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Now that summer has finally arrived and the high temperatures begin to be noticed, we begin to make more life outside of what the house is, specifically, in the garden and in the yard. But not only that, but we also open much more balconies and terraces. And all this leads to a problem: having to face the annoying insects that begin to sting and annoy us. But before that, there is a solution: buy a mosquito killer lamp.

It is a device that emits an ultraviolet and fluorescent light that is responsible for attracting flies and mosquitoes. So, get them to approach him and then touch the aforementioned they run into a grill that is electrified. In this way, they end up dying.

Advantages of anti-mosquito lamps

The fact that more and more people are choosing to buy an article of this type is because it has a remarkable number of benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Its operation is really simple.
  • It does not require the use of insecticides of any other type of chemical products to kill flies and mosquitoes.
  • The energy consumption is minimal.
  • In front of other types of articles to finish with the insects, this does not need to have to buy spare parts periodically.
  • In the same way, we must underline that it is a really silent device.

Tips for buying a mosquito killer lamp

If after all the above, you have encouraged to buy a mosquito killer lamp, you must take into account several aspects. Specifically, you should look at certain characteristics of it to be able to find the right one:

  • The power it has, on which it will depend that it can achieve a good result.
  • Its dimensions, so that they can be adapted to the place where it is going to be installed.
  • The scope you have because based on that you can know if it will be enough for space where you will place it.

The brand that supports it, the price that it has, that includes a removable tray to remove the remains of dead insects or the security system that it incorporates are other aspects in which it is necessary to pay attention to buy the best anti-mosquito lamp for the purpose that looks for it, For example, this type of product is ideal to put next to the barbecue or on your terrace.

Comparison of the best anti-mosquito lamps

Once you are clear about what this device is for, its advantages or the aspects in which you should look for it, you must take another step. It’s time to buy it and for that, nothing better than knowing which are the best mosquito killer lamps on the market.

In particular, these are the ones that you must keep in mind because, according to the opinions of users and experts, they are above their most direct competitors:

1. NuoYO – Mosquito and Insect Zapper

The fourth position in our ranking is occupied by this model that is specially designed for those looking for a cheap mosquito killer lamp. And it is for sale on Amazon.

It has to his favour, in addition, that does not give off odours of any type thanks to a technology of photocatalysis called Bug Zapper, which allows that it does not generate danger for any person. It is very silent and you can either hang it or leave it on the floor or on top of any piece of furniture.

Its power is 3 W, it has a size of 11.5 x 26 centimetres and its weight is around 500 grams. In addition, it should be emphasized that it has a range of about 17 square meters.

2. Cheap anti-mosquito lamp

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It is an electric anti-mosquito lamp that has a power of 4 W and is identified because its scope is about 32 square meters.

To all the exposed we can add that weighs about 750 grams, which has a cylinder format and that manages to attract insects through UVA light. It is also important to know that the grid has security for both pets and people and that it is equipped with a removable tray.

Those who already have it agree in emphasizing that it is favourable that they do not use any type of chemical product and that they have a size of 12 x 12 x 26 centimetres.

In the event that you are interested, you can buy it now at the Amazon online store.

3. DURAMAXX Mosquito Buster 4000

DuraMaxx Mosquito Buster 4000 Insect Killer UV Blacklight 10W
  • Uncomplicated insect killer for protecting interiors against annoying insects | Attracts by UV light: works without noise, chemoattractants or poison | Quick and painless killing of flying insects through contact with high-voltage grid
  • Frugal 10 W power for continuous use | Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • On / off switch on the upper housing part | 10W UV-A light tube | Protection: IPX4 (splash-proof)
  • No more pesky pests! So that living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants and stairwells can finally be quiet again, the  DURAMAXX  Mosquito Buster 4000 UV insect killer gets rid of gnats, mosquitos and flied for once and for all.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.

A bit of UV light is the one that becomes the backbone of this anti-mosquito lamp that does not use chemicals or generate noise. It is important to underline that it performs low consumption, which is presented in a tabular format and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In the same way, we must not forget that it weighs around 1.5 kg, that it has an insect collection tray or that its dimensions are 20.5 x 42.5 x 12.5 centimetres.

Its easy cleaning is especially highlighted by those who have already purchased it.

4. Inkil – Electric Mosquito Lamp

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Buy an Inkil anti-mosquito lamp is a success since it has become a benchmark in such devices against insects. This you have in front has a reasonable price, has the shape of a bell and its scope is approximately 30 square meters.

We can also highlight that it is electric, which is based on a UVA light, that its power is 4 W and that it weighs about 650 grams. With regard to dimensions are 15.5 x 15.5 x 25 centimeters.

Its external grid is protected to prevent people and pets from suffering damage, it has a removable tray and does not generate any kind of bad smell.

5. Fochea LED UV Lamp

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Of electric type is also this fifth model that will close the list. It has a range of up to 45 square meters, does not generate radiation or use toxic products, its tray is easily cleaned and saves energy.

To all that we must add that it has anti-escape mesh, that its power is 5 W or that it has an approximate weight of 340 grams. It also has a size of 37.3×5.5×25 centimetres and it stands out that it is really effective in all kinds of spaces.

In the event that you consider it an option to take into account when dealing with flies and mosquitoes this summer, keep in mind that you can find it now in the Amazon online store.

So far our ranking with the best mosquito killer lamps that you can have at home, in the office, in the garden … Analyze well all the information we have given you, have clear what you need and are looking for, finally, make a decision. You only have to bet on one of the five models presented. In your hands is.

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