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Best jump starter for car UK 2022: The power when you need it

The proper functioning of a car is ensured by certain very important elements such as the regular oil change or the used of quality fuel. Among them, the car battery is an essential accessory. However, when it breaks, the use of the car jump starter becomes the solution to put it back into operation. However, this can only be effective if the reinforcement used is of excellent quality. If you’re wondering how to choose the best jump starter for car, this article provides all the necessary information. Also, a detailed presentation of the best models available on the market.

The best jump starters in comparison

There are different models of jump starter for car battery on the market and it is not easy to navigate.

Also, we have chosen the best models as well as the starters that are worth buying.

Those are reliable that will not put a lead to start your car. Indeed, some jump starters have only the name and take between 5 to 10 minutes to generate a charge in your battery. In my opinion not reliable!

I hope the tests and reviews will help you determine exactly which product is right for you. I put at your disposal not only more than 30 hours devoted to research and editing but also my experience to allow you to calmly examine the best jump starters in this comparison.

1. Jump starter NOCO Boost HD GB150 4000 Amp

NOCO Boost HD GB150 4000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Power Pack For Up To...
  • Start Dead Batteries - Safely jump start a dead car battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 4000-amp portable lithium car battery booster jump starter pack - up to 40 jump starts on a single charge - and rated for petrol and diesel engines up to 10-liters.
  • UltraSafe - Safe and easy to use car battery booster jump starter pack without the worry of incorrect connections or sparks. Safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery with our mistake-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
  • Multi-Function - It's a car jump starter, portable power bank, LED flashlight, and 12-volt portable power. Recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. It's easily rechargeable from any powered USB port in 6 hours at 2.1-amps. An integrated 500-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS. Plus, a 12-volt, 15-amp outport port for powering any 12VDC devices, like tire inflators, inverters and more.
  • Advanced Design - Our most advanced portable car battery booster jump starter ever. Featuring high-discharge lithium technology for safe operation in any climate. A rugged and water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65. A rubberized over-molded casing to prevent scratching or marring of surfaces. Rapid charging in 2 hours via the vehicles auxiliary port. And an ultra-compact and lightweight design weighing just 7.5 pounds.
  • In The Box - GB150 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack, Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps, XGC Male and Female Connectors, XGC Cable, Micro USB Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-Year Warranty, and Designed in the USA.

Most users consider NOCO to be the best jump starter for diesel. Moreover, it offers here a lithium-ion starter suitable for 12V batteries. Following a full charge, it can provide up to 80 jump starts. This performance is the result of its nominal power of 4000A.
The connections made with this professional jump starter are completely reliable since it is protected against polarity errors and sparks that can cause a fire. In addition, it will only take a few seconds to restart your car, whether it runs on petrol or diesel. In addition, you can use this equipment to recharge USB compatible devices.

2. FLYLINKTECH Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starter, 1500A Peak Moto Battery Booster Power Pack (All Gas or 7.0L Diesel) with Smart Clamps USB Ports LED...
  • 【Compact&Powerful】9.8x6.3x3.9inchs, mini-size and light weight, FLYLINKTECK jump starter uses the high rate polymer battery and equipped with 1500A peak start current 20000mAh capacity to jump start your 12V vehicles (all gasoline cars and diesel cars under 7.0L), Motorcycles, ATVs, tractor, light-duty trucks, snowmobiles, oil boat, yacht and more in just a few minutes.
  • 【Dual Quick charge 3.0 USB port】Designed with 2 USB outputs (5V/3A, 9V/2A), this car booster pack can be used to full charge your smartphones, tables, camera, kindle and more at the fastest speed possible, 3 times faster than general power bank.
  • 【IP68 Waterproof&Secure protection】With IP68 waterproof function, this car jump starter can be used in rainy days and can even be thrown into water. Upgraded intelligent jumper clamps providing reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making sure it totally safety for every driver to use.
  • 【3 LED light】Built-in torch (LED Flashlight, Strobe, SOS), portable charger, superlong standby time, which can work as an torch, a life-saving signal light, and traffic warning light. This jump stater is a Must and Life-Saver for long distance driving, adventure, outdoor, emergency, travel, etc.
  • 【Afteriservices】 If you have questions or meet problems during the using process, welcome to contact us through Amazon buyer message or send a message to our official support, our professional technical team will help you solve the problem within 24 hours.FLYLINKTECH Worry-free 2 Year Warranty, lifetime efficient after-sales service

Portable package and warranty: small, lightweight package to store all parts, can be stored in the car boot or under the seat, it needs very little space of any car. 

