Best cordless vacuum cleaners: Dyson, Tineco or Vax

Do you feel that whatever you do, your home will never reach the level of cleanliness you want? This is normal: it is difficult to reconcile busy schedules and household tasks in an optimal way. The motivation to clean up after a long day isn’t always there. As a result, many dust and dirt tend to accumulate without even being aware of it on the floor, carpets, furniture or even in our automobile. To avoid this problem, there is a simple solution: equip yourself with the best cordless vacuum cleaner.

Our pick for the best cordless vacuum cleaners

ModelDust capacityMax battery lifeMax suction power
1. Dyson V8 Absolute0.54 L40 minutes100 Air Watts
2. Tineco PURE ONE S120.6 L50 minutes150 Air Watts
3. Vax OnePWR Blade 30.6 L40 minutesPower boost
4. Dyson V10 Absolute0.76 L60 minutes151 Air Watts
5. BLACK+DECKER 2-in-10.5 L25 minutes30 Air Watts
6. Dyson V11 Absolute0.76 L60 minutes185 Air Watts

1. Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson 214744-01 V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
Capacity-0.54; Collection-bugless; Filter-not specified; Guarantee-2 years parts and labour
Dyson V8Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Hygienic dirt ejector : ejects dust from the bin in a single action.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is a Dyson 2-in-1 product because it very easily transforms into a hand vacuum cleaner. It is also sold with several tips allowing to use it in the house, but also in the car, on a sofa, delicate surfaces, etc. So there is a motorized head (for carpets and rugs), a soft roller (for hard floors), a mini motorized brush (for upholstery) and a soft tip (for fragile surfaces). Thanks to the 2 Tiers Radial cyclone technology, it offers constant suction, regardless of the remaining battery.

The available autonomy varies according to the power chosen. There is the normal mode, the most recommended, which gives access to 40 minutes of cleaning and which emits only 66 dB (a very correct sound level). The max mode is noisier and it uses the battery much faster. So it empties in just 7 minutes. You must allow 5 hours of charge for a full recharge. The trigger must be permanently held, otherwise, the device will stop. It’s a small detail that saves the battery, even when you just pick up a toy from the ground to move it.

The tank has a capacity of 0.54 litres. It’s not much, so you have to empty the dust collector fairly quickly. However, it is often considered a good thing, because it avoids weighing down the device. In addition, the emptying is very simple to do, with one hand if necessary, thanks to an internal system present on almost all Dyson stick vacuums.

2. Tineco PURE ONE S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner PURE ONE S12

Image Credit: Tineco

The device offers a very pleasant autonomy since it is capable of operating for 50 minutes in auto mode. It can last nearly 100 minutes using both batteries. In addition, the recharge lasts 5 to 6 hours, which is standard and allows it to be used long enough daily.

However, keep in mind that this high autonomy is also explained by reduced power: the 500-watt motor allows you to benefit from a range of suction power. This is only sufficient for small dust, and preferably on hard and smooth surfaces.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is light, it weighs only 2.2 kg or 4.85 lb. In addition, it can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner, which makes it easy to clean your automobile or certain places that are more difficult to access.

Different accessories are included: a crevice tool, a round brush and a motorized mini-brush. This ultimately makes the device quite versatile: it can only remove small dust, but you can use it both on your furniture and for bedding, which greatly sanitizes your environment.

The maintenance of the machine is quite simple: the dust bin has a capacity of 0.55 L and must be emptied and cleaned regularly. Dibea has equipped its product with a cyclonic filtration system and a sponge filter: the latter is effective and fairly simple to maintain, provided that you are attentive to the instructions in the instructions.

Finally, the solidity is average. If you tend to be rushed or abrupt during household chores, you can quite easily break the swivel mechanism. It is better to reserve the device for patient people ready to make an effort.

3. Vax OnePWR Blade 3

Vax OnePWR Blade 3 cordless vacuum cleaner

Image credit: Vax

Vax OnePWR Blade 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Multi-surface cleaning performance with no loss of suction; At just 3.1kg, VAX Blade 3 is perfectly balanced for effortless, easy to use cleaning

This Vax OnePWR Blade 3 vacuum cleaner is a cordless model with a collector with a capacity of 0.6 litres. It is a vacuum cleaner with very high power. This equipment is suitable for deep cleaning of every nook and cranny of your home. And its brushes are just as favourable to this task. It has a soft brush designed for hard floors and a hard brush for thin carpets. Made of plastic, this model is very appreciated for its aesthetics. Its very lightweight of 3.1 kg also makes it very ergonomic and easy to hold.

