Garden Furniture: Best options and buying guide

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Everything you need to know about garden furniture and what are the best options?

Nowadays, having a garden to share with the family and enjoy pleasant moments is a great blessing, especially in those cities full of buildings and very modernized, where the value of the garden is underestimated.

If you are one of the lucky ones who own a garden, you have to read this post.

Today we will talk about garden furniture, giving you six beautiful tips for your choice. Additionally, we will also delve into how to choose covers. The rainy season is approaching, and you have to protect that furniture that beautifies your garden, terrace or garage.

How to choose garden furniture?

The quality products offers not only aesthetics, comfort and functionality you need, but they are extra tough and durable.

We often stop enjoying the garden because we do not have the right furniture, uncomfortable chairs and sofas of poor quality, which only fulfil decorating the space. Get rid of all this useless garden furniture and find out how to choose quality one.

It is essential that you think about what you want from this space, what you want to turn it into a place to enjoy barbecues during the warm summer days or a romantic place to dine in the moonlight.

Garden furniture matters more than you think, they can transform your space into what you really want. A good sofa with soft cushions invites you to enjoy relaxing afternoons sitting in the garden and, is that life is those simple moments that make you happy.

Make your garden the place where happiness thrives with tremendous and cheap product.

If you have doubts and don’t know how to choose it, follow the six tips after the product suggestions and bring this vital place in your home to life.

bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set, 4 piece Patio Rattan...
  • Package Includes: 2 * Armchair, 1 * Double Seat Sofa, 1 * Table, 2 * Armchair Cushion, 1 * Double Seat Sofa Cushion
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  • Cushions are included - please note cushions are off-white/beige colour,Cushion covers are removable for washing.
  • Weatherproof Leave outside all year around, Shower proof cushions.
  • No maintenance required. Tempered safety glass. Assembly is required.
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  • Assembly is required
YAKOE 50110 New Conservatory Modular 8 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa...
  • The rattan garden furniture range is made to be left outside all year around and the cushions are water proof and washable(hand washing...
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  • It comes flat-pack with 3 packages and self-assembly will be required. All fixings and instructions are included.
Keter Modena Garden Furniture Lounge Set, Graphite with Grey...
  • Modena Garden Furniture Lounge Set
  • Comprises of 2 chairs, a 2-seater sofa and a rectangular table
  • Stylish wicker design, comfortable cushions and armrests
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  • Dimensions : Sofa: 109.50 x 48.74 x 75 cms. Single Chair : 57.50 x 49.5 x 75 cms. Table: 85 x 45 x 38.50 cms
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Six tips for choosing the best garden furniture

I will give you six excellent tips to help you choose your best products. Without further ado, let’s discover them:

Visualize the garden of your dreams

We all want something different in life, and you must try hard to achieve it. And, what better way to do it than conspiring with the universe to achieve your goals.

It doesn’t sound very easy and looks like something out of a self-help book, but it’s true. Imagine that you have a beautiful garden and you would love to read under a tree, gently rocking in a hammock, but your garden has a wide table and a large barbecue grill, and the worst: all the furniture is full of dust because nobody uses it.

Go after what you want. The same applies to your home. Do you want your garden to be a space to relax? Make it possible, buy a hammock, a beautiful garden lamp and start making a dream come true.

Think about what you expect and want your garden to be, then start to visualize the furniture that best suits your idea. You may not have the budget at first to buy all the garden furniture you want, but make a list and buy one by one the ones you like the most. In a short time, you will see that your garden takes the shape you want.

With the help of the internet, you can be inspired: type phrases like: relaxing garden ideas, garden to share with the family, etc., so you can get an idea of ​​what you want and carry it out.

furniture for gardens
Image: Pexels

Garden furniture must be of good quality

It must be of good quality; since they are exposed to inclement weather, such as rain, extreme sun, and even snow, animals can damage them if they are not of good quality.

You have to know what material is better or worse. Certain types of wood can rot and become damaged in constant contact with water. There are also plastic products that burn when exposed to direct sun light.

It is better to invest in quality and forget about those products, which after a few months deteriorates.

Try before you buy

This is a tip that applies to all the furniture in your home. If you are going to buy sit down, try it. Don’t buy anything you don’t try. It can look very nice and comfortable, but when it comes to using it, it is a complete nightmare; You do not feel comfortable, and the truth is that you would not last 15 minutes in said furniture.

Do not buy decorative stuff. Make everything you buy useful and comfortable for you. For all this always: Try before you buy!

Inquire about maintenance, and this will extend the useful life of your furniture

You have fallen in love with an incredible metal chair, it is beautiful, and you only imagine it in your garden. However, have you thought about its maintenance? If you live in a place with high humidity, it will deteriorate quickly.

