Egg Cooker: Best Options And Buying Guide

Usually, tedious methods were used to boil or fry eggs. Indeed, to facilitate the cooking of eggs in various forms, modern electric cooking devices have emerged. Furthermore, an egg cooker is the device that stands out more because it saves time.

Is an electric egg cooker useful?

This appliance can cook 1 to 10 eggs at a time thanks to its remarkable power. It can also be a multifunction device capable of making a hard-boiled egg, a soft-boiled egg or an omelette.

Choosing an egg cooker would undoubtedly reassure its buyer of its quality, capacity, performance, aesthetics and price. In addition, this choice would be economical and practical for him because he can use it for a long time. In addition, an electric egg cooker has multiple functions that serve to cook eggs in different ways and without hassle.

Top 10 egg cookers

Salter EK2783 Electric Egg Boiler - Cooking Rack Holds Up To...

Salter EK2783 Electric Egg Boiler - Cooking Rack Holds Up To...

Key Spec:
  • Save 91% off energy bills using this egg cooker when comparing the energy used to cook 6 large free-range eggs using a 1.8 kW electric hob.
  • Brilliantly easy to operate, the cooker has a power switch, indicator light and automatic switch off once the cooking is complete.
  • Add water using the included measuring jug to cook soft, medium or hard boiled eggs and achieve your desired consistency with ease.
  • Cook up to six at once in the egg rack, ideal if you want to prepare in advance for a quick, healthy snack or to add to your salad.
  • Wonderfully easy to clean, the measuring cup, poaching cups and egg rack included are conveniently dishwasher safe.
Great Price2
Neo 3 in 1 Durable Kitchen Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler,...

Neo 3 in 1 Durable Kitchen Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler,...

Key Spec:
  • 3 in 1: Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs & Omelettes (tray included) Now comes with a new, improved and bigger poaching tray!
  • For soft,medium and hard boiled eggs (8/10/12 minutes)
  • On/off button with pilot light. Buzzer and automatic cut off when boiled. Detachable egg tray.
  • Boil dry protection. Brushed stainless steel heating plate and easy to be cleaned
  • Multi-functional egg shelf design, varied size of eggs. Two egg poaching tray steamer tray
Duronic 7 Egg Boiler EB35 WE, Egg Cooker with Buzzer, Egg...

Duronic 7 Egg Boiler EB35 WE, Egg Cooker with Buzzer, Egg...

Key Spec:
  • 7 EGG COOKER: Whether you are prepping your breakfast before rushing off to work or catering for the whole family, this electric egg boiler can prepare up to 7...
  • CHOOSE FROM SOFT, MEDIUM OR HARD BOILED: Standard electric egg boilers only tend to have a simple on/off switch which does not factor in if you have a preference on...
  • REHEAT FUNCTION: The beeping alarm function will notify you when the eggs are ready, so you can enjoy the eggs when they are just off the boil; all fresh and...
  • WATER CUP AND EGG PIERCER INCLUDED: The EB35 comes with a small water cup that provides the right measure of water to fill up the water tank. And on the underside of...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: white with stainless-steel. Power: 400W. Size: 22x22x14.5cm/8.6x8.6x5.7in. Cable length: 80cm/31.4in. BS British Standard 3-pin plug.
Great Price4
Sistema Microwave Egg Cooker Easy Eggs | Egg Poacher with...

Sistema Microwave Egg Cooker Easy Eggs | Egg Poacher with...

Key Spec:
  • Cook poached egg, scrambled egg, a mini omelette or an egg the perfect size for an English muffin in this microwave container
  • Follow a few simple steps to enjoy perfectly cooked eggs in a matter of minutes (microwave times may vary depending on wattage)
  • Distinctive Sistema KLIP IT easy locking clips and steam release vent in lid for splatter-free heating
  • Cool to the touch, easy lift tab for safe handling
  • Dishwasher (top rack), microwave, fridge and freezer safe
  • Designed and made in New Zealand, phthalate and BPA free
Tower T19023 Multi-Function Egg Cooker with Egg Poaching...

Tower T19023 Multi-Function Egg Cooker with Egg Poaching...

