Electric Kettle: Best Options And Buying Guide

Having an electric kettle in your home will save you a lot of hassle whenever you feel like heating water. For example, take a match, crack it, turn on the gas, put water in a container, wait on the watch, etc. With this device, you can skip all these steps. All you have to do is plug in the machine. You don’t even need to monitor all the features that come with the most advanced models.

Also, it should be noted that the electric kettle is a reasonably practical material in addition to being usable by everyone. It heats your water quickly, which saves some time. The fact that it is autonomous allows you to go about other occupations freely.

Top 10 electric kettles

Great Price1
Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel Electric 1.7L Cordless...

Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel Electric 1.7L Cordless...

Key Spec:
  • The brushed stainless steel kettle heats up quickly is easy to clean and will not discolour regardless of use or age
  • Quiet boil technology makes this a hot favourite for people in open plan living spaces busy households and those who value peace and quiet With their brew
  • A rapid boil zone indicator within the kettle allows you to fill just the right amount of water and boils one cup super-fast taking only 45 seconds
  • The removable washable lime scale filter will keep your brew tasting amazing and is ideal for those living In hard water areas
  • Suitable for both right handed and left handed users The 360 degree base means no matter where your new kettle lives it's always within easy reach
  • Rapid boil zones denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes. **one cup is equal to 235ml of water
Great Price2
Russell Hobbs Textures Electric 1.7L Cordless Kettle (Fast...

Russell Hobbs Textures Electric 1.7L Cordless Kettle (Fast...

Key Spec:
  • Style on a Budget - Combining a high gloss finish with matt accents for a contemporary feel, meaning it will bring style to any kitchen work top.
  • Rapid Boil Function - If you’re one for a sneaky brew the rapid boil feature means you can have a brew in hand in under one minute (based on one 235ml cup)
  • 1.7 Litre Jug - Big enough to make up to six cups, making it an ideal kettle for family homes.
  • Perfect Pour Spout - The kettle has a perfect pour spout so all of the water goes into the cup with fewer splashes and spills keeping your work surface mess-free.
  • 2 Year Manufactures Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online.
  • Instructions: Place the kettle on an even/stable surface before switching on, descale product to get rid of limescale and to avoid water spills when in action refer...
Great Price3
Geepas Electric Kettle, 1500W | Stainless Steel Cordless...

Geepas Electric Kettle, 1500W | Stainless Steel Cordless...

Key Spec:
  • DURABLE AND HEALTHY STAINLESS-STEEL KETTLE - Food grade stainless steel is corrosion resistant and more durable and makes a healthy kitchen appliance to heat up...
  • CAPACITY 1.8L,SAFETY - The 1.8L large capacity allows this kettle to serve about 8 cups of water for you and your family each time. The boil-dry protection...
  • AUTO LID OPENING, LIGHT INDICATOR - Designed with a simple one touch, push button opening lid, enabling you to quickly open with one hand when you want to refill...
  • 360° ROTATIONAL BASE, CORD STORAGE, PERFECT POUR - To keep the kitchen tidy, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience & the...
Great Price4
Breville Bold Vanilla Cream Electric Kettle | 1.7L | 3kW...

Breville Bold Vanilla Cream Electric Kettle | 1.7L | 3kW...

Key Spec:
  • Glossy, ridged textured finish with high shine chrome accents and illuminated controls for ease of use
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling; 1.7 Litre capacity makes 6 to 8 cups
  • Rear water window for accurate filling and energy efficient boiling; extra wide spout for easy pouring
  • Removable, cleanable limescale filter; concealed element for easy cleaning
  • 360-degree rotational base, lift off lid, non-slip feet and cord storage
  • Complete your cream kettle and toaster set with the matching Bold toaster
Russell Hobbs Honeycomb Electric 1.7L Cordless Kettle (Fast...

Russell Hobbs Honeycomb Electric 1.7L Cordless Kettle (Fast...

