Make perfect waffles with the Best Waffle Maker

Belgian waffle maker or heart-shaped waffle maker are very popular among children and adults. The sweet waffles are often sprinkled with sugar or topped with jam or a chocolate-nut mixture. The preparation itself is very easy – provided you with a good waffle maker.

Best waffle makers comparison

The following product comparison of the 10 best waffle makers makes it clear that it does not only depend on the price, whether a waffle maker also makes good waffles. Rather, there are a few key facts such as the non-stick coating of the baking moulds and a rapid heat of the areas that decide whether your waffles really crispy and fluffy at the same time lose and whether the dessert can also be left without residue from the mould.

1. The Krups FDK 251 waffle maker for Belgian waffles in an instant

Krups Waffeleisen FDK 251
  • Indicator lights: red light indicates power, green light illuminates when optimal cooking temperature is reached
  • Spring-loaded latch and cool-touch thermo-insulated handle provides comfort and safety
  • Vertical storage / cord storage

Krups FDK 251 waffle maker make crispy Belgian waffles in no time. The model has particularly large and deep non-stick baking surfaces, easy to clean and also allows safe handling with the heat-insulated handle.

Due to the red power indicator light and the green temperature control light you always have everything under control with regard to temperature and baking time. The model measures 31.6 x 15.5 x 29.5 cm and, thanks to its vertical storage and included cable rewind, also saves space when stowing away.

With a power of only 850 watts, this waffle maker is clearly in the lower third compared to other models. In the test of Stiftung Warentest, however, it is explicitly pointed out that even waffle machines with lower power can often reach the desired baking temperature with astonishing speed.

Special features: Krups relies on high-quality materials in precise workmanship. The brand is therefore also in terms of waffle maker for quality. The Krups FDK 251 Waffle Maker is particularly popular for the rectangular Belgian waffles because of its deep bakeware. The waffle maker is also convincing in terms of cleaning and storage.

2. Andrew James Waffle Maker with Double Waffle Plate

Andrew James Waffle Maker | Round Waffle Maker Machine with Adjustable Temperature & Non-Stick Plates | Makes Thin &...
  • MAKE DELICIOUS ROUND & HEART-SHAPED WAFFLES -- With the Andrew James Waffle Maker Machine, you can create thin and crispy Scandinavian waffles within minutes. These waffles can then be torn into individual heart-shaped waffles for serving.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL -- Change the cooking temperature for perfect waffles every time. You can increase the temperature for crispy waffles and thick batter or turn it down to make light and fluffy desserts and snacks.
  • NON-STICK PLATES -- The fixed plates of this waffle machine have a non-stick coating for easy cooking with a touch of oil and easy cleaning.
  • COOL-TOUCH HANDLE -- This lets you safely open the lid to check on cooking and turn your waffles for even browning. We have also included non-slip feet and built-in cord storage for safe and convenient use.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Waffle Maker is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can bake two waffles in parallel with the Andrew James automatic waffle maker. The waffle maker has a capacity of 1,200 watts and guarantees a quick use of the backing plates. You can adjust the desired degree of browning by means of an integrated temperature controller. And the indicator will show you the exact baking time.

At the same time, the non-stick coating prevents sticking of the dough. This way, you can bake and enjoy low-fat and do not have to spend too much time cleaning the appliance between the individual baking cycles and after baking. Thus, not only reduces the baking time, but also the entire time required.

Special features: The special feature of this model is certainly the ability to make two waffles at once. Nevertheless, the device saves space thanks to its compact design and integrated cable rewind.

