6 Best Chainsaws to use at home or work

In this article, we will see which is the best chainsaw on the market or the one that suits you best.

Now that summer comes, those who have a garden want to make it look radiant and spectacular and that means they have to invest time and money to achieve it. Thus, in addition to specific fertilizer products or new crops, it may be necessary to undertake the felling of one or more of the shrubs they own.

These individuals, as well as those who intend to remodel their farm or to make some improvement in their cottage, must count irremediably with a utensil that will be very useful for them to undertake many of these tasks. We are referring to the chainsaw, which can be used for the aforementioned cutting of trees but also to chop firewood or to prune, for example.

Tips and buying guide for chainsaw

The market for this type of tool is very broad since there are many brands and also numerous models. Hence, it is necessary to know it thoroughly to know what kind you want and with what characteristics.

Specifically, these are the aspects that must be fixed in advance to avoid any error:

  • Type of chainsaws. With this, we mean that there are three types fundamentally: those of petrol, which have engines of between 33 and 50 cubic centimetres and that stand out for their power and for their great cutting power; of the electric motor, which have an oil reservoir and which must be connected to the mains; and those of lithium battery, which have a power of between 18 to 36 volts.
  • The type of wood that will be cut, because based on its hardness and thickness you will need a chainsaw or another. Thus, for example, we must know that a softwood up to 15 centimetres thick can be cut with a lithium chainsaw while a hard or a feeling of trees has to be undertaken with petrol.
  • The cut that is intended to be made.
  • The ergonomics that its design presents, as it will facilitate its grip and handling.

In the same way, it is also important to consider both the brand and the maintenance it requires or its speed.

Best chainsaws Comparison

As it could not be otherwise, in addition to all the above, when it comes to getting a tool of this type is also essential to analyze its value and its benefits at a general level. For that, nothing better than to start from the list that we are going to present next. This is a ranking in which we include the most interesting chainsaws on the market according to the price-quality ratio and, of course, based on the opinions of the users:

1. Einhell GE-EC 2240 2200W – chainsaw

Einhell GE-EC 2240 2200W - Power Chainsaws (Black, Red)
  • Sword length : 406 mm, Cutting length : 37.5 cm, Capacity of oil tank : 150 mL

This model is with affordable price, which is endorsed by a firm of international prestige such as Einhell. The fact that it is in the first position of the ranking is because it has some really attractive technical specifications. Specifically, it stands out that it is electric, which has a power of 2,200 watts, which weighs 6 kg and has dimensions of 53 x 21.5 x 27.5 centimetres.

Likewise, it is not necessary to ignore a sheet length of 40 centimetres, its cutting speed of 16 m / s or the automatic lubrication of the chain.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, those who already possess it also place special emphasis on their protection against recoil, their soft starting, the deposit of additional oil and their chain tension without the need for tools.

2. Petrol Chainsaw Parker

  • Strong & Reliable 58cc Engine
  • 20" Bar Complete with Chains
  • Free Carry Bag, Bar Cover, Tool Kit & Chain
  • CE / GS AND EU-II Approval
  • 2.3KW / 3.1HP Engine Output

Among the best chainsaws is also another one that is available in the Amazon online store for a price of approximately 120 euros and, as its name suggests, is petrol. That is why it has remarkable power, specifically of 58 cubic centimetres.

Among the set of signs of identity that also has its cutting capacity of 50 centimetres in 20 seconds, which is equipped with two chains and incorporates several useful accessories, such as a cover for the sheet and another for transport or a toolkit.

3. P1PE P6220C Petrol Chainsaw

P1PE 62cc Petrol Chainsaw, 2 Year Year Warranty, 20-Inch Cutting Bar, 2 Chains, Carry Bag, Chain File & Fuel Mixing...
  • Easy Start Hyundai 62cc Air Cooled 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 20" (50cm) Bar For Tackling Large Trees Or Smaller Clearance Jobs
  • Anti Kick Back Safety Brake For Increased Safety When In Use
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication For Long Chain & Bar Life
  • Easily Accessible Side Mounted Chain Tensioner For Quick Adjustment

The bronze medal of our list is granted to this other model, endorsed by a firm of great prestige.

It is framed within the type of petrol chainsaw, has a weight of 5 kg and its size is 44 x 27.4 x 26.6 centimetres. The power of its engine is 62 cubic centimetres, so it is absolutely guaranteed the work so comprehensive that it can carry out.

