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Best 10 Booster seats for your children

Top 10 seat lifts for your children’s safe driving

While all certified child booster seats meet the minimum safety requirements for transporting children, the mid-range and full-size models offer you more overall safety features. But that does not mean that our product comparison advises you from the outset on the relatively expensive booster seats.

The first overview of the product range is provided by our product presentations, whereby the editors primarily present the current bestsellers and the best rated products from all price segments. The purchase guide informs you in detail about the structure and function of a booster seat. Furthermore, we explain the norms and rules of the StVO regarding the carriage of children in a car or another vehicle.

A comparison presents the advantages and disadvantages of a child seat without a backrest compared to those of a classic child seat. Our guide will help you find a model that best suits your family constellation and best suits your needs by answering five practical questions. 

1. Panorama booster seat  –  inexpensive, light, handy

All Ride Booster Seat - Red
  • Specifically designed smaller to fit 3 in a row in even the smallest cars
  • These booster seats are ideal for everyday use to keep your child safe
  • Universal homologation: ECE R 44 / 04 standard
  • Universal Car Safety System
  • H 13cm x W 33cm x L 37cm

Among the car seat upgrades, this model is one of the cheapest. The Panorama booster seat is very popular with shoppers, with most reviewers emphasizing the value for money.

Lightweight, available in several colors

The car seat by Panorama is one of the lightest models on the market at only around 159 grams, which makes handling much easier. When designing the manufacturer renounces the armrests, under which the comfort and safety suffer. For smaller children from target group 3, the seat is not suitable due to the missing belt guide. This booster seat is available in several clear colours The polyester cover can be removed and is machine washable.

Conclusion: Booster seat for shorter trips and as a replacement seat

We recommend this model in case you need a safe car seat for short trips by car or have a spare child car seat always ready.

2. Bellelli EOS BOO child car seat – ergonomically shaped, simple car seat riser

EOS BOO booster seat, car booster, weight: 15 kg - 36 kg ECE R44/04
  • Choice of different colours: blue, thimble, jeans blue, pink, black, anthracite.
  • Especially suitable for children of 3 to 12 years age weighing between 15 kg to 36 kg.
  • Upholstered arm rests with soft padding.
  • Comfortable and anatomical shape.
  • Approved and tested according to the standards ECE R44/04, certificate number 04443536.

This accessory is easy to maintain thanks to its restrained dark colour and ensures adequate road safety. The model is able to completely convince the majority of consumers and receives a lot of positive feedback for its functionality.

Multifunctional lightweight

The design of the booster seat Bellelli EOS BOO focuses on functionality and dispenses with everything superfluous. This accessory is ergonomically designed for extra comfort and offers comfortable seating for your child with a width of 45 centimeters .The manufacturer emphasizes a soft padding, so that this booster seat is the right choice for longer car journeys, among other things.

However, some users find the overall upholstery a little too thin and recommend placing an extra layer of foam on the plastic core and under the removable cover. The booster seat Bellelli EOS BOO is primarily designed for group 2 and 3 but is generally suitable for children up to the age of 12 years.

Recommendation: Versatile child booster seat

Our product comparison and buying guide on puts this product to your heart if you are looking for a high-quality and practically equipped booster seat for driving in a car or for other occasions.

3. Graco booster seat in grey high-quality car accessories for added safety

Graco Booster Basic Car Seat, Group 3 (6 to 12 Years Approx., 22-36 kg), Opal Sky
  • Group 3 car seat - suitable from 6 to approx. 12 years (22-36 Kg )
  • Lightweight backless booster
  • Retractable cupholders
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • Machine-washable cover

This booster seat impresses with its ergonomic design and useful safety features. The feedback from the buyers is overwhelmingly positive, with many consumers emphasizing comfort in particular.F

The booster seat by Graco is designed in subtle grey, whereby the cover can be removed easily. The breathable material is fully suitable for the washing machine cleaning, whereby you should prefer a program for easy-care laundry. This booster seat recommends the manufacturer primarily for group 3.

The softly cushioned armrests allow your child to sit in a comfortable position so that riding over long distances is not a problem. With a weight of 2.16 kilograms, the model is heavier than average and thus comparatively less manoeuvrable.

