10 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to Work Against Dirt

List of Useful Commersial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercially available vacuum cleaners are primarily only for the household. If, on the other hand, you would like to ensure maximum cleanliness in an office, in a workshop or in a hall, then you are much better off with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

An industrial vacuum cleaner offers much more power and often a larger capacity. Some versions are even able to absorb liquids, which allows completely new applications.

But what should you look for when buying a well-equipped industrial vacuum cleaner? Here on this page, you will find an extensive purchase guide and an overview of the 10 best industrial vacuum cleaners, so you can conveniently inform yourself.

1. Kärcher professional vacuum cleaner WD6P Premium

Kärcher WD 6 P Premium - Aspirapolvere multiuso, 1300 W European Version
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • 30L stainless steel container
  • Noise level: 75 dB
  • Cylindrical
  • Colour: yellow/black

From the manufacturer Kärcher, we have already presented a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner in more detail. But Kärcher not only offers good entry-level equipment at top prices but also versions that offer significantly more performance. From the upper class comes the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD6P Premium comes,from upper class which is offered at a good price.

Kärcher relies on a 1,300W engine for the top model. This works very efficiently and can also be adjusted individually thanks to a rotary switch and power regulation in just a few steps.

Very interesting in the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD6P Premium is also the filter cleaning function. Automatic cleaning ensures the best possible performance. Otherwise, you can of course easily replace the filter cassette. Kärcher ensures fast and particularly clean removal of this cassette for the filter.

Conclusion for the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD6P Premium. At the push of a button, you can ensure maximum cleanliness with this Kärcher vacuum cleaner. The flexible and dust-free operation and connection of any power tools are also simply done. Very interesting in this model but also the blowing function. This will allow you to tackle the foliage in the fall and effectively clean the walkway. The integrated 3-in-1 strap handle also ensures a very easy transport of the nipple, so you will not have to worry about any disadvantages.

2. Bosch DIY wet and dry vacuum cleaner UniversalVac 15

Bosch UniversalVac 15 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blowing Function
  • Wet and dry cleaning for a variety of applications
  • Blowing function as well as vacuuming
  • Universal adapter to connect with other Bosch power tools
  • Easy storage on the tool for the hose and accessories

The Bosch DIY Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner UniversalVac 15 is also suitable for flexible cleaning applications. This model is available with 1,000W engine, also has a container with a 15L volume.

Around the house, you can hereby ensure the maximum cleanliness. This does not only apply to dry but also wet eyes. Thanks to the integrated universal adapter, you can also conveniently use all Bosch E-tools.

The multifunction can really be seen in the Bosch DIY wet and dry vacuum UniversalVac 15. There is also a blowing function available, which makes it easy to tackle foliage. A fairly simple transport is also ensured thanks to an ergonomic carrying handle. All hoses, power cables and accessories can be attached to the device itself.

Conclusion for the Bosch DIY Wet and Dry Vacuum UniversalVac 15. This vacuum cleaner is well suited for very versatile applications. In addition to a powerful suction, you can also take advantage of the useful blowing function. The accessories are also quite varied. Especially noteworthy is the extra long designed crevice nozzle, which sends Bosch home with you. This makes it easy for you to reach places that are particularly difficult to access.

3. Tacklife 18.9L multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

TACKLIFE Wet and Dry Vacuum, 1000W 18.9L Cleaner 3 in 1, 5.5Peak HP Vac Cleaner with Blowing Function, Not Included...
  • 【1000W COPPER MOTOR & 18.9L LARGE CAPACITY】- Full copper motor provides 16KPA, 1000W power to ensure strong suction and high performance. The horse power is 5.5 horsepower. 18.9L dry wet machine, large household capacity. No frequent dusts, easy and quick cleaning
  • 【SECURITY BUOY TECHNOLOGY】- 18.9L large capacity, automatic power-off protection take effect when the sewage capacity reaches the critical point to maintain a good working condition
  • 【SPECIAL CARTRIDGE FILTER】- Washable cartridge filter for capturing dust into the tank. Special foam filter for extracting liquids. Four filters filtrate the dust totally and ensure the fresh air
  • 【FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT】- Ergonomically formed carry handle ensures easy transportation; Space-saving on-board accessory and cable storage; Applying for house, car, van and workshop cleaning
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】- Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Extension Tube, 5m Power Cord, Dust Filter Bag, Dust Bag, Small Round Brush, Small Flat Suction, Long Floor Brush, Hose Storage Rack, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty

