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Rollator walker: Best options and buying guide

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Rollators allow people with mobility problems to gain confidence and autonomy. They are light, manoeuvrable and easy to store and fold, and help prevent falls and injuries. Also, some models can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Online you can find rollators equipped with a lightweight design to raise quality, comfort and safety for users. But before learning more about our rollators for people with reduced mobility check the top 10 sellers on the market.

Which are the best rollators?

Mobiclinic, Walker for Elderly, Escorial Model, European Brand,...
  • LIGHT AND RESISTANT: its aluminium structure makes it strong and light.
  • FOLDABLE AND HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE: it can be adjusted to the user's height to guarantee the maximum comfort and it can be easily folded without...
  • USEFUL: it includes a practical basket under the seat to facilitate tasks such as going shopping or transporting objects.
  • BLOCKING: if the walker needs to be completely immobilised the brake levers must be pulled down and the wheels will be locked
  • MOBICLINIC S.L. is a leading manufacturer of clinical and hospital furniture, daily aids and orthopaedics. Our company offers the best quality...
Pepe - Rollator, Rollator with Seat, Rollator Walker, Rollators 4...
  • RESISTANT: The black anodized aluminum structure make this rollator strong and lightweight. Its 360° steering wheels allow users to move...
  • COMFORTABLE: To offer the greatest adaptability and comfort, the rollator has 6 settings that allow it to be adjusted in height (from 31.5” to...
  • SAFE: It has a cable brake system and also a parking brake that completely blocks the rollator and prevents it from moving when the seat is...
  • FOLDABLE: This rollator walker takes up very little space (23.6”x 17.7”x 38”) and is easy to store due to its folding system and its light...
  • Recommended for people with limited mobility. Maximum user weight: 300 lb.
Drive R8 Blue Aluminium Rollator with Padded Seat and Vinyl...
  • Very lightweight at less than 7 kg
  • Height adjustable: 33" to 38"
  • Anatomic handgrips
  • Arthritic friendly loop cable brakes, padded flip - up seat
COSTWAY Folding Rollator, 4 Wheels Mobility Walker with Seat,...
  • 【Foldable and Lightweight Design】By pulling the rope on the seat, our rollator walker can be quickly folded into compact size to save space....
  • 【Widened Seat and Backrest】Our rollator walker can help the elderly and injured people walk and exercise their legs. When they are tired,...
  • 【Adjustable Handles & Detachable Storage Bag】Non-slip and comfortable handles can be adjusted to 6 different heights to meet the needs of...
  • 【Safe and Sturdy Structure】The non-slip handles with double brake system effectively prevent the user from dumping when going down the slope....
  • 【20cm Wear-resistant Wheels】Four 20cm wheels are wear-resistant and shock-absorbing, making it suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor...
MobiQuip Mobility Walker, 4 Wheeled Rollator with Seat and...
  • Constructed from high quality lightweight materials this 4 wheel mobility walker provides stability and support whilst being light enough and...
  • Easy to grip, height adjustable handles and arthritic friendly loop cable brakes allow you to easily control and slow down the walker.
  • This four wheeled rollator walker features a handy walking stick holder, shopping basket, flip up padded seat and removable back rest.
  • Super lightweight walker weighing just 6.4 kg, compact and easy to store.
  • This lightweight, folding 4 wheel walker is a safe and comfortable mobility aid for elderly people or anyone who just needs that little bit of...
Ultra Lightweight 3 Wheeled rollator /Tri Walker with brakes and...
  • Ultra lightweight at only 4.7kg (10lb). Lightweight solid 7" wheels good for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comes with a shopping bag. Arthritic friendly lockable loop brakes. Handles are adjustable in height.
  • Folds easily for storage and transportation. Made from aluminium construction making it the most lightweight 3 wheeled walker on the market.
  • Can be folded up with the bag still attached.
  • The listed price is VAT exempt. We just require a short message with the name and medical condition of the user to qualify for this price.
Drive Black Nitro Wheel Rollator with Backrest, Seat and bag...
  • aluminium 4 wheel walker rollator with storage bag seat and backrest.Lightweight and large 10" front castors for easy maneuvrability.
  • Castor fork design to enchance turning radius. Removable storage bag with zipper. Weight: 8 kg
  • Easy adjustable handle height to suit your needs. From 85cm to 97cm. Seat is durable and comfortable
  • Product dimesnions H 85-97CM X w59cm. Seat D 20cm X Seat width 46cm x seat height 52cm
  • Maximum user weight 21 stone /135kgs. Cross brace design for extra stability.
COSTWAY 2 in 1 Rollator Walker & Wheelchair, Folding Wheeled...
  • 【2 In 1 Mobility Aid】Thanks to the large seat, rotatable footrests and reversible backrest, this rollator walker can be used as a walking...
  • 【Height Adjustable Handle with Brakes】The handle height can be adjusted from 85cm to 96cm, allowing all users to set a comfortable height by...
  • 【Folding Design for Easy Carrying】By pulling the rope on the seat, our wheeled walking frame can be quickly folded into compact size to save...
  • 【Sturdy Structure & High Load Capacity】Made of aluminum alloy, this mobility walker with lightweight design ensures high durability and extra...
  • 【Humanized Details】Equipped with a large storage bag and a sided umbrella holder, you can take the necessities effortlessly while hanging...
Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back...
  • Four Wheel Rollator provides reliable support with maximum comfort and is ideal for uneven/outdoor terrain
  • Features deluxe loop locks for safety, non-marking wheels, and a convenient basket for personal belongings
  • Built-in padded seat with backrest and adjustable handle heights ensure customized comfort
  • Easily store and transport walker by removing or folding backrest into compact size
  • Handle Height: 31-37"; Seat Dimensions: 8.5"(D) x 15"(W) x 21"(H); Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Bonnlo Rollator Walkers with Extra Wide Padded Seat for Seniors...
  • Large Padded Seat & Convenient Storge Bag: Built in large padded seat with backrest which provide extra comfort.The cushion dimensions is 13.78"...
  • Adjustable Height & Brakes Handle: Features with adjustable height which is suitable for users of different heights. The height can be adjusted...
  • Easy to Maneuver & Fold: Designed with Large 8" wheels which take you to most places while keeping the ride smooth and stable.And it is easy to...
  • Tool Free Assembly & Heavy Duty: Easily assemble the walker rollator without use of any tools. Anf the heavy duty rollator comes with sturdy and...
  • Pratical Gift: The rollator walker is warm gifts for senior,elderly and injured people which can walk and exercise their legs. When they are...