3. Godmorn Waffle Maker 4in1 – Sandwich Press Grill, Donut Maker

Godmorn Waffle Maker 4 in 1, Sandwich Toaster, Panini Press Grill, Donut Doughnut Maker Iron Machine, Deep Non-Stick...
  • 【4-in-1 Function】--This waffle maker comes with waffle, panini, sandwich, and donut plates. One machine meets all your needs. For best results, we recommend turning the waffle over for cooking halfway through making, so that you can get a perfect 2 side brown waffle. ( As the time of batter contacts the upper plate and the underplate is different, it might cause the top side is not so brown as the underside. ). Be careful when turning, do not scald by steam.
  • 【Non-stick Plates】--Non-stick coating plates are very easy to clean. They also will not break the surface of food and keep perfect looking when you take food off. You do not need to add oil in the cooking process which can reduce fat intake and keep healthy.
  • 【Compact Volume】-- The small size of this waffle maker makes it easy to storage and portable. You can store horizontally or vertically in the corner without taking much space.
  • 【Indicator Light】--There are two indicator light on the cover: green and red. The red light on means that power is on. The green light means that the machine is heating. After plugging into the socket, both lights on and machine preheat. About 2min later green light goes off, preheat finish and machine stop heating, then you can put panada on a plate. Close the cover and green light go on. When the temperature up to about 200°C, green light go off again.
  • 【100% satisfied service】--If you have any question and problems with our product, pls feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you and offer 100% satisfied service.

The design-strong Godmorn Waffle Maker has dimensions of 31 x 27.9 x 18.8 centimetres and is a real eye-catcher in its red stainless steel case. The baking surfaces are non-stick coated and easy to clean. The degree of browning can be infinitely adjusted using the rotary control. And the indicator light indicates when the best temperature is reached to distribute the dough on the baking surfaces.

With this model, you can always bake two large waffles at the same time. The heating unit with 750 watts is correspondingly powerful, in order to quickly and reliably finish two waffles again. Supplies are always taken care of.

Special features: Extra thick Belgian waffles succeed with this waffle machine – ideal for filling! And you can bake two waffles at once. And thanks to the 750-watt heating unit, the next portion can be replenished quickly.

4. Domo 1400W Waffle Maker for two extra thick square waffles

Domo Belgian Waffle, 1400 W
  • Bakes 2 extra thick waffles
  • Easy to clean with non-stick coating
  • Easy storage, can be stored horizontally or vertically
  • 3 adjustable browning levels, with indicator lights
  • Recipe booklet included

The Domo DO 9047W stainless steel waffle maker has the product dimensions of 28 x 10 x 20 centimeters and weighs 2.4 kg. Thanks to its design and high performance, it is suitable for preparing thick Belgian waffles every minute.

With 1,400 watts, this waffle maker is certainly one of the most powerful models. The baking moulds heat up quickly and fresh supplies are therefore available every minute. So that you always know exactly when the waffles are ready, the Domo 1400W has a thermostat and of course an indicator.

This is how Belgian waffles succeed with ease. Incidentally, this model was developed and designed by a true expert in the field of waffle baking art.

Special features: The special feature of this waffle maker are the extra thick and deep grooves of the baking pan for extra thick, square Belgian waffles. It is also special that the lid rises slightly as soon as the dough rises. So the waffles are extra thick and extra airy. The power of 1400 watts ensures rapid heating and post-production.

5. The Cloer 171 waffle maker for cake-like waffles

Cloer 171 Waffle Iron - Waffle Irons
  • Baking area 20 cm Ø. Non-stick coating for low fat baking. Easy cleaning due to inlying hinge and drip tray.
  • Flexible hinge for a better rising of the waffle. Two lights of different colour indicate when waffles are ready. Infinitely variable browning control
  • Space-saving design, store the unit by standing it on its handles. Cable storage with plug depot.
  • White lacquered metal housing

Cake-like waffles work best with the Cloer 171 Waffle Maker. As the other model the Cloer 1621 Waffle Maker, this model from Cloer features non-stick baking surfaces, easy cleaning thanks to the internal hinge and grease collecting groove. The degree of browning is infinitely variable with a slider and an indicator acts as a visual ready message.

So that the waffles can rise well during baking, the Cloer 171 is equipped with a flexible hinge and the baking chamber simply gets bigger, depending on how much space the waffles need. As soon as the optical finish signal lights up, you can lift the cake-like waffles easily and without residue.

