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Best Fitness Trackers

Two are the facts that have led to that, at this time, one of the items most in demand in the market is the so-called fitness tracker. Specifically, this is due, on the one hand, to live in a society where technology has become an essential part of our lives because we use it to communicate, entertain, inform ourselves. And, on the other, that every time it seems that There is a greater cult of the body.

If you are one of those who takes a regular physical activity, either practising sports in one of the best exercise bikes or treadmills, or you just take long morning walks, these types of sports wristbands can be great for you. help to keep an exhaustive control of your exercise.

What is the activity fitness tracker?

In case you do not know, this type of device that we now let you know is a bracelet of a technological type that is responsible for giving us information about our physical exercise. In particular, the usual thing is to indicate the distance we have travelled, the steps we have taken, the calories we have lost and even the speed we have carried out in our walk or race. But not only that, too, among many other functions, you can realize the heart rate we have in each moment.

In this way, what is pursued is that those who do sports can do so at all times clear the benefits that it is providing and the results it is achieving.

Tips for buying an activity fitness tracker

If you consider that it can be an article that encourages you, encourage and encourage you to leave your sedentary life and begin to develop a healthier exercise, it is important that before you acquire it you know in what aspects you should look to find the best model:

  • Design. In particular, you should take into account that you have one that fits your style because, after all, you will wear it all day.
  • Compatibility. With this, we mean that, like your computer, smartphone or tablet, will become your nexus of connection with the bracelet, to register your data and have them stored, they must be compatible in terms of the operating system.
  • Criteria measured. Needless to say that you should look at what measurements the model you like because although there are some that are basic in all, such as steps or heart rate, there are others that quantify varied aspects such as, for example, the quality of sleep.
  • Duration of the battery. This is one of the most important criteria that you should pay attention to since it will depend that you may be using the bracelet more or less interrupted time.

If you have an app or not, the ease of synchronization with the smartphone or tablet, the brand and even the battery charging system are other features you should also look at.

Comparison of fitness tracker

Take into account the advice we gave you in the previous section are the best help you can have when buying this device that we are dealing with. However, it will also be very useful for you to know which are the best fitness tracker on the market at this time. And it is that knowing those that have the best quality-price ratio you can buy some of them and thus guarantee that you are making a good investment.

That’s why to keep reading. Next, we will show you that list with the most praised proposals now both by technology experts and by the users themselves:

1. Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker with Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitor - Black/Large
  • Pure plus heart rate: Continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking without an uncomfortable chest strap
  • All-day activity tracking: Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and hourly activity
  • Syncs with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, Android 4.4 and later, and Windows 10 devices
  • Auto exercise recognition: Smart Track automatically recognizes select exercises (running, biking and more) and records them for you in the Fitbit app
  • Connected GPS: Connect Charge 2 with the GPS on your phone to see real-time stats like pace and distance on display and record a map of your route

The first position of this ranking is occupied by a bracelet that has become the favourite of millions of people around the world so it completes what it is and that translates, therefore, into a high price that is around 100 euros approximately and that even in some cases it exceeds, based on the type of belt that is chosen for example.

Calculate the steps, count the calories lost, establish the distance travelled, offer clock functions, control the heart rate … These are some of the main functions performed by the device that, in the same way, and thanks to its perfect synchronization With your mobile phone, you can identify calls, see notifications and even manage alarms.

It has a long battery that can last between 7 and 10 days and becomes a perfect ally for the athlete because, in addition to the above, allows to undertake these other functions: set goals, earn badges for each achievement, visualize the progress, record the sport carried out and the food is taken.

2. Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband - Black
  • Records steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned
  • Silent wake alarm and water resistant
  • Track your goals with online and mobile tools
  • Set your goals and sync your stats
  • Note: To charge your Flex, plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer. Remove the tracker from the wristband, and insert it into the charging cable, with the LED indicator lights facing up. The LED indicator lights will progressively illuminate on your Flex as it charges. Each light represents 20% of the maximum charge. Once all five lights pulse in unison, your Flex will be fully charged. Charging completely can take up to three hours.

Buying a Fitbit quantifier bracelet is a success because this brand now offers a great variety of models and all with good value for money. The one that we present to you now is available and is identified, above all, because it is resistant to water and because it performs interesting and useful functions: counts the steps given, establishes the calories that have been burned by exercising, determines the distance that has been travelled allows us to check the progress that is being made and monitors the dream. Specifically, with regard to this last task, it must be said that it not only determines the quality of sleep but also records active minutes and sleeping hours.

Their straps are colourful and flexible, the synchronization is done wirelessly and those who have it stand out that it has an alarm system by vibration so that whoever wears it does not have to wake up when your partner gets up.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Band Smartwatch Wristband Bracelet With OLED Display Water-Resistant Smart Heart...
  • Adopt US ADI sensors technology to detect movement and sleep quality, monitor heart rate in real time then help you exercise scientifically.
  • With OLED display and light touch button, you can review the current time, steps, heart rate, mileage, calories and more data. The screen can also light up when you turn your wrist, which is easy and convenient.
  • Compatible material and light weight make you can't feel its existence nearly when you are sleeping. It can monitor your sleep time and sleep quality, record your time of deep sleep and light sleep accurately.
  • Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle! Monitor and record your heart rate in real time, helping you plan the timing of your movements and the amount of exercise freely.
  • Compatible:Support Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.4 or iOS 7.0 and above phones.