Key Spec:
  • Textured Design - With a honeycomb-textured finish on premium black plastic, this kettle brings style to your kitchen with every brew you make.
  • Rapid Boil - With internal 1/2/3 cup indicators, a speedy brew has never been easier. Simply fill your kettle up with the amount of water you need, and Boil One Cup...
  • 1.7 Litre Capacity - That’s why the Honeycomb Kettle has an impressive 1.7L Capacity. The perfect size to cater for all, this kettle makes sure your every boiling...
  • Boil Dry Protection - Designed to protect your kettle from over-boiling, Boil Dry Protection prevents your kettle from boiling if there is not enough water inside of...
  • 2 Year Manufactures Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online.
Great Price6
Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel & Black Electric 1.7L...

Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel & Black Electric 1.7L...

Key Spec:
  • Boils 1 cup in 45 seconds one cup is equal to 235ml of water.Quiet Boil : No
  • The perfect pour spout allows you to get a streaming flow of water straight into your cup. Say goodbye to splashes and spills on the kitchen worktop
  • Rapid boil internal marker for 1/2/3 cup volume
  • Matching 2 and 4 Slice toasters
  • Kettle
Great Price7
Russell Hobbs Illuminating 1.7L Electric Cordless Glass...

Russell Hobbs Illuminating 1.7L Electric Cordless Glass...

Key Spec:
  • 1.7 Litre glass kettle with brushed stainless steel accents.
  • Blue illumination on boil .
  • Save up to 66 percent energy saving by boiling one cup (235 ml) vs 1 Litre .
  • Make sure at least 2 minutes have passed between one usage and another AND that there is always 25cl of water in the kettle at any use.
  • Concealed element and removable, washable filter .
  • Includes code for 75 percent off a bottle of Russell Hobbs multipurpose descaler .
  • Descale the kettle as the filter may be blocked by scale deposits, so the water would run down the front of the kettle giving the impression of leaking from the...
Great Price8
Morphy Richards Equip Red Jug Kettle - 1.7L - Rapid Boil -...

Morphy Richards Equip Red Jug Kettle - 1.7L - Rapid Boil -...

Key Spec:
  • Illuminated Easy View water gauge for dark mornings
  • 3kW element and Rapid Boil Feature for faster brews
  • Built-in cord tidy keeps countertops free of clutter
  • Generous 1.7L capacity and removable limescale filter
Great Price9
Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel & Black Electric 1.7L...

Russell Hobbs Brushed Stainless Steel & Black Electric 1.7L...

Key Spec:
  • Brushed stainless steel kettle with plastic accents
  • Rapid boil zone feature denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • Perfect pour' spout
  • Push to open metal lid
Enocos Electric Kettle, 2.0L Glass Kettles with Blue LED,...

Enocos Electric Kettle, 2.0L Glass Kettles with Blue LED,...

Key Spec:
  • 【Safty Materials】Our electric kettle is made with high-quality borosilicate glass, and 304 stainless steel to keep your water safe and tasting pure for years to...
  • 【Rapid Boil】With 2300 watts, this electric tea kettle is faster than a microwave and more convenient than a stovetop kettle. Make a quick, hot cup of tea or...
  • 【Automatic Shutoff】The electric kettle is equipped with a bright LED to indicate that the kettle is heating. Auto Shut-off and boil-dry protection feature will...
  • 【Easy to Clean】We designed our kettle with a large opening for easy and quick cleaning of any residue or scale.
  • 【Stylish Design】The sleek glass kettle features an exquisite modern design that perfectly fits in any countertop, living room, or office.

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Buying Guide

The household appliance market is quite large, so it isn’t easy to make the right choice, especially if you do not know this sector. Therefore, you must focus on specific criteria for this research to be the one expected and to meet your expectations. We bring you all the answers to this question: How to choose a kettle with an adjustable temperature?

The three most classic characteristics

Several products are available in a store or online store, and you must then separate them according to your needs to choose a kettle with adjustable temperature. There is no need to buy a mini kettle if you are more than 4 people in the family. Therefore, capacity is the first criterion that should hold your attention:

  • A capacity of less than 1.5 litres is sufficient for couples or single people.
  • If you’re alone drinking tea or using hot water for soup, the smaller versions will also be great.
  • The capacities greater than 1.5 litres are reserved for a family of 4 people, for example.

With this information, you can already spot all the kettles that may interest you. You then need a second criterion, namely the price. The third rather traditional criterion concerns power.