 This jump starter provides three light modes, stable lighting, SOS and Strobe Light, making it very useful for emergency situations when you go camping, picnic or adventure. This emergency jump starter is equipped with 2 USB (5V/3A, 9V/2A), one type-c port (output and input) to charge 2 devices at the same time such as mobile phones, iPads, etc. 

Always start immediately: This battery booster with a maximum current of 1500A is capable of starting 12v motors up to 7L diesel engines. It is suitable for motorcycles, automatic cars, tractors, trucks, mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.

3. Car jump starter BUTURE

BUTURE Car Jump Starter, 800A Peak 12800mAh Portable Car Battery Starter (up to 6.0L Gas/5.0L Diesel Engines) Auto...
  • A Powerful Jump Starter: Car Jump Starter with 800 amps peak current can jump starts 12V cars, SUV, truck or van (up to 6.0L gas or 5.0L diesel engine) in seconds up to 20 times.
  • Portable Charger with QC3.0 & 5V 2.1A: Ensures the fastest charging efficiency, 4x faster than conventional charger. Backward compatible with QC 1.0 and 2.0. Recharges in just 4 hours using the included USB type c charging cable.
  • Safety Protection: Premium cells, circuitry and safety features protect you and your device from surge or short circuits.
  • 4-IN-1 LED Flashlight: The battery jump starter has a built-in LED flashlight with 4 modes (Lighting/SOS/Strobe/Warnning) for emergency and night time use.
  • What You Get: BUTURE Multi-Functional BR300 Car Jump Starter external Battery, USB type c charging cable(adapter is not included), smart jumper clamps, user manual, our fan-favorite 2 years warranty and friendly customer service.

This emergency jump starter has powerful led flashlight: there are 3 modes for led lights (normal, SOS and strobe) that are a possible lifesaver while camping, picnic, nature adventure and exploration. 

The jump starter can start 12V vehicles (up to 6L petrol or 5L diesel engines) in a few seconds with a maximum current of 800A and a battery with 12800mah capacity. Suitable for your car, motorcycle, etc.

The safety protection of the jump starter is explosion protection and reverse polarity that prevents short circuits, high temperatures, overflow, overload and overcurrent. 

With the 12800mah capacity, this jump starter can charge your phones, tablets or other device and accelerate up to 3 amps via USB.

4. Car jump starter with power bank UTRAI 2000A Peak 22000mah

UTRAI Car Jump Starter, 2000A Peak 22000mah Portable Car Battery Charger(up to 8L Gas or 6.5L Diesel Engine), Phone...
  • 【Powerful Jump Starter】- With a 2000A Peak 22000mah Car Battery Charger(up to 8L Gas or 6.5L Diesel Engine, UL2743 Certified). It’s able to jump starts flat batteries in 1-3 seconds up to 25 times on a single charge. Work with all 12V battery cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, UTV, lawn mowers, yachts and heavy duty
  • 【Quick Charging USB Ports】 - UTRAI Jump Starter designed with one type-c output(5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A) and dual USB output (5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A ), the quick charge 3.0 USB port not only charge faster than usual, but also compatible with almost all USB charging specifications of products and devices. And DC output (12V/10A) can power your toy car,telescope or camera,etc.
  • 【Flashlight & Compass & Power Bank】 - The new-added campass can exactly show the direction where you are. Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe, warning and SOS modes under different circumstances, it can help you in any situations, such as outdoor, wild, etc. And this power bank is able to fully charge your phone, camera or other device.
  • 【Advanced Safety Technology】- Intelligent jumper clamps features more that 8 advanced safety technology against short circuits, overheating, over-discharge, overvoltages, overloads, deep discharges, overcurrent and reverse polarity, making it totally safe for anyone to use.
  • 【What You Get】- This super-compact jumper won’t waste any space. With dimensions of just 5.3 x 2.78 x 0.98 inches and a weight of 0.92lbs,This jump boxes for vehicles includes UTRAI portable car jumper starter , smart jumper cables, 2 type-c charging cable, 1 cigarette lighter adapter, user manual, and 1-year quality warranty.

Easy to use extras, not only is it a battery jump starter, but its 3-modes LED light also make it an emergency flashlight. Furthermore, it is a multifunctional lifebuoy with SOS / blink/strobe light and a built-in compass. 