Special features: The special feature of this model is the large baking surface with 20 cm diameter. Despite the large internal dimensions, the model can be easily stored space-saving. Cleaning is very easy and baking is child’s play, as the baking lamp makes it easy to see when the baking process is complete.

6. The Cloer 1621 Waffle Maker convinces in comparison

Cloer 1621 - waffle maker - white/grey
  • Product Type:Waffle maker
  • Colour:White/grey

With the Cloer 1621 Waffle Maker, you can bake five waffles in a baking pan of 16.5 cm diameter with a wafer thickness of 1.2 cm wonderful crispy. Thanks to the flexible hinge, the waffles can rise even better and thus achieve the desired thickness. With the rotary control you can select the degree of browning continuously. And the indicator light as optical ready message shows you when the waffles are ready.

The non-stick coating allows you to bake your waffles with a particularly low fat content. The coating, the internal hinge and the grease collecting groove make the waffle maker particularly easy to clean. With dimensions of only 18.5 x 24 x 10 centimeters and the option of storing the waffle maker on the handles, the Cloer 1621 can also be stored in small kitchens to save space. The integrated cable rewind and the plug depot are also practical in the space-saving storage.

Special features: With the message, you can tell when the waffles are done, without having to lift the lid and risking that the soft dough sticks to the mould The non-stick baking surface also prevents sticking of the dough – without the excessive fat intake. If you have ever used too much fat or dough, prevents the fat collection groove that overflowed dough or fat. So the Cloer 1621 is particularly easy to clean.

7. The Krups FDD95D Waffle Maker Professional

A solid stainless steel case and dimensions of 28 x 27 x 48 cm make this Krups FDD95D a sturdy waffle maker for professional waffle preparation. The rotatable by 180 degrees baking chamber ensures in this model for optimal dough distribution and browning. And the power of 1,200 watts allows for rapid heating of the plates. The result is perfectly prepared Belgian waffles – in just a few minutes.

The non-stick baking surfaces ensure a low-fat preparation. The result is crunchy and at the same time loose flaky rectangular waffles – in the dimensions of 10 x 16.5 cm. The baking surfaces are removable and dishwasher safe and therefore extremely easy to clean.

Also practical are the multi-level temperature controller, the operating and temperature control light and the large heat-insulated handle. In contrast to the Cloer 1621 and Krups FDK 251, this waffle maker Professional by Krups, however, has a slightly larger size and therefore needs a bit more space for storage.

Special features: The rotatable baking chamber is certainly a special feature of this model. The practical tray for collecting excess dough and the option of cleaning baking surfaces in the dishwasher speak for this model.

8. The Cloer 1329 double waffle machine in matt stainless steel housing

Cloer 1329 - Double Waffle Maker - Matt Stainless Steel
  • For two crispy, fluffy waffles. Each baking area 16.5 cm Ø. Non-stick coating for low fat baking. Easy cleaning due to inlying hinge
  • Flexible hinge for a better rising of the waffle. Control lamp. Infinitely variable browning control with slide control.
  • Space-saving design, store the unit by standing it on its handles. Cable storage with plug depot. Matt finish stainless steel housing

You can prepare two classic 16.5 cm diameter heart shaped waffles at the same time with this double waffle maker by Cloer. The Cloer 1329 double waffle machine in frosted stainless steel housing measures 24.5 x 34.5 x 8 cm, weighs 2.5 kg and runs at 1200 watts. Once the waffles are done, a visual signal lights up.

The baking moulds are non-stick coated and the flexible hinge gives way as the waffles rise. The result is crispy and fluffy waffles, which can be easily detached from the baking pan. Thanks to their high performance, the waffles can be done quickly – and twice as much. Ideal if several people are waiting for fresh waffles.