Recommendation: Safe and comfortable on the road in your car

The Graco booster seat meets high safety standards and offers your child a comfortable fit. We recommend this accessory in case you are looking for a booster seat primarily for the car rides and want to attach the seat permanently in your car.

4. Safety 1st Manga car seat – inexpensive and safe model

Safety 1st Manga Child Car Booster Seat Group 2/3 from 3.5 to 12 Years
  • Fast and simple installation in the car with a 3-point standard seat belt
  • Comfortable armrests and perfect for longer distances
  • Comfortable full terms easily removable and washable
  • Seat body made of sturdy plastic
  • For children aged 3.5 to 12 years old

This booster seat scores with its uncomplicated functional design and is in the buyer’s favour. The car seat riser Manga by Safety 1st appreciates the consumers for their unbeatable value for money and the ease of use.

Styrofoam core and washable plastic cover

The model is designed for groups 2 and 3 and thus for children weighing less than 36 kilograms. The practical, low-profile armrests provide more comfort and safety. The cover made of durable polyester fabric can be removed with a few handles. He is washable at 30 degrees Celsius. The core of the Child Safety Seat Manga by Safety 1st consists of styrofoam. This material is characterized by its warming properties and low weight.

Recommendation: Pricing attractive seating, many tasks

Especially due to its low weight, the child safety seat Manga by Safety 1st proves to be particularly versatile. We recommend this model as an uncomplicated and safe all-rounder.

5. Petex Child’s Booster Seat uncomplicated all-round

Petex Kindersitzerh hung Max 103 HDPE
  • Group 2 + 3 (children 15-36 kg).
  • 3 point strap harness.
  • Adjustable strap guide.
  • For all cars.
  • Easy to assemble.

This booster seat belongs to the buyer’s favorites and gets almost exclusively enthusiastic feedback. Among other things, the consumers praise the pleasantly low weight and attractive look of the model.

Nice booster seat with practical, adjustable belt guide

The car seat of Petex with hard plastic core comes in the sympathetic color combination black and green. According to the manufacturer, the synthetic fiber fabric is breathable, easy to clean and flame retardant. The cover can be removed and cleaned easily in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. The model is designed for group 2 and is the right choice for group III. Below in this Comparison and Buying Guide, you will find an explanation of this assignment. For increased safety in traffic, this booster seat has a double belt guide. On the one hand, you perform the lap belt under the croupier armrests. On the other hand, the child can use an additional Gurtfix belt guide to create an anatomically correct belt in the neck and chest area. The length of the Gurtfix can be flexibly adjusted with a few handles.

One of the pluses of the Petex booster seat is its low weight of less than 1 kilogram. Therefore, this compact child seat proves to be particularly handy and multifunctional.

Conclusion: Booster seat for different uses

This car seat upgrade for children under 12 can be used on request at a theatre performance or in the restaurant. We recommend the Petex Max booster seat if you are looking for a high-quality and handy car accessory from this category.

6. Ferrari Dream – high-quality booster seat

Ferrari Dream Booster Car Seat (4-11 Years)
  • Official Ferrari car seat
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wide padded seat
  • Padded arm rests
  • Removable washable cover

The model is able to convince the majority of consumers, and above all the build quality deserves much praise.

Comfortably soft padding and high safety standards

The child seat elevation Dream by Ferrari is designed in the colour combination black and red. The practical cover can be easily removed and is machine washable. With a weight of 1.43 kilograms, this car seat is heavier than average and so far designed primarily for use in a vehicle only.

The armrests in the shape of a croissant with padding simplify belt guidance and also increase comfort. The seat is slightly wider at 43 centimetres, which is why larger children in particular benefit from this model.

7. All Ride – ultra-light and low-priced booster seat

All Ride Small Polystyrene Booster Car Seat - Black
  • pecifically designed smaller to fit 3 in a row in even the smallest cars
  • Universal Car Safety System
  • Suitable for ages 3 - 12yrs. ; 15 - 36kg
  • These booster seats are ideal for everyday use to keep your child safe.
  • Universal homologation: ECE R 44 / 04 standard ; H 13cm x W 33cm x L 37cm

The model is simply equipped and convinces with its attractive price. However, users’ feedback is rather mixed: while most award top marks to All Ride headquarters, some consumers are critical of the build quality.

