Hot water dispenser: Best options and buying guide

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Having hot water always available is just ideal for those who love tea and other hot drinks. And it became possible thanks to an efficient device: the hot water dispenser. 

This efficient little device will prepare a large quantity of hot water, often filtered, all in record time! But there are plenty of references, and it is often difficult to make a choice.

The users test several devices and get an opinion on the different models. As you will see, all these distributors are far from being worthwhile.

Top 10 hot water dispensers

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with 3 KW Fast Boil and...
  • Boils a cup of water in under 50 seconds, ideal for busy families
  • 2 Litre tank holds enough water for up to 10 cups; ideal for instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate, noodles and more
  • Variable single cup dispense allows you to choose from nine different cup sizes; manual stop lets you control flow of water for energy-efficient,...
  • Large water window with blue illumination in boil mode; sleek black design with polished stainless steel trim complements modern kitchens
  • Removable drip tray, permanent limescale filter and stainless steel finish simplify the cleaning process
Breville VKT111 HotCup Hot Water Dispenser, 3 kW Fast Boil,...
  • Dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need
  • Variable dispense - choose from nine cup sizes – plus manual stop facility for full control
  • Hinged lid for easy filling: perfect for those that cannot lift a heavy kettle
  • Large front water window makes accurate filling easy, with white illumination in boil mode
  • Removable, adjustable drip tray means no worktop mess
Breville VKT124 HotCup Hot Water Dispenser, 3 KW Fast Boil,...
  • Dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need
  • One-touch operation with hinged lid for easy filling: perfect for those that cannot lift a heavy kettle
  • Manual stop option for full control and Non-slip feet
  • Removable, adjustable drip tray means no worktop mess
  • Large front water window makes accurate filling easy
Zanussi Z-H22 Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Filter
  • Capacity: 2.2L
  • Fast Boil heating element
  • Instantly boil and dispense water in the desired temperature within 5-10 seconds
  • Variable temperature control knob with 4 settings at 45°C, 65°C, 85°C and 100°C
  • Dispense and stop water with a simple on/off button, easy to operated
Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser 131004 Redefine Black 3L
  • Only boil the water you need so it's ready faster, uses less energy and doesn't waste a drop of water. There's no plumbing-in required, just use...
  • Select the ideal water temperature, whether it’s 100 degree Celsius for your pasta, 95 degree Celsius for your coffee or 85 degree Celsius for...
  • You can select to automatically dispense amounts of water of up to 600 ml, anything over this amount you can dispense at the push of a button....
  • Water tank holds up to 3 L so you refill less often, then select from 150 ml to 1.5 L at a time so you can make a single cup of tea or boil water...
  • BRITA technology reduces unpleasant and unwanted substances like limescale, metals or chlorine to make your drinks look and taste better, Cord...
Perma Therm Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Fast Rapid Boil - 2.2...
  • INSTANT HOT WATER: Instant hot water on tap all day at a fraction of the running costs and the wattage of a kettle
  • KEEPS WARM ALL DAY: Thanks to the Insulated coated stainless steel casing your water will stay warm all day...even when unplugged!
  • SAFE TO USE: Whilst the casing can get warm it's never too hot to touch. Separate unlock button for extra precaution so you can dispense without...
  • EASY TO RE-FILL: You can keep an eye on the water levels via an indicator light, and the Perma Therm can easily be re-filled via a lift-up lid
  • LARGE 2.2L: Suitable to make 8 cups either one at a time or all at once.
  • Double safety device with 2 stage on/off switch
  • Double safety device with 2 stage on/off switch
  • Dispense and stop instant hot water using one switch
  • Water tank can be refilled without moving the machine as the tank is removable
  • Get instant hot water , save time and expense with this instant hot water machine. With this handy machine there is no need to lift heavy kettles...
Laptronix Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Water Boiler with...
  • Instant Hot Water - Laptronix 2600w Hot Water Dispenser gives you the freedom to boil the exact amount of water you need. Not only will you save...
  • Efficient Operation - The instant hot water dispenser will begin dispensing hot water within 5 to 8 seconds into a cup or mug below its spout. It...
  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser will be easier to use than your old kettle. With this handy machine there is no need to lift heavy kettles back and...
  • The Hot Water Dispenser can be filled in one of two ways; flip the lid open and pour water in using the included 1L jug, or remove the tank and...
  • Specifications : 2.5L Removable Water – tank - Double safety device with 2 stage on/off switch - Dispense and stop instant hot water using one...
Aqua Optima AUR001 Aurora, Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispenser,...
  • ALL-IN-ONE APPLIANCE: Make your kettle redundant. The Aurora is a kettle, chiller and water filter jug, all in one appliance. With a total of 49...
  • SAVE ENERGY AND REDUCE WATER WASTE: Together we boil millions of litres of water a day that doesn’t get used. Whether you use the Aurora to...
  • YOUR DRINKS, YOUR WAY: Whether it's 100 degrees for a cup of coffee or a pan of pasta, 70-80 degrees for the perfect green tea, or a cool chilled...
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: The Aurora has an attractive modern design with a sleek, brushed steel & black finish, and a touch sensitive display panel...
  • PLUG & GO: No plumbing required. The Aurora has an easy fill, removable water tank which holds up to 3 Litres. The see through water tank can be...