Special features: The model has a non-stick coating for low-fat baking and easy cleaning, a slider for the continuously selectable degree of browning and an intelligent storage option by the space-saving storage, standing on the handles.

9. Voche Waffle maker with non-stick coated heart plate

Voche 1000W Electric Waffle Maker - Home Waffle Making Machine Makes 5 Heart Shaped Waffles!
  • Electric waffle maker that makes up to 5 heart-shaped waffles
  • Cool touch handle to safely open
  • Non-stick plate for easy cleaning
  • Power: 1000W | Voltage: 220V-240V ~ 50Hz
  • Plate diameter: 18cm

The Voche waffle maker in stainless steel look allows the low-fat baking of heart-shaped wafers on a baking surface of 34 x 18 cm. The crunchy and at the same time loose wafers succeed thanks to the power of 700 watts quickly and thanks to the ease of use in no time at all.

With the “Power on” and “Ready on” lights you can clearly see when the baking molds are at the right temperature and when it is time to lift out the waffles. And that can be in very tight intervals. The waffle plates are quickly hot, but can reach at most 220 ° Celsius. Thanks to the overheating protection and the non-stick coating, the waffles succeed reliably without sticking or burning.

Special features: Despite its large baking surface, the Voche waffle maker impresses with its compact size and easy storage. Other handy tools include the Cool Touch handle, overheat protection and non-slip feet. Thanks to the self-explanatory Ready on light, it is easy to see when the optimum temperature for baking has been reached.

10. The Tefal WM 311D11 waffle maker for 10 heart-shaped waffles

You can make 10 crispy and at the same time loose heart-shaped waffles at the same time with the Tefal WM 311D11 Waffle Maker. Every five waffles are arranged in a circular form, both circles each have a diameter of 17 cm. The noble design in brushed stainless steel and the double non-stick coated waffle plates made of solid die-cast aluminium impress even the most demanding customers.

The massive die-cast aluminum ensures uniform baking and the power of 1,200 watts also allows for rapid heating of the plates, so that the waffles finish quickly. Ideal, therefore, if several people are to be served. In addition to this model, not only the waffle plates but also the hidden hinge are non-stick sealed. Thus, the waffles can be lifted easily and without residue without further addition of fat. This not only facilitates the cleaning, but also the handling during baking.

In addition to waffle makers and instructions for use, the product also includes the integrated cable rewind and the practical grease drain groove. The optical ready signal is an operating and temperature control light. You can adjust the degree of browning with this model via a slider.

Special features: The included overheat protection and the extra large heat-insulated handle for safe handling are particularly practical.

waffle maker uk

What is a waffle maker?

A waffle maker is this device that allows you to easily make and taste good waffles. Formerly and otherwise called “waffle iron”, the waffle maker is today a real must for homes because, in addition to being able to make real good snacks, the latter and great ease of use than any amateur kitchen could use it without much difficulty. In addition, whether you are a true professional or a novice, you will succeed in finding the waffle maker that will satisfy you.

In terms of composition and aesthetics, a waffle maker must be composed of two plates, one on the upper part and another on the lower part of the appliance. These two patterned plates, generally square, simply form the waffles that we know only too well, a shape and a decor all in geometry and parallelism. The small historical point, namely that waffles have existed for a long time because it has been found in certain vestiges dating from the 5th century, round waffle makers, a detail which therefore makes the world a fan of waffles for a long time.

How does it work?

Modern waffle makers work with electricity and no longer have to be turned over in the heat. The recessed shapes ensure that the thick dough flows deep into the mould, spreads well and can heat up quickly and evenly. The baking surfaces can be round or angular. Very popular are several circulars arranged heart-shaped waffles or rectangular waffles called Belgian Waffles.

best waffle maker

What are the different types of waffle makers?

Waffle makers can be very different. One distinguishing feature is the shape in which the waffle is baked. But also the functions of the makers themselves differ. For example, there are waffle pans, moving the iron and double waffle makers. And of course, the waffles also differ in material and finish. There are waffle makers with a housing made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, with removable iron plates and with non-stick coatings in PTFE or ceramic. In the following, we present you with some essential distinguishing features in detail:

Heart-shaped waffles or Belgian waffles?