An industrial vacuum cleaner with a blowing function is also offered by the manufacturer Tacklife. This model is available in two different versions and scores not only with a solid workmanship, but primarily with a very good price-performance ratio. If your budget is so limited, you can look forward to a good alternative with solid technical features that Tacklife offers for you.

In addition to the strong suction power, you can work well with the Tacklife multi-purpose vacuum cleaner even large areas. The cable is sufficiently long and the tubes for practical extension also provides the manufacturer with the same ease of use.

The built-in dust container holds a total of 18.9L and can be easily emptied. In addition, a blowing function is available, which greatly extends the scope of this sucker. Even damp dirt is no problem at all for the Tacklife teat.

Conclusion to Tacklife Mehrzweck sucker. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which offers a strong suction function and ensures a good cleaning range for you, is a model of the manufacturer Tacklife. You benefit from a sufficiently large container capacity and a practical multi-function nozzle, so you can easily handle dirt and dirt.

4. Einhell Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner TE-VC 1930SA

Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA 1500W Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Power Take Off
  • 30 L stainless steel vessel with water drain screw
  • 5 second automated power off system for working in sync with other power tools
  • Two large wheels and two castors for better mobility
  • One foam filter for wet vacuuming, one pleated filter and one paper bag
  • Eco vacuum cleaner, high suction power/little power consumption

With the Einhell wet-dry vacuum cleaner with the model designation TE-VC 1930SA, you can look forward to a strong and easy-to-use cleaning aid. Both with craftsmen in the construction as well as in the workshop or in the car this sucker can be used quite well, in order to ensure cleanliness.

Einhell uses a 1,500W motor and a stainless steel tank that has a capacity of 30 litres. In order to effectively protect the engine, there is also a thread and foam filter available. The suction hose as well as the air and dirt throughput, including the three-piece extension tube, also provide good equipment for top suction power.

It is worth mentioning in this Einhell-sucker but also the accessory package. In addition to a suction nozzle, there is also a combi insert for carpets and smooth floors available. Accordingly, with the Einhell Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner TE-VC 1930SA, you are also able to easily clean your carpets.

Conclusion for the Einhell Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner TE-VC 1930SA. In addition to a blowing function, this Einhell industrial vacuum cleaner can also be expected to provide powerful suction in other areas. For long-term ease of use, a sturdy hose connector is also available on the stainless steel housing. The same applies to versatile functions for wet and dry vacuuming.

5. Bosch Professional vacuum cleaner GAS 35 M AFC

Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Wet/Dry Extractor (1200 W, Container Volume: 35 Litre, 5 m Hose, In Carton)
  • The GAS 35 M AFC Professional versatile wet and dry dust extractor with automatic filter cleaning
  • Static-dissipating equipment (including non-marking hose) prevents static charging
  • Option to transport an L-BOXX on the extractor for mobile use
  • Tool socket for connecting power tools with automatic on/off switching including delayed action shutdown for additional convenience
  • Items included: GAS 35 M AFC, 3 m extraction pipe (diameter 35 mm), 5 m hose, crevice nozzle, disposal bag, elbow, floor nozzle set, 1 x PES flat-pleated filter

If you have a much larger budget available, then an industrial vacuum cleaner from the professional series from the renowned manufacturer Bosch could be much better for you. The Bosch Professional Industrial Vacuum Cleaner GAS 35M AFC is equipped with a particularly powerful motor and has a 35L container.

It is a flexible dry and wet vacuum that is comfortable to use. Bosch also integrates an automatic filter cleaning feature, which is quite helpful when comparing the application to other models from the same product category.

