The best Nespresso coffee machines

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the market for coffee capsules, which, as the name suggests, work not with ground coffee but with small tubs that carry the coffee inside. The best Nespresso coffee machines are the best sellers. Why are these small appliances successful? Fundamentally because they bring with them an important number of advantages among which are the following:

  • They are very fast, so in just seconds, you can have a cup of coffee ready.
  • They are very comfortable since you only have to fill the tank with water, place the capsule and press a button.
  • Likewise, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that they are very clean and safe since they do not overflow coffee, as usually happens in traditional calls.
  • Another of the great benefits of any capsule coffee machine is that it allows you to enjoy a coffee with a flavour similar to that which can be offered in any coffee shop or bar. That is, it has great quality.

Broadly speaking, these are the main benefits of buying a device of this type. However, once a decision has been made to do so, a big question arises: which one? And it is necessary to know that, basically, there are four coffee makers of this type that exist: the Tassimo, the Dolce Gusto coffee machine, the Lavazza and the Nespresso machine.

Nespresso coffee machines

Although you have four possibilities before you, keep in mind that the Nesspresso are the most requested in the market. This is so because their coffee has a high quality, because they present a great variety of modalities of this beverage and because their machines have a simple operation as well as effective and efficient.

That without forgetting that they offer a great variety of coffee makers, made fundamentally by the brands DeLonghi and Krups.

If you are going to opt for the last option, surely you will be thinking “what Nespresso coffee machine to buy?” In that case, the best thing you can do is to continue reading, since, then, we will present you with a ranking of the best, depending on their value for money and the opinions of consumers.

Comparison to buy Nespresso coffee machines

1. Nespresso Essenza Mini 

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine,...
  • Automatic and programmable water quantity...
  • Rapid 25 second heating time
  • Removable container for used capsules (5 to...
  • 0.6 L removable water tank

If you are looking for a modern Nespresso coffee machine do not forget to take into account this other, which is praised, especially because it has an elegant and modern design, because it guarantees a really tasty result and because it is very easy to use, being one of the latest models launched on the market by the Nespresso brand.

Qualities that are reflected in the technical characteristics that it has, such as these that we show you below:

2. Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima Touch

Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima Touch...
  • De'Longhi patented automatic cappuccino...
  • Six tactile beverage buttons to choose your...
  • Reduced heating up time; 25 seconds. Rated...
  • Personalised drink option to memorise amount...

If you are looking for a Nespresso machine on offer, this may be what you need. And it is available now in the Amazon online store for a very attractive price.

A class A energy efficiency, its 19 bars of pressure or the fact that it includes an energy saving mode are some of the aspects that consumers highlight most of the model in question. However, other hallmarks are also highlighted, such as its heating in only 25 seconds, a water tank with a capacity of 0.9 litres, its automatic shutdown in nine minutes or that is made of stainless steel.

In the case that you consider buying this small appliance, keep in mind, in the same way, that it weighs 2.5 kilos and that it has dimensions of
17.3 x 32 x 25.8 centimetres.

3. Nespresso Krups Inissia Coffee Maker

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Capsule...
  • Compact and light: The light Nespresso...
  • High-tech: Fast heating system reaches the...
  • Energy efficient: Power save mode...
  • Automatic and programmable water sizing

Undoubtedly, this Nespresso machine is considered the best in the market in terms of the relationship that you have exposed quality and price, as in Amazon is a very good price. It also stands out that it has a small size (34.2 x 19.1 x 32.7 centimetres) and that it can be obtained in a great variety of colours, to adapt to the tastes of any person and to the decoration of any kitchen.

Analyzing this model more thoroughly, we can underline these other characteristics:

  • It weighs 3.4 kilos.
  • Your deposit has a capacity of 0.8 litres.
  • It includes the function of an automatic shutdown and another call flow-stop to avoid coffee overflow.
  • It has a pump pressure of 19 bars, which guarantees that the resulting beverage has a perfect aroma and an exquisite flavour.
  • Its tray is anti-drip and foldable.