Heart shaped waffles or Belgian waffles, of course, initially differ in shape. But even the thickness and texture of the waffles themselves is different. So heart-shaped waffles are usually thinner, while the rectangular Belgian waffles are a bit thicker.

Waffles are best eaten shortly after baking. But that also means that each new waffle often already several people wait. Heart-shaped waffles have the advantage that you can divide each waffle circle into four or five smaller hearts and thus have several portions – which in turn out to be quite small. A solution for larger quantities here are double waffle makers.

Single or double waffle maker?

Whether you’re a fan of heart waffles or Belgian waffles, two are better than one, right? Therefore, many manufacturers offer waffle makers, in which you can prepare at the same time twice the amount. Belgian waffles are usually baked in a two-pack as standard. A special variant for even more enjoyment with a shorter waiting time here are versions that create four waffles in one go. So four people can eat at the same time – or two people who want to enjoy two waffles.

But also heart-shaped waffles are often produced in a double pack. So also always two hearts can be filled and put on each other and the next round is also quickly finished again. A disadvantage of the larger amounts is, of course, that then the waffle maker is larger and requires more space, which then also has to be considered when stowing. In addition, when baking enough food should be present, because waffle makers are known to be very fast baking machines and ensure accordingly quickly forever new supplies.

Differences between waffle maker and waffle iron and rotary waffle maker

Well-made waffles are wonderful fluffy and on the outside slightly crunchy delicacies. The deep grooves are their trademark and responsible for the unique pleasure. To make waffles, you need the right baking pan. And these are available in different versions.

  • The Waffle iron Traditionally, you can use a waffle iron that you simply place on the stovetop. To get the desired result here, you need a little skill, because the waffles should be evenly browned on both sides. As soon as the bottom is ready, it is time to carefully lift out and turn the waffles!
  • The rotary waffle maker does that with a rotating waffle maker, which can be folded. Here you simply fill the dough, fold the top and put the iron on the stove. Once a page is done, simply turn the iron and let the other side of the stove burner. Again, a little skill is needed and due to the modern waffle irons, this form is rather unusual.
  • The Waffle Maker The easiest way to make waffles is with the waffle maker. Here you do not need a stovetop. The stand-alone device is simply connected to the power and heats both sides of the baking pan evenly. A turning of the waffles or the waffle maker is therefore no longer necessary. When the waffle is ready, also shows on many models a control light.
Belgian waffler

How to choose waffle maker?

Before buying a waffle maker, everyone must ask themselves the right questions to find a device that meets their expectations in terms of comfort, performance and safety.


The power of the waffle maker gives indications on the capacity of the machine to make waffles quickly: the higher the power, the faster the cooking. If you want to chain the preparations without waiting too long, prefer a model whose power is at least 1000 watts. You will be able to satiate all gourmets around the table in a minimum of time.

Adjustable thermostat and timer

By opting for a waffle maker equipped with an adjustable thermostat, you will have the possibility of controlling more precisely the cooking of each waffle, in order to satisfy all your guests. You will get more or less golden waffles, but also more or less crisp, according to the tastes of each. The presence of a timer on the waffle maker can also be very useful to prepare identical waffles from one batch to another, but also to avoid omissions.

Opening system

Depending on the opening system offered by the waffle maker you choose, you will have access to different possibilities, but also to different levels of user comfort. Thus, if you turn to a 90 ° opening, you can easily reheat already baked waffles and prepare new ones, but the pouring of the dough on the plates can sometimes be inconsistent. With a waffle maker that opens 180 °, you gain better visibility when pouring the dough, and you can thus ensure that the distribution is even over the entire surface of the plates. Finally, the reversible waffle maker, which is turned on itself with a handle, is the one used by professionals. This model combines optimal user comfort and perfectly balanced waffles.