Especially the filter cleaning should never be neglected because the suction power otherwise decreases sharply and no continuous work progress can be guaranteed. Otherwise, the Bosch Professional industrial vacuum cleaner GAS 35M AFC ensures a vacuum of up to 254 mbar thanks to the 1,380-watt motor, which guarantees the best possible absorption.

Conclusion on the Bosch Professional Industrial Vacuum Cleaner GAS 35M AFC. Dust-free work with this industrial vacuum cleaner from Bosch is no problem. This model combines maximum performance with a simple operation. In addition, Bosch uses a special system that allows you to use the upper side of this industrial vacuum cleaner as a transport option for other branded products, such as toolboxes or similar items.

6. Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD3P

Kärcher WD3P Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • 1000 W motor vacuuum
  • 17 Litre Dry and 10 Litre Wet Capacity
  • Exhaust Air Blower Function
  • Storage-space-saving onboard accessory and cable storage
  • Easy to Open Container

The efficient models from the manufacturer Kärcher are always a good choice for you if you are looking for a high quality industrial vacuum cleaner. Especially the model Kärcher WD3 Premium is recommended in this segment, as far as the overall price-performance ratio is concerned.

With this you can not only suck dry but also wet and effectively tackle coarse dirt. As a special feature, you do not have to change the integrated filter for both wet and dry vacuuming, which greatly simplifies the general application in practice.

Kärcher has further developed the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 3 Premium in a new generation and optimally matched the floor nozzle and the suction hose. Thus, an optimal cleaning result for the user can be ensured. The robust stainless steel container also holds 17L of dirt, so you can work flexibly with the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD3 Premium from Kärcher.

Conclusion to the Kärcher workshop vacuum cleaner WD3 Premium. This industrial vacuum cleaner is an absolute entry-level device from Kärcher. If you prefer a compact vacuum cleaner that is also quite versatile, you will not make a mistake. As a further special feature, this device is also characterized by the “Pull & Push” locking system and a removable handle.

7. VonHaus 3 in 1 Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

VonHaus Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1250W - Bagless Vac for Indoor or Outdoor Use - 30L Capacity Dust Tank - 3 in 1 with...
  • Easily clear up dust, dirt, debris, sand, sawdust, wood chippings, metal shavings and liquid spills and blockages with the powerful multi-use Wet & Dry Vacuum from VonHaus
  • Large 30L water tank capacity allows you to clear large spillages or cover vast areas before emptying
  • Comes with interchangeable HEPA and sponge filter to suit wet and dry applications, as well as an in-built blowing function that allows you to disperse debris or guide it all to one destination for collection
  • Accessories include 2 plastic extension tubes, a crevice nozzle for small or awkward spaces, a floor brush, long 1.5m hose, and ergonomically designed handle
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

For a reasonable price, the brand VonHaus also offers a good industrial vacuum cleaner for sale. This model is characterized by a strong suction power, which is mainly related to the 1,250W strong engine that the manufacturer uses in this industrial vacuum cleaner. The container measures 30 litres, with an auto-stop function, so that the Masko industrial vacuum cleaner is turned off by itself.

Above all, the movement radius of the VonHaus industrial vacuum cleaner is quite good thanks to the 6 m cable. Nevertheless, it is appropriate for the user that the industrial vacuum cleaner is used with a cable drum or an extension cable.

With a purchase, you also benefit from a versatile application. Both as a dry vacuum cleaner with a bag and as a wet vacuum without bag this device is convenient to use. Here, VonHaus also provides three different replaceable filters, such as a cartridge filter, fine dust filter and a wet filter.

At least as practical is also the blowing function so that this VonHaus can also be used in autumn in leaves.

Conclusion for the VonHaus Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. You need a flexible industrial vacuum cleaner and would like to benefit from an auto-stop function and rather good workmanship, then the device of the brand VonHaus could offer itself well for you. Especially in terms of longevity, you get a top model here.

