8 Best ergonomic office chairs for long working hours

If you are one of the people who spend hours and hours in front of the computer, either for work, study, or just for fun, you should buy the most multifunctional ergonomic office chair. So sitting many hours does not hurt your back.
When you work for a long time sitting in an office, it can cause health complications in the long run, causing low back pain, deviations, cervical inflammation, etc. That’s why it is recommended to use a one that is designed exclusively to care of that area of ​​the body.
These chairs are manufactured by specialists, with resistant, light, soft and comfortable materials for your back and neck. So don’t think twice and buy ergonomic office chair today.

What ergonomic office chair to buy?

Although it is easy to get these items. Due to their wide variety of brands, sizes, models, colours, and textures to choose from, they are so many in the market that it isn’t easy and a bit overwhelming to find the right one for you, according to your needs.

For this reason, here you will find only the best ergonomic office chairs on the market, with the best reputation and valued from millions of customers. Don’t leave your purchase for tomorrow, decide today for your multifunctional ergonomic office chair.

1. SIHOO Ergonomic Home Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Home Office Chair
Image Credit: SIHOO

As strong points in this ergonomic office chair, I would highlight its great adaptability and breathability. The backrest is adjustable and lockable to any position up to 125º. The headrest is adjustable both in height and angle (45º), and armrests in size (6 cm), longitudinally 5 cm and 36º of rotation and the lumbar area is adjustable vertically and horizontally to exert more or less pressure depending on your needs.

With all this, I want to emphasize that it is the most adjustable ergonomic office chair that you can find at these prices, recommended for tall people and that without a doubt it has all the options for you to adopt the best possible posture.

As a weak point, the seat has a medium-high hardness, and although this is not comfortable for some users, it provides greater durability. The price may be higher than in other models, but you are paying the great adaptability in all areas.

2. Adjustable Lumbar Support 3D Armrests Computer Desk Chair

Image Credit: SIHOO

I would highlight its wide backrest, ideal for bulky people, and excellent breathability for hot environments as strong points. It also has adjustable armrests and headrests to reduce the stress that originates in the neck and traps.

As a middle point, the backrest is reclining (about 30º) somewhat less than other models and can be locked in three different positions with the same handle used for the height. All this will allow you to adopt both an upright working posture and a more relaxed posture for breaks, making it very flexible for different situations.

As weak points, I would highlight that the maximum seat height is low and therefore, not the most suitable for tall people of more than 180 cm. On the other hand, its lower back is flexible but not adjustable as in other higher priced models.

If you are a very tall person, I advise you to look at other models with a greater maximum height so that your legs are at a 90º angle when you sit down.

3. mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair
Image Credit: mfavour

As strong points in this ergonomic chair, I would highlight its great adaptability and breathability. Both the headrest and the armrest, the backrest and the lumbar area are adjustable. This makes it an ideal for work because it allows you to adapt excellently to different tables.

The synthetic foam seat is comfortable, healthy and spacious, ideal for large people. Also, it has 90-125 degrees reclining backrest that can be locked in the desired position so that you can choose the exact degree of inclination that makes you feel more comfortable. Finally, it has silent wheels suitable for all types of floors.

As a weak point, its headrest is somewhat low for people over 185 cm and is adjustable in height, but not at an angle, which makes it very adaptable to everyone, but with certain limitations for very tall people.

4. Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Image Credit: Cedric

As for strengths in this ergonomic chair, I refer to the great adaptability of all its components.

On the one hand, the lumbar backrest is adjustable in height by 10 cm, the headrest 6 cm, the cushion 5 cm forward / backwards and finally, the backrest is lockable in 3 positions it very easy to adapt it.

In short, it is an office chair that meets all the advantages of flexibility to adapt it to everyone’s body and at a lower price than the higher-end models.

As a weak point, the backrest cannot be locked in any position like other superior models.

5. Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair
Image Credit: Dripex

Starting with the strengths, we would say that everything is adjustable to adopt the most comfortable position possible. On the one hand, the lumbar support adjusts both laterally and the depth, which favours better support and less tension with the consequent reduction of pain in this area.

On the other hand, the backrest is adjustable and can be fixed from 90° to 140°. But what is especially useful is that you can control the weight with which the backrest tilts. This is very practical to not back out more than necessary without fixing it and favouring more ergonomic postures.

Another point is the headboard, which is adjustable in height, making it suitable for very tall people who have trouble finding a proper office chair. The inclination is also regulated and allows better head support.

Finally, the height-adjustable arms will allow you to stick to the table, and if they collide with it, you can adjust them at will. This function is handy whether you are tall or short because if you support your arms so that your shoulders are not relaxed, you will generate enormous tension in the cervicals.