The third position in this ranking is occupied by a proposal that offers a simply spectacular service, as well as a very affordable price at Amazon online store.

Specifically, we can determine that the hallmarks that make it a reference are that it has a 0.42-inch OLED screen, which is resistant to water and dust, which connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 or is compatible with the Android operating system. To all that we can add that the strap is silicone, that its battery is 70 mAh and that performs the following functions: pedometer, sleep management or heart rate measurement, among others. It can be purchased in different colours.

4. Mpow Heart Rate Monitor Tracker

Fitness Tracker, Mpow Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet with Step Counter Pedometer Watch and Sleep...
  • 【Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor】The smart bracelet can track your heart rate and all-day activities. It can display steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, etc. You can also check your latest history sports data by long pressing the side button for 2 seconds
  • 【Calls and Messages Reminde】 Mpow fitness tracker will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc. Simply connect the bracelet to your smart phone via Bluetooth and set in the app, you will never miss a call and a message
  • 【Sleep Monitor & Alarm Alert】Mpow fitness tracker can monitor your sleep quality including deep or light sleep hours, awake hours, history sleep data. You can also set different alarm clocks in the app and it will vibrate to wake you up or remind you to do exercise, take medicine, etc
  • 【Remote Control Phone Camera】Use this function for selfie or group photos with a better pose or photo sight. Open the camera function in the app, you can use this smart wristband to easily control your phone camera
  • 【Longer Battery Life and Wider Compatibility】 Built-in low-power-consumption Bluetooth chip and 70mAh rechargeable battery; full charge requires only about 1.5 hour and the standby time can be 5-7 days. App supports most smart phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above(not for tablet). Support system: iOS 7.1 like iPhone 8/x/7/SE/5 or above(not for iPad), Android 4.4 like Samsung LG or above

Those wishing to acquire a bracelet of cheap activity will find in this model a very interesting option, it is available on Amazon. This supposes that it is a basic model designed for those who wish to start playing sports or simply want to begin to realize that the time has come to set aside sedentary life.

Specifically, it serves as a pedometer, allows to know the calories that are lost and even has the sleep monitor option. But to all that we must add that it is waterproof, that connects via Bluetooth with devices with the Android operating system, that its screen is OLED type of 0.91 inches and that its weight is only 25 grams.

Its battery is 75 mAh and allows you to manage both messages and mobile phone calls.

5. Garmin Vívosmart HR + GPS

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ GPS Fitness Activity Tracker with Smart Notifications and Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitor - Regular,...
  • Tracks heart rate at the wrist day or night, to provide more accurate calories burned information
  • Displays steps, calories, distance, heart rate, floors climbed, intensity minutes, time, date and monitors sleep
  • GPS provides running metrics including distance, pace and personal records
  • Learns your activity level, sets a personalised daily step goal and auto syncs with Garmin Connect
  • Notifications: Displays text, email, call and social media alerts on your vivosmart HR+

We are entering the final stretch of this ranking of the best activity fitness tracker whose position number five is occupied by the most expensive of all presented.

That’s because it has GPS, Garmin Elevate technology and is responsible for measuring the steps, the distance travelled, the heart rate, the floors that have been uploaded …

It is also water resistant, allows you to manage calls, messages, whatsapp, emails. that are received on the smartphone and gives you the opportunity to control both the music and the action camera that belongs to the same brand and that is at the sale separately.

Do you want to know some more technical specification? It has a weight of 31 grams, the battery lasts 5 days and the size of its screen is 25.3 x 10.7 mm.

6. Sony Smart Band 2 SWR12

Sony Smart Band 2 SWR12 Activity Tracker Fitness Tracker Fitness Bracelet - White
  • SmartBand 2 keeps an eye on your pulse and stress level, checking how your energy rises and falls
  • With an inbuilt heart rate monitor, the SmartBand 2 constantly checks your pulse, whether you’re on the move or sitting at a desk
  • However you move, the SmartBand 2 captures it all so you can see how active you’ve been
  • Check SmartBand 2 data from the past week, month, year and beyond on the Lifelog app
  • The SmartBand 2’s gentle vibrating alert and optional coloured LEDs let you know when a call or message is coming in on your phone

The list will be closed with this other quantifying bracelet endorsed by a firm of recognized prestige in the technological field such as Sony. It is one of the cheapest at the moment, now it can be purchased at Amazon.

It is waterproof, compatible with devices with the Android operating system, vibrates when you receive a message or calls to the smartphone, the battery life is 120 hours and incorporates the Lifelog application, which automatically records all activities that they are done

Now, with all the information we have given you, it is time for you to think and analyze all the models in depth to find the one that will help you keep a great record of your physical activity.

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