barbecue- Black
  • Grill surface: 2x approx. 41,5 x 27,5 cm
  • Powder-coated lid with stainless steel handle and thermometer
  • Enamelled charcoal grate, height adjustable with crank mechanism

With the most expensive barbecue in our ranking is how we are going to close the same. Why this high value compared to previous models? Basically, because it has technical specifications that, in many cases, are more complete than what we have seen so far.

In particular, of this article that we show you now, it is necessary to highlight that it is of coal, that includes two surfaces of roast with dimensions both of 41.5 x 27.5 centimetres, that weighs 26 kilos, that is especially robust and that is made with great quality, certifying and guaranteeing its resistance.

It has two wheels, lower tray and side table as well as a handle and a lid both for proper maintenance and to protect food. To all that should be added that, in regard to size, has measures of 115 x 67 x 107 centimetres.

These are, according to the opinions of consumers and experts, the most interesting portable barbecues of how many can be found now in the market. You only have to analyze them in-depth, assess the pros and cons of each and, based on your needs, carry out the acquisition of the ideal to enjoy this summer of the best meals with family and friends in the garden of your home.

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