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There are walls which you can drill a hole with a standard battery drill. For example, a plaster wall. But what if you have to break through solid concrete or reinforced concrete wall? A drill is a good option, but sometimes this tool is not enough. You probably need hammer drill!

In such a device, even breaking into concrete, tile or stone is not a problem. Of course, there are many different models on the market and they are all different. Who is the right one for you? In this comparison of the hammer drill, you will find the answer. We have deliberately renounced cheap offers, and high-end products are not considered here. All hammer drills comparable here are suitable for home use.

1. Makita HR 2470X SDS-Plus rotary hammer with improved carbon brushes

Makita HR2470X Rotary Hammer Drill (2.7 Joules) 240V Electric
  • Maximum in concrete 24mm, Maximum in steel 13mm, Maximum in wood 32mm
  • Rotary hammer & rotary only, Joules 2.7Js
  • Forward & reverse action
  • Blows per minute: 0-4500bpm
  • No load speed: 0-1100rpm

The percussion drill of the famous Makita toolmaker is a very robust device, which is equipped with a 780-watt motor. This allows a strike of 2.7 joules. A special feature, according to the manufacturer, is that it works with the same speed and the same torque in both left and right rotation. Bricks, concrete and stone are not a problem for this machine. You can set the turn and race number electronically so you always have full control. The weight of this hammer is 2.9 kg.

The selector allows easy switching between drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. The ignition switch can be switched to continuous operation. The maximum thickness of the drill is 32 millimetres in the wood sector, 13 millimetres for steel and 24 millimetres for work in concrete.

The Makita system provides additional safety to protect the hammer against overheating. Special sensors guarantee that the machine shuts off in case it overheats. In case of strong energy fluctuations, which can occur especially in the area of ​​new buildings, the machine also shuts down as a precautionary measure.

Special feature: the HR 2470x SDS-Plus hammer drill is equipped with improved carbon brushes, which guarantee an optimum service life and minimize wear by means of an intelligent fuse.

2. Makita HR2811FT including quick-change drill chuck

Makita 240V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Torque limiter - The drill stops when the bit hits against reinforcements
  • 3 function: Rotary only, Rotary hammer, Hammer only
  • Improved dust collection

The second Makita hammer drill in our list. Compared to the HR 2470, the motor has a 20-watt extra. What is particularly important is that it can handle both SDS drills and “normal” rotary drills. For this purpose, it is equipped with a quick change chuck. HR 2811FT is suitable for drilling and hammering.

The operation is greatly facilitated by the additional vibration damping of a spring-loaded handle, the handle is very good and secure on the arm with a rubber pad on.

3. Bosch DIY cordless hammer drill UneoMaxx: cordless hammer drill for smaller jobs

Bosch Cordless Drill UneoMaxx (Without Battery, 18 V System, In a Cardboard Box)
  • 3-in-1 multi tool: Shift from hammer drilling to drilling or screwing/unscrewing just by shifting the adjustment switch from one icon to the other
  • Use in different materials: Use the pneumatic hammering mode for hammering in concrete and masonry or use the tool for screw driving and drilling in wood, metal and plastic when hammering mechanism is switched off
  • Broad drill bit range: The hammer drill can be used with SDS-Quick and ¼ Inch Hex drill bits, for round drill bit use the included round-shank adapter
  • One-click accessories change: Quick and keyless change of accessories in just a few seconds thanks to the SDS-Quick system
  • Power for all 18 V: The additionally available battery is compatible for all products within the green Bosch home and garden 18 V system and Bosch unlimited vacuum cleaners

Even the product designation reveals where the big difference is with the previous instruments: UneoMaxx works with a rechargeable battery. This allows you to free yourself from work with extension cords and cable drums in place. The percussion drill is due to its compact design and its low weight of 1.4 kg, especially suitable for working in narrow and difficult places.

Bosch hammer achieves a unique impact strength of 0.6 joules, which makes it clear in this area compared to the competition. However, around adapter is included so you can work with additional bits. The drill box, which can have a maximum thickness of 10 millimetres, works with the SDS.

The DIY wireless cordless drill is designed specifically for use in the home, as clearly demonstrated by do-it-yourself (DIY). As a result, the application options are somewhat limited, so you can not make any cuts with the device because the rotation function cannot be disabled.