The waffle maker can be made from several materials. We thus find waffle makers whose support is designed in plastic and others which are made in stainless steel. Stainless steel has the advantage of being particularly resistant and elegant, but plastic impresses with its lightness. If you want to buy a colourful waffle maker, for a more original design, bet on a plastic model.

Non-stick and removable plates

The plates of today’s waffle makers are generally made of cast aluminium. For optimal comfort when preparing waffles, opt for a model with a non-stick coating: this will make the dough less prone to sticking during and after baking, and the maintenance of the trays will be easier. The non-stick coating also means that no additional fat is added before cooking.
Users who want to save time when cleaning should also check that the plates are removable and compatible with the dishwasher. These removable plates make it possible to clean the device more deeply, more easily after each use.

Plate shape

The cleaning system is not the only consideration when it comes to waffle maker trays. Depending on the models, some waffle makers indeed offer different plate shapes: rectangle, heart, more or less large cells. The possibilities are numerous! It’s up to everyone to choose the waffle texture and shape they prefer!

Some waffle makers, especially multifunction machines, are also equipped with interchangeable plates to vary the pleasures, according to their desires.

Preheating indicator

Depending on the model, an indicator light indicates whether the plates are still hot or whether the appliance has reached the ideal cooking temperature. Please note: depending on the model, an indicator light can have different meanings.


Because the waffles swell at the time of baking, it is very common that the excess dough overflows from the waffle maker. To limit the damage and protect the work surface, some waffle makers have a tray or a collecting tray, which is then enough to empty and wash. Practical and ingenious, this element facilitates cleaning after the preparation of waffles.


Safety is an important selection criterion when you want to buy a waffle maker. By opting for a model with non-slip feet, you will benefit from more serenity during use, especially when pouring the dough or turning the device (for swivel models). An on/off button can also represent an additional safety asset to better control the operation of the device.

To avoid getting burned, the insulating handles are also a precious asset. Finally, the presence of a safety clip to keep the appliance closed during cooking can be an advantageous advantage in limiting the risk of burns, especially if waffles are prepared with children.

Easy for Storage

Some waffle makers are more compact than others. waffle maker pan, for example, take up more space when not in use: an important criterion for those who lack space in cupboards. Good to know: there are waffle irons that can be stored vertically to save space.

How to use a waffle maker?

Freshly baked, waffles simply taste best. And the preparation is very simple:

  • First, the waffle dough is prepared according to the recipe. Then the waffle maker is set up and plugged in. On some models, the degree of browning can now be set. As soon as the waffler is hot enough, a warning lamp will light up on most modern models. Alternatively, a little butter or dough can be added to the baking pan to test the heat. A greasing of the baking surfaces is no longer necessary thanks to the non-stick coating, which meanwhile has almost all models.
  • Now just put the dough on the baking pans. Here it is recommended to use for the first waffles a little less dough so that the mass does not overflow on the sides. Thereafter, the lid is closed so that the dough is heated up and down by the baking pan.
  • Whether or not the dough is ready is indicated by a warning light on some waffle makers. In principle, it is also recognized by the colour and consistency of the dough, whether the waffle is ready. A first look from the side between the two bakeware is recommended. If the dough is firm and golden yellow, you can now lift the lid a little bit. If it dissolves easily from the waffle, this is finished. If the dough sticks a little, wait a moment.
  • Usually, waffles are ready in a few minutes. Then they can easily be lifted out of the baking pan with a heat-resistant tool that does not scratch the baking pan. This is best suited for cutlery made of plastic or silicone. Afterwards, the next dough can be applied immediately.
  • After baking, the waffle maker is unplugged and opened, so it can cool down a bit. It is usually sufficient to clean the baking dishes with a cloth.
making waffles

Tips for delicious waffles

The waffle must be able to rise well

The dough mixture solidifies on heating and increases in volume. In order for the dough to rise well, it is important when buying a waffle maker to ensure that between the two baking moulds at the top and bottom is enough space for it. Waffle makers are ideal with a hinge that allows the upper baking tray to lift slightly during baking. So the dough has enough space to rise and becomes fluffy and light.

