Best 10 lawn mowing robots – reviews and Buying Guide

Mowing robots enjoy great popularity, so you can keep your lawn in the garden always short and no longer worry about the annoying and time-consuming mowing. Today, some brands have focused on the development of these special home-use robotic lawn mower, such as Gardena or Husqvarna.

Top 10 Robotic Lawn Mowers for your Garden

But how much money should you budget for such a robotic lawn mower and which models are even recommended? Enclosed we have introduced you to 10 of the best robotic lawnmowers.

1. Husqvarna Automower 430X lawn mower robot

Husqvarna - auto Mower - 420 Wireless Electric Robot Lawnmower - Drive Wheels - 24 cm
  • Efficiente robot tosaerba con 4 ruote per superfici erbose di dimensioni medie e complesse.
  • Idoneo per superfici erbose fino a 2.2000 m² e capace di affrontare pendenze fino al 40%.
  • La tecnologia intelligente guida il robot tosaerba automaticamente attraverso i passaggi stretti.
  • Il sistema intuitivo a menu consente di personalizzare le impostazioni dei tempi di taglio.

The model Automower 430X of the renowned manufacturer Husqvarna is also one of the particularly high-quality robotic lawn mowers. This allows climbs of up to 40% to be handled. Accordingly, you can use this device optimally also in hand situations and mow the lawn.

Husqvarna uses three pendulum blades in this model. These allow a maximum cutting width of up to 21 cm. The largest version of the Husqvarna Automower 430X robotic lawn mower also scores points with an area coverage of 1,500 square meters. Thus, you can let edit quite extensive areas automatically.

The noise level, which the manufacturer specifies as 60 dB, is particularly low. Accordingly, the volume in operation moves at a good level. In addition, Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mower impresses with consistently good cutting patterns.

Conclusion: The Husqvarna robot can be conveniently programmed with an app and supports the easy operation. As a special feature, the model has an LCD display with a control menu and a handy weather timer. However, the price is at a very high level.

2. Worx Landroid S300 robotic lawnmower

WORX WR090S S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m²
  • Ideal for lawns up to 300m²
  • New simple interface that requires only plug and play, no programming required
  • Dual rotation cutting action (blades spin in both directions), extends the life of the blades, reducing the frequency of needing to change the blades
  • The uncut garden fringe area has been reduced from 20cm area to a 2.5 cm area!
  • Rain sensor informs Android to return back to docking station when raining

The manufacturer Worx is one of the leading brands in the field of robotic lawnmowers. So it’s not surprising that Worx has a fairly broad portfolio of robots for your garden. The model Worx Landroid S300 is aimed more at beginners who want to mow a small area automated. On the other hand, the price is moving at a comparatively low level.

Worx incorporates a maintenance-free 20V lithium-ion battery with high capacity and low self-discharge. In just 1.5 hours, this battery is fully charged. For a good cutting performance also provides the low-wear 3-blade system. These cut the blades very clean and evenly.

Conclusion: The Worx Landroid S300 robotic lawn mower is a rock-solid model for beginners. If you attach great importance to WLAN and programming functions via App, you should stick to one of the alternatives presented above.

3. McCulloch Rob R600 self-propelled lawn mower 18 V

Mcculloch ROB 600 Robotic Lawn Mower 18 V, Up to 600 m sq
  • McCulloch rob R600 cuts lawns up to 600 meter square
  • Easy to install and program
  • Fully automatic robotic lawnmower
  • Typical charging time 50 minute, typical mow time on one charge 65 minute

The McCulloch Rob R600 Lawn Mower, which can be operated wirelessly, processes your garden independently and reliably at the same time. The manufacturer supplies this robot with the right charging station as well as a total of three cutting blades for home use. The same applies to 200 hooks and a 150 m long charging cable.

McCulloch is best known for high-quality lawn mowers and robotic robots that are equipped with the latest technology. The McCulloch Rob R600 robotic lawnmower offers good cutting performance and is easy to install. Furthermore, this model scores with simple programming and an alarm function.

