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Best tyre inflator UK 2022: Portable air compressor for your car

Tyre punctures have happened to you, haven’t you? The is it can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. So, what can you do when you don’t necessarily have the possibility of finding a petrol station nearby? Well, you just need to equip yourself with a tyre inflator! 

Thanks to this portable tyre inflator, you can re-inflate your tyres more easily but above all faster. Curious to know more? In this case, we invite you to read the rest of this article. Here you will find out everything there is to know about the tyre inflator.

The best tyre inflators in comparison 2021

The air compressors covered here are not just for vehicle tires. You can use them to inflate bicycle wheels, paddling pools, balls, mattresses, and more. You just need the right adapter. Most of the models include adapters. If not, you can purchase an adapter kit for just a few pounds.

The tyre inflators we recommend are here only because they offer the best combination of performance, features and value. Take a look at the product list below to see our top picks.

1. Oasser Cordless Tyre Inflator Cordless

Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Electric Air Pump 12V AC/DC with 2000 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 120PSI 20...
  • 【Mini Inflator with Large Capacity】Build-in 2000mAh Lithium Battery enables you to measure the real-time pressure and inflate your cars, bikes and even weeding machine at any time and anywhere. A 3 meters long 12V car charger and AC home charger adapter are provided for you to charge the P1S tyre inflator in the car or at home. (Note: Please don't use the unit when it is being charged at home.)
  • 【Digital LCD Display with Preset Tire Pressure】3 different pressure units are optional(PSI,BAR,KG/CM²) so that you can preset the tire pressure as you want. The tyre pump would automatically turn off when reach the preset tire pressure, in case of over-inflating, and be sure to turn off the start button after the air pump reaches the preset tire pressure.
  • 【Bright LED Lights】8 LED light beads controlled by independent switches make it convenient for you to use the mini air compressor at night or in dark places.
  • 【Low-voltage Protection】Built-in battery protection device would automatically cut off the power when the voltage is too low, which can avoid battery over-discharge when it is put aside for a long time.
  • 【Prompt and Excellent After-sales Service】We provide you with a series of tyre inflators, just pick what you like! 12 months and always 24 hours customer service, please feel free to contact us.

Whether for your tyres or not, the air compressor is a significant ally in everyday life. If you thus have around you certain objects that regularly need a little inflation like a balloon, a buoy or an inflatable spa, you will surely find interesting the idea of ​​having the Oasser P1S in your hands.

So that is electric inflator that can remain efficient at all times, the brand has decided to associate it with a 2000 mAh lithium battery. Therefore, you can very well count on your device to provide you with its maximum pressure of 8 bars for a good number of uses in a single charge. In addition, it can also be used on a cigarette lighter during more demanding inflation. But one of the best assets of this inflator is also its exemplary ease of use. To use it, just connect it with its air tube and press a simple button after connecting it to the valve. Its digital screen will then tell you if the required pressure is reached. The latter is also the best way to check the condition of your tyres, but also the level of the compressor battery.

Also, to make each of your inflation tasks easier, the manufacturer has seen fit to provide 3 different tips with the inflator. You will not waste your time trying to do it right by inflating a soccer ball, a bicycle tyre or a mattress. Also, note that it is equipped with LED lighting allowing you to work more comfortably in the dark. By displaying more than interesting specifications, the Oasser P1S is among the best tyre inflators that you can buy.

2. Oasser portable tyre inflator

Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump Electric Portable with Digital LCD Rechargeable Li-ion 12V P2
  • 【Portable and Cordless】With its built-in large rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery, the tyre inflator can be turned on rapidly. It can inflate cars, bicycles, motorbikes, balls and inflatable toys very quickly. (Note:Please fully charge the battery before the first use. Please charge the battery after it has been put aside for a long time)
  • 【LCD Digital Pressure Gauge】Just preset the required tire pressure (Max pressure 130 Psi). The LCD display not only shows the power of the pump but also shows the pressure of it in 3 units ( PSI、BAR、and Kg/cm²)
  • 【Fashionable Design】The pump with LED light is uniquely pistol-shaped and portable to use in both day and night.
  • 【Excellent Performance and Great Durability】The maximum inflatable pressure is 130psi, suitable for bicycles, motorcycles and small/medium-sized cars (SUV included). Note: It cannot be used on trucks.
  • 【Abundant Accessories】Package including:12V power base, storage bag, 2 Air Hoses 12cm and 35cm, quick coupling and tooling gloves.

