Tepro Trolley BBQ Toronto Review

When the good weather arrives, you love to enjoy the patio or garden that you have organizing meetings with family and friends. In particular, you like to prepare a barbecue and precisely because of that, now you consider that you have to change what you have because it is very damaged. In that case, you may find it interesting to know Tepro Toronto, which has become the most sold in the Amazon online store and one of our favourites in our comparison of best barbecues.

Tepro Trolley BBQ Toronto Click, Anthracite/Stainless Steel, one size
  • Enameled charcoal bowl, height adjustable with crank mechanism
  • Powder coated lid with stainless steel handle and thermometer
  • Grill surface: approx. 56 x 41.5 cm
  • Powder coated ash collector with stainless steel handle
  • Holds up to max. 1.35 kg of charcoal

If you keep reading you can be very clear about the success of this model, which has captivated both the experts and the consumers themselves. Users who opt for charcoal barbecue models like this because they are economical, they allow to maintain the essence of traditional barbecues, they are easily transported because they weigh little and allow cooking any food.

Characteristics of the Tepro Toronto

So that you can begin to be clear about how this Tepro barbecue is that we present to you, nothing better than discovering its most significant identity, among which the following stand out:

  • It has an enamelled and removable grill that has dimensions of 56 x 41.5 centimetres. What is the heating surface has a size of 53.9 x 24.1 centimeters.
  • It has a side shelf with four hooks.
  • It incorporates a steel ash tray with powder coating as well as its four legs.
  • It weighs about 26 kilos and its size is 67 x 115 x 107 centimetres, approximately.
  • It can be moved from one side to the other because it has two plastic wheels equipped with hubcaps.
  • It is equipped with a stainless steel handle lid in which a thermometer is included.
  • It has ventilation openings.
  • It develops what is an indirect cooking method where the food is not placed directly on the charcoal.
  • It offers the user the possibility to make use of its various air intake and exhaust regulations.
  • Another detail that incorporates is a bottle opener.
  • It has a handle to be able to be adjusted in height.
  • To all the above, we must add the fact that it allows for a barbecue for about six people, and that the main material that has been used to shape it is steel.

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Advantages of the Tepro Toronto

Once you have been able to discover its most remarkable identity, it is time for you to get to know the advantages of the Tepro Toronto barbecue. In this way, you can find out if it really is worth acquiring:

  • The first of its positive aspects is that it is considered to be a good value for money. Thus, it can be found now in the Amazon online store.
  • Its dimensions make it a comfortable and simple model to transport.
  • It is prepared to cook all kinds of food and dishes, from meat to a vegetable wok, for example.
  • The quality of the materials used to make it is very much praised since it guarantees its strength in a forceful way.
  • Needless to say, it is a barbecue that takes care of many details that are really useful to enjoy a meal with friends or family to the fullest. We are referring both to that incorporates hooks to place from the kitchen cloth to the spoons or forks as to have a built-in bottle opener.
  • No less relevant is the fact that the thermometer incorporated in the lid is a real success because it allows knowing at all times the temperature at which it is being cooked.
  • The ventilation openings that they possess are very useful at the time of achieving a correct circulation of air and, therefore, that the food is cooked properly. In addition, this prevents the carbon from turning off once the lid is placed.
  • It has an interesting smoking option.
  • Another great advantage that Tepro Toronto has and that the difference of other models is that it has the regulation of embers in height.
  • Aesthetically it is considered to be a barbecue with a really attractive and modern design.
  • It can be folded to occupy less space, which is to be welcomed when you do not have a house too large.
  • It is robust so it guarantees that it will not fall or fall at the first change.

Disadvantages of buying the Tepro Toronto coal barbecue

Once you have discovered the main advantages of this device, it is time to do the same with the arguments that are used against. Yes, because it’s the way you can be clear about whether or not it’s the barbecue you need to buy:

  • There are users who have it and who do not hesitate to emphasize that the robustness that it has can complicate moving it with the ease that it would like.
  • Many are the users who throw in the face to the manufacturers of this barbecue the one that is so complicated its assembly process, in which screws are used. Of course, for others, it is really simple. A matter of patience and skill.
  • In the same way, we can emphasize that Tepro Toronto is not equipped with a cover and to be able to protect it adequately, it is necessary to buy a separate one.
  • Finally, we can not ignore that there are those who criticize that the wheels are the only quality that the model does not have.

Final opinion of the Tepro Toronto barbecue

After all the information we have given you, it is time for you to discover the final opinion about the Tepro Toronto charcoal barbecue. In this case, we have to show that it is a model with a more than acceptable value for money. So much so that Amazon users do not hesitate to give a note of 4 out of 5.

These consumers come to highlight the advantages that we have underlined, but they also do not hesitate to emphasize others that they consider that make this barbecue the ideal for hardcore fans of this type of meals with family or friends. We are referring to these positive aspects:

  • They emphasize the good finishes that it has.
  • They emphasize the comfort and the success of the crank to establish the regulation of the height of what is the area of ​​the embers.
  • Do not hesitate to highlight the fact that fire can be controlled very easily and very precisely in order to get the best food.
  • In the same way, they consider that another of the points most in their favour is that it is made by a German manufacturer that is a guarantee of quality, resistance and reliability.
  • It also comes to indicate by most users that it can be used very easily and that is really versatile. Up to here all the information about the Tepro Toronto barbecue that we can give to help you decide whether or not it is what you need. With that and being clear about what you are looking for or how much you can spend, you should opt for it or let it pass.
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