Top 5 Best TIG Welding Sets

In a previous article, we told you about the best inverter welders on sale. And today what we intend is to put on the table other similar devices, which can become the most appropriate at the time of undertaking the welds you need. We are referring to the best  TIG welder, also directly calls welding machines TIG or welding TIG.

Keep reading and you will know if they are what you need at the time of being able to make all kinds of joints of pieces and structures.

Advantages of TIG welding

The first thing you should know is what these devices are and why they have begun to experience a great demand in recent years. In that sense, it is important that you start discovering that under the initials TIG, Tungsten Inert Gas, there are some welding machines that use gas with an electrode to work and that offer a long list of advantages, such as these:

  • They guarantee really precise works and perfect finishes.
  • They have a solid and robust appearance.
  • They can weld all kinds of materials.

They consider, however, that they are complex, sophisticated machines that are equipped with technology that is not available to everyone.

Tips for buying a TIG welding

Once you have been able to understand a little what these welding machines are, how they work or what benefits they bring, it is time for you to think about whether one of these is what you need. If so, it will be necessary to take into consideration that there are a number of aspects that you should look for when purchasing the perfect one to cover your needs.

In particular, you should pay attention to these characteristics:

  • The type of current that it uses. And it is necessary to know that there are those that use direct current ( DC ), which are mainly used to work with steel and stainless steel and those that use alternating current ( AC ). These have the advantage that they can be used with more variety of materials, such as aluminium or titanium, among others.
  • The weight and the dimensions that it has so that it can be as comfortable as possible to work with the machine.
  • The power that guarantees, in order to be able to perform the tasks that are intended.
  • The security systems that it incorporates, in order to have the peace of mind that there is no risk in using it.
  • The brand that guarantees the welder, because if you trust in a prestigious one, quality, resistance and reliability will be guaranteed.

The price that it has, the accessories with which it is presented and even the specific technology that it uses (HF, LIFT-ARC, Scratch, electro-valve …) are other aspects that must be taken into account when purchasing this tool that concerns us.

Comparison of the best TIG welding in the market

After all the information we have given you, essential to be able to buy the best TIG welding, it is necessary to know which are, in particular, those that have become a benchmark in the market. Yes, those that, according to users and experts in the sector, have the best value for money:

1. Hitbox TIG Welder

HITBOX TIG Welding Machine Portable 200 amp High Frequency 220V TIG MMA with TIG Stick IGBT Inverter Welder
  • PLEASE NOTE: UK plug and the machine are packing separatly, they will come in 2 parcel. If you do not receive, please let us know. 200 amp IGBT Tig Stick Welder with tig torch, earth clamp, electrode holder and gas tube.
  • Adopt newly IGBT inverter technology, Compared to MOS Technology, greatly reduce breakdown
  • Inverter frequency up to 100KHZ, the technology is mature, stable performance
  • TIG Welding thickness 0.3-5.0mm, and application of electrode diameter (MM): 2--3.2mm;
  • Easy arc ignition, litter spattering, stable current and good shaping. PLEASE NOTE: UK plug and the machine are packing separatly, they will come in 2 parcel. If you do not receive, please let us know, our after sales service will help you fix it.

The second position in this ranking is occupied by this welding that offers good value for money. It has specifications as important as its 200 amperes IGBT, which includes TIG torch, which has a ground clamp or that has the IGBT inverter technology.

A weld thickness between 0.3 to 5 millimetres, a weight of 11 kilos and dimensions of 45 x 36 x 27 centimetres are other features that are worth knowing about this model, without forgetting its efficiency of 80%.

2. R-Tech TIG Welder

Tig Welder 160A DC Inverter - R-Tech Tig160PDC Package 240v - 3 Year UK Warranty
  • The R-Tech Tig160PDC is a portable DC TIG & MMA welder featuring Inverter technology
  • 240V input with 160amp output at a industrial 35% duty cycle, DC pulse welding ideal for stainless.
  • Includes 4M TIG torch, welding leads and torch consumables pack
  • 3 year collect & return warranty ( UK )

In this list of TIG welds, we could not forget this other model, which stands out for having a torch with four nozzles and for its 160 amps. Regarding weight, it is around 5 kilos and its approximate size is 12.5 x 34 x 18.5 centimetres.

It is electric and has cable, its torch is ergonomic and is DC type. It is presented with a briefcase to keep properly and those who have it point out that it is very accurate.

3. Stanley TIG welder 460181

Stanley 460181 Inverter Welder 160 A, TIG Lift with Burner
  • Inverter Arc Welder Compact and lightweight this welding torch is compact and lightweight for easy by welding IGBT Invertertechnologie. This enables quick availability, improved Schweißstellen Schweißvorgänge and light and easy to use
  • For welding rods of steel, stainless steel and cast iron with maximum (4 mm) 0.16 inch diameter
  • Suitable for Welding steel, cast iron, metalworking, Schlosserarbeiten Metallgerüste and precis'and long-lasting-TIG welding with Lift function
  • Lift function-TIG, Burner Tip with Tungsten included

In the first position of the ranking is this model, which has lift technology with light. It is available in the Amazon online store and is identified by its 230 V, 50/60 Hz and 16 A.

In addition, we can not forget its weight of 12 kilos and its dimensions of 60 x 30.2 x 24.4 centimetres. It is also presented with the relevant TIG torch.

That without forgetting that those who already have this machine at home highlight that it is very easy and convenient to use.

4. TIG ARC Welder Portable Inverter

Röhr HP-160L TIG/ARC 2 in 1 Welder Inverter Gasless 160 Amp DC Anti-Stick Welding Machine Hot Start MMA MOSFET 240V AC...
  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Auto hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, thermal overload protection, 60% duty cycle
  • HF (High Frequency Start), standard UK 3 pin 13 amp plug, dual MMA / TIG output
  • Comes with lots of accessories - earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush, mask
  • For experienced and DIY users alike with it's intuitive design

If you are looking for a cheap TIG welding machine, keep in mind that this is the best alternative, without a doubt, that you can acquire.

It has some interesting technical specifications such as high frequency, very intuitive interface, 230 V, 50-60 Hz and current adjustment tracks 10 – 200 A. Of course, without forgetting that it has a fan, a duty cycle of 60% and several very useful accessories such as mask with glass, TIG torch, electrode holder cable and brush.

Its weight is 11 kilos and its size is determined by dimensions of 47 x 33 x 27.8 centimetres.

5. TIGMIG 200 AMP Welder

To close this ranking of the best TIG welds we present this other model, which has 200 amps, aluminium digital panel and sufficient capacity to carry out single – phase TIG welding of all metals with the highest reliability and accuracy.

We must also highlight its generator with the latest generation MicroInverter technology, which is indicated to be used even in the most adverse conditions and comes with an anti-theft box. It can be managed with remote control and weighs 24 kilos. As far as dimensions are concerned, they are 62 x 36 x 38 centimetres.

So far our list with these welding machines that can guarantee the best result, the highest precision and the highest quality in the work. However, now is the time when you analyze all the information that we have given you and proceed to opt for one model or another. For that, keep in mind what you need, with what materials you will perform your tasks and how much money you can invest.

This type of tool is more suitable for a professional market as well as for example a column drill or an air compressor.

Most common tools would be some of the best drills that we analyze in our comparison or an electric screwdriver that are so fashionable and so useful, but a TIG welder is more specific for a professional job.

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