Also like a hammer for women, this device is being announced. Included in the delivery is a 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery that operates at 8 volts. Of course, the charging station is on.

4. Makita HR2630 Rotary Hammer: Lightweight rotary hammer

Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill-110V
  • Impact energy 2.4 J
  • Max in steel: 13 mm
  • Max in concrete (TCT bit): 26 mm
  • Max in concrete (TCT core): 68 mm
  • Max in concrete (Diamond core): 80 mm

The next Makita HR2630 hammer drill in our comparison is mainly characterized by its relatively light weight – 2.9 kg. The tool, however, runs an 800-watt engine that achieves a single-stroke of 2.9 J. However, chiselling with this drill is possible as the machine’s rotation can be turned off.

Speed ​​is controlled electronically, you can switch between right and left with an easy-to-use switch. For woodworking, SDS drills up to 32 mm, 26 mm for concrete and 13 mm for steel can be used.

Special function: Safety and convenience are provided by anti-vibration technology that protects against excessive fatigue, while the HR2630 is equipped with a tripping clutch that prevents the engine from being blocked and thus prevents injury.

5. Bosch rotary hammer PBH 3000-2 FRE: Flexible midrange unit

Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE
  • Rotational speed (in t/min): 3000^Type: drill wire^Variator speed (yes/no): yes^Number of speeds: 2^Drilling capacity (in mm): 30/13 (steel)/26^Striking force: 2.8 J^Striking frequency: 4000 cuts/minute^Chisel function: yes^Weight: 3.3 kg.

The difference with the PBH 2100, which immediately stands out, is the higher motor power: the PBH 3000-2 works with a 750 W motor and achieves a one-off impact of 2.9 joules. As a result, you can use this device for a larger workspace. In addition, the impact drill is equipped with an SDS chuck. However, another handle can be used to use normal bits and exercises.

Of course, the PBH 3000-2 is also equipped with a pneumatic impact mechanism, thanks to which the pressure during drilling and punching no longer plays any role. Since the hammer cuts off the rotating motion, the chisel can also be used with this tool. At 3.3 kilograms, PBH 3000-2 is also one kilogram heavier than PBH 2000.

6. Bosch professional hammer drill GBH 2-28 F with built-in counter-oscillator

Bosch Professional GBH 2-28 F Corded 240 V Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS Plus
  • Max. impact energy: 3.2 J
  • Impact rate at rated speed: 0 – 4.000 bpm
  • Rated speed: 0 – 900 rpm

This rotating hammer from Bosch uses an 880-watt motor to achieve 3.2 joules of impact energy. Ensures rapid drilling and cutting. In addition, the device has a built-in sensor that reduces the risk of injury: if the sensor detects clogging during operation, the engine shuts down completely, preventing further hammering. The tool weighs 3.1 kg.

Of course, the GBH 2-28 F has a locking button, so you do not have to hold the trigger all the time, which prevents excessive fatigue, especially during prolonged operation. The drill works with SDS-plus and can use drills with a thickness of 4 to 28 millimetres. For drills, you can use drills with a maximum thickness of 68 millimetres.

GBH 2-28 F is compatible with a variety of dust extraction system accessories that will not only facilitate cleaning but will also greatly improve the workability of, particularly dusty materials.

Specificity: Thanks to the built-in counterflow in the gear housing, vibration values ​​are minimized, making the tool very delicate for the joints, thus preventing long-lasting damage.

7. Einhell Rotary Hammer Set TC-RH 900 with pneumatic impact mechanism

Einhell TH-RH 900/1 900 W Rotary Hammer Drill
  • High quality tooling for optimum impact drilling and long term performance
  • Robust aluminium gear head for improved hammer drilling performance
  • Overload safety clutch for repeated hammer drilling tasks
  • SDS-plus adapter
  • Hammer stop facility

Einhell is known as a popular brand. The device is equipped with a TC-RH 900 and is equipped with a pneumatic mechanism that can be used to operate with 900 W that can achieve a workload of 3 joules.

The Einhell rotary drill is slightly heavier than the above-mentioned devices and has a weight of 4.05 kg. For this purpose, an additional handle is improved: it is secured with ribs against accidental slipping. The overload connector also ensures that the hammer is switched off to prevent injury. The TC-RH 900 uses the SDS-Plus holder – the quick mounting bracket for the cylindrical drill bit is not included.