Conclusion: The McCulloch Rob R600 robotic lawn mower scores points for good workmanship and quiet operation. Lawns of up to 600 square meters can be processed by this device, and with the McCulloch Rob R1000, there is also another model that can reliably mow 1,000 square meters. The operation is simple and the cutting results are at a good level.

4. AL-KO robotic robots Robolinho 500E

AL-KO Robolinho 500 E Robotic Lawn Mower- includes installation kit
  • Fully Automatic Lawn Mowing - The Robolinho 500E robotic lawnmower can be set to mow the lawn at any time and when the mower requires recharging, it automatically makes its way back to the base station
  • These robotic lawn mowers are equipped with rubber coated wheels provide powerful traction and a good grip on the lawn enabling it to mow on slopes of up to 45%.
  • If you are looking for a robotic lawn mower for small areas or suitable for mowing narrow passageways, the Robolinho 500E could be the ideal choice. Capable of maintaining lawns up to 500m2 and can handle passageways as narrow as 60cm wide ensuring that all the lawn is kept looking its best.
  • Installing the robotic lawnmower is simple. Simply lay the supplied boundary cable around the permitter of the area where you want to auto mower to work, fix the robot's charging station in a suitable location and set up the settings on the screen of the robotic mower.
  • Engineered in Germany. AL-KO have been manufacturing garden tools for over 50 years, all of which combine the latest technology and innovation. The foundation of our success started in 1966 with the production of our first petrol lawnmower in our Austrian factory in Obdach, with over 7 million more units manufactured since.

For the fully automatic care of your lawn, the AL-KO Robolinho 500E robotic lawn mower is a good option. This is a renowned brand manufacturer that produces in Austria and has good quality. Thanks to the battery, which is based on lithium-ion technology, you benefit from an impressive performance.

This battery is also characterized by a low self-discharge, and you also have to expect no memory effect. Many users who have already tested the AL-KO Robolinho 500E robotic lawn mower also praise the strong traction and the good traction. This is based primarily on the rubberized wheels that ALKO-KO installed in this model.

The double blade technology ensures a perfect grass cut. Here, the grass clippings are finely chopped directly in the mower, whereupon the sward is pushed back. This supports the natural fertilization of the lawn.

Conclusion: The AL-KO robotic robot Robolinho 500E works solid, effective and very quiet. The base station can be conveniently placed, which facilitates easy commissioning of this device.

5. Worx Landroid WR110MI lawn robot

WORX WR110MI Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Mower, 20 V, Black
  • The s range has an innovative side charging system.
  • Dual rotation cutting action (blades spin in both directions), extends the life of the blades, reducing the frequency of needing to change the blades
  • New simple interface that requires only plug and play, no programming required
  • WIFI control in this range comes as standard
  • The uncut garden fringe area has been reduced from 20cm area to a 2.5 cm area!

As a real alternative to the model of the manufacturer GARDENA also the Worx Landroid WR110MI robotic lawn mower is recommended. This device can be used in areas of up to 700 square meters and can also be conveniently operated with an app. Particularly useful here is the Wi-Fi connection. So you benefit from a practical app control. But you do not necessarily need to pair the robot with the smartphone app.

The Worx robotic lawn mower independently negotiates obstacles and also masters gradients of up to 35%. Very interesting is the multi-zone programming. Thus, you can divide your lawn to be mowed into different sections and have them processed by the robotic lawnmower. Thus you benefit from an even more efficient mowing.

Similar to other devices, you can easily adjust the cutting height with this model. This can be edited stepless from 20 to 60 mm. The volume also moves to a low level. So you can even sit on your patio while the Worx Landroid WR110MI robotic lawn mower works the lawn.

Conclusion: The Worx Landroid WR110MI robotic lawn mower is easy to use, provides good cutting results and can be conveniently programmed with an app. The scope of delivery is quite varied.

