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Headlamps for Camping, Fishing and More

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Top 10 Headlamps for outdoor use

A headlamp or headlamp was used for many years only among mountaineers or self-confessed outdoor activists. Meanwhile, she has conquered a permanent place in other areas of life. For a good reason, because it is incredibly practical, handy and versatile.

For example, while jogging, reading, camping, going for a walk, hiking, cycling, climbing, hunting or horseback riding. Headlamps are also indispensable for some professions. You always have a bright view, see every tripping hazard and yet your hands are free for other things, such as a tool or a dog leash.

But which headlamp and which model is best for which application? The answer to these questions and what to look for when buying a headlamp, you will find in our large headlamp comparison.

1. Varta LED headlamp, 2 light modes, battery powered


Also, Varta has brought with this LED headlamp a very cheap, but high-quality product on the market. All in all, 5 small LED lamps with a maximum luminous intensity of 55 lumens shine for up to 38 hours. The workmanship is very solid and the headlamp even That is, even if it falls down once, it does not take any harm. Even from a height of up to 2 meters. At 102 grams, it is slightly heavier than the previously described headlamp but is still one of the lightweight models. This makes them the ideal companion in daily use, even on longer journeys. Whether cycling, jogging, going for a walk, hunting, fishing, camping or a sudden power outage, the Varta headlamp shines up to 22 meters clear and bright. The luminosity is a maximum of 55 lumens and the batteries last up to 30 hours in total. Although it has only two different lighting modes, for use in sports, go-go, home improvement or repair work, these are completely sufficient. These can be adjusted via a practical soft-touch button on the top of the headlamp.

Very well suited for sports and outdoor activities. Because the Varta headlamp is extremely shockproof, it is one of the recommended models for all outdoor sports activities. It also complies with the IPX4 standard and is therefore weatherproof and splash-proof on all sides.

2. OUTERDO Rechargeable Head Torch

A professional headlamp, which is available cheaper for you and equipped with a total of five extra bright LEDs, you get from the brand OUTERDO. This is, therefore, a real professional device, but also for private users in sports activities can be used.

With a total of 10,000 lumens, an extremely high brightness is ensured with this headlamp. This is ensured by the five built-in LEDs, which offer a particularly wide beam range and general range. This is especially useful if you want to use this headlamp as efficiently as possible.

The headlamps that are available with this headlamp, can also be aligned by 90 ° up and down. In addition, the manufacturer integrates six different modes to individually adjust the illumination angle and light source intensity. Combined with all these features, it is a headlamp that is particularly suitable for outdoor adventures.

High quality is also confirmed by many consumers who have already committed to this headlamp. Thus, among other things, an aluminum alloy is used, whereby a good corrosion resistance and sufficient stability can be ensured.

As with many products of this type, you benefit from the OUTERDO headlamp from a comprehensive money-back guarantee. If you experience problems while using this lamp, please contact the manufacturer’s customer service to arrange a return.

3. Head Torch by Alien Scout 6 light modes, battery powered

The Alien Scout headlamp is an extremely powerful model, equipped with the latest CREE XP-E LED technology and a total of 110 lumens. According to the manufacturer, with a dark night you can clearly see everything from one end of a football field to the other end. All in all there are 110 meters, which is absolutely impressive. Even with the light-time, it is at the very top with 120 hours. A real powerhouse with many features. The headband is also flexibly adjustable in the Alien Scout and can be adapted to any head size, even on children’s heads. It can also be removed and is washable, which is very useful especially in sports use.

It has 6 different modes, including an SOS mode. This has a 17 lumens luminosity and shines over a distance of at least 1 km (long-short Morse code). The other modes are lit as follows:

  • Strong mode (High): 168 lumens of luminosity up to 110 m over 30 hours
  • Medium mode (medium): 75 lumens of luminosity up to 65 m over 55 hours
  • Low mode (low): 10 lumens of luminosity up to 9 m over 120 hours
  • Red light mode: Lights up to 8 m over 80 hours

The rotatable luminaire can be adjusted up to a 70-degree angle, so it is versatile.

