Best Retractable Washing Lines for Indoor and Outdoor Use

There are numerous options that we have when it comes to facilitating work at home. Electronic equipment, gadgets with novel materials and simple but highly useful items are available on the market. Among these, we can find the best retractable washing line, which in addition to being useful are practical.

The practicality of this type of washing line allows us to use a space at a certain time to dry our clothing or pieces such as sheets and curtains, and then leave the space free for other uses. It is a device with a simple design and easy installation that unfolds and retracts the wires.

The best retractable washing lines in comparison

If summer is often synonymous with rest and parties, household chores cannot be neglected. Indeed, whether you are at home or camping, it is obvious that the laundry will necessarily be washed and dried. 

Instead of using your dryer, why not take advantage of the good weather to hang your clothes naturally? Yes, but for that, you still need to have the equipment to hang your clothes. 

Don’t worry, because we will reveal all the possible solutions to extend its laundry economically. We invite you to discover the best retractable washing lines perfect for a balcony or terrace, this accessory will allow you to hang laundry very easily!

1. Retractable Washing Line LIVIVO Indoor and Outdoor

LIVIVO Dual Washing Line Airer Reel, Clothes Line, Double Retractable Washing Line Airer Garden - 30m(98ft) –Heavy... Best of 2022
  • LIVIVO WALL MOUNTED DUAL LINE 30M RETRACTABLE AIRER REEL - Easy to install and use, and providing 2x15m (30m/98ft) of usable washing line in a small form-factor housing, the dual spring-loaded lines...
  • HEAVY DUTY ENCLOSURE - The sturdy UV-stablised protective ABS casing is water, weather, mould and mildew resistant, making it equally suited to outdoor or indoor use, with the flush mounting designed...
  • QUICK RELEASE DETACHABLE MOUNT - As well as the retractable airer, and two hooks for fastening the far end of the extended lines, the mounting bracket comes with appropriate screws and rawl plugs for...
  • AUTOMATIC RECALL MECHANISM - The lines are as quick to open as they are to recall thanks to the spring loaded internal mechanism, ensuring tangle free and smooth operation with the locking cleat...

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This retractable washing line is made of resistant ABS plastic and with protection against ultraviolet rays, which makes it a long-lasting piece. It provides a total laying area of ​​30 meters through an air coil into which the wires retract when not in use.

It is ideal for outdoor use although it is also highly requested for indoors. They have a quick-release mechanism and 2 hooks to fix the opposite end of the 2 wires that make up this washing line, each with a length of 15 meters. The housing comes with screws and mounting plugs so once at home it is a matter of a few minutes to install.

It has an automatic mechanism for rapid rewinding. It consists of two springs for winding and unwinding the strings, without entangling them. In this way, whenever needed, you can extend the strings and pick them up inside the casing, quickly and without complications.

2. GOTOTOP Retractable Washing Lines

GOTOTOP Retractable Washing Lines, 13m Double Line Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Line Outdoor Washing Landry Tool Best of 2022
  • FAST DELIVERY: Shipped from UK, You can receive package within 3-5 Business Days(Only UK Addresses)
  • EASY TO USE: Dual retractable outdoor and indoor washing line-Clothes Airer 15 Metres total drying space, fully retractable with both clothes lines stored neatly.
  • RETRACTABLE: Washing lines both with locking cleat mechanism and sturdy fixing hooks and clasps giving you peace of mind whilst your clothes dry and air.
  • WALL MOUNTED: Simple to install, the washing line features a swivelling bracket so the lines can be pulled in a range of angles from the mounting point. All mounting hardware is included in the box,...

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Quality: Made from premium materials with rational design, it is compact and durable, corrosion-resistant is designed to withstand the limitations of the bathroom and wet weather when mounted on your balcony or terrace.

This retractable washing line has 2x13m cables. You can freely choose the hanging distance according to the number of clothes. Carefully retracts when not in use, easy and quick to install. The retractable washing line can be extended to any length up to its maximum of 13m.

Application: can be used in the bathroom, the shower room, on the balcony or the garden. This item can be installed on the walls/tiles/board.

Function: Our retractable washing line is a space-saving washing line, with a double line, a 13-meters line and a maximum 26-meter drying space.

3. Caraselle Retractable Clothes Line

Retractable Clothes Line. Features 2 x 15m Lines from Caraselle Best of 2022
  • ideal for Gardens, Balconies & Terraces etc
  • easy to install
  • all fixings included
  • PVC coated, wipe clean lines

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The Caraselle model is very easy to install due to its already reinforced and compact structure. Among the retractable washing lines, it seems the most practical and easy to use since it does not require a pulley system, complex installations or mechanisms that hinder its use.

You just have to stretch the two wires that are already included and you can enjoy how practical it is. It has 30 meters of space for drying so placing it in an exterior such as the patio or terrace is ideal to make the most of it. The Caraselle model can resist up to 20 kg of laying.

One of the characteristics that it has compared to other retractable washing lines is that it only has two lines, so it is used above all to place sheets, duvets, tablecloths and large pieces that require more space than usual. It works perfectly if you know how to use its carrying capacity.

One of the characteristics that differentiate it is its resistance to UV rays that protects the wires from being exposed to the sun for a permanent or prolonged time. There is also the possibility of disassembling it in case it is not in use as in the wintertime.