Key Spec:
  • 3-IN-1 EGG COOKER: Includes egg stand, poaching tray and dual omelette tray, for the ultimate all-in-one kitchen appliance
  • BOILS UP TO 7 EGGS: Cooks perfectly soft (6½ mins), medium (9 mins) or hard boiled eggs (13 mins) for the whole family
  • VERSATILE COOKING: Creates 4 perfectly poached eggs, 2 fluffy omelettes, classic scrambled eggs and more for deliciously nutritious breakfasts and snacks
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Its parts are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean after cooking
  • INDICATOR LIGHT & BEEP: The indicator light and signalling beep lets you know when your eggs are ready so that they’re always cooked just how you like them, with...
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Standard 1 year guarantee with 2 year extension when you register the product online
Andrew James Egg Boiler Poacher Electric Cooker with Steamer...

Andrew James Egg Boiler Poacher Electric Cooker with Steamer...

Key Spec:
  • QUALITY EGG BOILER POACHER -- Create perfect boiled and poached eggs and even steam your favourite vegetables for your Andrew James Egg Boiler and Poacher.
  • LARGE 7 EGG CAPACITY -- Cook up to 7 boiled eggs in just minutes. We’ve included a measuring cup so you can add exactly the right amount of water for the number of...
  • 4 POACHED EGGS OR STEAMED VEG -- If you prefer poached eggs, simply change the attachment to the poaching tray.
  • SIMPLE TO USE -- Designed to be easy to use, a buzzer will sound when the required amount of water has boiled so you know your eggs are ready.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Egg Boiler Machine and Poacher comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Lakeland Electric 6 Hole Egg Boiler, Cooker, Poacher &...

Lakeland Electric 6 Hole Egg Boiler, Cooker, Poacher &...

Key Spec:
  • Perfect for those who love eggs & want a proper breakfast or tasty supper made easy!
  • With selector for soft, medium or hard yolks - you can boil up to 6 eggs at once with no fuss.
  • Perfect eggs for all the family - boiled, poached, scrambled, you can even make an omelette.
  • Instruction book with recipes, & the egg tray, poaching dish and omelette dish are dishwasher safe.
  • Buy this product from Lakeland & you can return it for up to 3 years. Proof of purchase is necessary
Great Price8
OSTBA Rapid Egg Boiler, 400W Compact Egg Cooker...

OSTBA Rapid Egg Boiler, 400W Compact Egg Cooker...

Key Spec:
  • Simpler and Faster: You can enjoy eggs in just a few minutes! Our egg cooker has a built-in buzzer, indicator light and automatic shutdown function, so you don't...
  • Boil Perfect Eggs: Up to 6 eggs at a time! Boil soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, poached eggs or vegetables, etc. It is the perfect appliance for egg enthusiasts,...
  • High Quality: Stainless steel material, BPA Free, safe and healthy! All accessories can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning. (Note: The machine body cannot be...
  • Easy to Store: The egg cooker is about 5.3 inches tall, 5.8 inches wide, and 9.7 inches long. It is small and only takes up a tiny kitchen and storage space,...
  • What’s Includes: The Tiastar egg boiler includes a machine body, transparent lid, measuring cup with a piercer, 6-eggs steamer tray, and 2-poached eggs bowl!...
Great Price9
Bujingyun 2 Sets Microwave Egg Cooker,1 Minute Fast Egg...

Bujingyun 2 Sets Microwave Egg Cooker,1 Minute Fast Egg...

Key Spec:
  • Package includes: 2x Egg Cooker
  • Non-Stick, BPA Free, and Dishwasher Safe
  • Cooks perfect Breakfast sandwich Eggs in Microwave in Just one-Minute. UP to 2 eggwichs each time
  • Eggs fit English Muffins, Biscuits Bagels and More,Also great for Personal omelettes and Eggs benedict.
  • Healthier option, makes food without oil or butter
RPXLIFE Premium Egg Boiler Cooker Steamer - Perfect for Soft...

RPXLIFE Premium Egg Boiler Cooker Steamer - Perfect for Soft...

Key Spec:
  • NO CHEAP PLASTIC: Our Egg boiler machine makes the perfect eggs every single time! Soft, medium, hard boiled poached, steamed, scrambled or omelette are no problem!...
  • COOK 7 EGGS AT ONCE: Our electric egg cooker is made of the highest quality 304 PP Food Grade Stainless Steel. There are no cheap plastic components, which easily...
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Our egg cooker electric will make a refreshing addition to your house. With our stylish and contemporary colour schemes, this egg...
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF FEATURE: Gone are the days when you had to stand over the stove and carefully monitor your eggs, or even use an egg timer! Our electric egg boiler...
  • 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE: If you have any queries or questions about our egg boiler electric at all we'd love to help. Our UK-based customer services team is always...

