7 Best Car Steering Wheel Locks 2020 UK

Safety is one of the great concerns of car owners, especially those who have to park them in unsafe places. Fortunately, there are tools that can prevent someone from taking them, such as car steering wheel lock. If you are thinking of buying one, we will tell you what you should know about them.

What is the best car steering wheel lock?

So your car comes with pre-installed systems such as alarms or an alternative protection system such as a starter blocker. I recommend that you double the security level and get one of these steering wheel locks. 

Not only are they difficult to violate, but they automatically discourage thieves from trying to disarm them.

What I can recommend is that you look for one made with high-quality materials such as treated steel, aluminium or titanium. That the lock system is reliable and has the correct dimensions to fit your car. In my comparison list.

1. Artago 870 Anti-Theft Car Steering Wheel 2in1 with Smart Alarm

Image credit: Artago

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The Artago car steering wheel lock will really provide you with quality protection. In addition to protecting the car in a conventional way, it has a very up-to-date technology that allows you to warn through an alarm if the car is being violated.

Also in dark environments, it lights up so that the person can see if they are attacking the car.

It works with a lithium battery with a long duration and a replaceable module, it has great visibility and is really very resistant, so users have valued it very positively. 

Its mechanism prevents the complete turn of the steering wheel while it alerts with the alarm if someone is trying.

2. UKB4C Universal Steering Wheel Lock

Image credit: UKB4C

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The UKB4C Steering wheel lock is universal as it can be used on any vehicle. Helps to block full turn of the steering wheel so the thief can’t drive, and provides great visual deterrence. It is quite resistant and durable against possible acts of violence.

The design is very up-to-date so it works with the most modern steering wheels.

It also includes studs that allow its adaptation to the steering wheels that are thin. It is used with a flat point key whose lock is located on the front to facilitate its use at any time of the day.

3. XJ Car brake and steering wheel lock

XJ Car brake and steering wheel lock

Image credit: XJ

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Buying a car, for most people, represents the sum of many years of work, savings and effort, that is why we must not skimp to protect our assets. But having a low budget should not be a limitation to get a product of excellent quality, such as the XJ car steering wheel lock.

This Anti-Theft system locks the steering wheel and the pedals. At the same time and uses a code panel with the possibility of entering 100 thousand different combinations. This is ideal for those who always lose the key to the padlocks.

This mechanical system is distinguished by its efficiency and above all for being considered the best car steering wheel lock for value for money.

Users highly recommend it because it has a cost commensurate with the quality and aesthetics of the tool, that it is easy to install, widely visible, and works efficiently as a deterrent against car thieves.

Even if you don’t know which is the best brand of car steering wheel locks, you can well evaluate the opinions of customers to get a more realistic idea

4. Tevlaphee Car Steering Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee Car Steering Wheel Lock

Image credit: Tevlaphee

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The Tevlaphee lock contains a super easy mechanism to understand and activate, so you won’t have any inconvenience every time you activate or deactivate it. It locks and unlocks quickly with the keys and has a cover that helps to protect the glass of the car against any accident with the tool.

The manufacturing materials include high-quality steel and aluminium, which increases resistance to any activity that is carried out for disassembly such as sawing, hammering, among others. Best of all, it has a code lock option that reinforces protection at all times.

5. Auto Companion Heavy Duty Car Steering Wheel Lock

Auto Companion Heavy Duty Car, Van Steering Wheel Lock

Image credit: Auto companion

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Although not the best car steering wheel lock, being one of the cheapest and most effective. The Auto Companion model deserves a place on our recommendation list. This lock blocks the use of the steering wheel by means of a mechanical system that is firmly held providing a perfect closure thanks to the nylon bearings it has.

Users say that at first it is a bit difficult to install it, but with daily use you get used to doing it faster and easier.

This practical tool has a robust and durable design thanks to the resistant materials with which it is made. It includes two keys, so you always have a backup in case you lose the other.

