The Best Hedge Shears

If now that you are on vacation or have more free time you have thought that it is the perfect time to clean your garden, it is essential that to achieve it you have all the necessary tools. In particular, it is essential that you have hedge shears since it will allow you to eliminate, in a simple way, the dry areas of the hedges that you have an even cut them so that they acquire a harmonious and balanced appearance.

Keep reading and you will discover all the information you need to keep in mind about it. We are referring both to the criteria in which you should pay attention when buying scissors of that type and to the best models of the current market. Take note.

Tips for buying a hedge shears

The first thing we want you to know are the aspects to which you must pay special attention when acquiring the garden tool that concerns us. These are the characteristics that must be possessed in order to guarantee the best result:

  • The length and material with which their blades are made. And that is how you can know that the scissors in front of you will allow you to work with the hedges in your garden and make them look spectacular. In this case, we have to state that it is advisable that their blades are made of steel, both for their impeccable service and for their resistance.
  • Its design, which must be ergonomic. In particular, we must pay special attention to what is the handle, which has to be comfortable and must have a coating that does not cause any damage to the hands.
  • The weight, which has to be light in order to be able to use the tool with absolute comfort.

The brand that comes to endorse the hedge shears, the price it has and even the accessories that can be presented are other criteria to consider in your purchase. That without ignoring what is that they have some system that makes them extensible since this will make it easier to reach the most inaccessible areas of the aforementioned hedges.

Comparison of the best hedge shears

Once you have been able to know the technical specifications that must be taken into consideration when buying this garden tool, the perfect time comes to discover which are the best hedge shears on the market. And, in this way, you can choose to acquire one of them, as a guarantee of safety and reliability.

In this case, according to the opinions of experts and users who already have them at home, the models that are a reference now are the following:

1. Hedge Shears Silverline

Silverline 918537 Hedge Shears, 565 mm
  • Hedge shears with wavy blade for cleaner cuts
  • PTFE-coated hardened steel blades for rust resistance and smooth cutting
  • Oval steel handles
  • Non-slip rubber-coated plastic comfort grip handles
  • Lightweight and easy to use

If what you want is a cheap hedge shear that is guaranteed by a firm of recognized prestige, this may be what you need. And it is made by Silverline and can be purchased now on the market.

It is plastic and rubber grip, non-slip and ergonomic, is one of the main advantages of this tool, which is also identified by being equipped with hardened steel blades. Blades that also have a PTFE coating, which is popularly known as Teflon.

It is an easy to use article, guarantees a simple and clean cut and has another great advantage: it is resistant to corrosion and durable. Hence, when buying it, you are investing in a product with a long useful life.

Its weight is around 400 – 500 grams and it has a size of 20 x 3.5 x 63 centimetres, approximately.

2. Grüntek Shearsdouble-Teflon coating

GRÜNTEK Hedge Shears TEFLON PIKE (Hecht) 560 mm, Shrub Shears with Serrated Edges and Double-Teflon Coating....
  • GRÜNTEK Hedge Shears TEFLON PIKE (Hecht) 560 mm, Shrub Shears with Serrated Edges and Double-Teflon Coating.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION PADS Included absorption pads greatly reduce the strain on your hands while cutting dry wood and fresh branches
  • JAPANESE SK5 BLADES Sharp upper blade made of high quality Japanese SK5 tool steel, TEFLON coated with good sharpening abilities, special anti-stick coating and precision grinding
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES The 2-component handles are constructed with a special ergonomic shape that reduces strain and helps people with weaker hands to be able to firmly hold the shears with less force.
  • DIMENSIONS Total length: 570 mm BladeE: 214 mm made of Japanese SK5 steel, TEFLON coated; WEIGHT: 1068 Gr. Handles: Ergonomic 2-component handles;

In this list that deals with garden tools, could not miss this other model of hedge shears that has also become one of the most requested. Why? Among other things, because it offers great value for money.

The price is low, fits perfectly to features as remarkable as steel and Teflon sharp blades that are non-stick, that guarantee a clean cut and that have precision grinding.

However, they have many more specifications to consider such as anti-slip and ergonomic handles, cutting angle adjustment system or weight of approximately 600 grams.

If you are interested, you should also know that it has a total blade length of 47 centimetres, which is especially comfortable to use and that allows you to adjust what the cutting force is based on the element with which you are going to work.

3. Gardena 20 Inch Hedge Shears

Gardena Classic Hedge Clippers 540: Robust Garden Shears for Cutting Hedges, 54 cm, Wave-Ground Blades, Ergonomic Wooden...
  • Especially precise: With 23 cm wave-ground precision blades for exact cutting
  • Convenient handling: Convenient work provided by ergonomically shaped wooden handles
  • Practical detail: With integrated branch cutter for thick branches
  • Especially durable: With robust handles of FSC-certified wood
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1 x Gardena classic hedge clippers 540, 25-year Gardena warranty

The most sold model at this time in the Amazon online store is the one in front of you. Of the same, it is possible to emphasize that it has a length of 54 centimetres and a length of cut of 23 centimetres or that it has the non-stick coating in the blades. This last characteristic what comes to guarantee is that the work that will be carried out will be easy and clean.

In the same way, it is not necessary to ignore that it weighs about 800 – 900 grams, that its blades have a wavy edge and that it can be used even to proceed to cut what are thick branches. The latter allows it to do thanks to the integrated slicer with which it is presented.

4. Bellota 3461-C Curved Shears

Bellota 3461-C - Curved Hedge Shears
  • Blades and counter-blades with non-stick coating for an easy

The hedge trimmer that is part of this ranking is what you have now in front, which is on sale at Amazon.

The signs of identity that have made it among the best in the current market are, among others, its curved sheets with non-stick coating, which not only guarantee a precise and clean work but the power to carry it out with both hedges and thick leaves.

However, we must not ignore its shock absorbers, so that the work is much less expensive, and that its handles are ergonomic and safe. In particular, these are made with reinforced polyamide, have grooves that allow a better grip and have elastomer in favour of the ease and comfort of use.

This scissor weighs about 900 grams and in regards to its dimensions, these are 22 x 6 x 64.5 centimetres.

5. Fiskars HS92 PowerGear Hedge Shears

To close our list of the best scissors hedge trimmers we want you to know this model, which has significantly increased its demand. And is that, although it is the most expensive of all on the list because it costs about 50 euros, has some really remarkable features. Among these is its progressive gear system that increases the cutting power, its stainless steel blades with Teflon coating or its padded bumpers, which aim to prevent the person from hurting the muscles by its use.

These hedge shears weigh around 1 kg, which is endorsed by the prestigious Finnish firm Fiskars and has approximate dimensions of 58.8 x 17.6 x 4.3 centimetres.

If your garden has gotten out of hand and you need something more professional, you may want to look at the best grass trimmers to buy or even a chainsaw if you need to cut any branch of the tree.

Now is your moment It is the moment in which, after reading all the information we have put on the table, you decide which is the best hedge trimmer to work comfortably and safely in the garden of your home.

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