Powerful and compact, with a maximum current of 2000A, UTRAI can start 12V cars, SUV or trucks up to 60 times when is fully charged. It is also a compact power bank with 22000mah capacity, it can charge your phone with dual USB ports (5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A ), and the 12v / 10a dc port can power your other car accessories.

Unique designed, exclusive matte material offers you a comfortable touch. The specially designed indicator can notify you of the wrong operation by red lights. Improved ergonomic all-metal callipers are more durable and easier to open.

5. Suaoki U10 Jump Starter 20000Mah

Suaoki U10 800A Peak 20000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (Up to 6.0L Gas or 5.0L Diesel Engines) Auto Battery Booster...
  • High Capacity: multifunctional and high efficient 20000mAh (800A peak) battery boosts your 12V vehicle (up to 6L gas / 5L diesel engine), 2 USB ports charging for the long-lasting backup power to your phone and tablet
  • Intelligent Clamps: simply connect the clamps to a jump starter and attach the red/black clip directly to a vehicle's battery for instant power boosting, only unplug the clamps from the car battery and plug it again while in fault state
  • Secure Protection: each port of the unit is dustproof and splashproof, and protections from clamps are over or under current/voltage, reverse charging, anti-access battery polarity, manually forced start and an automatic recovery in the fault state
  • LCD Screen and LED Lights: one button switch, a LCD screen clearly displays the exact numerical output and battery consumption with percentages, and one press for Strong/ SOS/ Strobe LED lights and double press for Red Alarm mode as emergency usage
  • Built in Compass:the gadget comes with a compass that is always pointing to North direction and that is good for your outdoor guidance especially when you're climbing or wide adventure

The Built-in compass, which is always pointing north, is ideal for your outdoor orientation. A huge capacity of 20000mAh for 12V vehicles (up to 6L petrol and 5l diesel engines) with 2 USB ports. Multi-designed protection, current/voltage, reverse load, anti-access polarity, forced start, automatic recovery from fault status. LCD screen and LED light, consumption indication, battery with percentages, various light mode.

What is jump starter?

A jump starter is a device for supplying power to a car battery that is totally or partially without charge. Its main function is to provide the damaged battery with the amount of energy necessary to start the car. It replaces the traditional starter cables used to restart cars that have run out of battery. However, it is important to know that the battery amp is not a battery charger. Therefore, it will not allow you to recharge your discharged battery. For this reason, it is recommended that the car be moved once it is restarted for the alternator to take control.

This action allows the battery to recharge a little so you can get to your home or to a professional. If the problem persists after a proper recharge, it may mean that your battery has a more serious problem. Using your multi-brand diagnostic kit will allow you to accurately detect the source of the failure. In addition, some models of this exceptional device offer more features. They can be used to recharge electronic equipment through its USB ports. Other, much more advanced models are equipped with a flashlight and a feature that allows them to check tire pressure.

Noco jump starter

Advantages of jump starter

An essential accessory

A portable jump starter has become the essential automatic accessory in recent years. Innovations in lithium-ion battery technology allow it to be more powerful, compact and more durable than ever. Most portable jump starter models do more than just start your vehicle. They are also a compact and powerful battery designed to charge your portable electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and more.

Easy to use

A jump starter is much safer and easier to use than a pair of cables.
Autonomous, in less than 5 minutes you restart your car. Its ease of use makes it accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be a professional to use it.

The jump starter has positive and negative cables, usually with red and black clips that correspond to the positive and negative terminals of your battery. Just connect positive to positive, negative to negative, and turn on the device. There is no need to plug it into a power outlet it is self-powered. Then you just have to start your car. The peak power of the booster then starts your car. If it doesn’t start right away (depending on the state of your battery) you may have to wait a few more minutes, but it will always startup. Then the alternator will take over.

Powerful enough

The heart of the jump starter is a battery, a battery powerful enough to start a car, but it also often has additional built-in functions that make it ideal. For example, it will have a built-in charger so you can make sure the booster is always operational when you need it.

A jump starter also has a lot of power. If you are already in an emergency situation where you have completely discharged your battery, for example by leaving your lights on at the airport while you are on vacation, you will appreciate the ability of a more powerful jump starter.

How does the jump starter work?

For some reason, the battery of a vehicle may not have enough power to drive the engine and start the vehicle. Also, to perform a startup, we need to establish a temporary connection between the dead battery and another battery. This can be done with another vehicle directly with the famous jump leads or another external device such as a jump starter or a battery charger. Each method is different.

