6 Best Inflatable Pools for your Garden

The heat has arrived and he has done it to stay as the summer season begins. An era is where we will not hesitate to make use of the various resources we have at our fingertips to alleviate these suffocating temperatures. So, we go to the beach, for example. But not everyone can afford this opportunity or not during all the summer months. If you include yourself among people with these “limitations” the best thing you can do is buy yourself an inflatable pool.

So, if you have a garden at home or a large patio, you can carry out the installation in it of that article, which, at least, will give you the opportunity to give you a dip to cool off and that will delight the little ones. In this way, you will get them to have a great time in a very economical way.

Tips for buying an inflatable pool

The first thing you have to know before buying one is that there are many models that exist. Because of this circumstance, what you should do is take into account several factors that will help you to know what you need, thus discarding a wide list of possibilities. Specifically, you should look at these criteria:

  • The size and shape. Undoubtedly, the main features that you should pay attention to are these, since it is the way that you can acquire one that completely adapts to the place of your home where you plan to place it.
  • Who will use it? This is a question that you must also ask yourself to buy the best inflatable pool. And is that if you only want them for children should opt for shorter models and with certain “attractions” or accessories of games like slides, while if the whole family intends to use it, you must buy a larger and more resistant.
  • Material. Unquestionably, starting from the characteristics mentioned above in the previous points, you should opt for one that is made with one material or another. Thus, for example, it is established that PVC is one of the most durable and resistant.

Buy inflatable pool online

In addition to the mentioned factors, it is necessary that you also proceed to take into consideration others when buying that aforementioned aquatic installation. In particular, you should know very well what budget you can invest, you must take into account the brand that supports it and it is also interesting that you know what opinions users give about it. Regarding the latter, you will find the list that we are going to show you very useful, a ranking of the inflatable pools that offer a better quality-price ratio, according to those who have acquired them online:

1. Pool Bestway 54006

Bestway Family Pool, rectangular pool for children, easy to assemble, blue, 262 x 175 x 51 cm
  • Simple construction - The Family Pool can be inflated quickly and is very easy to set up
  • Robust material - Consisting of sturdy vinyl, the set-up pool promises a long shelf life
  • From 6 years - The swimming pool is suitable for children over 6 years and has an integrated drain valve
  • Store space-saving - At the end of the season, the garden pool can be easily dismantled and stored to save space
  • Scope of supply - Bestway Family Pool paddling pool, including self-adhesive repair patch, dimensions: 262x175x51 cm cm, material: vinyl, color: blue

The first position is occupied by this article, which is presented as a rectangular family pool, equipped with dimensions of 269 x 175 x 51 centimetres and an empty weight of only 14.6 kg.

In addition to all the above, it should be noted that it is made of durable vinyl, which has a capacity of 982 litres, which includes safety valves and whose design is made up of two inflatable rings.

What else can be highlighted about it? It has a stopper to drain, which is quickly inflated by a mouth of between 3 and 4 centimetres and the appropriate electric inflator, its walls have a large amplitude and can be used at the same time for up to four people.

To all this, we could add that it is for sale in the Amazon online store for an affordable price, approximately, and that is guaranteed by a prestigious firm such as Bestway. It is a brand founded in the 90s that is specialized in what are inflatable products of aquatic and sports type.

2. Intex Inflatable pool Family Lounge

Intex 57190NP Swim Center Family Lounge Pool, 229 x 218 x 76 cm
  • With seat.
  • Pool with three inflatable rings made of durable vinyl.
  • Inflatable seat for adults inside the pool.
  • With 2 air chambers, each with a valve for inflating / deflating.
  • Two bottle holders on the top of the pool edge.

The most expensive model of how many give shape to our ranking is this, because of its value. It is made by Intex, which is a benchmark in this sector that concerns us, and stands out not only because it incorporates an armchair inside but also because it has dimensions of 224 x 216 x 76 centimetres.