8. Makita VC2512L professional vacuum cleaner

Makita VC2512L Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 1000 W 25L/18L
  • Class L vacuum cleaner.
  • Maximum power:2600 W.
  • Maximum flow rate:3.6 m³/min.
  • Maximum pressure:210 (mbar)
  • Tank capacity: Dust:25 litres.

Makita not only produces high-quality tools for professional craftsmen and ambitious do-it-yourselfers but also highly efficient vacuum cleaners. In the field of industrial vacuum cleaners, especially the model Makita VC2512L is to be mentioned, which is characterized by a good suction power.

For this price, you get an industrial vacuum cleaner with the modern Push & Clean filter cleaning system. Thus, it can always be ensured that you benefit from the best possible suction power.

The built-in container offers a volume of 25L and also in terms of performance you can expect good results thanks to the 1,000 W motor, regardless of whether you want to suck wet or dry. Makita supports the maximum flexibility with this vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion to the Makita VC2512L industrial vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer Makita has developed the VC2512L industrial vacuum cleaner, a device that impresses with its compact design and simple operation. Especially the supplied accessories can really be seen. So you can still look forward to a universal nozzle as well as a static suction hose and much more. So there is still a practical crevice tool available for operation, with all the components thanks to a practical system can be easily attached to the Makita vacuum cleaner.

9. Kärcher multi-purpose cleaner WD 4 Premium

Kärcher WD4 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • 20 Litre stainless steel container
  • Convenient filter cassette system
  • Carry handle - Ergonomically formed carry handle ensures easy transportation
  • Storage - Space-saving onboard accessory and cable storage
  • Long handle for a improved working posture

If you are interested in an alternative industrial vacuum cleaner from Kärcher, which has a practical filter system and a good performance, then you could be right with the WD 4 Premium.

Kärcher uses a patented filter removal technology with this device, so that you can replace it conveniently without direct contact. So it’s about an efficient and resource-saving cleaning system that can be easily used.

For a space-saving form of storage, the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 4 Premium has a great system at its disposal. Thus, you can not just stow everything necessary, but also always have all parts at hand, which is in practice under no circumstances to be underestimated.

Conclusion to the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 4 Premium. With this vacuum cleaner, you benefit from simple filter removal and a sufficiently powerful motor. Accordingly, you can act here not only indoors but also in the outdoor area and ensure the maximum cleanliness.

10. Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD5P

In the middle-class segment, the manufacturer Kärcher also offers a suitable multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for you. The model WD5P is versatile to use. So you can work here both dry and wet. Sufficient power is available for optimum dirt pickup.

As a special feature, Kärcher also integrates a socket. This has an automatic on and off. Thus, you can work very flexibly with all your power tools. In addition to this equipment, the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD5P naturally also includes the built-in motor with a 1,100 W output.

The same applies to the container for dust and dirt. It has a capacity of 25 litres and can, therefore, be filled well, so you can still work flexibly with it. Also interesting is the tidy design, which ensures Kärcher hereby. This is because you can simply place the suction hose with all the necessary accessories directly on the device, which is quite practical and offers many advantages since you always have everything you need.

Conclusion to the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD5P. The model WD5P can also be regarded as a good alternative compared to the two previously introduced suckers of the Kärcher brand. You benefit from the good performance and top-notch processing, so you will benefit from a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner over a long period of use. In addition, the range of accessories on Kärcher models is quite wide, which is always a good sign for flexible applications.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for workshops

Especially if you work with power tools and often have to do with the material wood, then a good vacuum cleaner should be part of the basic equipment. Finally, you can thus easily absorb both sanding dust and sawdust and ensure cleanliness. 

In addition, most power tools nowadays have appropriate adapters so you can easily connect these tools to the multi-purpose vacuum cups. Also in terms of health, this is not negligible, because grinding dust should not be inhaled by any means. This is especially important when painting wood and should always be observed.

So that fine dust can be absorbed as well as possible from the multi-purpose suction cups and stored in the container, high-quality filter systems are absolutely necessary. Most manufacturers integrate good filters with industrial vacuum cleaners, which score with a simple and innovative extraction technology. 

