Hot tub: Best options and buying guide

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Today is the day to find out everything about the hot tub. Nothing better than taking a good relaxing bath, especially when we are sure that we have not made a mistake in the purchase.

Hot tubs are products that have evolved considerably over the years. Today there are fixed or portable structures perfect for the most different budgets.

In this buying guide, you will learn about the top 10 hot tubs on the market. In addition to the average price, the best brands, among other relevant topics to buy the best model for your home.

First and most important

  • In addition to the traditional ones, there are inflatable hot tubs suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Jet types are one of the most important things to consider before deciding on your hot tub.
  • There are hydromassage bathtubs of the most varied sizes, which can accommodate from 1 to 10 people. And the differences do not end there, in this guide we will cover all the details of this product.

Where to buy a hot tub?

In UK, it is possible to find some reasonable versions of hot tubs. The options to buy online are Argos, Amazon, Aldi, Asda. The best bathtubs productions are imported. The easy way to buy these models is on the Amazon website. There, most of the best international sellers deliver products directly to your home in UK, without bureaucracy!

10 best hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Ibiza Hot Tub 140, AirJet Massage System Inflatable Spa...
  • MASSAGE SYSTEM: The soothing 140 AirJet system gives you an all-surrounding massage experience for pure relaxation
  • FREEZE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: Ensures that the water doesn’t freeze on cold winter nights so you can enjoy your hot tub all year round
  • RAPID HEAT SYSTEM: Enhanced pump technology enables you to simultaneously heat and filter the water up to 40 degree Celsius, even with the...
  • ULTRA-STRONG DURAPLUS & I-BEAM CONSTRUCTION: The structure is extremely secure and stable, while also providing protection from UV rays
MSpa C-TE061 Tekapo (2021 Model) 6 Person Portable Square Hot Tub...
  • Latest 2021 MSPA square 6 person spa with UVC Sanitiser & Antibacterial System built-in which can kill more than 60 disease-causing...
  • 132 Innovative & Dynamic air jets positioned, releasing 1000's of cushioning bubbles to massage your body. Heats up to 40 degrees
  • Latest 2021 MSPA remote control will self inflate the spa, adjust Temp, turn bubbles on/off and pre-set heating timer
  • The new MSPA Tekapo is quite Simply is the best value 6 person inflatable spa on the market
  • Measures 1.85m x 1.85m W (outer dims) - 1.45 x 1.45m wide internally - 0.68m high/ 930L capacity/ 1500W heater/ 6 month spa pool warranty, 12...
MSPAUK Bergen Latest 2021 Mspa Portable Hot Tub Round Square...
  • [THE SMARTEST INFLATABLE SPA EVER] : Latest 2021 MSPA Comfort Bergen 4 person spa features UVC Sanitization technology, Smart Filtration System,...
  • [INTELLIGENT]: SMART FILTRATION:- When the spa is in stand-by mode, the filtration system will be automatically turned on for 60 minutes every 4...
  • [HYGENIC]: UVC SANITIZER :- The new MSpa collections come with a built in UVC sanitizer which can kill more than 60 disease causing...
  • [CONSIDERATE]: WHISPER QUIET DESIGN: - The internal control box helps to absorb and reduce noise. ALL AROUND BUBBLING: - 350-degree air-jet...
  • Standard Accessories Supplied: 1 x Filter Cartridge & Base, Inflation hose with manometer, drainage hose adapter, top lid with buckle, manual....
CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa – Outdoor Bubble | 2-6 Person...
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES – The CosySpa Hot Tub is available with a range of additional high-end accessories including comfort set that is comprised...
  • EXTERNAL PUMP – This high-quality hot tub features an external pump which will inflate your spa system in a fast & efficient manner. The pump...
  • COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE – Each CosySpa Hot Tub is supplied with a complete and comprehensive package for added simplicity. This includes a 600W...
  • 4-6 PERSON CAPACITY – This CE certified hot tub is available in 2 sizes that perfectly designed for 2-4 or 4-6 people. The smaller tub has a...
