Best Induction Hobs for your kitchen

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The time has come to give a change to the kitchen of your home and you need, among many other things, to replace the glass ceramic or the gas stove you have. In that case, you should know that a great option is that you decide to buy one of the Induction hobs that are available for sale.

As you know, these are plates that in recent years have achieved great relevance and are increasingly in demand in the market. This is due, among other things, to the fact that they offer a long list of advantages, among which we can highlight that they are cleaned in a very simple way, that they heat up very quickly, that they make a low consumption and that they are much safer. Yes, they are safer because the heat is only transmitted between the plate itself and the container you put in it, that is, if you place your hand on it you will not get burned.

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As you see, there are more than enough reasons for you not to think about it and you decide to acquire one. If you consider that to be the best option, we recommend that you continue reading. Next, we will let you know from the aspects in which you should look to buy one as well as the best models of the market.

Tips for buying an Induction Hob

Once you are very clear that you are going to buy an induction hob, it is necessary to pay attention to the aspects that we are going to indicate in order to achieve the ideal:

  • The dimensions it has. This is essential so that you can adjust to the space you have in your kitchen. The usual thing is that it has a width of 60 centimetres, although they can also be 80 or 90 centimetres.
  • The power and it’s regulation system so that it can adapt to the needs that you have at any moment.
  • The number of burners it has. Typically, they are plates of 3 or 4, although there are all kinds.
  • The brand that has manufactured it and the guarantee it offers are, of course, two other aspects that you should not forget. In that case, it is best to trust a reference firm in the sector and offer you a guarantee.
  • The finish of the plate and its design is, in the same way, another issue in which to fix so you can achieve the one that is best in your kitchen based on the style you have.

If you include a timer or not and even what its price is, similarly, criteria to be taken into consideration when buying an induction hob.

Comparison of the best induction hobs

Once you have known the most important aspects to look for, it is time to know which are the best induction hob, based on the opinion of consumers:

1. Bosch PKE611D17E Ceramic Hob

Bosch PKE611D17E Ceramic Hob - Black
138 Reviews

The first position in this ranking is occupied by a plaque endorsed by the prestigious firm Bosch. It has 17 power levels and four burners of different diameters. It is black, ceramic type and has a power of 1400 W.

Includes led indicators, weighs about 7 kilos and have a size of 59.2 x 52.2 x 5.1 cm. That without forgetting that it has an alarm, automatic start and even memory. What’s more, it allows accelerating what is the heating thanks to the sprint function.

2. Whirlpool Induction Hob ACM 847

In the case that you are looking for an economic induction hob, this may be the ideal one. 

It belongs to the well-known brand Whirlpool, comes with three burners and has a bevelled frame. Also, it should be noted that includes a built-in screen, which is very easy to use and has a sensor with which you can control and adjust the powers of each area.

It weighs 12.5 kilos and has a standard size 51 x 58 x 56 cm.

3. Siemens eh651feb1e Induction Hob

The bronze medal to the best induction hobs is granted to this other model of the Siemens brand, which has 17 power levels, three burners being the largest of 32 centimetres, auto-disconnection of security and even control block.

Its 2,600 W is another feature of this article for the kitchen that is black, which has the Sprint function to heat much faster and that comes with the Frying sensor option that comes to control the temperature of the oil so that it does not burn

Its power is controlled only by passing the finger through the specific area, weighs 13 kilos and its dimensions are 59 x 52.2 x 5.1 centimetres.

4. Cookology Built-in, Touch Control, Induction Hob

Good value for money is that presented by this Cookology induction hob, which has a good price.

Its power is 2,000 W, has four burners. We must add that it has child lock, automatic disconnection and a size of 52 x 59 x 6 cm.

It has a sliding touch control and its upper surface is made of glass.

5. Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B

In this list of the best electric hobs, we could not forget about this other, endorsed by the firm Russell Hobbs that has a bevelled frame, tactile controls and 4 cooking zones, highlighting an extra cooking zone. Includes timer and reaches a weight of 8.3 kg.

Its size is 59 x 52 x 5.5 cm, the electrical power is from 1200 to 1800 W, is black and has a function thanks to which gets much faster heating. It also has child lock, automatic disconnection and Stop & Go function to pause the cooking.

6. NOXTON Built-in 4 Zone Electric Hob

NOXTON Built-in 4 Zone Electric Hob...
137 Reviews

To finish this list, we are going to present you with an economic and very special alternative. It is an induction hob featuring glass surface and reaches a power of 1800 W.

It has 9 power levels and four preconfigured programs such as rice, keep warm, soup and coffee.

It can be programmed 24 hours a day, includes protection to prevent overheating and has a single burner. It is black, weighs about 8.34 kilos and has dimensions of 59 x 52 x 5.2 cm.

And so far our ranking of the best induction hobs. Now, after knowing the most praised models and the advice to find the right one, it is only necessary to analyze your needs and acquire the perfect one for your kitchen.

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