What is even more impressive about this model is the capacity of its battery. It is indeed equipped with an ONEPWR rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3.0 Ah. This capacity allows it to be operational and autonomous for 40 min at normal speed. This cordless vacuum cleaner is also ideal for cleaning hidden corners of the house since it is equipped with a suction head with LED lighting, practical for this purpose.

In addition, it has the advantage of being very easy to clean. For example, it has a removable collecting container that you can empty without coming into contact with dust. Finally, this model is no less easy to store with the base with which it is equipped and which can contain all its accessories.

Very powerful, this model presents an optimal sound level. It also has the advantage of being easy to maintain.

4. Dyson V10 Absolute

Dyson V10 Absolute

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Purple
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Purple

Dyson includes the best of its already tested technology on bagless canister vacuums in its cordless and bagless stick vacuums. Thus we find powerful cyclone technology with a digital motor. The suction is effective on all soils and the exhaust air is healthy. A full presentation is available in this review on the Dyson V10 Absolute. Here is why we selected it in our selection.

Thus this model is sold with three brushes to ensure its versatility. The fluffy brush is designed for hard floors (tiles, linoleum, etc.), the motorhead brush is motorized and works on carpets and rugs, the mini turbo brush is made for areas loaded with animal hair. In addition, it is possible to choose between different suction speeds to save the battery and adapt the power to each type of soil.

The tank has a capacity of 0.76 l. It is advisable to empty it after each use. The emptying is done hygienically, however, unlike other Dyson models, it cannot be done with one hand. A security system blocks the whole and complicates the manoeuvre a little.

Whether with or without the wall station, the battery is recharged using a cable. It takes 3 hours for a full charge. Autonomy is then 60 minutes at minimum speed and 10 min at maximum speed. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the speed carefully. In addition, the trigger must be kept permanently. Some see it as a defect (you tense up on the trigger during all the cleaning), others see it as an asset since there is absolutely no loss of energy as soon as you put the vacuum cleaner down.

Finally, two filters are positioned inside the device. There is a HEPA filter and a foam filter. This blocks 99.97% of dust emissions, including the finest particles.



Image credit: Black+Decker

BLACK+DECKER SVJ520BFSP-GB 2-in-1 Li-Ion Smart Tech Stick Vac Pet Range, 36 W
Specialist Beater Bar designed for more effective pet hair pick up; Battery Sensor - LED lights communicate the state of charge

Let us first note that this cordless vacuum cleaner has a very specific purpose. If you do not have pets at home, it is not worth considering the purchase. It is indeed very mono-centred. Also works on the floor and carpets. It cannot absorb very large dirt, but it does very well for hairs or litter in particular.

With weighs 3.63 kg and measures 29 * 29 * 26.7 cm this is equivalent to 8 lbs and 11.42 * 11.42 * 10.51 in. It’s a bit heavy, but keep in mind that the device is not intended to be used on the ceiling, so the discomfort felt is very limited. Especially since the suction power is strong and you clean in a short time.

What really sets the Black & Decker Smartech Pet 2-in-1 apart is a number of ingenious ideas: it notably has a scented filter which prevents you from having bad odours after cleaning and is supplied with a rubber scraper that prevents hair from becoming tangled and trapped.

Unfortunately, the scented filter has two very unpleasant consequences: first, when emptying the dust bin, you must wear gloves. It is not practical, especially since it is small and fills up quickly. Secondly, the maintenance of the device is difficult, it can take a while to remove the dust from the filter.

However, daily use remains pleasant, in particular thanks to the presence of three sensors. One detects the optimal suction power to apply. The other shows you the remaining battery level. The autonomy is approximately 30 minutes. The last sensor tells you when to clean the filter.

6. Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue
Keep your home looking pristine with the Dyson V11 absolute cordless vacuum cleaner; Clean easily. Breathe easily - handy features to make your home both clean and comfortable

The defect of this Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is really its price because for the rest it is an efficient and very ergonomic product. It has directly on the handle an LCD screen which allows to follow with precision the autonomy of the device, the maintenance of the filters and to know the problem code in case of blockage.

It is also one of the cordless stick vacuums offering the greatest autonomy. In eco mode, it allows cleaning for a maximum of 60 minutes. This is really a lot, maybe even too much when you take into account that it is a fairly heavy model (about 5 kg) and that it does not hold in the parking position.

Many accessories are included to be able to use it on many different surfaces. Thus its box contains a wall station (and the screws and dowels allowing to install it), three brushes, a long nozzle, a brush with nozzle, a rigid brush, a mini brush, an accessory holder and a charger.