4. Nespresso XN760B40 Nespresso Citiz and Milk

Nespresso XN760B40 Nespresso Citiz and...
  • Includes assortment of 16 Nespresso capsules
  • Automatic and programmable water quantity for...
  • Thermoblock heating unit, for instant boiling...
  • Power-save mode: Machine automatically...

The highest price of this other model of Nespresso coffee machine, from the most expensive we have analyzed so far, compared to the previous ones is due to two technical elements that it has: a flexible magnetic cup shelf and an Aeroccino vaporizer, which is the one allows you to prepare coffee of a higher quality if possible.

It works very simply, the pressure of your pump is 19 bars, includes the automatic shutdown mode and has a tank with a capacity of 0.8 litres. To all that we could also add that weighs 4.2 kilos and has a size marked by measures of 37.4 x 27.4 x 31.6 centimetres.

5. Nespresso Pixie Titan

Krups - YY1201FD - Nespresso Pixie...
  • Brand : Krups Nespresso
  • Color : Marron
  • binding : Cuisine
  • label : Krups

The Nespresso Krups coffee machines have in this model one of their best ambassadors, as it provides undeniable performance and quality. All that without forgetting that this is associated with a really interesting price, which is what you have at the moment in the Amazon online store.

Among its main features, the following stand out:

  • Your tray is removable.
  • Includes a water level led detector.
  • It heats up quickly, thanks to its Thermoblock system.
  • It works with the Nespresso capsules that it prepares automatically.
  • The capacity of the tank is 0.7 litres.
  • It weighs 3.4 kilos and has dimensions of 34.3 x 18.9 x 27.9 centimetres.

6. Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine

Nespresso Citiz and Milk Coffee Machine,...
  • Includes a selection of 16 different...
  • Fast 25 seconds heat up time....
  • Removable 1 L water tank
  • Integrated Aeroccino3 for hot or cold milk...

With this other Nespresso machine we passed the equator of this ranking and entered fully into the most expensive set of proposals on the market because they have higher or more powerful technical properties than the previous ones.

About this, we can highlight the following set of signs of identity that have made it a reference for true coffee enthusiasts:

  • It has an automatic function to prepare short or long coffees.
  • It has a removable tray.
  • It incorporates a lever thanks to which the capsule already used and that is ready to be thrown away is directly expelled.
  • It starts up in just over twenty seconds.
  • The capacity of your water tank is 1 litre.

Aesthetically speaking, in addition to the colour chosen, it is determined by a weight of 4.3 kilos and dimensions of 38.3 x 18.5 x 35.8 centimetres.

7. Nespresso Lattisima + Passion Red EN520R

Krups - YY1201FD - Nespresso Pixie...
  • Brand : Krups Nespresso
  • Color : Marron
  • binding : Cuisine
  • label : Krups

To finish this ranking of the best Nespresso coffee machines in the market, those that work with capsules and allow you to get the highest quality coffees, we want to let you know a model that is the most expensive on this list, so see what it costs here.

DeLonghi is the brand that has come to make this small appliance, which is presented with some really interesting technical properties:

  • The pressure of 19 bars.
  • Vaporizer and milk dispenser incorporated. Two elements that, among other things, are what allows, for example, that a cappuccino can be prepared automatically.
  • Energy efficiency class of type A.
  • Removable drip tray, which can be adjusted to the height of any cup you wish to use.
  • 0.9-litre water tank.
  • Automatic disconnection function
  • Weight of 4.5 kilos and dimensions of 16.7 x 31.9 x 25.3 centimetres.
  • Section for cable storage.

To all that we would have to add that the users who have it stand out from the same its compact appearance and that it is made of stainless steel, since this material what is achieved is to make it much easier to clean and, in addition, to have a really modern and elegant appearance.

Now, after having read our list, having discovered the models that offer the best value for money, it is time for you to make the decision: what Nespresso coffee machine are you going to buy? Have you considered the option of buying a Dolce Gusto coffee machine?