It is certain that you will ride with confidence knowing that you have a ready-to-use inflator at any time in your trunk. However, it is even better if the latter is accompanied by various outfits to make its use more convenient. This is what we offer you in this ranking with the Oasser P2.

With this model, the inflation of your tyres will be done with disconcerting ease. It requires no physical effort on your part as the compressor pump uses technology that automatically stops it when the required pressure is reached. In addition, its pistol shape and wireless character give it real manoeuvrability. You will see, you can only have the best opinions by manipulating it. Also, its maximum pressure of 9 bars gives it great versatility as the latter will allow you to take care of tyres for cars, motorcycles, bikes but also sports equipment. Note that it is able to fully inflate a standard size tyre in just 6 minutes. In other words, you will never stay long on the road if one of your wheels needs to be re-inflated.

And the best thing is that the inflator comes with many accessories, namely 3 different nozzles, 2 air hoses, a storage bag and even a pair of gloves so that its use is as comfortable as possible. Without forgetting that its 2200 mAh lithium battery guarantees you the maximum performance in a single charge. These are all its wonderful features that make the Oasser P2 one of the best tyre inflators.

3. MICHELIN 9519 Digital Car Tyre Inflator

MICHELIN 9519 Preset Digital Car Tyre Inflator
  • Compressor Digital 12 V/Programmable
  • Pressure Gauge Digital
  • Accuracy 0.05 bars up to 7 bar.
  • Flexible nylon 60 cm.
  • Storage space for accessories.

Are you looking for a good tyre inflator whose price defies all competition? So you have done well to have consulted our comparison of the best tyre inflators because we have specially introduced the Michelin 009519, a model that stands out on the market by its remarkable value for money.

This mini inflator had no trouble receiving the best user reviews because of its practical and efficient appearance. With its maximum pressure of 7 bars, you can inflate your car, motorcycle, bicycle or balloon tyres without any difficulty. And the best part is that you will not need to perform the operation manually. The device will stop inflating the tyre when the previously indicated pressure is reached.

But still, the Michelin 009519 has the particularity of providing you with a USB socket. Therefore, it goes beyond its simple function of inflator by offering you the possibility of recharging your mobile devices there if need be. A specificity very well seen during its test.

Also, note that this electric inflator comes with 3 different tips that you will store on its back. This is very significant given that most of the other more expensive compressors do not offer accessories. This without forgetting the presence of LED lighting which will be of great help to solve a problem during the evening. For all its features offered at a cheap price, this product will delight users on a tight budget.

4. Ryobi R18I-0 ONE+ Tyre Inflator

Ryobi R18I-0 ONE+ Inflator, 18 V (Body Only) - Hyper Green
  • Fast inflation of tyres and large inflatables
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Quick deflation mode
  • Digital readout with auto shut off when desired pressure reached
  • Wrap around hose storage

Approaching professional guarantees that you have properly inflated tyres. It is clear that you will never get the best results yourself with a foot pump. However, having the Ryobi R18I-0 inflator in your garage will be a game-changer, especially if there is no auto centre near you. Find out why you will succumb to its charm.

Just by its high manufacturing quality, you already know that you can fully rely on this device. It will, therefore, allow you to easily carry out various inflation operations with its maximum pressure of 10.3 bars, from moderate to more demanding tasks. What is more, this inflator comes with different tips especially for mattresses, bicycle tyres, balloons and of course car tyres. Side ease of use, we must admit that this wireless compressor does not disappoint. Just specify the required pressure on its + and – buttons and the device will stop automatically when it is reached. You can then obtain precise inflation without even making great efforts.    

Its compact appearance is also one of its best arguments. Whether you need it for home use or to accompany you on the road, you will never have difficulty finding a small place to store it and it does not clutter thanks to its cables which are wound directly on its sides. If you are looking for a mini compressor capable of handling the most difficult tasks, the Ryobi R18I-0 will not disappoint you.