Everything is also done to allow people allergic to dust to clean up serenely. Thus the filters block up to 99.97% of dust and can be changed. The emptying system of the tank is hygienic to prevent any flight of dust.

Benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners

We already knew traditional vacuum cleaners as well as the famous brooms. So, compared to these two models, what can a cordless vacuum cleaner bring?

  • Numerous surfaces – Those models are perfect for concentrating on difficult surfaces, such as carpeting, rugs or parquet. Thanks to the use of a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will also spend less time covering large areas!
  • Easier movement – While the cordless vacuum remains very light, this is rarely the case with the traditional vacuum cleaner. The cordless vacuum cleaner offers this opportunity, most of the time reaching low weights. They are very handy in this regard since you don’t have to drag the vacuum cleaner behind you or even worry about the length of the wire.
  • Improved efficiency – Cordless vacuum cleaners are designed to meet performance requirements. In this regard, the technology they carry provides good suction power, which not only avoids losses but also preserves your environment. Indeed, unlike the broom, the broom vacuum cleaner does not blow away the dust – enough to protect you from allergies!

Things to consider when choosing cordless vacuum cleaner

Before you buy cordless vacuum cleaner you have to cosider few things:


Cordless vacuum cleaners are less powerful than the standard ones. Therefore, they are recommended for small houses or to give a quick cleaning to the house.

Still, it is important that you pay attention to these two elements that play a key role in the performance of the device. And, in theory, the more power the vacuum cleaner has, the greater it’s suction capacity.

However, you should know that not all of this is the case and that it depends on the manufacturer. For example, the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner achieves high efficiency with lower consumption. And it is that with just 350 W power it offers very high performance. Typically, the power of cordless models is measured in volts rather than in watts. If so, the power usually ranges between 18v and 26v.


One of the main characteristics of this type of vacuum cleaner is its lightness and that is precisely why you will not find them with very large tanks. Its capacity is around 0.5 litres and although it is not very large, it will be enough for quick cleaning of the house.

If you have a lot to vacuum, you will probably have to empty it several times. For the best comfort, it is best to choose a model that has a tank that is easy to remove and reposition again.

Battery life

If you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner, due to its great comfort, you should pay attention to its battery life and charging time.

Depending on the model, the battery could allow you a working time of between 25 and 70 minutes. Those that offer less autonomy are the simplest models, while the most sophisticated ones have the longest usage time.

However, you should consider that this average time is calculated using the lowest power. Vacuum cleaners generally have three suction levels, so if you put the most powerful, the battery will not last as long as stipulated. You should also consider the battery charging time, as there are some that offer a quick charge system and others that will take longer. Keep this in mind when buying and planning cleaning.

cordless vacuum cleaners


There are three types of cordless vacuum cleaners: the stick, the upright and the 2-in-1. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but more importantly, its own characteristics.

The stick offers the best performance, especially in terms of tank capacity. It can also be kept upright, whether or not it is on its base. If we appreciate the performance of the stick, we regret however a sometimes high weight (about 3.5kg), which can complicate the task for large spaces.

The tube, secondly, will come to associate the hand vacuum cleaner with the stick vacuum cleaner, via a tube. Dyson stick vacuums, in this regard, have become true ambassadors of this quality model. Particularly versatile and easy to handle, this type of stick vacuum cleaner nevertheless suffers from low capacities for the tank, which very rarely exceeds 0.5 / 6L.

The 2-in-1, finally, will contain, as its name suggests, two elements: a table vacuum associated with a stick vacuum. You will be able to detach the table vacuum cleaner to focus on the crumbs and dust on your furniture and return to the vacuum cleaner for your floors. Note however that due to the presence of two elements in the same space, the tanks have lower capacities than for the stick.


The noise of the cordless vacuum cleaner is measured in decibels. Standard models are usually noisier, but these also have a level that could be somewhat annoying. Therefore, it is recommended that before choosing a model you pay attention to the noise they generate so that you acquire a relatively quiet one. It is best to buy a vacuum cleaner with a level below 80dB.

Cleaner head

Most of the cordless vacuum cleaners have an electric cleaner head with a rotating roller that traps dirt. Depending on the type of material to vacuum, you should consider the use of use and another brush or accessory.

In the case of parquet, you must make sure that the brush does not damage the wood and if it is long pile carpets, you will probably need a special brush. It is also important that different nozzles can be attached to the cordless vacuum cleaner to clean upholstery or corners that are difficult to access.

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