It is good to know that this steering wheel lock works as a deterrent, and a skilled thief could steal any vehicle if he tries to find ways to circumvent the anti-theft protection it has, however you can invest little by acquiring this model and feel more secure.

In case you can’t invest too much in an car steering wheel lock, we recommend you take a look at this model since it is one of the cheapest.

6. Stoplock HG 134-59 Original Steering Wheel Lock

Stoplock HG 134-59 Original Steering Wheel Lock

Image credit: Stoplock

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This car lock is equipped with a ten-pin tubular lock. This justifies the difficulty the thief will have when he wants to force you to steal your vehicle. It discourages the thief very early from not picking your lock because it is visible from the outside. Its yellow color is noticeable very quickly even in the dark.

It is equipped with a flashing LED, which warns everyone of its presence. It weighs about 10 kg, yet it is very robust. Easy to handle, this equipment has a slightly curved shape, which is to ensure the protection of your airbag. Its dimensions are adequate, which facilitates its use.

7. Turnart Steering Wheel Lock

Turnart Steering Wheel Lock

Image credit: Turnart

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Thanks to Turnart brand, a specialist in protection against theft, this model is considered for one of the best car steering wheel locks. Since it is a practical security system made of materials of excellent quality, resistance and durability.

The Stoplock car steering wheel lock, among its characteristics, is distinguished by having a nickel-plated finish, the arch of the rack has a diameter of 10mm and, like the hook, is made of stainless steel, which is a guarantee of maximum hardness.

Taking into account the different types of pedals that vary according to the model and make of your vehicle, this lock is available with two forks for narrow and wide pedal. Users express that the Turnart is very versatile, the adjustable height allows it to adapt to any type of vehicle.

According to customers, this car steering wheel lock has a high level of effectiveness because it makes it difficult for the criminal to fulfil his mission.

What is car steering wheel lock

What is car steering wheel lock?

Nowadays, in general, almost all the statistics indicate that in recent years car thefts have increased globally, which is somewhat demoralizing despite the fact that manufacturers invest more and more to develop more sophisticated anti-theft security systems to the cars.

Many times you tend to park on the street because you do not have the possibility to rent a place in a garage and you may think that your car is not completely safe.

It is at that moment when you think about going to tools or Anti-theft warnings for your car.

The main idea of ​​these anti-theft devices is nothing more than to scare the thief and guarantee that the car is blocked so that it cannot be handled by anyone but you, which ensures high prevention.

Why buy a car steering wheel lock?

Car theft is a daily reality. In UK, an average of 120 vehicles are stolen every day. And while it is often not easy to take a car, thieves continue to find ways to do it.

Therefore, a good way to ensure that no one takes yours is to buy an anti-theft system for your car.

These are tools specially designed to prevent theft of your vehicle. By blocking the mechanical parts of the car such as the steering wheel, the pedals, the gearbox and even the wheels, the thief finds it much more difficult to take the car or impossible if it is a really quality system.

Car steering wheel locks, as well as car handbrake locks also have a second function and that is to deter thieves from trying to steal the car.

It is probable that when seeing that the vehicle has one of these security systems, the thief will give up trying since he will know that it will be very difficult for him to fulfil his task without attracting attention or without making an excessive effort.

How to choose a car steering wheel lock?

In the market, you will find a wide range of car locks, so it is important that you know how to choose the best one for you. Next, we will tell you the aspects you should consider to make a good choice.


One of the main aspects to evaluate in car locks is their manufacturing material. Its reliability and effectiveness will depend on this, since if it is made with resistant materials it will be very difficult to break. In this way the vehicle will be more protected.

A good material also guarantees its durability. Although these are inexpensive devices, it is important that it is resistant to shocks and the passage of time so that you can use it for a long time.

best steering wheel for audi


Size is also a key factor to consider because it must be compatible with your vehicle. Although there are models that are adjustable and that can be attached to different cars, not all are like that.

