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Best car battery UK: Car batteries that you can rely on

There are many basic parts of the car. But definitely without a good battery, the car will not work well and will cause you trouble at the wrong time. For this reason, you need to know how to choose the best car battery to save yourself from future hassles.

Therefore, in our buying guide, we provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for your car and the budget you have available.

Comparison of 5 of the best car batteries

In this comparison, you will find both cheaper models and more expensive ones offered by famous manufacturers.

1. Car Battery BOSCH SILVER S4, 12V, 74 AH 680A

Bosch S4 Car Battery Type 096 Best of 2022
  • This battery can be mounted on the following models and more: Renault: Clio I and II, Space I to III, Kangoo I and II, Laguna I and III, Megane; Peugeot: 205, 308, 407; Citroen: Berlingo, C4 Picasso,...
  • 100% maintenance-free, ready to use once mounted
  • High starting power and service life
  • Increased longevity: up to 2 times more efficient than a standard battery

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After a month of road tests, we finally have a winner, and it’s no surprise that it belongs to the famous Bosch brand, a car and engine warranty in general.

BOSCH SILVER is one of the best batteries on the market right now, whether for petrol or diesel. If you don’t compromise with your car, this is the model you should focus on. Its life span is considerable and does not require basic maintenance, unlike other models that always run at 100% and you need to check them at least once a month to make sure they are OK.

Works with 12V voltage consumes very little fluid and once installed you won’t have to think about it. It will work very well throughout its useful life and you will only need to change it when the time comes after years of operation. Unfortunately, no car battery is immortal and sooner or later it will be time to part with it.

The technology Bosch focuses on is Bosch Silver, an innovative system developed in Japan that allows you to never need to add liquid is equipped with silver alloy grilles and guarantees the car starts even at very low temperatures or after very long periods of time. stay. In rare cases, if the car is not used frequently, it may have problems starting it. Especially in the coldest months of the year.

Its life span is 20% longer than ordinary batteries, and power is significant even at very short distances. In short, a real beast.

The lid is well sealed to prevent unexpected acid leakage, which can be dangerous, especially if not noticed.

Bosch, however, thought of everything when they equipped this battery. There are comfortable grips that make it very easy to transport, although it may be transported once while mounting it in your car. Given the high reliability of a product of this type, designed to withstand and operate 100% over the years.

The ability to fit many brands of cars currently on the market makes it a recommended purchase for everyone.

2. VARTA Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah car battery

Varta Blue Dynamic E11 Car Battery, 574 012 068 3132, 12V, 74Ah, 680A Best of 2022
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Battery Capacity [Ah]: 74
  • Post Positions: 0
  • Hold-down Type: B13

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The Varta brand is no less important and is a prestigious name in the production of car batteries. With this series, Blue Dynamic has fully launched itself into the accessory elite. VARTA Blue Dynamic 574 012 068 3132 is one of the best batteries in the market. The reasons are different, so we will look at them together.

It works well with petrol and diesel engines, with no cold start even at very low temperatures.

A sophisticated innovative technology that enables higher performance than other competing models.

PowerFrame technology is obviously the flagship of this Varta battery, it guarantees high energy concentration. The grille-mounted inside the battery is much stronger and more resistant to corrosion than ordinary batteries. 
In fact, it is not surprising that this is one of the favourite batteries of SUVs.

This model guarantees an inrush current that is at least 50% higher than its competitors, this extra power is felt especially at the start.

Once you start your car, you will immediately understand why it is considered one of the most powerful batteries on the market.

3. BOSCH SILVER S4 12V, 60 AH battery

Bosch S4 Car Battery Type 075 Best of 2022
  • This battery can be mounted on the following models and more: Renault: Laguna II, Modus, Scénic; VW: Golf I and II, Passat, Polo, Santana; Ford: Escort, Mondeo, Orion, Transit; Opel: Combo, Corsa,...
  • 100% maintenance-free, ready to use once mounted
  • High starting power and service life
  • Increased longevity: up to 2 times more efficient than a standard battery

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Bosch 0092S40040 is a low-cost battery from the popular Bosch brand. At a more reasonable price than the model presented above.

Its quality is great for this price range, so we can say that it is the best battery in terms of price/quality.

Extremely durable and very reliable requires no continuous maintenance and once installed, you will probably forget about it.

It guarantees 20% more cold start power and 20% longer life than budget batteries on the market. 

Although not one of the most expensive models, such as high-end models, the tray is also a model that also comes with dual flame retardant protection and sparking during transportation.