A special feature is the gear head made of aluminium, which makes it easier to operate thanks to its low weight and torsion protection.

8. Bosch Professional hammer drill GBH 3-28 DFR with 20 percent more power

Bosch Professional GBH 3-28 DFR Corded 240 V Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS Plus
  • High drilling rate and 20 Percent higher chiselling performance than other rotary hammers in its class
  • Low vibration (only 13 m/sq s) For more comfortable working due to Bosch vibration control
  • Quick-change chuck for fast changes between drilling with impact in concrete and drilling without impact in wood and metal
  • Balanced weight distribution due to L-shaped design for more comfortable working
  • Rotating brush plate for equal power in forward and reverse rotation

This hammer drill is again a Bosch Professional series model. According to the manufacturer, the performance is 20% higher than all other drills. It works with an 800-watt motor that reaches 3.1 Joules but weighs only 3.6 kilograms. In addition, it is equipped with Bosch vibration control technology that delivers low vibration – making it much easier to operate this device, especially when cutting.

The removable chuck SDS-plus provides fast switching between drilling with impact in concrete and drill without impact wood and metal. The rotating brush plate provides rotation clockwise and counterclockwise with the same force.

The design drew attention to the balanced weight distribution, thanks to which the overall equilibrium of the device is very balanced. As the handle is variable, you can also use as combi drill.

9. Makita cordless rotary hammer DHR264ZJ – powerful battery charger

Makita DHR264ZJ Twin 18 V Li-ion LXT Rotary Hammer in a Makpac Case, No Batteries Included
  • Supplied with quick change chuck
  • 40 different bit-angle settings
  • Battery capacity warning lamp
  • Torque limiter
  • Soft start

Another Makita device finds in our comparison the best 10 rotary hammer drills. Again, it’s a device that works completely without a cable, so it works with a battery. And not just one, but two batteries at the same time. As a result, the hammer achieves an output voltage of 36 volts and the lowest impact strength of 3.0 joules, which is very strong in the case of a battery-powered device. That is why the DHR 254ZJ is also suitable for cutting. Two 18 volt batteries are required for operation.

The Makita Cordless Hammer is equipped with an SDS chuck. You can use drills up to 32 mm thick for wood, 26 mm for concrete and 13 mm for steel. The powerful engine, however, has its own weight: the device weighs a total of 6.9 kg.

Like all rotary hammers in our comparison, the Makita has a friction clutch that protects against blocking the tool and thus prevents injuries. The handle is also equipped with vibration damping that protects against fatigue. The impact drill also has LED work lights with a glow function. This means that you always have a preview of the workpiece, even when the device is not in use.

Makita’s specificity: Makita’s advantage is, as everyone knows, that Akkus can be exchanged between different devices.

10. Bosch rotary hammer PBH 2100 RE with Vario-Lock

Bosch 06033A9370 PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill, Green
  • Powerful 550 W motor for all applications in drilling concrete, steel and wood
  • Keyless chuck for quick and easy bit change
  • Selection switch for hammering, chiselling, drilling or screwdriving
  • Impact stop switches off the hammer mechanism when drilling in wood or metal and when screwdriving
  • Rotation stop switches off the rotary motion when chiselling

This rotating hammer from Bosch is the smallest component of the Bosch PBH series. It works at 550 watts, which is comparatively low compared to other products in this comparison. However, the tool achieves the impact strength of 1.7 joules, which is enough for most home appliance applications. At 2.2 kg this is a relatively light machine.

Thanks to its compact design and slightly lower performance, the impact drill is a bit more limited when the seed drill is lifted. The following exercises are supported for 30 mm carpentry, for concrete works 20 mm and 13 mm steelwork
The hammer does not work with the SDS but with a quick grip suitable for cylindrical drills. Thanks to the pneumatic hammer mechanism, you do not need to lose muscle strength to get high contact pressure. The PBH 2100 RE is also suitable for cutting, so you can, for example, lift tiles from the wall.

The history of a rotary hammer drill

Striking workout in the real sense, first, has little to do with what we are dealing with in our comparison. There are three different versions of a hammer drill. First, there is a pneumatic punch. As the name suggests, it works with compressed air. The pushed piston strikes the hammer, which in turn strikes the piercing rod. The probe is mounted on it.