Polystyrene booster seat with cotton cover

This booster seat is one of the most affordable in the category, with the manufacturer deliberately refrained from decorating accessories. The car seat “All Ride” without armrests, which makes these car accessories for smaller children and longer car rides not suitable. The manufacturer recommends the “All Ride” for the groups 2 and 3, ie for children between 3 and 12 years. Positive is to emphasize with only 191 grams extra light weight of the booster seat. As a result, the model “All Ride” proves to be particularly handy and versatile.

The cover can easily be removed and cleaned at low temperatures in the washing machine. The lack of armrests precludes a belt guide, which has a negative impact on road safety.

Conclusion: Multifunctional model for short trips

“All Ride” booster seat is primarily suitable for shorter journeys by car. Because of the uncomplicated design, we recommend this model if you want to use a booster seat not only in the car but also in the cinema and on numerous other occasions.

8. Petex child car booster seat – simple child seat lift for a affordable price

Kindersitzerhöhung Moritz 203 HDPE ECE R44/04 Rot Petex
  • Group 2 + 3 (children 15 – 36kg)
  • 3 point strap harness
  • Adjustable strap guide
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to assemble

This car seat is among the lowest priced on the market and is in the consumer’s favour. In addition to an attractive price-performance ratio, several users emphasize the high level of seating comfort and uncomplicated handling of the model.

Functional and safe booster seat

The car seat is designed in restrained black, the polyester cover can be removed in a few simple steps and cleaned with the easy care program at 30 degrees Celsius. This accessory is designed primarily for Group 2 -3. Thanks to the armrests and the pleasantly soft seat upholstery your child sits comfortably and safely. At 1.02 kilograms, the weight of the model is in the standard range. The manufacturer relies on the maximum functionality and designed the booster seat so that fit on the back of an average car whole three booster seats of this model.

Conclusion: price-performance winner among the booster seats

If you are looking for a secure car seat and only have a small budget, the Petex is an attractive solution.

9. Peg Perego child seat – high-quality model with useful extras

Peg Perego Car Seat 2 – 3 Shuttle Crystal Black
  • Peg Perego Child Car Seat Viaggio 2 3 shuttle crystal black

The absolute majority of users is completely convinced of this increase in the number of children. The reviewers praise not only the high-quality workmanship but also the high seating comfort and the uncomplicated handling of the Peg Perego car seat.

Ergonomic design and practical belt guidance

The model is designed for children between 3 and 12 years old and certified for group 2 to 3. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the hard material core and the soft padding, the booster seat by Baby Flower offers your child the maximum sitting comfort. The armrests make this accessory even more comfortable and safer. The polyester cover you can, as it is the case with most booster seats, with just a few steps decrease. The cover can be cleaned at temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine. One of the comfort and safety features is not least the designated as Gurtfix belt guide, which serves when creating the three-point belt of individual adjustment.

Conclusion: Convincing quality and more security

The booster seat by Peg Perego is an uncomplicated multipurpose accessory for driving with the car. You can easily use this booster seat anywhere where your child wants to sit or slightly raised.

10. Sparco – comfortable Booster Seat in grey

Sparco SPC3002GR3CM Booster Seat, Grey
  • Lightweight design (Easy to transfer between cars)
  • Forward facing - use in both front or rear of car
  • Comfortable, padded seat with armrests
  • Machine washable cover
  • Suitable from 15kg to 36kg (Approx 4-12 years old)

The model by Sparco is simple and functional. This booster seat is one of the bestsellers in the category and receives much-praising feedback for its comfortable fit and high safety standards.

Versatile booster seat made of hard plastic

Patron’s car seat enhancement is designed for groups 2 and 3, ie for children weighing between 15 and 36 kilograms. The cover material made of robust blended fabric is easy to remove and it is easy to clean. The child seat without backrest by Patron is with 1.1 kilograms of weight and is quite handy. The width is around 45 centimetres in the standard range and is optimal for most children. As a small drawback is rather a thin padding to mention. However, most of these booster seats suffer from this deficiency. The shell-shaped design and the armrests in the shape of a croissant ensure comfort and safety.