When replacing the filter cartridges nothing goes wrong, which is quite convenient. Especially the devices of the manufacturers Bosch (Professional series) and Kärcher are characterized by a simple removal technique of the filters. Thus, you do not have to worry about dirt contact and can replace the filters to benefit from the full suction power.

Overview of classic applications for multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are particularly suitable for use in a workshop. But even as a handy helper for home improvement and car screwdrivers and garden lovers, such a vacuum cleaner really offers optimal. Finally, you can always ensure the best possible cleanliness and remove wood chips or the like well.

It does not matter whether it’s dry, wet or rough dirt – with a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner you can tackle all these things!

To ensure a residue-free dirt pick-up, you should ensure that the floor nozzle of the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is shaped accordingly. The best possible sliding behavior is also relevant if you mainly use the wet function.

The usual applications also include the absorption during drilling, cutting tiles and drywall. If you use your industrial vacuum cleaner with a power tool, then you can absorb the resulting dust quickly and thoroughly. The adjoining rooms are not polluted in such a case.

Especially in demolition work multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can easily eliminate the dust caused by cut plaster. You do not have to worry about the suction hose getting clogged with the materials on well equipped equipment.

If you remove the filter before using the vacuum cleaner, you are also well equipped to remove any puddles or any other liquids. This applies, for example, to spilled mop water. 

For example, if your washing machine has run out, then you can do well with such a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner and ensure the dryness. The same applies after the use of a drainage pump in basements or in a garage. Once this has done your job, you can easily remove the remaining liquid with your multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.

Industrial Vacuum Buying Guide

Where there is planing, chips are falling. It is all the better if you have a well-equipped multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that scores with powerful suction power. 

Especially when working in the workshop commercial vacuum cleaners are rather less recommended compared to versatile industrial vacuum cleaners, since they are not compatible with the various tools.

Therefore, a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is an ideal partner for you if you want to get rid of coarse dirt or loose dust when working. Even damp dirt can be removed with such a special vacuum cleaner, so the application areas are particularly diverse.

What should you look for when buying?


Of course, the general suction power plays a central role if you want to commit to a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. This is stated in watts. The more power a vacuum cleaner offers, the greater the power that you can expect when vacuuming. And especially with strong industrial vacuum cleaners, a good suction power should always be available so that you can benefit from maximum cleanliness.

However, for an industrial vacuum cleaner to ensure the best possible performance for you, it is very important that all components are well matched. This applies above all to the engine, seals and floor nozzles and all hoses. If you are experiencing performance degradation, it is advisable to first check the connectors and make sure that the filter is still to be used. The optimal interaction of all these parts can only ensure the maximum performance of the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.


If you would like to work as flexible as possible with your vacuum cleaner, then you should make sure that the device has a sufficiently long power cable. For short cables, the range of action can be severely limited. Otherwise, of course, also offer cable extensions, such as cable drums or classic extension cable. Many mid and high-end industrial vacuum cleaners also often have a stationary outlet, which is convenient if you want to connect the device to a power tool. This ensures maximum cleanliness when working with your tool.


Most industrial and multipurpose vacuum cleaners are equipped with so-called filter cassettes. You must clean or replace these filter systems on a regular basis, as otherwise, the general suction power is limited. In line with this, many manufacturers have also integrated warning systems so that users automatically see when they should replace the filter cartridges.


The larger the volume of a collection bin for industrial vacuum cleaners, the more flexible you are with such a device on the road and have to count on rare emptying. When shopping, make sure that your industrial vacuum cleaner has sufficient volume. Most models are equipped with containers that hold at least 18 litres. But there are also multipurpose vacuum cleaners, where the containers have a volume of up to 30 litres.


In order to be able to transport an industrial vacuum cleaner, which is often not among the lightweights, as well as possible, the manufacturers usually integrate special rollers on the bottom of the devices. This ensures that you can move the multipurpose vacuum cleaner well from A to B. In compact and quite light versions, as provided for example by the manufacturer Kärcher, Henkel is also integrated, which you can use for carrying.

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