A reliable outdoor headlamp. A waterproof, extremely durable, durable and extremely well-equipped headlamp, which is highly recommended for outdoor use.

4. Petzl Tikkina LED headlamp, 3 light modes, battery powered

The company Petzl was founded in France in 1968 by the speleologist Ferdinand Petzl and specializes in the production of high-quality mountaineering equipment. With a headlamp by Petzl, you can buy real professional quality you can rely on, as the production focuses on the safety and reliability of the products and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The Tikkina headlamp is particularly suitable for simple out and indoor activities, such as jogging, DIY, hiking, camping or trekking.

Petzl – a company with tradition.
With a headlamp from Petzl, you buy a product that offers optimal safety and high quality.

5. LED Rechargeable Head Lamp H7R.2 Led Lenser

LED Lenser was founded in 1993 in Germany and is now one of the world’s leading companies in the field of LED headlamps and flashlights. All products have an absolutely reliable radiance and are produced ecologically valuable. LED headlamps from LED Lenser are therefore part of the premium product range. The radiance of the H7R.2 is really excellent and can also be wonderfully used for nocturnal wildlife viewing in the forest. They see everything clearly. A reliable headlamp for many outdoor activities.

Most headlamps have IPX4 protection, which means that they are protected against rain and spray. This headlamp is IPX6 certified, which means you can use it even with heavy jets of water.

6. Super Bright Head Torch Nitecore NU25 , 4 light modes, USB charging

Even though MANVENTURE is not a well-known brand manufacturer, the LED headlamp can be quite impressive. It is equipped with the latest CREE XP-G2 LED technology, which guarantees a lifetime of the LEDs up to 100,000 operating hours. The customer reviews are also positive. The headlamp by Poly Suma is a reliable, robust, high-quality companion and shines in both indoor and outdoor in any situation outstanding. They can be used for almost any activity and even attach to caps, helmets or motorcycle helmets, without the tape licking out.

Product Specifications:

  • light 28 grams
  • up to 360 lumens brightness with the latest CREE XP-G2 LED technology
  • up to 100 meters of sight
  • 4 light modes
  • flexibly adjustable headband (also suitable for children)
  • IP66 waterproof (protection against strong jet water)
  • tested up to 2 meters drop test
  • Light cone rotatable up to 60º

A reliable lightweight. With only 28 grams, this headlamp can be conveniently used for all activities without putting too much strain on the neck.

7. Lightning EVER LED headlamp, 6 light modes, USB Rechargeable

Lightning EVER specializes in the production of high-quality LED lamps for companies and households for almost every application. The LED lights are of the highest standard, very durable, have excellent luminosity and are reliable. If you’re looking for a reliable headlamp for jogging, camping, running, reading or DIY, get the Lightning EVER right. Only the narrow headband should be considered, as some people feel a broader than comfortable.

Product features at a glance:

  • 450 lumens
  • Lighting duration: 5-10 hours (depending on brightness)
  • 6 light modes: main light with high and low brightness and a red light with continuous and flashing light
  • IPX4 weatherproof or waterproof
  • flexibly adjustable headband
  • an adjustable inclination angle of the light cone

For a riding helmet, this headlamp is rather less suitable because it can slip too easily from the helmet by the riding movements. For head use, it can be used very well in all activities.

8. Blusmart 5w USB charging LED headlamp, 5 light modes

Even with this model, you can not go wrong. The customer reviews are absolutely positive and the model is high quality and solid processed. With a flexible headband, all sizes can be adjusted individually and at only 59 grams, it is the lightest, previously presented headlamp. Charging is via the included USB cable and takes about 4-6 hours. The battery then lasts about 15 to 20 hours, depending on the selected illumination mode. The Blusmart is equipped with 2 small red and one large bright LED light and it can be set to 5 different modes. Since she has an SOS mode, she is also very suitable for extreme sports, such as mountaineering. 