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You would think eggs are easy to cook, and yet even the greatest chefs agree that a well-cooked egg is not for everyone. This way, if your soft-boiled egg is still raw or your hard-boiled egg is black, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is an alternative for this: the electric egg cooker, which allows you to obtain perfectly cooked eggs in no time. Just press a button, add water to the bottom, and the rest is done by itself!

The advantages & disadvantages of an electric egg cooker

There are some significant advantages to buying an egg cooker. For its use:

  • You get perfect eggs in record time: sometimes, we do not have enough cooking time when making soft-boiled or soft-boiled eggs because this requires clear precision.
  • Different kinds of egg cooking are done with perfection and ease;
  • An automatic stop followed by an audible signal announces the cooking of the eggs thanks to the timer;
  • You save time, thanks to its speed and reliability: it does not require special attention other than the sound signal, allowing you to go about different occupations.
  • They can offer a perfect decoration due to its elegance and modern design;
  • Has a user manual to help its purchaser.

Let’s say that everything that has advantages also hides disadvantages, thus:

  • By their power, electric egg cookers increase your electricity consumption;
  • It is sometimes bulky in some kitchens.

How to choose your egg cooker?

If you are still hesitating between several egg cookers, here are some essential criteria to consider when making your selection.

Depending on capacity

Some egg cookers cook 10 eggs at a time, ideal for large families, those who regularly consume eggs, such as athletes or those who like to prepare everything in advance.

On average, the models can cook 6-7 eggs at the same time, while the smaller ones offer a rack for 3 eggs.

According to its versatility

If the device we have chosen can also do the three basic egg cooking operations, it also offers accessories for making poached eggs and omelettes. Others allow you to make fried eggs. It’s up to you to see what you prefer!

According to its design

Some egg cookers are so pretty that they are happy to be left on the countertop, especially if they are made of brushed steel or with a nice design. Others, on the other hand, are rectangular and compact in shape for easy storage. Determine if you prefer the visual to the practical!

How to use an electric egg cooker

The ease with which to cook soft, hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs with an electric egg cooker has never been easier. Its simplicity in making perfect eggs fuels the desire to make use of it.

At first, you will have to wash the eggs and then place them in the cooker before adding the necessary amount of water in the tank using its measuring cup. Please, prick the eggs with the piercing needle. Then plug in the appliance after replacing the cover, then press the on switch. After removing the eggs, it is best to put them in cold water to stop cooking and get a better texture. In addition, you can use the different accessories for the preparation of moulded, fried, hard-boiled, calf or omelettes eggs. No matter what, it is essential to read the instructions before using your cooker.

In addition, regular maintenance of your electric egg cooker is necessary for a good user experience. Since all models do not have an anti-lime filter, it would be essential to clean the bottom of the tank with a special anti-lime product and a sponge or cloth. White vinegar can also be used.

However, some models have a removable anti-lime filter. You have to remove the detachable filter and wash it. Likewise, you have models with a non-stick steel heating base. In this case, you will not notice any sticky food, so no complications in cleaning.

The different types of electric egg cooker

The rise of electric egg cookers is boosted by specific brands or models fighting for their star with their know-how. We can cite as examples:

The BESTRON brand with its AEC200 model. Protected against overheating and equipped with an on / off switch with pilot light, it has a graduated water sprinkler with a cleanable perforator. This model weighs 0.61 kg, so you will not be encumbered by this device. It is perfect for hard-boiled or scrambled egg lovers. With a 5 year warranty, you will make an excellent investment.

CUISINART offers us its CEC10E model, which is an electric egg cooker capable of cooking 10 eggs. It is versatile because you can get poached, hard-boiled, moulded, shelled, calf or omelette eggs. It is not expensive and is designed with stainless steel (inox). It is characterized by a power of 600 Watts and has an automatic sound shut-off. We have a measuring cup with a piercing needle, two egg cups, and a detachable filter for the limescale as an accessory.


Whether you are a heavy egg consumer or miss cooking every time, the egg cooker is a must-have. It takes up little space, saves time, and you get exactly what you originally wanted, no more and no less!

Model in the shape of a large stainless steel egg won us over for its capacity and its accessories. Since then, it’s impossible to miss boiled or even poached eggs! And above all, to please the small family, I am delighted to make 10 eggs at a time without having to take out three pans.

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