Best Inverter Welder: Top welding inverters in the UK

An arc inverter welder is an excellent tool for firmly bonding metal parts. It is in great demand in the production associated with the manufacture of various metal structures. It is difficult to do without it and in the countryside or at home. The most practical to use are modern inverter type units. Their range in the market for power tools includes a wide variety of brands. The ranking of welding inverters, the best in terms of reliability and performance is designed to facilitate the selection of a model suitable for your conditions.

Tips for buying an inverter welder

So that you can make the acquisition of the welder of this most suitable class, it is essential that you look at certain characteristics. We are referring to technical specifications that are what will allow you to get the one you require:

  • The type. In this case, it is important that you be aware that there are several kinds of inverter welders. Exactly, we can determine the existence of two large models: the DC Inverter, which is small and weighs little, and the AC/DC Inverter, which are very reliable and is used for so-called TIG welding.
  • Power. This feature is essential that you bear in mind so that you can get the tool that will allow you to perform the jobs you need with the best guarantees in results.
  • The consumption, which will allow you to find the item that the welder is going to offer you to buy that does its job well and, in addition, makes a really efficient energy expenditure. This way your pocket will not suffer.
  • The brand, so that it belongs to a company that guarantees the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.
  • The price, so that it can be adapted to the money that you can afford without your economy being seriously damaged.

Of course, it will also be necessary to take into account the material with which you will use it if you are going to perform a domestic or professional task and even the security systems that you have. All in favour of finding the best possible model, which will also help you take into consideration what is cleanliness, ease of transport.

Comparison of the best inverter welders

Once you can already have clear the aspects in which you should pay attention when acquiring this tool, you will be interested in taking into consideration the information that we are going to offer you next. In particular, we are going to put on the table the best inverter welders that are currently on sale. Ready to meet them? Here you have them:

1. Stanley 460180 inverter welder

Stanley 460180 Inverter Arc Welder

Image credit: Stanley

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The inverter welder that we now present is the most expensive in this ranking, but that is because it has a series of features of remarkable quality and significant versatility. A value that conforms to such notable specifications as a power of 4.2 kW, a weight of about 11 kilos and an immediate start system.

Of course, we must not overlook its dimensions of 21 x 39.5 x 23 centimetres, that it does not overheat or that it has a connection for extra light.

2.R-Tech ARC Welder – MMA Portable Inverter Welder

ARC Welder - MMA Portable Inverter Welder

Image credit: R-Tech

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This inverter welder fits with confidence in the ranking of the best welding machines in the professional category. It is used for welding a wide variety of steel grades. This MMA arc machine silently transfers voltage fluctuations to the 240V for welding at 175amps. The front panel has a practical adjustment button and a clear indication of the status.

The thickness of the electrodes used does not exceed 4 mm. The inverter creates a constant arc and can boil even paint and rust. The welder machine doesn’t overheat due to the efficient fan with an electronically controlled fan. Welders appreciate the reliability and stability of the devices of this brand.

3. ARC Welder Inverter – Röhr

ARC Welder Inverter - Röhr

Image credit: Röhr

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One of the most expert firms in this type of articles is Metalworks that is in the first position of the table with this model. Of the same, that can be categorized as a cheap inverter. It should be noted that it has a range of current output between 30 and 160 A and a duty cycle of 60%.

It is an arc model with DC IGBT technology, it has a non-stick system, hot start and is also equipped with safety functions. With this last, we refer both to those that avoid overheating and to automatic protection against overcurrent.

Not to mention that it is portable, single-phase and forced arc.

4. STAHLWERK ARC 200 MD IGBT – Welding machine

STAHLWERK ARC 200 MD IGBT - Welding machine

Image credit: STAHLWERK

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This is a cheap but quality welding machine, which you can buy from Amazon.

Of this, we can also emphasize that it is powerful, that it has adjustable welding current without what are steps, that weighs about 3.2 kg and that is identified by size of 24.5 x 10 x 16 centimetres.

It is considered a versatile model, ideal for welding “handyman” at home and has the particularity that it is transported comfortably thanks to the handle that incorporates.