The luminosity is up to 150 lumens and the splash water protection ensure that you can rely on the Blusmart headlamp even in bad weather. With visibility of 150 meters, you have everything in view even in strong darkness. The perfect headlamp for climbing, hiking, cycling, jogging, camping or whatever your outdoor heart wants to experience. Of course, it is also suitable for all home improvement or repair work or for reading an exciting book at night.

The Blusmart headlamp has an additional SOS mode, which makes it particularly suitable for extreme sports or industrial occupations. Since you can adjust the size individually, it can also be attached to a helmet.

9. LuminoLite LED headlamp, 5 light modes, battery powered


The LuminoLite headlamp is a very well-equipped model, at a really unbeatable price. At only 45 grams, it is a real lightweight and therefore very well suited for longer use. The flexible headband can be adjusted individually and even fits children, which is definitely a plus. The processing of this LED powered headlamp is overall high quality and stable. The luminosity is 160 lumens and you can choose between 5 different light modes. These can be easily adjusted with a large button at the top, even with gloves. Pressing it once in “High Mode” will cause 100% LED white, pressing twice will reduce luminance by 50% to “Low Mode”, pressing it three times causes a red beam to appear and four times the headlamp flashes red. The light cone can be individually adjusted via a folding mechanism between 0 and 45 degrees so that you can adjust it perfectly to your size and purposes. It also complies with the IPX6 standard and is splash-proof on all sides. A really recommendable and at the same time inexpensive headlamp.

The headlamp by LuminoLite is a recommended headlamp for everyday outdoor, sports or recreational activities, such as jogging, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, walking and the like.

10. Aennon LED headlamp, 4 light modes, USB charging

Even with this model, we can not complain. It is a powerful, extremely well-equipped headlamp with a rechargeable 1200mAh battery. The charging time is about hours and lasts between 4 and 20 hours, depending on the selected lighting mode. The brighter the mode, the higher the energy consumption. An LED light indicates the battery status. (green = full, red = must be loaded). You can choose between the following modes:

  • White light mode: Press the upper right button to switch between 4 modes (High / Middle / Low / Flashing)
  • Red illumination mode: Press the right button for 2-3 seconds to switch between 2 red light modes (permanent on / SOS)

The luminosity is 220lm and has a visibility of up to 150 meters, which is about the length of a football field. Thanks to the flexible adjustable headband, it is also suitable for children. The light head can be rotated up to 60 degrees and the model is “splash-proof” according to the IPX4 standard.

Thanks to the modern model, Aennon headlamp can be switched on and off in the case of strong and medium brightness by hand.

What should you look for when buying headlamp?

If you are looking for a suitable headlamp, you will soon discover that there are many different manufacturers, models and headlamp types. The basic functions are of course identical, but there are different light modes, luminous intensity and light cone depending on the intended use. In addition, some are flexibly adjustable or adapted to special weather conditions. But what exactly is a headlamp and how does it work?

What is a headlamp?

Headlamps are lamps that are attached either to the head or to a helmet. Mostly via an individually adjustable headband or headband. The advantage over a flashlight is that you have both hands free for other things with a headlamp. Some headlamps have a beam range of over 100 meters, which is about the size of a football pitch. It is versatile, both in leisure time, as well as in the professional context. They provide a good brightness and a very well-lit path or area of ​​use, which is why it is especially used by mountaineers, rescue workers or speleologists.

The energy for the light is provided either by batteries or AA or AAA batteries. For particularly powerful headlamps, the battery pack is usually located on the back or the back of the head. Battery-powered headlamps can be charged via a USB cable and the charging time is 4 to 20 hours, depending on the model.

On many models, you will find different luminaires or a combination of LEDs and halogen luminaires for the illumination of the near and far range, which are tailored to the respective application. With professional models, the luminosity, the light cone and the light angle can be adjusted variably. Some models have not only white but also red lights. These blindless and are also very good for night reading.

Do-it-yourselfers mostly rely on headlamps that have good illumination at close range, and thus also perform detailed and filigree work. Athletes are dependent on a good illumination in the long-range so that the way is well lit even in the dark and stumbling free. As a wearer of glasses, you should make sure that the headlamp causes no disturbing reflection in the lenses.

