6 Best Swimming Pool Cleaners

Now that summer is counting the days to get to our lives and stay for a few months is when people who have pools at home are put to work to get them to be in the right conditions. And that means to proceed to get rid of all the dirt that may exist in what is known as a beach area or in the water. A task that can be undertaken exhaustively, deeply and quickly through an article for best swimming pool cleaner.

As its name suggests, it is a device that precisely what it does is to proceed to clean the interior of the pool and thus eliminate all the leaves, dust and other dirt that may have fallen to it. And everything quickly and effectively.

Tips for buying a pool cleaner

In the event that you are thinking that this item is what you need so that the aquatic installation of your home is in perfect condition to be used now and to stay on a daily basis, you must take into account several aspects. In particular, it is a series of parameters in which you should look before buying one:

  • Type of cleaners. It is important that you know that there are basically two kinds of cleaner: the manual ones, which are similar to a vacuum cleaner and that are moved by the person, and the automatic ones. These, meanwhile, proceeded to clean the pool on their own, automatically, and there are also two types: the electric, which works connected to the electric current, and the hydraulics, which use the pool system itself to perform its functions.
  • Class of pool. By this, we mean that you must analyze if your pool is outdoors or not and even if you protect it with some type of canvas or not. And is that based on those circumstances you will know if it gets dirty more easily and, therefore, you need an article like the one that occupies us much more powerful.
  • The size of the pool, because if it is smaller you will need a more basic one.
  • The coating of the pool, because based on the material itself (tile, painted concrete, tiles …) you will need a cleaner with more or less capacity to clean the dirt from the walls.

Comparison of the pool cleaners

In the previous section, we let you know some of the main elements that you have to take into consideration when buying the aforementioned device in favour of the perfect state of your pool. However, it will also be necessary to proceed to look at the price, the brand that supports it and even if it is part or not of the best cleaners in the market. And the latter is something you can know if you keep reading them, we will show you the ranking of those that, according to users, have a better value for money:

1. Pool Cleaner T3 Zodiac

The Zavattishop firm is the one that has carried out the creation of this model. Precisely this is the one that has come to determine that occupies this first position of the table since the same is very consistent with the performance it performs.

In particular, we can emphasize that it is of the hydraulic type, which has a hose length of 10 meters, which can be used in both in-ground and in-ground pools, which goes up the walls to clean them and which also You can use without problems for cleaning hot tubs.

2. Zodiac Cleaning robot

Zodiac MX8 Zodiac W70668 Hydraulic Cleaning Robot
  • X-drive navigation system for cleaning all surfaces
  • Turbo suction: a powerful turbine and 2 peripheral suction propellers
  • Can be trained using notched tracks for perfect stability in all circumstances
  • Ergonomic: the motor and handle are accessible in one click
  • Patented Twist-Lock tubes: secure connection ensures no loss of suction

Zodiac pool cleaners are a true reference in the market and that is due, how could it be otherwise, to offer really effective and impeccable services. Precisely for that reason, this ranking could not miss this model. A price that may be high, but which is absolutely consistent with the technical specifications that it has, such as that it is hydraulic, requiring neither connected to the electric current nor an additional pump because it is connected directly to what is the socket of aspiration of said aquatic installation.

It has been designed to maintain in perfect condition swimming pools with dimensions up to 12 x 6 meters, weighs more than 3 kg, has a size of 44 x 19 x 22 centimetres and has two very interesting systems: the displacement by straps, to get stability and grip, and the X-Drive navigation, which makes it operate for those for each and every one of its areas.

All this without forgetting, of course, that can be used in any type of pool, which has cyclonic suction, which is very simple to use and has a 3-4 hp engine.

3. Pool Vac Pro Hayward Pool Cleaner

Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools, Vinyl
  • Stainless steel for improved hygiene and durability
  • Solid die-cast black activation star
  • Rinse Vessels with opening 1 to 41/2 inches
  • Recommended water pressure: 15-30 psi
  • No power required uses cold water only

Hydraulic. This is another model of swimming pool cleaner that comes to occupy the third position of our list of the best in the market. It is available in the Amazon online store, weighs 9 kg and has dimensions of 122 x 25 x 38 centimetres.

Thanks to its AquaPilot and SmartDrive systems, it performs its cleaning functions for each and every one of the pool areas, in any of its corners, in a comprehensive manner. It can be used on all types of surfaces, it is really very silent, it stands out the fact that it works in a simple way and is equipped with lateral wings that what is achieved is that any type of dirt is “struck down”.

Its hose has a length of 12 meters, includes a special basket for collecting leaves and manages to complete the thorough cleaning of the mentioned installation in a time of between two and three hours.

4. BLUEREBEL Pentair suction side pool cleaner

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One of the most expensive models of all that give shape to our ranking is this, which also belongs to the prestigious international firm Pentair, as well as the second that we let you know. Its price at the moment is high and that is because it has unbeatable technical specifications since it performs a very complete function.

It stands out that it is a hydraulic pressure cleaner, which has a weight that is over 3 kg, that hardly needs maintenance or that has a multidirectional displacement system.

All this without overlooking other important features such as its anti-lockback valve, the length of its hose is 10.4 meters, the operating pressure is 22 bars and its travel speed is 15 m/min.

As you can read, a host of features and identity that would come to explain clearly the reason for its economic value in the market.

5. Kokido K767CBX/RV Pool Cleaner

Among the most interesting cheap pool cleaners that you can now find it online is this.

Of the same we can emphasize that it is automatic, that is endorsed by the well-known signature Kokido, that does not clean the walls and that is especially recommended for what are rigid elevated pools of up to 5.5 meters.
All this without forgetting that its operation is really simple and that it has a weight of 4.8 kg.

6. Maytronics Electric Cleaner

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The ranking of the best pool cleaners we will close with this device, which is considered that in two hours you can get these facilities are in the best cleaning conditions. It is framed within the typology of electrical.

It can be used with pools up to 12 meters, weighs 6.5 kg, the length of its cable is 15 meters and can be used both in inflatable and rigid pools and with all types of coatings.

In addition to all the above, it should be noted that aspires to the smallest speck of dust or sheet, which manages to leave in perfect condition both what is the bottom as the walls and even the so-called waterline. 
What users of this device may prefer is its price. And is that you can get now for a value that is a bit high, hence, logically is not available to any pocket.

And here’s our list of pool cleaners with the best value for money. Now is your time to sit down to analyze all the information that we have given you and to choose the model you want to buy so that your pool is really impeccable this summer.

Here we have for you more tips and tricks on how to keep your swimming pool clean.

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