Types of hot water dispensers

There are three types: tankless, with tank and on-demand. In tankless dispensers, the liquid is stored in a tankless water heater system. It is a popular choice because it provides instant temperature and is considered the most energy-efficient. They can also lower your electric bills because they don’t require a large tank. The downside is that they cannot control the temperature.

Instant hot water dispenser

Another option is an instant hot water dispenser. This is also called boiling. This type is designed like the type with a tank, but it does not need a tank. It only needs water source, and it is equipped with a heating element at the top. Just pour in the required amount of water, and it heats up instantly. When water heats up, it brings the boiling point of water to the same temperature as your cup.

Tankless hot water dispenser

The third option is the tankless hot water dispenser. It is about a modern invention that has the same principle as a tank and an automatic shut-off device. This means that even when automatic shutdown is activated, you can still turn off the device and let it cool down without stopping the whole machine. It is effortless to use, and you will have no problem using this type of hot water dispenser.

Tankless hot water dispensers are more efficient and cheaper than other types, which is why they are often used for cooking and making tea. A heating element is located at the top of the device and keeps the temperature constant. The most common problems encountered in tankless hot water dispensers are the limitation of boiling water and poor temperature control. So make sure you get a high-quality model.

Breville Hotcup VKJ318 hot water dispenser

Buying Guide

First, it will be essential to pay particular attention to the following criteria:

The power 

This is a criterion that remains decisive because the more powerful your machine, the faster it will heat the water. As with all household appliances, this power is expressed in watts. The ideal is to choose a distributor with a minimum power of 700 watts.

Of course, this power will have to be compared with the total capacity of the distributor. The larger the capacity, the more powerful equipment you will need for rapid heating.

The capacity

More than a simple kettle, the hot water dispenser will have a larger capacity. Of course, the choice of total capacity will be based on your needs. Generally, it can vary from 2 litres to more than 10 litres depending on the model. If there are many of you at home or if you receive regular guests, you will need to choose a device with at least 4 litres of capacity to be quiet.

Manufacturing quality

It will also be necessary to pay particular attention to the machine’s quality of manufacture and the materials used. It is better to choose a device made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has the advantage of being a durable, robust material that is easy to clean and does not fear oxidation.

If the appliance contains plastic, make sure that it is of good quality and can withstand heat. This plastic is called thermoplastic. 

 Features and security

Hot water dispensers can come with some pretty cool features. I am thinking in particular, and above all, of the keeping warm function. Also, it is better to choose a model with overheating protection and dry running protection.

Also, some devices can filter hot water directly.

Temperature range

It is best to choose a machine with a thermostat to be programmed over a wide temperature range. Preferably, it is necessary that your device can be set to a range between 60 and 100 ° C.


This remains an important criterion because the appliance may take pride in place in your kitchen. As much choose a model that you have easy on the eye, you will take more fun to use. Nowadays, there are hot water dispensers with a very successful aesthetic. I have a preference for devices with a clean design with stainless steel finishes.

Ease of maintenance 

Make sure that the appliance is easy to maintain and that all parts are easy to disassemble. Also, it is necessary that the water tank can be easily removed, even when the appliance is switched off.

The price

There are devices from around £40 to more than £500 for professional models. Avoid all the same devices first prize. These machines take a long time to heat up and are impractical, so keep your good old saucepan. 

Also, I noticed that the offer was much larger on the Internet and the prices more interesting. In stores, there are fewer references, and the prices are often relatively high. These are the e-commerce sites that generally offer the best promotions.

Customer reviews

It’s a reflex that I always have when I buy equipment: I always take a quick look at the opinions of previous buyers. Nowadays, it has become very easy to consult these opinions on the Internet. In general, it is rather inadvisable to go on a device with an average rating of less than 3 stars.

If you’re still unsure, here are 5 good reasons to buy a hot water dispenser: 

  • You can have hot water at any time of the day. 
  • The capacity of these devices is more significant than a simple kettle. 
  • Most appliances provide hot water, which is filtered. 
  • Recent models are more aesthetic than a simple kettle. 
  • It is handy in many situations: hot drinks, hot water for cooking.

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