  • The higher the power, the faster your kettle can reach temperature.
  • Entry-level versions do not exceed 700 Watts.
  • The most interesting have a power greater than 2200 Watts, and it can reach nearly 2400 Watts.

Thanks to these three criteria, you already have an idea about the reference that can satisfy you, but you can help yourself with two additional characteristics.

How to choose an adjustable temperature kettle?

Some drinks such as tea require the greatest care because it is necessary to respect a precise temperature in order not to distort the flavours. Classic kettles are automatic, so it is impossible to choose the temperature. Others, especially the most expensive, allow you to select between 50 and 100 degrees to have a drink in line with tradition, for example.

Be careful, because if some kettles have graduation of 10 by 10, others can be more precise with a graduation of 5 by 5. This is very important, especially for the most fragile teas that do not like to be confronted with high temperatures. Sometimes it only takes 5 degrees for your drink to be unsatisfactory. There is also the function to keep warm for a few minutes or more than an hour. This is an interesting feature. You should not neglect the anti-limescale filter because it saves you from regularly cleaning the bottom since it can scale very easily.

Indeed, it is possible to use filtered water, but it is quite laborious, especially if you do not have such a carafe.

Your tea, therefore, has an unpleasant taste since the deposits can transform the aromas.

  • There is a filter at the level of the pourer, but it only helps to avoid the consumption of certain particles.
  • You, therefore, need a real anti-limescale system that protects your kettle from all deposits.

You should still clean it regularly, at least once a week. This, of course, depends on your frequency of use. If you tend to brew tea once a month, you don’t need to do such a heavy cleaning. All you need to do is dry your device well before putting it away.

What is an electric kettle?

When you need to heat water, brew tea, or cook food quickly with boiling water, you bring water to the fire in a container. This is one of the most widely used methods, but you can also use an electric kettle. It is a device equipped with resistance, therefore operating on the Joule effect. Current flows through the resistor, and it heats up. In contact with water, heat is transmitted to the liquid, which increases quickly enough to reach the desired level.

The modern electric kettle is often made of stainless steel. It is equipped with several functions that enhance its use, such as automatic shutdown. So that tartar does not settle in the container, there are models, the bottom of which has a plate below the resistance. In other words, if you own a machine that does not have this type of plate, it would be ideal for descaling it now and then. But already, you have to know how to choose the best electric kettle for your needs. Here’s roughly how to do it.

How to use an electric kettle?

The kettles all work on the same principle, but there are points of disagreement concerning their constitution. For example, some kettles are equipped with pedestals on which a bowl rests. The resistance is integrated into the base. Other models are compact. When it comes to a kettle that has a base, it must be said that some of them are detachable when it comes to the bottom of the device. As for the operation, it is relatively simple.

Some models of kettles have their graduated bowls. It will therefore be advisable to fill them taking into account the quantity of water you need. Some models are equipped with a battery. In these cases, you do not need to plug in the device. If it is a question of a wired kettle, you will therefore have to plug in the appliance and then switch it on by pressing the ignition button.

Once started. It is necessary to wait until the contents are brought to a boil. The waiting time will depend on two factors. On the one hand, there will be the range of electric kettle that you have purchased; on the other, there is the amount of water contained in the kettle container. Once your goal is reached, you will have to turn off the device and unplug it. The contents of the kettle will be poured into another container. If it is a device with a detachable container, this can be used directly, so there is no need to pour the contents into anything.

It should also be mentioned that when your kettle has an automatic shut-off system, you hardly have to stand by to monitor the contents. If it is also equipped with a whistle, it is even better. With a timer, you will know exactly when to return to your machine. Temperature control is also possible from the thermostat.

The different types of electric kettles

There are two types of electric kettles. There is the wired electric kettle and the cordless electric kettle.

The corded electric kettle requires the appliance to be plugged into the mains before operating. The length of the wire can also, if it is too long, become cumbersome. The risk of electrocution remains present if it is handled too close to water. The wired electric kettles also have the advantage of being usable at any time.

The cordless electric kettles are dependent on an internal battery. You have to charge them to be able to use them properly and especially anywhere.

There are also induction kettles which are characterized by an induction hob that ensures their operation.


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