5. Ring Automotive Ring RTC1000 tyre inflator

Ring Automotive Ring RTC1000 12V Rapid Preset Digital, Air Compressor Pump, 2 min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Carry Case,...
  • Fast And accurate. The RTC1000 is a high-speed Inflator that can inflate a 13” tyre from 0psi to 35psi in just 2 mins. The Quick-Set Auto stop also makes it easy to accurate inflate your tyres.
  • See clearly. The large backlit digital screen shows readings clearly in any light levels and has progress bar so you can track your inflation. It is positioned on top of the unit, so it can be easily seen
  • Designed for exceptional Performance. The long 3.5M cable and 70cm air Hose make it easy to reach the tyres all around the vehicle. There’s even a holder for your dust cap – so you won’t lose it when you’re inflating
  • Use when and where needed. Powered directly from the in-car 12V socket, It can be used when and where needed. The RTC1000 also has an integrated LED light, to make inflating at night easier and safer
  • Ready for anything. The RTC1000 comes with valve Caps, Latex gloves and a spare fuse. The cable winds away neatly, and the air hose folds away into the Inflator. It also has case to keep everything tidy

If you are very demanding on the maintenance of your tyres, you are probably not the type to approach an auto centre only once a month. Opting for Ring RTC1000 will then give you the opportunity to check the condition of your tyres as often as you want, forgetting the long queue at the garage.

It is, therefore, an inflator compact enough to easily enter your trunk and follow you everywhere. To use it, simply plug it into your cigarette lighter. In addition, its 3.5 metres long cable will allow you to reach one of your 4 tyres without any difficulty. You will understand, practicality is really put forward on this model. Thanks to its LCD screen which will communicate the status of your tyres digitally, you will know when they will need to be inflated. This operation will then be done with great simplicity as it suffices just to preset the device to the required pressure and to wait for the compressor to automatically stop working.

But you will also be able to appreciate the Ring RTC1000 for its remarkable versatility. Indeed, by providing enough air pressure, this tyre inflator is a perfect model for your bicycle tyres, balloons and other inflatable equipment. With this compressor at your disposal, you will now be able to take care of your tyres at any time.

6. BLACK+DECKER tyre inflator

Black & Decker ASI400-XJ Black+Decker 11.0 BAR/12V COMPRESOR/AIR 160PSI TYRE Balls Wheelchairs Etc with 2 Operating Pump...
  • All-rounder: Preset switch for 2 Operating modes, E.G. For tyres/balls (high pressure/low volume) or for air mattresses (low pressure/High volume) and additional pumping Mode.
  • User-friendly: Automatic shut-off when the preselected pressure is reached, and illuminated, easy-to-read digital display
  • Convenient: accessories storage on the device, the appropriate Valves and hoses always at hand.
  • Handy: optimal product dimensions, Light weight and high-quality rubber carry handle
  • Box contents: compressor 11 bar with 12 V connection, 3 valves.

The Black and Decker brand has released its own tyre inflator, which is great news since this brand has been bringing quality products to different markets for years.

Its price is much higher than the average, but this is a tool for advanced users, if it is the first time you buy a compressor or you want it for home use, you will find better alternatives in the comparison.

Something that I especially liked is that it has a really long cable, enough to work really comfortably.

But if it differs from the rest for anything, it is for the ability to program the pressure you want to achieve, and forget about it while performing the task you need.

Reasons to buy tyre inflator

Buying a tyre inflator can be one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. With it, you can inflate your tyres whenever necessary, without having to depend on a third party and spend more money along the way.

With a tyre inflator, you can paint with airbrushes, use it to remove dust from difficult places, use certain pneumatic tools, among others. But keep in mind that even though it can be very powerful, it will take some time if the tyre is very large.

portable tyre inflator

Benefits of having tyre inflator

Tyre inflators are usually viewed with some suspicion for their appearance, the size is thought to be proportional to the work performed. But the reality is that it is not true, here are some of the advantages that tyre inflators currently offer:

  • Compact size and easy transportation.
  • Designed for small-scale jobs and to be used by one person.
  • It allows multiple applications, they can drive pneumatic tools in small workshops or at home.
  • They are applied in activities or tasks such as painting, cleaning, varnishing, filling bicycle or vehicle rubbers with air, lifeguards, mattresses, among others.

Different types of tyre inflators

Nowadays, the tyre inflator models offered on the market are more and more diverse. Technological progress has made it possible to considerably improve the device and facilitate its use. As an electrical device, the tyre inflator can operate from a cable connection. But the current trend tends more towards cordless tyre inflator models. 

These are equipped with a built-in battery that will suffice to recharge if necessary. And speaking of recharging, be aware that some air compressors can be powered from your cigarette lighter. This is something to delight all truck drivers who do not necessarily have the possibility of finding electrical outlets on their way.

By comparing the best offers on the market, we have also seen that manufacturers now prefer to prioritize the ease of use of their devices. For those who do not know it, for example, there are silent tyre inflators which produce practically no noise. But of course, this luxury has a price! So don’t be surprised if these silent air compressors cost a lot more than the standard models. 