The weight of such a hammer used in mining. It is about 42 kilograms and is therefore not suitable for home use. These devices have existed since the 1860s and have been used in tunnelling. Nowadays, pneumatic tools are often found in the automotive sector. In this way, powerful pneumatic wrenches work to loosen and tighten the machine screws.

Hydraulic swing hammers have a mass of 150kg or more so they are just as good for you as for you. You can find tools and machines hydraulically driven, where heavy objects have to move with great force. They are used in excavators and agricultural machinery as well as in the automotive sector for lifting platforms or in small vehicles and lifts.

The devices considered as electric rotary hammers. They are used where there is no compressed air. Unlike other options, electric rotary hammers have a much lower power spectrum that does not play a major role in home and craft.

The rotary hammer we know today is invented by Bosch and was first produced in 1932 in a series. The term “Boschhammer” has become synonymous with these devices. When Hilti began producing rotary hammers in 1967, the company was increasingly replacing Boschhammer. Since then, Hilti has become synonymous with a similar device.

What should be taken into account when buying a hammer drill?

Comparable models differ in many ways. It starts with the engine and stops with the weight of the instrument. When planning a purchase of such a device, you need to know what to look for when you buy. Here are the main features of the product:

Productivity: Strength is usually given in a percussion drill in unit Joule. This shows how much power the hammer machine can apply. This is directly related to the motor power in watts. It’s hard to judge how much energy you actually need for your project. The following rule should help: If you want to use the “only” drilling tool in concrete and stone, average performance is certainly enough. If you also want to use the rotary hammer as a chisel, select a larger version accordingly.

Features: The rotating hammers we have compared are also different in their functions. Surely there are models where the rotating cannot be turned off so chiselling is impossible with such a device. This is especially important if you want to do this. The selector switch, which can switch between simple drilling, knocking and cutting, is included in almost all devices. It is quite rare for the function to adjust the performance itself. This may be critical for certain materials.

Weight plays a role when it comes to working over the head. There are rotary hammers weighing 2 pounds, but there are also models that exceed the 6 kilograms limit. If you’ve ever worked with such a device, you know the heavier the hammer, the harder it will be to work longer. So if you are going to do a roof repair, you should look for a lighter model.

Chuck: The cartridge is usually available in two different versions: either a quick chuck to tighten “normal” drills and bits or so-called SDS. However, special training is required. The advantage of SDS is that drills can not slide into the chuck because they are not cylindrical.

Price/Performance Ratio: A subject that is always widely discussed. It is a fact, as with many other things, if you spend more money, you usually get better quality. True to the slogan “I can not afford cheap” you have to find a healthy environment. In our comparison, we have not listed any product without a name and for good reason. Especially with electronic tools, this difference is easily recognizable – which immediately leads us to the next important criterion.

Safety and comfort: The safety issue is extremely important. Several factors play a role here. In all devices comparable to us, there is a so-called slip-on connector, so there’s already basic security.

The hammer drill produces a lot of energy at work. This also goes to you. Vibration is the magic word. Better models have taken precautions here and have installed separate mechanisms with important mechanisms to minimize this vibration. Your joints will thank you. The handles of the machine are also important.

Main manufacturer of rotary hammers

There are some manufacturers that are indispensable in the field of rotary hammers in the DIY sector. Statistics show that it is these companies that dominate sales. But smaller producers need to be found. We have listed the most important:

Bosch rotary hammer: Bosch has a pioneering role in rotary hammers as it is the first company in the world to produce these units.

Special feature: Bosch, has two main product lines that vary in colour, above all in terms of colour. Appliances that are designed for home use, present in green.
The Professional Series, on the other hand, is available in blue. Since a hammer drill is primarily a tool that is used in the commercial sector, the selection in the professional field is much wider. Nevertheless, there are also some of the low-priced, green devices, which are suitable for the home improvement sector.

What should a hammer drill cost?

This question is not easy to answer because the price depends on the rotating hammer work, equipment and quality. This depends on the device requirements. In any case, the price range is enormous, even if we only look at the manufacturer’s product line.

The cheapest rotary drill in a professional Bosch series costs about 150 pounds, GBH 2-20D. The most expensive model GBH 12-52 DV is about 1,200 pounds – a difference of over 1,000 pounds. Good cheap punch training is always a matter of your own approach.

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