The best home drills of the year to buy

In any house, there are tools since they become fundamental elements when it comes to undertaking a myriad of repairs, improvements, small “sloppy” … However, one of those most essential tools in a home is to have the better drill, or at least one of quality, since it helps us to undertake all kinds of perforations on different surfaces, either to put a shelf or hang a picture, for example. Therefore, if you still do not have one at home, the time has come for you to buy it, and you will see a large number of utilities that it offers.

What to keep in mind when buying a home drill?

As when we acquire any other item in the market, it is necessary and essential that a series of elements or factors be taken into account in order to buy the best drill model. That is the one that fits the needs that are had and, of course, the money that can be invested in it.

That’s why, to make it much easier for you to buy now, we’re going to help you. Specifically, at first, we will explain what are the characteristics in which you should look, especially to find the right one, once you have clear what you are going to use it for:

  • The type of drill. In this case, we must know fundamentally that there are two classes: the ” cordless ” and the one that works connected to the electricity network. The first is characterized by the fact that it is comfortable and easy to use, because it can be carried from one side to another, and the second has in its favour that is usually more powerful and faster.
  • The power, since based on it will guarantee a more or less forceful and effective service.
  • Its dimensions and weight. Of these two factors depend, fundamentally, the one that allows being used with comfort and without the arms suffering.
  • The speeds. And we can not overlook that there are only one-speed drills and others that have several, to adapt to the different activities that are going to be done with them.

The type of grip it has, its ergonomic design, the percussion, its security systems, the accessories it includes or the functions it can undertake are other features that must be taken into account when buying a tool like this.

Comparison of the best home drills

All the criteria that we have exposed in the previous section are those that should be considered when betting on buying an item like the one we are dealing with. But not only those, but it is also very useful to know which are the models that at that moment are catalogued as the most leading of the market.

For this reason, below we will list the best current drills, which, according to the opinions of experts and users, have the perfect quality-price ratio:

1. Drill Bosch-PSB 530 RE

Bosch PSB 750 RCE Hammer Drill
  • 750W motor with up to 14 mm drilling diameter in stone
  • Bosch Constant Electronics, plus speed preselection and control using setting wheel and trigger switch
  • Single sleeve Bosch auto-lock keyless chuck
  • Cable guide with hanging hook for practical storage
  • Screwdriving, drilling, hammer drilling function switch for material specific working

Hammer drill. This is how this other model is defined, which is also guaranteed by a recognized firm and that is available for a reasonable price. Of the same, especially stands out that it works with cable, that has a power of 750W, that includes a function of the blockade and that his grip is especially smooth, what facilitates his use enormously.

But there is still more. And is that, in addition to its weight of 1.6 kilos and a size of 33.6 x 29 x 9.8 centimetres, it stands out because it allows a completely safe drill change, because it includes a connection for dust extraction and because It is equipped with an additional handle.

2. Drill Einhell TH-CD

Einhell TH-CD 24-2 i Akku-Schlagbohrschrauber
  • Battery: Ni-Cd Battery voltage: 24 Volt DC Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
  • No. Turns: 1 Pos. : 0 - 350 min-1 2. Pos. : 0 - 1,100 min-1
  • Torsion strength adjustment: 19 + 1 + 1 POS Torque force: 48 Nm.
  • Charging time: approx. 1 hour
  • Supplied accessories Double handle Double battery case included

The second position in our ranking is occupied by a model “Einhell” which is in the first place, as both belong to the German firm Einhell.

So you can think about if you need, you should know that you do not need cable, which includes an extra battery, which has two speeds and has a power of 17.28 W . All this without forgetting its quick stop function, its soft grip, its powerful 14.4 V screwdriver and an ergonomic design that makes it much easier to use.

The last two really relevant technical specifications are its weight of 4 kilos and dimensions of 38.5 x 30.5 x 10.3 centimeters.

3. Bosch PSB 500 RE

Bosch PSB 500 RE Hammer Drill
  • Compact design with softgrip and low weight (1.5kg)
  • 500 W motor and up to 13 mm drilling diameter in stone
  • Works in forward and reverse operation, integrated switch for continuous operation
  • Screwdriving, drilling, hammer drilling function switch for material specific working
  • New cable guide with hanging hook for practical storage.

As we told you with the Black & Decker model, buying a Bosch drill is a great success, if we take into account that this brand is one of the most advanced in the field of DIY. The price of this article is very similar to others on the list and stands out because it is a hammer model because it has a really ergonomic and compact design at the time because it has a powerful 500 W motor.

But not only because of these characteristics, but many users also recommend it. They also do it because it guarantees 13 millimetres of drilling in concrete, because it includes a briefcase, because its speed is variable and because it bets to present itself with a blunt grip.

If all that has appeared interesting, you will also find its size of 33.5 x 30 x 10 centimetres as well as its weight of only 1.6 kilos.

4. Drill Einhell TC-CD 12 Li

Einhell TC-CD 12 Li - Cordless Combi Drills (Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion))
  • Charging time: 1 h
  • Idle speed (gear 1): 0 - 300 rpm
  • Idle speed (gear 2): 0 - 1050 rpm
  • Accumulator: 12 V; 1.3 Ah (Li-Ion)
  • Weigt: 1.1 kg

The first position of this ranking is occupied by an article that has as the first aspect in its favour that is made by the German firm Einhell, which is a leader in the field of tools and DIY.

However, we can emphasize that the aspects that have lofty to this number 1 are that it works without cable, that its battery is charged quickly in an hour, which has a soft grip while an ergonomic design and ensuring power of 15.6 W. It is also worth noting the fact that it is equipped with 18 levels of torque, a weight of 1.1 kilos and dimensions of 8.4 x 29 x 25 centimeters.

Drilling and screwing easily without the need for a mandrel is what can be done with this model, which is available on Amazon for a price slightly lower price. Those who already have praise, above all, its effective service and ease of use.

5. Drill Black & Decker

BLACK+DECKER KR604CRESK Percussion Hammer Drill, 600 W
  • With 600 Watt power suitable for home drilling
  • Hammer action suitable for drilling into masonry
  • Spindle lock for easy bit change and maximum accessory grip
  • Variable speed and lock on button for greater comfort
  • 13mm, high quality keyless chuck. Secondary handle to provide additional control

Without a doubt, buying a Black & Decker drill is one of the best options you can take when it comes to equipping your DIY box with an item like that. Why? Because it is an important brand, praised and characterized by the fact that all its proposals have an undeniable quality and an effective and efficient guaranteed service.

A model with a cable that stands out for its power of 710 W, its ease of use, the set of case and accessories (bits, tips …) that includes and also offers the function of a screwdriver.

To all that we can add that it weighs 2.9 kilos and that it has a size of 43 x 32 x 12 centimetres.

6. Silverline 265897

In the event that you consider that the models that we have disclosed to you so far escape to a certain extent from the budget that you have, this other one that you have before you will find it useful. It is an economic drill.

What technical specifications have led you to be part of this list of the best drills? Basically its power of 500W, which is capable of drilling different surfaces (wood, steel, masonry …), which includes a fully adjustable additional handle and has a precise speed control.

But there is still more. It will be useful to know that it is identified by its ergonomic and compact design, which weighs 1.9 kilos and that those who already agree on stressing that it is simple as well as effective and useful for the environment of the home.

With this last article concludes our ranking, which must be taken into account when buying the drill you want, which will allow you to undertake DIY tasks with safety, perfection and comfort. Analyze it thoroughly and choose the right one to cover your needs and so that your pocket does not suffer.

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