Also, be aware that there are models of “jump starter” tyre inflators that can act as energy stations. Concretely, they no longer just simply blow high-pressure air. They can fully charge your car battery in case it fails. You will understand, it will now be possible to start your vehicle with your air compressor.

How to choose tyre inflator?

A tyre inflator can save your life when you don’t expect it. Deflated tyre noticed that before leaving for work, a puncture in the middle of nowhere, the portable compressor saves you frustration and cold sweat by reversing the situation in a few minutes.

The air compressor for inflating tyres is part of the family of oil-free portable compressors which are often light, small and perfectly suited for this type of work. If you are determined to equip yourself with such a device, know that there are several characteristics to consider, as there are many models, and of different types.

Technical specifications

  • Air pressure and airflow: Without a doubt the main characteristic to look at when choosing a tyre inflator because as an air compressor, the device will produce pressurized air which will inflate an object. Generally between 8 and 13 bars, for comfortable use, it is advisable to opt for 2 or 3 bars more than what is necessary for your purchase. Airflow, on the other hand, is the amount of air that the compressor can emit at any time.
  • The power of the compressor: It is relative to the volume of the tank, the pressure and the airflow. A high power indicates for example that the compressor is capable of generating greater pressure. In any event, it is not a key feature.
  • Autonomy: Most models of portable compressors operate both at 230 V with a wall socket and at 12 V thanks to a cigarette lighter type adapter socket, which can make equipment portable. However, if the power wires are bothering you, you can find models of battery powered inflators. See in this case its autonomy, but above all keep it charged in case you need to use the compressor in an emergency.
how to use tyre inflator

Practical features

  • Portability and storage: If you have to choose between several tyre inflators, why not opt ​​for the easiest to move and which can reach your tyre with the least possible effort. You can even store it in your trunk when not in use. To do this, make sure it is compact enough and has a means of transport such as a handle, wheels or even a case to contain all its components and in good order.
  • Ergonomics: It is always nice to have an easy to use the device. On this point, be aware that there are tyre inflators with preprogrammed settings that automatically shut off as soon as the necessary or desired pressure is reached. Others, on the other hand, more manual and mechanical, have a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure available in the tyre. In both cases, the presence of a screen is more than advisable, so you can adapt the inflation according to the equipment (ball, inflatable toy, bicycle tyre, swimming pool, etc.).
  • The functionalities: Several current models of tyre inflators have LEDs which are used to illuminate your workspace in the event of poor visibility, but also to warn or attract the attention of vehicles passing you.
  • Convenience: Make sure you have a tyre inflator with a long power cord or long hose. Indeed, it is useless to have such a device if it cannot even reach the four tyres of your car once connected. Mains and cigarette lighter compatibility is also very useful, as is the presence of tongues or hose fittings to adapt the hose to other inflatable items.

How to use tyre inflator?

To assess tyre pressure, you must first obtain a pressure gauge. You can get them at any type of store that sells auto equipment. However, you should know that there are different types of pressure gauges.

The pencil gauges as well as the dial gauges. Speaking of the pencil gauge, we can say that they are long, metallic and fine. These gauges have a graduated extension that comes out of the placemat thanks to the air pressure when you attach the latter to the tyre rod. As for the dial gauge, it has the same characteristics as the pencil gauge, just that it involves a needle and a graduated gauge.

After gauging the tyre pressure, you need to find the small rubber or metal valve on the edge of the tyre. Unscrew the cap to gain access to the valve inlet. Put pressure on the end of the gauge placed on the valve. Maintain the pressure, you should hear a small hissing noise while the gauge measures the air pressure. After a while, remove the tyre gauge and read the pressure on the screen.

After reading the pressure, you need to determine how much air your tyres need. Indeed, some tyres tend to have different pressure between the front tyres and the rear tyres. Remember that the pressure must be between 30 and 35 psi.

Note that 1 psi is equal to 0.07 b or 6,894 kilopascals (kPa). Which is not the case for trucks. Also, tyres tend to deflate by themselves by 1 psi per month. You should, therefore, check your tyres at least once a month.

Inflate the tyres

Remove the valve caps and then put them in a safe place. Then get a tyre inflator. Before you start, you need to make sure your car tyres are cold.

This is why it is often advisable to inflate the tyres when you have driven a distance of less than 3 km or in the mornings. Put the tyre inflator hose on the valve and maintain a certain pressure. You should hear the air pass through the tyre.

During inflation, you must check as and when the tyre has reached the right air pressure, thanks to the gauge. If not, add a little air to the point of having what is needed.

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