For this reason, it is essential that you evaluate the dimensions of the lock to ensure that you can effectively place it. The diameter it has is also important, since the larger the better because that way they will take longer to cut it if they try.


Car locks can work with different security mechanisms. On the one hand, you can choose a model that has the traditional lock and on the other a more innovative model that includes a code lock system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you evaluate them to make the best decision.

If you choose a lockable lock, most devices include more than one in case the user loses it. So you can take one with you, leave one at home and have another backup just in case. Code templates are a good option for those who tend to lose everything, so they only have to remember one password. In addition, these devices are often more difficult to break than those with keys.

Type of installation

Another aspect that you should consider before choosing one model or another is the type of installation of the anti-theft system. It is important that before choosing a model you make sure that its mechanism is easy to install.

That is, you can put and remove the device very comfortably and quickly. Keep in mind that it would not be functional to have to spend a lot of time trying to insert or remove a lock. In this case, rather than helping you avoid theft, it could make you an easy target.

Car steering wheel lock alternatives

When looking for anti-theft systems for cars you will find that there are different models depending on the element of the car that they immobilize. These are the ones you can buy.

Handbrake gear lock

Handbrake gear lock

The car handbrake locks are similar to the steering wheel model that we discussed earlier.

It is also a metal lock that can be placed in two places: on the handbrake or on the gear lever.

In the first case the vehicle will not be able to move and in the second, it will not be able to enter any speed.

Pedals lock

An anti-theft system for car pedals is responsible for locking the pedals firmly to prevent their movement.

It is a steel clasp that goes under the pedals and adjusts.

Some thieves may attempt to cut the lock with a saw, but the more popular brands are capable of delaying the cut by up to 17 minutes.

Wheel lock

The car wheel locks are another widely used system that stands out for its easy placement and for being a very efficient deterrent since they are completely visible.

It is basically a clamp for the wheel that allows it to be locked in order to immobilize the car.

But it is important that you make sure that it covers the size of the wheels and that it is made with quality materials to guarantee its efficiency.

Tips to protect your car

If the anti-theft device is an effective and deterrent device, it is not the only thing that should be done to prevent the theft of your car. Here are some additional common sense tips to decrease the chances of attracting thieves around your vehicle.

Be sure you lock the car

First of all, if you have any doubts, check that your car is locked before walking away. The best way is to try to open the door handle before you leave. In fact, security experts believe that some thieves use remote interlock jammers to attack cars. This will prevent your key signal from reaching the car to ensure that the car remains unlocked.

If possible, park your car in a well-lit area, even during the day. If you leave a car longer than expected, it will be visible when night falls.

Also, if you park in your neighborhood or in a parking lot, make sure you park as close to your home or other occupied building as possible. And if you are in a restaurant or cafeteria, try to park where you can see the inside of your vehicle. Even if you can’t sit near a window, someone else might notice something wrong.

Park close to the store

On the parking lot of a store or shopping centre, try to park near the main entrance and among other cars because thieves are more likely to attack a vehicle that is only protected by the pedestrian crossing.

Don’t leave valuables

Do not leave anything in the car, take all your belongings with you or make sure they are well hidden and out of sight from prying eyes. Use the glove compartment, the car’s main box and, if equipped, the lid storage compartment in the center console.

Remember to do the same with clothing, even if it is not valuable because a thief may want to check that there is nothing in the pockets.

Hide the car keys

The simplest way to steal a car is to simply steal the keys. A thief will try to steal them from your pocket, or even from the house. Also, think about where you keep your keys when you go out.

When you’re home, make sure you don’t leave your keys near an open window, or even within range of the entrance.

That said, don’t take the keys upstairs, because in an increasing number of cases criminals are threatening vehicle owners when they can’t find the keys they are looking for downstairs. Your health and that of your family must remain the priority no matter what happens, especially since your car is insured.