What is a walker?

Walkers are, together with crutches and canes, the technical aid most used by people with mobility problems in their daily lives, and they are the perfect option for those who retain a certain degree of autonomy and do not wish to use a wheelchair. Canes and crutches are usually insufficient for these people, usually due to a lack of balance. Walkers allow them to move independently and reduce the risk of falls.

A walker is a metal frame with non-slip studs on the bottom and handles. They are generally very manoeuvrable, and they are being manufactured increasingly lighter. Some models have wheels (so-called rollators) and have accessories such as baskets to carry objects, extra braking systems or a built-in seat to rest.

Types of walkers

Fixed walker

They are stable and practical. Some models are articulated, that is, they move on both sides alternately so as not to have to lift the walker when walking.

Walker with front wheels

Halfway between the rollator without wheels and the rollator (equipped with four wheels), these rollators have two front wheels and two fixed supports at the rear. They are usually very stable, easy to handle and adjustable.

Rollator walker

The 4-wheel or rollator walkers have wheels with direction and brakes at the rear. They are used primarily for the outdoors and require more excellent skill and ability to manoeuvre.

4 wheel rollator

Walker with forearm support

If you want to use a walker only on the street, the best option is a 4-wheel or rollator to overcome the terrain’s irregularities better. Some models have brakes on the grip and allow you to react to obstacles.

Finally, if we want an indoor and outdoor walker, we recommend choosing a model with 2 or 4 wheels to guarantee greater freedom and comfort of movement.

Other factors to consider when choosing an rollator are:

  • The height. The walker or rollator must be correctly adjusted to the user’s height to avoid injuries or problems derived from poor posture. As a general rule, the elbows should be flexed at about 20 degrees when using this aid. Measuring the distance between the crease of the wrist and the ground is also a practical way to calculate the height of the walker, which should always respect the person’s body structure.
  • The width. It is essential to guarantee the mobility of the user with the walker at home. It is advisable to measure the house’s doors and choose a walker or rollator adjusted to them.

How to choose the best rollator walker for people with mobility problems

When we look for an orthopaedic walker, we must assess some issues. The most important is where we are going to use it. If we want a walker for adults for home use, we can choose any option as long as the floor surfaces do not have curbs, unevenness or abrupt irregularities. Fixed walkers are the ones that offer the most excellent stability. If you don’t have much room to manoeuvre in your home (for example, if the hallway or bathroom is narrow), we recommend a two-wheel model, easier to fold and which will take up less space.

According to the width

When we are in the process of choosing an orthopaedic walker, we must consider several factors, including the overall width of the walker.

Sometimes we may need the senior walker for both indoor and outdoor use.

In this case, it is essential to know exactly both the width of the walker and that of the passageways that we have at home, that is, the width of the doors, corridor and turning areas.

Depending on the available space in our home, we will choose one or another walker model.

According to the weight

It is important that the walker is as light as possible, that way, the user must make less effort when moving the walker.

Currently, orthopaedic walkers are manufactured in a very light but at the same time very robust materials, such as aluminium.

According to the height

The user’s height must also be taken into account when buying an adult walker, whether the person who is going to use it is short or very tall.

Consequently, all the treadmill models have adjustable height, so they adapt to the majority of users.

According to the weight of the user

In addition to what is described above, the user’s weight is another feature to consider when looking for a walker.

Not all the walkers you can find support the same weight range, which is why we have compiled this list of walkers according to the weight they support. 

Do walkers for people with reduced mobility need maintenance?

A walker is a simple device, but it must be appropriately maintained to ensure the safety of its user due to its daily use.

In models with two or four wheels, it is essential to take care of the brakes. If you find that these do not work, you should check the cables, which can loosen with use.

Regarding the wheels, you should also check that they do not loosen and, if you detect that they make a strange noise or squeak, we recommend you remove them to clean them and apply a lubricant.

Finally, the end pieces, which are the pieces at the end of the walker, can wear out and end up slipping, so they must be replaced periodically.

How we can help people who use a walker

Despite expanding the degree of personal autonomy, many people who use a walker or rollator are accompanied by caregivers during their walks. Some tips for these professionals and family members are:

  • Check that the user wears comfortable shoes and that their clothing is loose and does not impede mobility with the walker.
  • When you approach the person to the walker, hold it firmly so that there is no risk of falling.
  • If the person is right-handed, stand to his right; if she is left-handed, to her left.
  • Place your hand on the lower back of the person you are accompanying.
  • During the march, do not force his rhythm of movements (it is essential to respect each person’s time) and help him only when necessary.

Walkers are an indispensable tool for adults and the elderly with mobility difficulties. Choosing the most appropriate in each case is a guarantee of safety and comfort.

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