6. Husqvarna Automower 105 – robotic lawn mower

Husqvarna 105 automower
  • Husqvarna Automower
  • Automower 105
  • 967 62 23-12
  • Husqvarna
  • Automower

Earlier, we have already introduced to you a robotic lawn mower from the manufacturer Husqvarna from the Automower series. In comparison, the Automower 105 device is more suitable for lawns with a smaller area, with the manufacturer specifying a maximum limit of 600 square meters.

This mows the robot from Husqvarna always reliable and thorough. Inclinations of up to 25% are also no problem. The same applies to the convenient control via smartphone app, which is not a must.

A special feature of the Husqvarna Automower 105 is the timer function. This allows you to specify exactly when the robotic lawnmower is to machine the lawn. A fully automatic mode of operation can thus be guaranteed for the user.

Conclusion: The Husqvarna Automower 105 is a good robotic lawn mower, which is characterized above all by an easy-to-use and sophisticated menu and with a good build quality.

7. Bosch robotic lawn mower Indego 350

Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 (with App Function, 19 cm Cutting Width, for Lawns of Upto 350 Sq m) - Works with...
  • Connection using the app: The robotic lawnmower is easy to handle and access from anywhere using the Bosch Smart Gardening App
  • Efficient and compact: Mow up to three lawn areas if they all add up to 350 Sq m
  • Handling obstacles while mowing: Indego S+ 350 uses artificial intelligence to ensure Indego can easily manoeuvre around obstacles in the garden
  • Logical and systematic mowing: Indego knows where it has been and where it needs to go thus providing quick and efficient mowing thanks to the intelligent LogiCut navigation system
  • Mow according to weather conditions: Indego considers local weather conditions and avoids rain creating the best possible schedule for the lawn

Bosch also manufactures robotic lawn mowers and markets them with the Indego product line. The model Indego 350 machines lawns with an area of ​​up to 350 square meters and a 19 cm cutting width. The manufacturer relies on a compact design and easy operation.

Thanks to the smart Bosch Logicut navigation system, the Indego 350 mows your lawn not only very quickly and efficiently, but also clean. Another practical feature is the built-in LCD display, which allows you to navigate through the menu and easily make settings.

With the included boundary wire you can easily define the area to be mowed for the robot. The special feature here is that the Indego 350 will then leave this area for the first time and store it for the following mowing operations.

Conclusion: With the Indego 350 robotic lawn mower you are well served if you are looking for a solid device that supports intelligent mowing and is also available at a good price.

8. Robomow TX12U robotic lawn mower

With a good price, the Robomow robotic lawn mower RX 12U is among the cheapest models from our comparison of the best equipment for your garden. This allows you to work only very small areas of up to 150 square meters. However, the Robomow robotic lawn mower RX 12U scores with good precision.

Compared to some other models, the Robomow robotic lawn mower RX 12U is characterized by a quick start function. This allows you to switch on the robotic lawn mower conveniently and activate it within seconds. If you press the button again, the robot stops, making it easier to operate, although an app operation would make even more convenient setting options possible.

Conclusion: The Robomow RX 12U is a reliable robotic lawn mower that is easy to install and therefore easy to put into operation. Especially for small gardens, this model is very good, which is not only justified by the lower price, but also with good quality.

9. YardForce SA500ECO robotic lawn mower

Yard Force SA500ECO Robotic Lawnmower with Lift and Obstacle Sensors, for Lawns up to 500m²
  • Manoeuvrable, effortless & easy set up
  • 500m² working area. No load Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Powered by 28V Samsung lithium-ion 2Ah battery
  • Easily adjustable 5 cutting heights ranging from 20-60mm
  • Lift sensor, obstacle sensor, turnover sensor, tilt sensor

The robotic lawn mower from the manufacturer YardForce is available for you at a significantly lower price. This robot is characterized by a solid mowing performance, theft protection and a powerful battery. YardForce also integrates many different functions, so that the operation is no problem even in rain and wet conditions.