4. DFP Dual Retractable Reel Washing Line

DFP Dual Retractable Reel Washing Line; Heavy Duty Clothesline 30M - Black Best of 2022
  • DUAL LINE DESIGN - The perfect drying solution for gardens and rooms of all shapes and sizes with a dual line design allowing up to 165° of drying space between both lines.
  • FREE MOVING - The unit can be stored and fastened flat against any wall to stay unobtrusive or remain facing outwards depeding on your location preference.
  • HEAVY DUTY LINES - Each reinforced 15m cable can support up to 15kg per line and will not diminish or weaken in poor weather thanks to the durable coating.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We take pride in delivering top quality products and offer our 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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The DFP washing line case has been entirely designed in plastic, which is a fairly wise decision since plastic has the advantage of being water-resistant. However, in order for this equipment to last for years, we recommend that you install it in a dry place, where it cannot be exposed to the weather. Remember that plastic is a solid material, however, over time it is difficult to withstand the heat of the sun and the water of rain. Regarding the rope, know that it has been carefully designed in plastic-sheathed fibre to ensure perfect use, that is to say, that it is robust and resistant at the same time.

Talking about the use of the DFP washing line, it is really handy in summer. To do this, simply screw the housing onto any wall section. On the opposite side, be sure to attach two hooks that will allow you to extend the two cords. The advantage of this accessory is that it is also swivel, which allows you to fix the hooks opposite to any axis. It is also important to note that this model offers a hanging length of 30 meters or 15 meters per wire. We have also found that by extending the wire to the maximum, it will tend to relax slightly, this is fairly logical reasoning moreover.

In terms of resistance, it is very important to specify that this equipment is perfect. On the other hand, it is imperative to fix it extremely well with several screws. Once properly fixed, you can easily extend a machine, but also sheets, rugs or other. Its 30 meters of the retractable washing line is just as suitable for a large family as for a young couple in an apartment. The advantage of DFP is the fact that it offers a retractable function. So said, when the laundry is completely dry, you can store the wires by retracting them in their case.

What is retractable washing line?

The retractable washing line is a very practical piece of equipment for the summer. Indeed, it allows you to hang your clothes and bedding while enjoying the good weather outside. Note that there are two subtypes of washing lines, those that hang from one pillar to another or those that are retractable. 

And from our experience, the retractable washing line is much more advantageous and practical since it can accommodate more than a hundred items of clothing and that occupying a reduced space of only a few centimetres. Thus said, it can easily be fixed on a terrace or a balcony. Clearly, this is one of the most ancient solutions, but it is always welcome on sunny days.

retractable washing line

Benefits of using a retractable washing line

The ecological aspect is certainly the most important in the choice of using a retractable washing line. However, there are other reasons to favour the natural drying of clothes and linens rather than having your dryer run with each wash:

Save energy, money and reduce emissions

In many households, the dryer is the 3 rd unit using the most energy after the refrigerator and washing machine. Air drying your clothes will, therefore, reduce a household’s carbon footprint very significantly.

The use of a dryer represents more than £100 / year of electricity expenditure for an average household. In view of these figures, a high-quality retractable washing line could be a very quickly amortized expense thanks to the energy savings that will result from its use.

Increase the lifespan of clothes

The lint that you find on the filter of your dryer is proof of the wear of your clothes after a drying cycle. These residues belonged to the clothes you had just dried. When you use a dryer, the clothes are subject to significant friction due to the rotation of the drum, which results in the gradual destruction of their fibres. When you stop using a tumble dryer, you keep your favourite clothes longer and save a life.

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Having healthier clothes The other advantage of drying in the open air is the possibility of benefiting from the disinfecting and whitening properties of the sun. When the air dries your clothes in the sun, they are naturally disinfected and bleached by the emission of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. This is because UV light reacts through oxygen dissolved in water to produce reactive forms of oxygen that kill microorganisms. These rays also interfere with the bacteria’s reproductive cycle, damaging their DNA.
This natural disinfecting power of the sun is ideal for sheets, blankets or other clothing that has been used by a sick person. Drying our clothes in the open air, therefore, has the advantage of stopping bacteria without corrosive chemicals.

Save time

Anyone who has to wait at a laundromat or delay a race to empty their dryer will appreciate the flexibility of air drying. Although it takes longer to dry clothes, you do not need to be present to fold them quickly so that they do not wrinkle. You can hang your laundry on the hanger or rope and go about your business all day, without worrying about drying your laundry.

Increase its safety

By drying your clothes in the sun instead of an electric machine, you avoid any accident related to a short circuit and thus limit the risk of fire at home. These tumble dryer accidents are more frequent than we think because of the risk of high overheating if the filter is not cleaned regularly and it gets stuffed.

Things to consider before buying

Before acquiring a retractable washing line, it is important to take into consideration several selection elements: the design, the materials, the dimensions of the product, its durability and its price. Frequently, your requirements in terms of furniture and space in your accommodation can guide you towards these selection elements. Indeed, you must, therefore, know beforehand if you wish to acquire a retractable washing line taking up little space or to be positioned indoors or outdoors.


Each model incorporates its own instructions, but in general, the way how to place a retractable washing line is very easy:

  • It presents the support of the retractable clothesline on the wall at a comfortable height to catch the clothes but that it is not too low so that it does not rub the clothes with the ground.
  • Mark the holes with a pencil and drill. Some models of retractable hangers have a template to make this step simpler.
  • Insert some plugs into the holes and screw the bracket to the wall.
  • Present the housing on the front wall where the wire will be taken (you can use a laser meter to ensure perpendicularity).
  • Drill and screw the housing.
  • Once you have done the laundry, pull the wire and insert it into the stop. Use the tensioner to prevent the wire from falling too low.
  • Put the clothes one by one and wait for them to dry.
  • To finish, simply remove the end of the wire from the housing and let it wind inside the coil.
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