The users who own it appreciate its quick start, that the cut that it makes is very clean and straight and that it incorporates two chains.

4. Greenworks Tools Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Tools 20117UA Cordless Chain Saw with 2 Ah Battery and Charger, 40 V, Green, 30cm
  • 30cm blade length, Chain speed 4.2m/s, Electronic chain brake <0.2seconds
  • Ideal for arborists - lighter and more compact than the 40cm Chainsaw - but with the same ferocious performance and the same battery power advantages over petrol.
  • Bar and chain changes and chain tension adjustment are tool-less with quick-adjust knob for safety and efficiency.
  • Automatic lubrication with translucent oil level indicator
  • Weight 3.4kg (including 2Ah battery) - Pack including one 2Ah battery and a charger

Buying a quality chainsaw is something that is guaranteed if you opt for this model, which occupies the fourth position of our ranking. That itself is part of the battery typology, his, in particular, is 24V lithium ion.

It has a saber of 25 centimetres, the cable reaches a length of 1.75 meters and its weight is 5 kilos. It is light, therefore, and is easy to handle thanks to dimensions of 63.2 x 31.2 x 21.4 centimetres. Without forgetting that, in addition to all the exposed, it is especially silent.

These technical specifications make it especially recommended for gardening tasks.

5. Black & Decker Electric powered

BLACK+DECKER Corded Chainsaw, 1800 W
  • High torque motor with 12.5 m/s chain speed , Bar length - 35 cm
  • Up to 35 cm cutting width for large cutting tasks
  • Low kick back chain for smooth, fast cutting through wet and dry timber
  • Integrated auto oil system lubricates the chain for reduced wear
  • Hard steel spiked bumper improves stability for controlled cutting

Another tool that concerns us and that is also worth being taken into account by those who want to buy one and are looking for models is this. It is endorsed by the brand Black & Decker, it is electric, it has a power of 1800W, it has a saber of 35 centimetres in length and weighs 4.7 kg.

Its good balance, the automatic lubrication of the chain and its security system, which includes blocking and also an exhaustive control of the aforementioned chain, are other features that stand out from it, also equipped with a tank with capacity for 0, 1 litre.

The people who have bought it do not hesitate to praise it, focusing in a special way on how it is very powerful and that it offers great results both in what are the usual garden tasks and also in what is the wood cutting.

6. Einhell petrol powered Kit 4501641

Einhell 4501641 Petrol Chainsaw Kit Including Carry Case with Safety Helmet and Spare Chain
  • Full Kit Included: Forestry Helmet; Garden Gloves & Chainsaw Bag
  • Auto choke, primer and electronic ignition – for quick and easy starting
  • High quality OREGON-sprocket tip bar
  • Passes the pollutants directive 2002/88 EG (emission 2) for an environmentally friendly performance.
  • Anti-vibration design – cushions shocks and reduces user fatigue over long periods of use.

Entering already at the end of this list we find another Einhell chainsaw model. Its price a little bit high and that is because it has some really interesting features such as petrol, which has an automatic anti-vibration system of the chain or that has 40.1 cubic centimetres.

But there are still many other signs of identity that have made it a benchmark in its sector: 40-centimeter blade length, automatic chain brake, self-strangulation, chain speed of 21 m / s, a weight of 5, 35 kg and electronic ignition that is responsible for facilitating the start.

Now, after disclosing the criteria that must be taken into account to buy a chainsaw and even from this ranking of the models that best meet the quality-price ratio at this time, it is time to choose one, the most appropriate to the needs you have and also to your pocket.

Of course, regardless of what you end up choosing, you have to be aware that then you have to always comply with fundamental maintenance guidelines so that you can remain in perfect condition and, therefore, can perform their duties in the right way. We are referring to tips such as these:

It is essential to always clean your blade after using it.
Never proceed to cut logs and logs that have inserted some type of metal elements, such as nails or screws.
Do not cut the wood with the front part of the chainsaw, because that could cause a vibration that would cause it to bounce, putting personal integrity in serious danger.
It will be necessary to sharpen the sheet periodically following the recommendations of its manufacturer.
With all this, you have enough information to buy the best chainsaw and use it in the most efficient and effective way.

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