The jump starter is an independent external power supply which gives a powerful and sufficient boost to the dead battery to drive the engine and start the car. Once the car has started, the external power source can then be disconnected and the internal charging system of the car then takes over to recharge the battery. If there is a problem with the alternator or another component of the car’s charging system, the battery will most likely not charge, the car will stop quickly.

However, a car that does not start is often just a battery problem and the jump starter will help! Many motorists have a pair jump leads in their boot or under a seat. While this may be useful, you should use another car with a live battery. But depending on the situation it may not be simple.

This is where the jump starter is very useful and will save you the day! In less than 3 minutes, your car will start and no need to count on a good friend to help you.

Jump starters are portable, charged devices that contain enough energy to start a car. This allows you to be completely autonomous and to restart your car quickly.

battery booster

Different types of jump starters

There are mainly two types of jump starters on the market. While one tends to disappear from trade, the other takes effect and prevails as the best.

Lead Acid Battery booster

This type of jump starter is increasingly rare on the market. The following reasons may explain this:

  • The lead jump starter is particularly heavy.
  • The weight and size of this type of propeller make it a very impressive model;
  • Requires regular maintenance (must be recharged frequently);
  • In cold weather, this booster discharges fairly quickly if not used. So it becomes risky to depend on this type of amplifier to power your battery in case of panne;
  • If not properly recharged, the lead jump starter will deteriorate quickly enough;
  • It’s much more expensive.

However, it should be noted that this type of battery does not only have disadvantages. It usually has some cool features, including a lamp and sometimes a mini compressor.

Lithium battery booster

The lithium jump starter is the most powerful model on the market. Its outstanding assets make it a team appreciated by both individuals and professionals. In fact, this type of reinforcement results:

  • Compact and rather light;
  • Puissant;
  • Equipped with charging indicator and USB ports to charge phones and tablets;
  • It is cheap.

It is important to remember that this amp requires little maintenance.

How to choose a jump starter?

Do you need to buy the jump starter for your car and do not know which car starter to buy? In a wide variety of new and used jump starters on the market, it is ideal to know what you should know and observe to obtain the car jump starter that meets your momentary needs.

Have you ever wondered how to start a car? As a first point to keep in mind, it is necessary to check and confirm that the previously selected portable car starter is suitable for car operation.

Subsequently, it is necessary to adjust to the factors of interest in the product such as security, operability, prices, guarantees, designs, size, etc.

Check the compatibility of the jump starter with your car

Do you know how to use a portable car starter? The compatibility that occurs in a car starter is very variable, this is because not all cars are the same or similar, although they have common similarities in some cases such as 12V batteries, even with this similarity, not all starters are compatible for all modern and old cars.

It is important to have knowledge of the instructions for these three components: Battery capacity (mAh), peak current (A) and output voltage (V).

Starting with the battery capacity, car jump starters have a rechargeable battery, depending on its capacity it can have a variable autonomy, this will require the number of times the vehicle can be started, but it is mandatory that the starter is present in its battery a charge level of at least 60%.

Next, we refer to the peak intensity, that is, the maximum current value that the starter provides to the battery. A 70 amp battery is not the same as a 1000 amp battery.

This value is positioned in a range between 200A and 2000A, but in the case of high-end, specific models and special means of transport, the value may be higher.

As a fact to consider, it is favourable to select a portable jump starter car jump starter that has a peak current higher than that of the car battery to be able to start it.

12v jump starter

And finally, the output voltage, as a consequence of the voltage of the car battery, it will be necessary to connect a certain type of starter.

Most of the starters have 12V output, which guarantees perfect operation with most cars and motorcycles on the market.

The 12V output of the vast majority of portable car splitter types ensures proper functionality with transport vehicles. Starters with a higher voltage are also presented, this means that it is convenient to use them in vehicles with higher displacements such as boats or trucks.

emergency jump starter uk

Car jump starter price

An important factor, the price, because jump-starters are usually classified as everyday products, prices are usually low-cost, we refer to this approximately within intervals between £25 and £500, which is appropriate If we are looking for rather cheap prices, although the idea of ​​a second-hand battery starter is always present.

In this parenthesis, it is very likely that more expensive ranges will be presented with discounts, something to take into account. Here there is great involvement of the dealers, brand and store where the car jump starter is presented.

However, in the market prices of up to £1,500 are presented in some jumper starters, this generally means that they are precise portable battery splitter models for professional use.

When comparing, you will notice that there are different models of sizes, bigger and smaller. However, these sizes do not influence in any way the capacity and strength of the team, since there is a large variety of jump starters with a smaller size with enough power to start any vehicle you want.