The scope of delivery of the YardForce robotic lawn mower also includes perimeter wire. This allows you to conveniently stake out the area that the robot is to process. After you have set the YardForce robotic lawnmower correctly, the device starts and does the mowing completely independently.

As a special feature, the manufacturer integrates a powerful lithium-ion battery. It delivers enough power to handle up to 50% gradients easily. When fully charged, the YardForce SA500ECO robotic lawn mower will operate for up to 60 minutes.

Conclusion: With the YardForce SA500ECO robotic lawn mower you can mow the lawn up to 500 square meters. In addition to simple operation, this device is also characterized by a good price-performance ratio.

10. GARDENA R40LI robotic lawn mower

Gardena 471676 Robotic Lawnmower R40Li, Grey/Orange
  • The robotic lawnmower mows the Lawn on its own and recharges itself at the charging station
  • No summer weather is too bad for a Gardena robotic lawnmower
  • The anti-theft alarm function, installation lock and pin code ensure reliable anti-theft protection

The manufacturer GARDENA is known for high-quality garden products from the upper price segment. The model R40Li also confirms this qualitative processing. With the GARDENA robotic lawn mower, R40LI are very well served if you want to edit areas up to 400 square meters. This robot is characterized mainly by its reliable operation. It is also very interesting that you can mow the lawn irrespective of weather conditions.

The integrated SensorCut system ensures the best possible results. This will allow you to look forward to a spotless and streak-free lawn carpet in your garden. This automatically operated lawn mower also works to save energy. The volume is also quite low during operation, which is really handy.

Determine directly at the mower the times to mow or fix the concrete areas. The boundary wire also allows the robotic lawnmower to automatically detect up to which area the lawn should be processed.

Conclusion: The GARDENA robotic lawn mower R40LI is one of the absolute top models from our comparison, works thoroughly and quietly. With this device, you can thus ensure the automated lawn mowing while you put your feet up!

What to consider as a good robotic lawnmower?

In recent years, the manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers have worked intensively on the technology, especially in terms of safety, and implemented corresponding innovations. But safety technology is far from the only thing you should look for when choosing a high-quality robotic lawnmower. Enclosed you will find matching some additional features that need to be considered.

  • service
  • Quality of the cuts
  • surface
  • Can the robotic lawn mow lawn even when wet?
  • security

Garage for robotic lawn mower

GARDENA grage for robotic lawnmowers: House suitable for GARDENA SILENO, SILENO+, smart SILENO, and smart SILENO plus;...
  • Solid construction for more protection: The GARDENA house for robotic lawnmowers is manufactured from stable plastic, making it robust
  • Weather protection: The house protects robotic lawnmower and the charging station from the sun’s rays and from rain, ensuring a longer service life
  • Conscientious storage: The robotic lawnmowers can enter the house without a problem, and there is still space for air circulation
  • Practical roof system: The foldable roof allows quick access to your robotic lawnmower
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x GARDENA house for robotic lawnmowers, 6x fixing screws

For some lawnmower robots, the respective manufacturers also offer practical garages. Especially when it’s thundering or thundering, a garage is a great way for a lawn robot to stay dry. For optimal protection, appropriate accessories are definitely recommended. In combination with a charging station, the purchase of such a garage for the robot thus offers an optimal solution.

The future of robotic mowers


In the field of household robots, which include robotic lawnmowers, connectivity is probably the biggest innovation. Thus, it is no longer a problem for the models from the middle and upper class, that these robots can be conveniently connected to the smartphone. This also offers numerous advantages, because thus the programming is convenient to make, which also applies to a remote control.

Especially the manufacturer Husqvarna established with the model series Automower also some further functions, which are very interesting. In this context, especially the GPS should be mentioned. The same applies to Amazon Alexa. The robotic lawnmower is so easy to use by voice comand. The GPS function also ensures that the individual routes in the garden can be easily recorded. Thus, it can be determined within a few seconds which areas of the robotic lawnmower in your garden may have overlooked.

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