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The best hiking poles

There are more and more people who, in order to be in shape and, at the same time, enjoy the outdoors, make the decision to start hiking. If you want to start being one of them, it is essential that you acquire the most appropriate footwear and, of course, that you get one of the best hiking poles to walk safely.

And in that article, you will be able to find a great ally when it comes to carrying out those walks with the best guarantees. Keep reading and you will know in depth why it is worth acquiring one, what you should look to buy it and, of course, the models that have become a reference. Take note.

Advantages of using hiking poles

The first thing you should know before proceeding to acquire walking sticks is why they are beneficial. In that case, you should be aware that the main advantages of these are the following:

  • When a route is made by areas with some complicated terrain, they help in a remarkable way to maintain balance and not to fall.
  • Of course, it should not be overlooked that the studies carried out on this type of article establish that they reduce the impacts in areas such as the ankles, the knees or even the legs in general.
  • It goes without saying that during any hiking route, animals that show some violence may appear. In that case, they will serve to defend themselves against them.
  • In slippery areas, rain or ice, for example, they contribute to getting more traction on the surface.

Tips for buying hiking poles

Once you are clear about why it is really beneficial to have hiking poles, the perfect time comes to learn how to buy them. And in the market, there are many models, so it must be really clear on what aspects you have to look to acquire the perfect. In this case, take note because these are the signs of identity to pay attention to:

  • The handle, both in design and comfort. You must try the one that gives you absolute ease to take it and the one that is made in a suitable material so that it does not generate problems when it rains or when the hand perspires.
  • The weight, which has to be as light as possible so that it is not only manageable but so that it does not become a real effort to use it.
  • The adjustment system you have is also essential since it will depend on it that you can adapt completely to your height, for example. There are exactly two types: the screw system, which is light but requires more practice, and the clip system, which is very easy to use.
  • The type of tip or tip. As a general rule, you will find two models: those of tungsten, which are durable and very resistant, and those of steel, which are cheaper.
  • The strap of the stick is also essential because, among other things, its mission is to adjust to the wrist of the hiker and prevent him from losing that. In any case, it must be padded so that it does not cause discomfort.

The number of sections you have, the brand of the canes, the price or the accessories that they incorporate are other aspects to take into consideration.

Comparison of the best hiking poles

After all the information that we have given you, it is time for you to know now which are the best hiking sticks, according to the users. Ready to discover them? Here you have them:

1. Songmics Anti-Shock Hiking Pole 

SONGMICS Trekking Poles Pair of Antishock Hiking Sticks 65-135 cm Black SAS60H
  • Spring loaded damping system (shock protection) – The anti-shock suspension relieves your arm joints, knee joints and leg muscles whilst hiking, provides extra protection against Sports Injuries
  • The length is freely adjust – with the help of the twist mechanism and pre-printed Centimetre Scale can be perfectly in length can be individually set from 135 cm to 65 cm Wanderstöcke and reliable. The recommended stick length: Height (cm) x 0.66
  • Ergonomically shaped handle, easy to grasp design made of high density EVA foam, in the winter won't get cold, absorbing the sweat; in summer and the strap is adjustable and lined with a soft fleece inner bag, the, provides a better hand feeling, good air permeability
  • Materials of stock shaft and tip – 6061 aluminum, due to optimal balance between lightness and stability Hervorragt, Tungsten Steel Tip, metal, very high corrosion resistance and slip-resistant
  • Has Interchangable to change – 2 x asphalt pads, trekking basket, Snow plate, S Shape Buckle and protective cap are included in the box contents

The second position of the ranking is occupied by two other economic walking sticks, which can also be used for trekking.

They are telescopic, being able to reach a length of between 65 to 135 centimetres, and include an anti-shock system as well as a good cushioning. They have an ergonomic handle made of EVA foam, steel-tungsten tip and made of aluminium. They also incorporate accessories such as ferrules, rosettes and rubber plugs.

2. Brotree 2 Pack Walking Trekking Poles

Brotree Walking Trekking Poles 2 Pack Hiking Sticks with EVA Foam Grip, Flip-Lock and Tungsten Carbide Tips -...
  • 【Ultralight, Strong and Collapsible】Only 268 grams weight per pole is good for saving your energy while backpacking and hiking. Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy material, more durable and not easy to deform.
  • 【Comfortable Grip with Adjustable Wrist Strap】Ergonomically designed EVA foam handle is non-slip, sweat-absorbent and nontoxic. Wrist strap made of dri-fit fabrics features nice logo. Both fit your hand perfectly and provide all-day comfort.
  • 【Double Quick Flip Lock Mechanisms】Easy to adjust this hiking stick by locking from 63 cm to 135 cm quickly to get your preferred height, the external lever-lock style mechanisms is a lot better than most of the internal twist lock style system as they are more durable and easier to use.
  • 【Compact and Widely Used】Fold up to a manageable size and can be clipped onto backpack make you easy to carry; Suitable for men and women, One Year Limited Warranty from Brotree.
  • 【An Essential Tool for Outdoors】Help to increase your average speed, offer better balance during more challenging and rugged backcountry travel and reduce stress on your body during both the descent as well as the ascent.