5. Metalworks TEC 200

Metalworks TEC 200

Image credit: Metalworks

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Buying a Metalworks inverter welder is a great success because, as we told you before, this brand is synonymous with quality and efficiency. In this particular case, it must be emphasized that the model is identified as DC arc welding with IGBT technology, because it guarantees good performance and because it is protected against overheating and overloading.

Likewise, not to overlook that weighs 7 kg, which has a size of 40.4 x 39 x 17.5 centimetres or a welder 200A. It is equipped with a briefcase, it is considered a great alternative for DIY and works really easy. As far as price is concerned.

6. Stanley 460100

Stanley 460100

Image credit: Stanley

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Our ranking will be closed with this other inverter welder that has in common with the number 2 that also belongs to the renowned Stanley brand. This you have in front, yes, it is somewhat cheaper you can buy on Amazon.

It is a 90 A arc welding equipment, it has IGBT technology, it allows a simple and comfortable work, it is ideal to work with steel and even iron and it is considered that it allows achieving really homogenous welding.

Broadly speaking, these can be said to be the main data you need to have at your disposal to carry out the purchase of the best inverter welder, which will allow you to perform the jobs you require quickly, easily, safely, reliably and without having to undertake a large energy expenditure.

What you have left now is to analyze all the information that we have given you, take into account what you need the welding equipment for and how much you can invest in your purchase. Based on all that, as well as the ranking that we have offered, you can take home the ideal model.

what is welding machine

What is a welding machine?

Also known under the term of welding station, this name, in fact, gives off a certain clarity which is actually a definition of the device. The verb “to weld” is synonymous with assembling, joining, etc. A machine used for welding is a device which is at the origin of the joining certain elements. Especially for this case, it is the join of metals.

The welding machine is, therefore, an electrical device enabling two parts to be joined so that on the atomic level the two materials involved in the process become one. Technically, it can be defined as a transformer modifying the input current into electrical welding current. It all depends on what use we reserve for the final product or what we need.

Depending on the type of welding you are dealing with, the machine can be plugged into an electrical outlet or connected to a gas cylinder. It is for this reason that this type of device is generally portable so that it can be easily moved on construction sites for major works. On the other hand, for certain large industrial-type works are used industrial welding machines designed for on-site use.

As far as the use of mains or electric current is concerned, we find ourselves casually in the case of arc welding. Otherwise, the use of a source other than the mains current like gas cylinders involves a flame for the welding operation.

In its operating process, a certain level of temperature is necessary so that the material concerned can undergo modifications.

Generally used in industry, but also in our homes for current needs, the welding machine is an essential device in the joining different metals. Depending on the welding method and the type of metal used, a minimum level of temperature is required for melting.

Types of inverter welding machines

There are basically 3 types of inverter welders: MMA, MIG-MAG and TIG. The MMA inverter welder uses so-called electrode welding and is one of the most popular on the market, in fact, it is the most suitable for beginners. The model creates an electric arc between a consumable electrode placed on the clamp and the parts to be welded. This welding system, in addition to being the simplest and cheapest, since it only requires electrodes and electricity, is also the most effective for welding dirty or rusty metal parts. 

The MIG-MAG welder is used for continuous wire welding and its operation does not require the presence of the electrode. The electric arc is between the workpiece and a metal wire which is automatically driven by the machine at a predefined speed. The TIG inverter welding machine is based on gas and electrode welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode. In order to protect the area to be welded from any contamination, a special gas, generally argon, supported by a filler metal, is used to weld stainless steel, special iron alloys and alloys of non-ferrous materials such as than copper, aluminium and magnesium.

Why do I have to wear a welding mask?

To protect yourself from the light you need to wear a welding mask. The principle of arc welding is based on the creation of an electric arc between a metal rod and the part to be welded. The arc welding generates a temperature from 3,000 to 20,000 °C which melts the metal. It also emits intense blue light as well as ultraviolet. Blue light is very energetic and causes serious damage to the lens and retina of the eyes.

Safe from ultraviolet

As for ultraviolet light, it can generate inflammation of the cornea, conjunctivitis, cataracts and even eye cancer. Of course, these ultraviolet rays also attack the skin, hence the covering mask and the need to wear gloves.

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