6. IntimaTe WM Heart Executive Office Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Desk Chair Ergonomic, Executive Office Chair
Image Credit: IntimaTe WM Heart

It is a sturdy office chair with a mesh back and an aluminium base to support loads of up to 150 kg.

As strong points in this ergonomic chair, I would highlight its economical price, comfort and breathability. The armrests can be folded, which makes it ideal to stick to the desk without having to adjust its height and thus have a correct working position.

Also, it has excellent lumbar support for people who suffer from low back pain, since it reduces the tension accumulated in this area when we spend a lot of time sitting.

The backrest reclines as a middle point, but it is not lockable to the position you want. Still, only in the vertical place (90º), you do not have as much adaptability as in other models. However, it is enough to adopt an ergonomic and healthy position at work.

As weak points, the wheels are not silent, although you can change them and it is not suitable for tall and corpulent people since we would need a more robust and larger chair.

7. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Image Credit: Hbada

If what you are looking for is an ideal chair for opponents, this is yours.
You spend too much time sitting locked in your agendas, and you need a comfortable and ergonomic chair that takes care of your back and your health in general.
The Hbada is ideal for you because it has an ergonomic design designed for users’ comfort.
The backrest is finished with a perfect mesh design to avoid sweating and excessive heat that other materials tend to give, especially when study days are so long.
With the Hbada chair, you won’t have to worry about anything. Comfort, simplicity and effectiveness are characteristics that define it.
It has been made with steel that provides a lot of strength and durability to its structure. Also, it supports a weight of up to 150 kg.
The chair’s height can be adjusted to suit your size, and the wheels allow you freedom of movement.

8. Olsen & Smith Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Olsen & Smith Ergonomic Mesh Chair
Image Credit: Olsen & Smith

This may be the one you are looking for for your office. Fully ergonomic and with controls to adjust your position guarantees total comfort and safety for your back for hours.
With an excellent value for money, this office chair will allow us to rest our neck and the arms. The armrests are also adjustable.
The design is elegant, sober and discreet ideal for any office.
It also comes with mesh in the back area. When the heat attacks, we can continue to maintain a comfortable and sweat-free sitting.
Very easy to assemble and as its armrests are foldable, you can put the chair under the desk so that it does not break the aesthetics of your office.

Types of ergonomic chairs

  1. Ergonomic chairs with mesh backrest: They are very comfortable and light. When the time of heat arrives, and for hot people, this type is undoubtedly the best option.
  2. Ergonomic gaming chairs: They are the great novelty of recent years. Now I am using one. The truth is that if you are looking for comfort, you have to buy a high-end gaming chair.
  3. Ergonomic executive chairs: The classic office chairs par excellence. Although there are costly ones, with any of the chairs you have here, it will fulfil the function of an executive chair, in addition to meeting the requirements of an ergonomic chair.

Buying Guide

You will undoubtedly find countless brands and models of office or desk chairs in the market, so deciding to buy one according to your own needs is sometimes a bit difficult. However, with a little patience and considering the following recommendations, you will have a successful purchase.

If you are a person who works long hours sitting down, either at home or in an office, then it is best to buy a comfortable chair, designed to provide lumbar support and relieve that feeling of fatigue. Also, always remember to maintain an honest relationship between value for money, guaranteeing a right product.

Strength and Durability

This aspect is essential when choosing a new chair. The first thing you should do is verify that it is made of strong materials such as metal, iron or stainless steel, especially at its base. It needs to support a great weight. A model that resists about 150 Kg is considered a resistant chair.

Likewise, the wheels, back, armrests and seat materials must be made of resistant and durable materials. For example, choose forged plastic or silicone wheels compatible with all types of soil and be 360 ​​° rotatable for greater mobility.

Ergonomic design

A chair that is easily assembled is preferable, that is, one that comes with its instruction manual, and is fully assembled in a matter of minutes. It is also essential that its backrest has mesh technology, and has a 100% adjustable system, both in the headrest and in the chair’s height in general.

Make sure you get the perfect height for you, according to your height and weight, so it is preferable to choose adjustable chairs and reach a greater height. If you are a tall person, make sure your chair has a headrest so you can get more comfort.

Neck and back support

This is perhaps one of the essential points before buying a new office chair because daily comfort is required for long working hours. A model without support begins to be unbearable after a short time of use since it does not protect the back or neck.

In this sense, take your time choosing the one that contains all the benefits for your spine. Always look for those with reinforced lumbar support, that is, they are those with V-shaped pads in the lower part of the backrest.

The chair should have a curved or S shape, which guarantees the back’s natural curvature to maintain a good posture while sitting for long hours. A soft foam or microfiber seat, fabric armrests that are not rough when in contact with the skin, and finally, an adjustable headrest are also recommended, to take care of the neck and cervical.

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