Conclusion: Subtle designed, safe booster seat

Sparco’s booster seat is a handy and largely convenient accessory that helps you to transport children safely in your car or any other vehicle.

What is a booster seat?

A booster seat, also car seat riser, booster seat, child seat without backrest or sometimes even called seat cushion, is an ergonomically shaped support for a car seat especially for children. A booster seat is mandatory for the transport of children up to a height of 150 centimeters.

what is booster seat

Below, our product comparison informs you in detail about the corresponding legal situation. With only a few exceptions, this accessory is not permanently installed in the car and is not attached. You place the child seat without backrest on one of the free car seats. Your child sits on it and straps with the three-point belt or is strapped by you.

How is a child booster seat structured?

Depending on the model, the core of a booster seat is an anatomically shaped styrofoam or plastic seat. For more safety, the seat is not only ergonomically designed, but has a slight tilt to the rear. In this way, the child does not slip forward during the ride and even during an unexpected braking.

Some booster seats have armrests in a croissant shape, the simpler models do without this feature. On the hard core is a foam pad for more seating comfort. The seat is provided with a reference jacketed. Most commonly, manufacturers use either blended or virgin polyester fabric for the covers. With all current booster seats, the cover can be removed in a few steps and is machine washable.

Booster seat vs. Child seat with backrest in comparison

A child seat is mandatory when transporting children by car. After the baby has outgrown an infant carrier, the child drives in a child seat or a so-called Reboarder in the car. Below we explain in our buying guide, why a booster seat is recommended only from the age of four years.

However, you also have the choice between a child seat with backrest and a simple booster seat. In our comparison, we point out the plus and minus points of a booster seat compared to the child seat.

In sum, a booster seat offers a flexible and affordable solution for short trips. A child seat with backrest scores more safely and is the better solution for long journeys.

Guide to the desired product – in five steps to the correct booster seat for your child

Our product introductions as well as the overview of the classification options of the child seat upgrades are intended as the first approach to your desired car accessories. This guide will guide you to the right model as quickly as possible in five steps.

  1. Are you looking for a booster seat for long car journeys or for short distances in the village? If you want to use the car seat enhancement on relatively long distances and very intensively, it is best to resort to a high-quality model with armrests and a hard plastic core. In this way, you ensure the safety of your children in traffic. Our tip: most booster seats come from the factory with relatively thin padding in the trade. However, it is easy to achieve more seating comfort. Simply cut out a piece of foam in a suitable shape and place it between the core and the cover. So it can be at the same time safe and cuddly soft.
  2. Would you like to use the booster seat in just one vehicle or use it again and again for driving on different vehicles and for other purposes? In the former case, a permanently installed child seat riser with Isofix is an apt solution, as it is on the one hand very safe and on the other hand from their anchorage difficult to solve. A booster seat without Isofix is ​​much more mobile, a simple seat cushion without backrest is extremely versatile. A styrofoam core makes the car seat riser particularly light and simplifies handling.
  3. What colour does your child like the most? The booster seats are available in a wide range of colours, monochrome and multi-coloured. Understandably, a black or grey colour proves to be the most practical variant. However, all newer models generally have removable, washable polyester or blend fabric covers. Thus, the joy of a colourful booster also holds long. We recommend: Leave the decision to your little one. Ultimately, the child is the sole user of this car accessory.
  4. Are you looking for the second child seat for occasional use? In this case, we recommend a low-cost booster seat, which, understandably, should be officially approved and meet all safety requirements. Some quite recommendable models are already starting from 15 pounds up in the trade to get.
  5. How tall is your child? Although all common booster seats for groups II to III are generally approved, there are considerable differences in size between the models. Last but not least, it pays to pay attention to the seat width. This value varies between 35 and 45 centimetres. The seat height must also be taken into account so that the three-point belt does not cut in the neck area under any circumstances. If there is an accident, there is a high risk of injury if the belt is incorrectly installed. If you frequently have several children in restraint in the back seat, it is possible that three extra-wide seats will not fit next to each other. So measure the length of the back seat of your vehicle to decide on the optimal width of a booster seat. Our tip: For smaller children, we recommend a car booster seat with a Gurtfix, so an additional belt guide.

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