  • ELITE MATERIALS AND COMPOSITION – New for September 2020, the luxury CosySpa tub has been manufactured from a combination of hard-wearing PVC...
MSpa C-OM061 Ottoman (2021 Model) 6 Person 4+2 Portable Round Hot...
  • Latest 2021 C-OM061 MSPA Ottoman round unique ‘Rattan Furniture Pattern’ 6 person (4+2) spa with UVC Sanitiser & Antibacterial System...
  • 138 Innovative & Dynamic air jets positioned, releasing 1000's of cushioning bubbles to massage your body. Heats up to 38 degrees
  • Latest 2021 MSPA remote control will self inflate the spa, adjust Temp, turn bubbles on/off and pre-set heating timer
  • Measures 2.04m x 2.04m W (outer dims) - 1.6 x 1.6m wide internally - 0.70m high/ 930L capacity/ 1500W heater/ 6 month spa pool warranty, 24...
  • The new 2021 MSPA Ottoman is quite Simply is the best value, premium 6 person inflatable spa on the market
Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub, 180 AirJet Wood Effect Inflatable Spa...
  • FREEZE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: ensures that the water doesn’t freeze on cold winter nights so you can enjoy your hot tub all year round
  • MASSAGE SYSTEM: The soothing 180 AirJet system gives you an all-surrounding massage experience for pure relaxation
  • ULTRA-RIGID DROP STITCH MATERIAL: for unrivalled strength and durability. Hard-sided design is inspired by traditional Nordic hot tubs
  • SET UP IN MINUTES (TOOL FREE): Lay-Z-Spas require no professional installation or tools, inflate with the included pump in less than 5 minutes...
Lay-Z-Spa St Moritz Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa, 5-7 Person
  • Rapid dual operate heating and airjet massage system: Heats Up to a blissful 40 degree Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Includes one tritech liner, one heater(220 V~240 V), one filter, one floater, one air pad protector, one inflatable cover, airjet system
  • This easy to set up (tool free), portable and inflatable hot tub is suitable for five to seven people
  • Up to 2 Years Warranty: Included with all Lay-Z-Spa for peace of mind and Lay-Z-Spa has a dedicated UK based Aftersales Support team to help with...
MSPA BOLD LOOKING Square Soho Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub Portable...
  • The Soho is an extra-spacious square shaped spa with mesh fabric and leather trim cover gives a bold and contemporary look With All around...
  • Plug and Play Patented MSP technology (no tools required) easy self-inflation in minutes
  • Quick and easy set up - with no tools needed This self-inflating spa will be ready for use within minutes.
  • Integrated control box with wired controller so the Spa doesn’t take any more space then mentioned and everything is at your fingertips without...
  • PTC MSpa Patented technology allowing 40 °C Quick Heating
MSpa D-AL06 Delight Alpine 6 Person (4+2) Square Inflatable Hot...
  • Latest 2019 MSPA Alpine D-AL06 4+2 person spa. Patented square shape in charcoal grey with rhino-tech 6 layer reinforced PVC material with a...
  • 108 Innovative & Dynamic air jets positioned, releasing 1000's of cushioning bubbles to massage your body
  • Latest 2019 MSPA remote control will self inflate the spa, adjust Temp, turn bubbles on/off and pre-set heating timer. The built-in control...
  • The new MSPA delight alpine quite Simply is the best value 4 adult/2 children inflatable spa on the market
  • Measures 1.85m x 1.85m (outer dims) - 1.45 x 1.45m wide internally - 0.68m high/ 930 litre capacity/ 1500W heater/ 6 month spa pool warranty, 12...
MSPAUK LS06U-GR Mspa Portable Hot Tub Square 6 Person Outdoor...
  • Latest 2020-21 MSPA LS06U 6 person spa features UVC Sanitisation technology, Smart Filtration System, 36°C Quick Heating System, Children Safety...
  • MSPA Spa patented square shape with rhino-tech 6 layer reinforced PVC material with a safety buckle design for the cover which connects the top...
  • Latest 2020-21 MSPA remote control will self-inflate the spa, adjust Temp, turn bubbles on/off and pre-set heating timer. The built-in control...
  • 132 Innovative & Dynamic air jets positioned, releasing 1000's of cushioning bubbles to massage your body. Spa Measurements: 1.85m x 1.85m...
  • All Mspa Hot Tubs models include Up to 2 years Warranty for peace of mind also have a friendly and dedicated UK based aftersales team to help you...

Regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, a relaxing soak in a hot tub is great. See now which are the best models on the market and which are most successful in SPA, hotels or homes:

Buying guide

Nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub after a hard day at work. It’s also great to have an inflatable version for you to enjoy in your backyard or garden.

Now let’s see everything you need to discover to buy the best hot tubs.

Life is calmer and more peaceful when you pay the lowest price for the best hot tub.

What is a hot tub?

A hot tub is a type of pool of the most different sizes that can be used indoors or outdoors. This product has common use in SPA, clubs, hotels and motels because it works for leisure, relaxation or hydrotherapy.

Another popular name for a hot tub is a jacuzzi or plunge bath. These structures have jets that favour hydromassage.

Common bathtubs generally cannot hold more than two people. The hot tubs can hold up to 8 people, depending on the model.

It is not necessary to change the water after each use. For daily reuse, it is necessary to use a hygiene method similar to pool care.

There are hot tubs that have a heater to keep the water warm. This type of heating is essential to use hydros in the coldest times of the year.

Photo by Mark-Christian Killick-Calver on Unsplash

What are the advantages of the hot tub?

Like almost everything in life, there are also pros and cons to using hot tubs.

As a positive, we can highlight that they can be installed or inflated, which allows their use inside and outside the home. And, of course, the advantage of relaxing with the massage jets is the highest point of this product.

As a disadvantage, it is worth mentioning that maintenance can be a bit expensive and increases electricity consumption since it is plugged in for work. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is possible to use inside or outside any property.
  • There are jets to massage
  • Some models are up to 8 people.


  • It does not allow the use of ordinary shampoos or soaps.
  • Requires a bit of expensive maintenance
  • It needs to plug

Hot tub or standard bathtub?

This question has probably already occurred to you: why buy a hot tub when standard bathtubs are cheaper?

They offer different features. The main differences are in the capacity. A standard bathtub is usually much smaller and more limited since it is exclusive to indoor environments.

In addition, the hot tub has the advantage of having relaxing jets and can also be used outdoors. Not to mention, they are more significant.

What are the types of jets in the hot tub?

The secret of a good Jacuzzi is in the valuable jets to relax the body. They are not all the same, and it is essential to know their difference. A bathtub can have one or more jets of different types:

  • Directional turbojet offers a water outlet along with the air in some parts of the body that need more relaxation.
  • Turbojet: With a pulsating and rotating effect, this feature alters the mixture between air and water. Many people believe that these versions of jets are the most relaxing in the world.
  • Small jets: Also known as mini jets, these productions have an additional water flow. They are true additions to the larger planes.
  • Jets of air bubbles: it is one of the characteristics that is part of most of the hydros that are offered on the market. This jet releases tiny air bubbles into the water to create a feeling of additional relaxation.

What size to choose?

One of the most significant variables in bathtubs is size. If you have a SPA or simply want to gather many people in the hydros of your home, buy the large structures.

When the use is for one or two people only, in a more intimate way, then smaller options are better. By choosing small bathtubs, you can save a lot on your purchase.

Prices are higher as people’s capacity increases, but this rule does not apply to all models. After all, there are smaller versions with more speciality jets that cost much more than the basic, large models of a single jet type.

The size of a hot tub is as follows:

  • Length: Varies between 80 and 300 centimetres, but can be longer;
  • Width: it can go from 80 to 200 centimetres or more;
  • Depth: This is one of the essential aspects of measuring your hot tub. Many people buy the product only thinking about the length or width, forgetting how deep the version can be. The depth measurement of the hot tub should consider the length, width and litres of water. If the product is to be used by children, it is better not to buy an intense edition.
  • The litres of water that can fit in a hot tub can range from 300 to 1,000 or more.

Fixed or portable hot tub?

There are two forms of the hot tub: fixed or mobile. The heaviest structures should only be in a fixed place, usually in the bathroom or in a reserved SPA room.