Something important is to have a portable jump starter or not that is presented with a guarantee since this will provide value for money and safety without any doubt in its sale.

Security measures

The operation of the car is a task that presents so much difficulty since if we disassemble its battery to charge it and leave the switchboard without power, safety electrical components such as stability control can develop an incorrect operation or stop working.

A component that plays an important role in car starters are the starter cables. This element in the car starter can produce certain risks regarding the safety of the car and for the person who uses it if it is not of suitable equipment.

If it were incorrect or inadequate to use it, there would be risks of explosion and fire since cables with poor handling can cause sparks or present an excessive increase in their temperature.

Car starters are properly equipped with various protection systems

  • Protection against short circuits, this current generates electrodynamic and thermal effects that can seriously damage the equipment and cables.
  • Another one against overcurrent can be caused by an overload or a short circuit increases the operating temperature in the different elements of the electrical installation where it is present.
  • Against overload, these are manifested through increased current absorbed by the motor and certain thermal effects.

Overvoltage protection, the portable car battery charger will manage the electrical power of an electronic device connected to it.


People keep in mind the concept that the size of jump starters and chargers are large, which is wrong. Currently, there is a great diversity of sizes, but the most practical and possibly cheapest are the small ones.

This small size helps us to easily transport the jump starter charger with the car jump starter in our trunk without any problem. Thus, you will only have to charge the battery of your motorcycle to put it to work.

The jump starter for motorcycles and for different vehicles usually have their own protective bag, so keeping it in the glove compartment is a good place to store it, since it must be carried in the vehicle at any time, exclusively when traveling.

Depending on the size of our car and the boot, we will have to choose a smaller or larger car jump starter, and the frequency with which we will change it, a lighter or a heavier one.

Additional Features

One of the additional options is having the possibility of charging devices such as mobiles, tablets or computers using the same starter charger. But it is necessary to know that the greater the capacity of the starter, the more loads it can make to these devices.

Our starters guarantee the highest quality on the market: they work perfectly with all brands of car batteries, such as Suaoki, Norauto or Feuvert. A jump starter charger is your best option whatever the brand of your car or motorcycle battery.

The modes of connection of the devices to the battery booster can be by USB ports or even by plugs, these options vary depending on the model you have, in addition, the number of ports is also influenced by the model of the car jump starter.

Another functionality is the utility of using the starter as if it were a flashlight, which does not force you to worry about the consumption of charge since it does not consume significantly. It will be a great help when it comes to handling your car or vehicle in low light hours or places.

Possibly in some models of motorcycle and car jump starter, they include the possibility of using it as an AM / FM radio. In an emergency, this function of the car jump starter is of great importance.

All these functions can be very useful and practical in various emergencies, according to our needs we must choose one or the other battery boosters, ensuring a good investment in all the functions it presents.

How to use jump starter?

Sooner or later we all face battery failure. In these moments there are not many solutions, between the breakdown cover, the jump leads or a jump starter. If the battery is simply tired or a little discharged, by driving enough, the alternator will play its role and recharge the battery. On the other hand, if it is more used it will be necessary to use a battery charger to see maybe even to change it.

But still, must we start by getting out of this situation, so how to correctly use a jump starter to start your vehicle?

The steps:

  • Switch off the ignition of your vehicle before making the connections and switch off all electrical devices (car radio, headlights, etc.). Stop your vehicle in a ventilated area.
  • Check the charge status of the jump starter. More and more of them have a USB port and can be used as a power bank. This wears out its battery and it may come to no longer have enough when the time comes to serve as a starter booster. So be sure to keep it at the highest charge level, even if it is not in use.
  • Connect the jump leads. Then the positive clamp (red) to the positive terminal of the battery and then connect the negative clamp (black) to the negative terminal of the battery or to the chassis of the vehicle.
  • Connect the clamps to the jump starter then turn it on.
  • Start the engine. If the engine does not start within 10 seconds,
    stop the procedure and wait at least 4 minutes before trying to start the vehicle again. This allows the battery to cool and prevents damage to the unit and your vehicle system from overheating. Repeat the operation.
  • After the vehicle has started, let the engine run for several minutes or a few kilometres. This is to recharge your vehicle’s battery. If it does not charge, have your alternator checked by your mechanic. If after several attempts the vehicle does not start, the battery may be dead. Check if its voltage is higher than 11V. If it is lower, fully charge it with a charger or replace it if it is 7V.
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