The waffle dough should not stick to the plate

Waffle dough is sticky as long as it’s still raw. So that the dough does not stick to the baking pan, you can put a little taste-neutral oil on the moulds. Many waffle vending machines have included a grease spill groove to prevent oil from spilling onto the worktop or outside of the waffler. But most waffle makers today also have a non-stick coating, which usually prevents sticking of the dough. Then you just have to wait until the waffle is ready, and the now baked and thus no longer sticky dough can be easily and without loosening of the mould.

When the waffle is ready? Important functions!

How long a waffle in the waffle maker needs to get done depends on several factors:

The performance: Some waffle maker gets hotter faster, others need longer. This depends on the one hand on the performance, ie the number of watts, but on the other hand also on the design of the kitchen appliance. Stiftung Warentest tested and compared several waffle makers. It turned out that waffle makers with a lot of watts are not necessarily the fastest. For example, some models have been identified as particularly slow in the waffle maker, which actually has high performance.

The control lamp: Most models have a thermostat integrated, which is also connected to a control lamp. The lamp indicates when the waffle maker is hot enough and the dough can be filled. Some models also have a traffic light. Red usually indicates that the waffler is hot. Green means that the dough bakes. Once the lamp turns off, that’s the signal that the waffle should be ready now.

But beware: Don’t blindly trust the light display. After all, there are many different dough recipes for waffles. Especially those with a lot of quark can finish faster than others, which may contain more nuts or the like. That’s why every new dough recipe recommends taking special care of the first few waffles. As soon as you suspect that the dough is ready, simply lift the lid of the waffle maker carefully. When the dough is easily detached from the waffler, the waffle is ready. After a few attempts, you get the right feel for the duration and the control lamp of the device you have on top of that as security.

The degree of browning: When the waffle is actually browned, of course, also depends on how dark or bright you want your waffle. Some prefer crispy waffles. Others prefer their waffles to golden yellow and a little softer on the outside as well. For most models, you can adjust the degree of browning by means of a slider or knob. Of course, a higher degree of browning will also cause the heat to start up faster and finish the waffle faster.

How much dough do you need for making a waffle?

Once the plates are hot, the batter needs to be in the waffle maker. That’s clear to everyone. But how much do you need for a waffle? Usually one counts with one to one and a half small trowels dough per waffle. The amount varies from recipe to recipe and of course, depends on which format your waffle plate has. Most of the baking moulds are about the same size. For example, you can count on heart-shaped waffle maker with a diameter of around 16 to 17 centimetres in five circularly arranged heart waffles. Cake-like waffles usually have a diameter of 20 centimetres Belgian waffles – also called Brussels waffles – are rectangular and, for example, with a surface of 11 x 11 or 10 x 16 cm common.

However, how much dough you need depends on how deep the moulds are. With some waffle makers you can bake extra-thick waffles, with others they are a bit narrower. You will find more detailed information on the amount of dough in your recipe or in the instructions for use for the respective model. We recommend that you take a little less dough for the first waffles and then carefully increase the amount of dough. So it can happen maximally that during baking some dough swells laterally out of the form. This is usually due to the heat in the iron also solid and can be lifted with the waffle simply from the iron.

How can you clean your waffle maker?

Thanks to the non-stick coating, it is extremely easy today to clean waffle makers and waffle machines again after use. When used correctly, no dough will stick to the baking tray. Finally, you can simply let the baking moulds cool down and then wipe them gently with a damp cloth or a microfibre cloth.

On some models, the baking moulds can also be removed. This is of course very convenient for cleaning. Some manufacturers also offer waffle moulds that are suitable for the dishwasher. However, we still recommend cleaning by hand, as the detergent for the machine over time can attack the coating of your waffle maker.

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