The leakage of acid from Bosch 0092S40040 is virtually impossible, so you will be safe.

Reliability is unbeatable and at this price, you will not find anything better if you are not looking for a special quality battery for specific circumstances. Otherwise, it is better to choose another model from the ones presented in this guide.

You can rest assured that this is the purchase you need. Your car will start easily without having to spend too much money.

Compatible with most currently available models of cars.

4. Car Battery Yuasa YBX7096

Yuasa YBX7096 12V 75Ah 700A EFB Start Stop Battery Best of 2022
  • Up to 270,000 engine starts
  • Designed & engineered for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start – Stop
  • Lithium carbon additive for improved charge acceptance & performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption & lower emissions

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Yuasa YBX7096 is a low-cost battery available on the Bulgarian market. Not with Bosch quality, but even with lower users are satisfied.

Let’s find out together what makes this battery so special.

First, the emphasis is on the definitely high 700 A startup power, which allows the car to start the engine without any problems in all weather conditions. This is important for a reliable battery, especially during winter low temperatures. Then cars cause the most problems, especially if they remain stationary under these conditions for several months.

The charge hold is remarkable and even when it is very cold or after a long stay, you can count on it to start the car.

The battery size is 27.8 x 19 x 17.5 cm, you’ll be able to fit it in many cars, but it’s best to check the old model to make sure it can be fitted in your car without no problem.

Yuasa YBX7096 is an extremely reliable battery and those who have chosen it are pleased with its performance and value it.

5. VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM battery

Varta AGM Start Stop 70 AH 760 A (S) E39 Best of 2022
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Battery Capacity [Ah]: 70
  • Post Positions: 0
  • Hold-down Type: B13

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The Silver dynamic series is ideal for medium-duty vehicles with standard equipment and start-stop technology. In addition, it is designed to provide additional startup power to provide longer life. The dimensions of the battery are 27.8 x 17.5 x 19 cm with an approximate weight of 16 kg.

The production of Silver dynamic meets the highest production standards as well as advanced German technology that guarantees the proper functioning of the battery throughout its life. This model delivers start to power up to 25% higher than other similar models.

In terms of capacity, we are talking about 70 Ah with a startup power of 760 amps,  which translates into exceptional performance and one of the most reliable batteries in all weather conditions.

Another important component of this battery is the presence of the PowerFrame network, an exclusive technology used by Varta to provide faster charging and longer life, as it prevents corrosion. Most battery failures are related to this, so the addition of this technology becomes more user-friendly.

PowerFrame technology has been tested in extreme conditions, and the performance tests performed by Warta’s team have yielded incredible results. This technology has shown 66% longer duration and 70% more efficient flow than other similar models.

The main advantage of PowerFrame, however, is its ability to reduce corrosion,  which is one of the main causes of battery damage. Corrosion usually occurs during each charge and discharge cycle of the battery. As it accumulates, it complicates this process until the battery stops charging.

With this model, you can start the car without any problems. In addition, it is a battery that is designed to withstand and resist even in extreme weather conditions.

Considering the startup power, this Varta model is the best battery of all.

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What is a car battery?

A car battery is actually a battery whose function is to store and produce electricity through various chemical processes.

It is used mainly for starting the car engine and for the main power supply of all electrical components. There are different types with different power, technology and size. Their operation depends on different vehicles. Battery life is about 4-5 years.

car battery

Types of car batteries

You should be aware that there are different types of car batteries. It is important to familiarize yourself with their characteristics in order to make the right choice.

Wet battery

The wet battery is the most common type and therefore the most used. What stands out is that it does not require maintenance or any special care.

The disadvantage of this type is that if the entire battery charge is consumed, it must be replaced. You need to be aware of its status to reload as needed.

Calcium battery

This type of battery is known for its long life.

This is because its plates are made of calcium alloys, which reduce the loss of fluid from the battery. The calcium battery has one minor drawback: it does not withstand overload.

VRLA Gel Battery (Lead Acid)

It can be said that this type of battery is the most durable because it is designed so as not to lose any liquid. The box is sealed and under some pressure. The gas is in a liquid state and its pressure is regulated by valves.

It is also known as a hybrid car battery because it is the most used in this type of vehicle. There are two types of VRLA batteries: with gel and with glass absorbent pad. The former stands out because it can be recharged after a full discharge and because it withstands temperature changes. The second stands out with a strong startup power.

Deep cycle car battery

This is a type of battery mainly used for industrial and electric vehicles. Not recommended for standard diesel and petrol vehicles.