The fixed hot tub is heavier, composed of ceramic and metal. These versions are resistant and have a structure capable of working with several jets.

One downside is that moving heavy tubs is not an easy task. The installation also requires a plumbing connection, which involves a cost of time or money.

If you are still unsure where to install it, it is better to choose portable, inflatable or solid bathtubs. Take a look at its main features:


The advantage is that you can take these PVC and plastic products to different indoor or outdoor places. You can fill the inflatable bath in a few minutes using air. The water is filled with a hose.

This type also features heating and relaxation jets. The downside of the inflatable product is that, for example, it doesn’t look very professional to use in a SPA.

This hot tub is also called a soaking tub, which is very popular in Japanese homes. It’s a solid structure, meaning you don’t have to bother with air.

In this version, there is a medium weight. This product is not as light as inflatable bathtubs but also less than metal and ceramic bathtub.

In some versions, these hydromassage baths are composed in a wooden barrel format. Structures of this size make the decoration of the SPA more rustic or natural. The product also has hydromassage jets and heating.

How much is it?

The brand is one of the factors that influence prices. Still, other things can also make bathrooms more expensive or cheaper, such as the types or number of jets, size, material, capacity in litres, and the water heating motor.

The versions of less famous brands, with few types of aircraft and other smaller ones, cost an average price that ranges from £500 to £3,000.

Large hydromassage baths that have several different jets are perfect products for 5-star hotels, motels and SPAs. These structures have prices ranging from £3,000 to £7,000 and more.

Factors to compare hot tub models

There are many good deals on the internet. With so many different advertisements for hot tubs, it can be a bit tricky to choose one, right? Not if you consider the following points of view:

  • Heating
  • Jets
  • Water Pump
  • Waterfall
  • Kits

See the explanation for each of these factors below:


If you live in a part of UK that is hot in the summer, you don’t have to worry about the heating of the bathtub. Some parts of the country are colder, requiring a very heated hydro.

What defines the heating power of the bathtubs is the motor of the water heater. A heater is one of the most expensive parts of the hot tub. The heating power in these devices can range from 1,000 to 10,000 watts.

Be careful! The more watts in the heater, the better the tub’s ability to generate heat in the water.


The number of jets in a hot tub ranges from 1 to 10, or more. The number of jets is essential, especially in bigger bathtubs that accommodate more people.

However, the number is not an essential factor. It is also worth choosing bathtubs with different types of jets.

The best hot tubs in the world have many jets of different varieties. There are also cheaper productions with 3 or 4 jets that work well for two people and cost popular prices. Evaluate your need before defining the purchase.

Water Pump

Water pumps are essential parts of different types of hot tubs.

They can develop the power of water jets, in addition to allowing safer use, saving the need for electricity.

The more powerful the water pump, the better the overall characteristics of the hot tubs. A powered water pump can range from 5,000 to 15,000 watts.


The waterfall for the hot tub is one of the special differentials for clients. With the waterfall, the people in the bathtubs benefit from a waterfall-like waterfall.

The opening of the water outlet in the waterfall varies from 10 to 80 centimetres. Another advantage of this accessory is that it oxygenates the water in the hot tub better. As a result, you have superior relaxation.

Some similar structures even have LED lighting function. The atmosphere is more relaxing and romantic. The main lighting colours are: yellow, blue, pink and red.

Brass waterfalls usually have a 10-year warranty. Chrome versions have a 2-year warranty, based on the average of the major manufacturers.


It cannot be denied. Most hot tubs do not allow the use of common shampoos or soaps. They have many chemicals that are detrimental to how wet relaxation jets work.

To use the most popular hot tubs, it is necessary to purchase shampoo and soap with special compositions. Adding this to the need to treat water for a new use, the costs are certainly a bit high.

Be sure to do your research to find out if these speciality soaps and shampoos are easy to find on the market, depending on the characteristics of the bathtubs you want to buy.

There is also a hydrobath on the market that accepts the use of any shampoo or soap. If you want to use your favourite cosmetics, you need to bathe only with air jets.

This was the shopping guide that teaches you how to buy a hot tub the right way. Consider all the information in this text to find the best deals at the lowest cost and highest benefit.

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