You have to inquire into the type of maintenance that the garden furniture requires. Many young people not having much time to care for and protect theirs opt for aluminium chairs and tables.

The truth is that you have to choose the type of furniture that best suits your lifestyle and that does not require much maintenance.

Buy and covers that will protect it

If you have already chosen the product that meets your needs, remember: put them away.

Yes, if you want your garden furniture to have a long life without losing its grace, buy the covers together to protect them.

And, if you have the possibility of keeping them indoors during the rainy months, do it! This doubles the life of your furniture. If you can’t, don’t forget to buy quality covers.

Don’t be obsessed with colour

You can get an idea of ​​what colours you want when shopping for furniture, but don’t be obsessed with it. Usually, the oldest garden furniture does not have any layer of colour, which can flake or deteriorate.

An excellent way to colour your one is with cushions and some decorative pieces.

The truth is that you have to pay attention to quality, durability and resistance. Also, pay attention to the weight, if you have to keep them and move them constantly. It must be functional, durable and aesthetic.

Now that you know how to choose garden furniture let’s discover the best way to protect it; let’s delve into covers.

Covers are essential

Summer is leaving us; the days of warm sun and the rains and humidity are approaching. Therefore, you must protect the garden furniture if you want it to maintain its appearance, colour and last longer.

Many can keep store it inside their home. However, not everyone has this option, so the covers are shown as an excellent option.

Many factors can damage your garden or terrace furniture. You must identify the risk factors to choose the covers that suit you best.

Reasons why you should protect it

You have a shed, garage or conservatory; do not think that you should not protect your garden furniture for a moment because of this characteristic. It is not only rain or sun, but also dust, dirt, and others. These factors put the appearance of your furniture and its durability at risk.

Many factors can damage your garden furniture

  1. Dust and dirt. It doesn’t matter if they are under a shed or on a covered terrace; garden furniture is exposed to dust and dirt. And, these two can scratch, stain and damage them. In this case, the ideal is a protective cover that also allows them to air; in this way, you extend the life of your furniture.
  2. If you keep it outside, you must be very careful with condensation. These tiny drops can damage wood, steel, and iron. If you want to face condensation successfully, an excellent protective cover to prevent UV rays from the sun, condensation, resistance to rain and wind is a great idea. Also, look for it with heat-adhesive seams for added protection.
  3. One of the most significant risk factors is rain. To protect it from this, it is essential to choose a suitable material for the cover, but without neglecting the ergonomics of the design that adapts to the furniture to avoid puddles of standing water around it.

Covers with the Pop-Up quality

In this particular, there are covers with the Pop-Up quality. This system raises the cover and avoids puddles.

  1. If you are worried about the wind, you have to opt for covers with good adhesion. The covers with elastic bands work correctly, but they are throughout the entire cover. In addition, you can opt for protective covers with laces to tie them and prevent them from moving from their place.
  2. It’s not just about wind, rain, humidity and condensation, but about the sun. These elements can damage your stuff, causing fungi, mould, bacteria, and even alter its colour and good appearance. Protect your terrace furniture with protective covers, but do not forget you must always air them.

You already know some of the factors that put your garden furniture at risk, now let’s discover the best covers to protect them.

Most common materials in covers

Essentially when it comes to covers, the most effective textiles are synthetics. Among these fabrics, the following stand out: polyester and polyethene.

Both have positive qualities:

  • Resistance to varying states of time.
  • They do not rot.
  • They have a certain degree of impermeability.

Which is better: polyester or polyethene?

There are many different materials to make covers for sofas and outdoor furniture, but the bestsellers are polyester or polyethene.

You ask yourself: which of the two is better? Well, I will help you choose by showing you its characteristics.

Polyester: the ideal material for covers

Polyester is one of the most virtuous materials when it comes to protecting your stuff. This one has positive qualities, such as:

  1. This synthetic textile does not allow the passage of UV rays from the sun.
  2. Polyester is waterproof.
  3. And finally, polyester is a very breathable material.

Essentially, polyester covers are recommended if the furniture is made of wood; this type of material needs to breathe, and polyester is breathable.

If your garden furniture is made of wood or natural fibres, the use of polyester covers is highly recommended.

Polyethene the ideal material for covers

Covers from polyethene stand out for the following characteristics:

  1. Polyethene is an extremely lightweight material that is easy to handle.
  2. One of its greatest attractions is that it does not absorb much water.
  3. As if that were not enough, it has incredible resistance to chemicals, such as chlorine.
  4. However, among the negative qualities that this material can present is that it has medium resistance to UV rays from the sun.

For all the above, it is recommended to use polyethene covers when the furniture is made of synthetic material, such as metal or aluminium.

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