Good value for money is the one that has this other pack of two canes. They can also be used for trekking and stand out for having EVA foam handle, tungsten tip and adjustable strap.

They fold easily, they can extend from 63 to 135 centimetres, they include lock system of turn and also it is necessary to emphasize that each one weighs 268 grams.

3. Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks

Trekrite Pair 3 Section Telescopic Antishock Trekking/Hiking/Walking Poles - UK Brand - Choose Colour (Black)
  • Our Bestselling Hill Walking Poles made from lightweight aircraft aluminium - weight 245g per pole (without accessories).
  • Suitable for men & women of all heights & builds - Three section collapsible telescopic extension - 65cm to 135cm (26" to 53"). Antishock twist on/off feature to make it easier on your wrists & knees
  • Pole accessories included - Removable ferrules and mud baskets, plus a handy pole storage bag
  • Our comfortable one-piece moulded EVA handles are sweat resistant and feature integrated pull-and-lock wrist straps
  • We are a UK based brand - our poles come with easy to follow instructions plus telephone & email customer service.

The fifth position of our ranking of the best hiking sticks is occupied by this pack of two that can also be used for trekking and even mountaineering. They are on sale now on Amazon and are extendable from 68 to 135 centimetres.

They are light, ergonomic, resistant canes, have a tungsten tip and also have a mud basket.

They are fixed in a simple way, include anti-shock system and also feature quick-lock lever.

4. Enkeeo Hiking Poles

ENKEEO Extendable Hiking Stick (Aluminum Alloy, 3 Sections, Anti-shock, Ergonomic Grip, Adjustable Wrist Strap, for...
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Can be extended from 65cm to 135cm; with external locking mechanism; easy to secure and unsecure by striker and bolts
  • ERGONOMICS: TPR foam grips with adjustable hand loops on each wrist fit comfortably and control the poles while hiking easy.
  • FOR DIFFERENT TERRAIN: Puncture-resistant and wear-free tungsten steel tip; the removable sludge basket is designed for mud, snow, sand or other soft surfaces
  • EASY, steaming and RUGGED: Pro At a weight of only 333 g; Damping system ensures stability; reinforced cylinder walls for resistance
  • Content: 2 blocks, 2 rubber buffer, 2 hand straps, 2 different pairs (of 4) - plate for trekking - and snow or winter trips

If you are looking for a cheap walking stick nothing better than a model, available in the Amazon online store. It comes in a pack of two, each weighing only 333 grams and are made with iron and aluminium.

Do not overlook its comfortable grip, its anti-shock mechanism, its adjustable straps and which are telescopic type, being able to reach a length between 65 and 135 centimetres. They can be used in humid areas as well as in mountain areas, flat ground or mud soil.

Also, we must emphasize its easy system of twisting.

5. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles Pair - Hiking Trekking Mountain Walking Sticks
  • All-Year-Usage: Reliable aluminium construction allows year round use / easy and quick adjustable to fit the size of the user
  • Functional: Patented Flick-Lock technology allows fast adjustment of the three collapsible parts
  • Innovative: Dual-Density grip top allows a wide range of grip positions depending on whether you hike uphill or downhill
  • Wide Range of use: Works perfect on a wide range of different surfaces thanks to interchangeable carbide Tech Tips, low-profile Trekking baskets and powder baskets for snow and skiing
  • Included: 2 x Hiking Poles made from Aluminium with foam grips and snow baskets / 140 cm length / 489g per pair

Two walking sticks in red and black. These are the models you have now in front, which can reach a length of between 63.5 to 140 centimetres.

Each weighs 485 grams, are made of aluminium and include a handle as soft as comfortable and ergonomic.

6. Trekking Poles Black Diamond Distance Carbon

Black Diamond Unisex's DISTANCE CARBON FLZ Trekking Poles, 110
  • Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture wicking grip
  • Three-section foldable shaft with speed cone deployment and Flick Lock adjustability
  • 100% carbon fibre construction
  • Collapsed Length : [95-110 cm] 34 cm

Buying Black Diamond hiking poles is a success. It is because they are backed by a brand that has become a benchmark in the market. Precisely for that reason, now in our list, a second model appears, which has, yes, a higher price.

They have EVA foam grip and folding design in three sections. They are made of carbon fibre and include resistant technical tips. They are especially light and stand out for their robustness.

And here’s our list of the best hiking poles according to the opinions of users and experts in the field. Analyze well all the information we have given you and proceed to acquire those that, from your point of view, are better suited to your needs and your pocket. Of course, it is clear that you choose the model that you choose from this list you will be wearing one that has some interesting features and with unbeatable opinions.

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