Can be used on some hybrid vehicles.

Lithium-ion car battery

The lithium-ion battery is characterized by being lightweight and with much better autonomy.

The use of such a battery is rare. It is found in some electric cars and in some more expensive models.

how to choose car battery?

How to choose a car battery?

You can find many different brands and models of car batteries on the market. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the most relevant features of these devices. This will make sure that you choose a model that will offer you optimum performance. 

Below we have outlined the main things to consider when choosing a battery for your car.


One of the most important things to check its tension. It’s about the power with which electricity circulates. It is important to choose the right voltage according to the car you own.

We have to point out that cars use 12-volt batteries, and trucks and other larger vehicles like buses use 24-volt batteries, for example. With this in mind, it is essential that you properly check the product description and specifications to make sure you are purchasing the correct voltage battery. There are models that offer higher voltage to get started, such as sports cars, but these are special cases.

Reserve Capacity

Rated battery capacity refers to the amount of electrical power (amps) that the device uses to drive the starter at 0 ° C.

The capacity of the battery used depends on the electrical elements of the car. For example, a small city petrol car will need a 50 or 55Ah battery. But for a larger class of limousine car or with a more powerful engine, a 95Ah or even 100Ah battery will be required.

It should be noted that diesel engines require more current during startup than petrol. The diesel requires an average 75Ah car battery (minimum 70Ah), while a petrol car will have a 60 to 70 Ah battery. You have to keep in mind that everything depends on the electrical devices it includes. If your car does not have power windows, air conditioning or power mirrors, for example, a battery between 40 and 45 Ah may be sufficient.

Startup Power

Another element to keep in mind is the startup power, a fact that is very important when starting the car for about 30 seconds. This feature clarifies what kind of electrical power is able to generate the battery at a given moment at -18 degrees and without reducing the maximum voltage, which is 12V for cars and 24V for trucks.

You will see the startup power marked with numbers like 400, 600 or 720 amps. This factor is especially important during cold winter days, so it is best to buy a battery with a high startup power so that you do not have problems starting your car at low temperatures.

The size

When replacing your old battery with a new one, you should consider its size. You must select a model according to the size of the battery-specific space.

Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to its height, width and length to ensure that you can successfully mount it in your car.

There are models of cars that work with different sizes of batteries, but most do not. Therefore, there is a good chance if you do not check the size to buy a different model that is not responsible for your car.

How to change a car battery?

Changing the car’s battery is one of the things owners can do at home without the need for a mechanic. This procedure is not complicated, but to give you a much clearer idea, we have detailed the steps you need to follow.

Turn off the engine

It may seem obvious, but it is better to mention it. If you are going to replace the car battery with a new one you have to switch off the engine. You must also make sure that you have switched off all electrical devices such as headlights, gauges, radios, CD players, and the like, which will reset and return to their original settings.

Tools needed

The battery is attached to the car with a bolt. Loosen it by hand, sometimes it may not be very easy as it is quite tight. Depending on the type and size of the bolt, each car will need a different type of wrench.

Remove the old battery

To do this, you need to remove the battery cover to reach the poles. You must first release the negative terminal and remove it, then release the positive. This is simple since most terminals have only one nut with a nut. After you have released everything, you can remove it from the car battery holder.

Insert the new battery

After removing the old battery, you must put the new one in the same position. You must insert each holder by following the opposite steps when removing the old one. When you have positioned the battery well and tightened it properly, you must connect the vehicle’s power cables. First, connect the plus terminal, then the negative terminal and tighten them tightly.

how to charge car battery
Battery charging cables transferring power to a dead battery.

How to charge a car battery?

Some battery models are not damaged but are discharged. In this case, they need to be charged so that they can work again.

If you are wondering how to charge a car battery, you should know that this can be done mainly by using a battery charger or starting the engine with power cables and another battery. In the second variant, the battery will be charged by the running engine.

In both cases, the procedure is simple, but precautions must be taken to avoid accidents.

Charge the battery with a charger

  • Remove the battery from the car by following the steps above (always switch off the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal).
  • Put it in a ventilated place.
  • Plugin the red cable clip of the charger with the positive terminal of the battery and the black pin with the negative terminal.
  • Select the correct voltage if the charger provides this function.
  • Turn on the charger and make sure that the ampere indicator decreases as the battery is charged.
  • After charging, you will need to unplug the battery charger by removing the clips in the reverse order in which you put them.
  • Install the battery back into the car following the replacement steps.
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