Includes two air chambers, is made of durable vinyl, its design is made up of what are three rings and has the particularity that the upper part of the ring has two bottle holders, to facilitate anyone can enjoy remarkably taking a bath, sunbathing and having the drink at hand.

It includes a simple drain valve, has a capacity of 640 litres and allows up to three adults to be at the same time inside.

3. Intex 6ft inflatable pool

Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool #28101
  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect and convenient product to have fun on the bright sunny days
  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect starter pool. Quick and super-easy to set-up and the right size for your younger kids
  • The Easy Set Pool Water capacity: 886 Litres
  • Easy Set Pool dimensions: 183 cm x 51 cm
  • The Easy Set Pool builds itself as it fills and comes with a drain plug for easy emptying for customer convenience

10 minutes. This is the time it takes to easily assemble the pool that now occupies us and that has been placed in the third position of our ranking. It has dimensions of 183 x 51 centimetres, is very durable and resistant thanks to its three layers of extra strong material, has a capacity of 886 litres and can be used at the same time by two or three people.

To all the above you have to add your drain plug and that has a large top ring. In the same way, we can not ignore that those who already have it include that includes the holes to install a filtering pump and that incorporates several patches to deal with possible punctures.

4. Bestway Pirate Play Pool

Bestway 75 x 55 x 38-inches Pirate Play Pool
  • An all round inflatable pirate adventure for kids
  • Integrated ship's wheel, cannon water sprayer and comes with 2 inflatable swords
  • Size: 1.90m x 1.40m (approx.)
  • Water Capacity: (75%) 190L
  • Repair patch included

Another of the best inflatable pools Bestway is this, which is occupying the fourth place in the list that we are developing. It has a value of approximately twenty-five pounds and has the distinction of being a model designed exclusively for children. Why do we say that? Basically, because it is made with a marked pirate design so that the youngest of the house can cool off in the summer while they imagine living a thousand and one adventures from inside their boat. In particular, as an inflatable, has a rudder, swords, the traditional pirate flag and a cannon.

190 x 140 x 96 centimetres are the dimensions of this article, which is made of PVC, which is equipped with an automatic closing safety valve and which has a capacity of 212 litres, as well as hose inlet.

5. John Adams Leisure 45-inch kids Pool

John Adams Leisure 45-inch Sunset Glow Pool
  • Approximate inflated size: 114cm x 25cm
  • Water capacity 19cm of wall height: 136 litres
  • Three rings and a soft inflatable floor
  • Repair patch
  • Suitable for 3+ years

In case you can not invest too much money in the purchase that concerns us, do not worry because, then, we will present you a cheap inflatable pool.

Like another previous model is also endorsed by the prestigious Intex firm. Among its main signs of identity, in addition to those already established, we can highlight that its design consists of three colourful hoops, which has a capacity of 136 litres and has a size of 114 x 25 centimetres.

It includes repair patches and a repair kit, its assembly is really easy and highlights the fact that its floor is soft, padded and does not slip, something very important to keep in mind when they are going to be the smallest in the house. who will use it

6. Wehncke pool for kids

'Arctic' Pool with Inflatable Bottom L 143 x B 106 x H 36 cm
  • Phthalate Free
  • Dimensions: 143 x 106 x 36 cm
  • 4in1 Paddling pool: Baby bath tub, playpen, cot or paddling pool

To close this ranking of the best inflatable pools of the moment, we present this model, it is specially designed for children between 1 to 6 years.

Of the same it is necessary to emphasize in addition his dimensions of 143 x 106 x 36 centimetres, that is confirmed by two hoops and that includes an inner exit valve. Of course, it is also interesting that one of its great features is that it is a 4-in-1 product since it can be used, in the same way, like a bathtub, a baby walker and even a bed.

It is made of plastic and its floor is padded, which will cushion any possible fall of the child.

And here’s our list of inflatable pools. Now is the time for you to think about what type of inflatable pool you want, based on the size of your garden, the budget you have or the people who are going to use it.

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