Light duration of a headlamp

The light duration of a headlamp depends essentially on the performance of the battery and the selected luminosity. This can be adjusted individually for many models. The strongest or brightest mode uses the most energy and shortens the runtime accordingly.

The reflectors of headlamps can have a different shape and be round, as well as oval or angular. For most models, the width of the light cone and its tilt angle can be adjusted individually. Rechargeable headlamps usually use lithium-ion batteries, which are relatively light and have a long service life. On longer trips, we recommend that you always have a spare battery or a pack of spare batteries with you.

What they are used for?

The possible uses of a headlamp are many. They are particularly popular or necessary for outdoor sports or industry professions, but meanwhile they can also be found in many everyday areas. Whether craftsmen, campers or athletes, it allows you a bright and clear view with free hands and maximum freedom of movement. 

With a headlamp, you are always safe on the road and see every pitfall. Especially in dark winter months, you do not have to do without a headlamp to jogging or cycling, because all roads are well lit. More and more dog owners now use a practical headlamp for their long walks in the evening. As you can see, a headlamp is really versatile and always good to use both indoors and out.

Headlamp Buyer’s Guide

Which headlamp suits you depends, of course, on what you plan to do with it. The needs of a headlamp for camping or jogging are different than those of a headlamp for mountaineering or for industrial occupations. First of all, you should pay attention to the luminosity, the light cone, the duration of the light and the different lighting modes and find out whether it is suitable for your project or not.

You should pay attention to these points when buying

  • The beam range and brightness Depending on what you want to use the headlamp, the beam range and brightness are a criterion that you should pay attention to. 
  • The beam range indicates the distance and is given in meters. For the luminous intensity, you will find the information in lumens (usually abbreviated to lm). The more lumens the headlamp has, the brighter its luminosity, but also the battery or battery consumption. However, most headlamps are powered by LED lights, which are extremely power and energy saving, durable and robust.
  • The different lighting modes Many models allow you to choose between different lighting modes and brightness levels. Depending on the purpose, you should also pay attention. In addition, some models have an additional SOS and red light mode. Red light does not dazzle and is very good for reading, watching animals or not to dazzle other road users during outdoor activities. The SOS mode lights up brightly at short intervals and is particularly suitable for mountaineers, climbers or special occupational groups.
  • The right fit of the switch What sounds banal at first is a very important point. For if the switch sits unfavourably, the headlamp turns on or off unintentionally. Therefore, we recommend that the switch is hidden to prevent accidental switching on and off. Especially when switching on, the headlamp unnecessarily consumes energy that is missing during later use. He should also be easy to handle with gloves.
  • The weight and the headlamp setting The heavier the lamp, the worse the wearing comfort, especially over a longer period of time. When buying a headlamp, make sure that it has a low weight, which ideally distributes itself. However, a too low weight must not be at the expense of the performance or the running time.
  • An individually adjustable headband A headlamp should not only shine well but above all, sit well. Therefore, an elastic, continuously adjustable headband is a “must”. You should also pay attention to the width and any padding of the headband. Too narrow and completely unpadded headbands are too uncomfortable for prolonged wear. Some manufacturers do not have a flexible rubber band, so you should definitely pay attention to the size information. Otherwise, the headlamp may be too big or too small.
  • Weatherproof – yes or no? Not all headlamps are automatically waterproof, which is absolutely necessary for outdoor use. Whether jogging, hiking, climbing or other activities, from sudden rainfall, is rarely safe. Therefore, pay attention to this criterion for outdoor use. If you want to use the headlamp only for reading or other indoor activities, this point is obsolete.
  • Charging via USB or battery A headlamp that is charged via USB cable is of course much cheaper, more practical and environmentally friendly. Battery-powered models usually require 3 AAA batteries, which must then be disposed of and purchased again. Depending on how often you use the headlamp, battery-powered models are also suitable. Basically, however, all the arguments speak in favor of a headlamp with USB charging.

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